Meditation: "'We have heard your sobbing in the darkness.  We have seen you lift your arms up to the night sky  
stars  and cry out how you want to come Home again. We have seen you lost in darkness,  struggling with ignor-
ance and pain,  and have felt yoru sadness, your loneliness. We have noted the things you do to yourselves and
to each other. And yes, we have applauded your acts of courage, of compassion and of love as well."

"Therefore, will we teach you in the silence. We will send signs and teachers to point the way and present know-
ledge and experiences to bring you safely Home again to us, if that is your heart's desire."

"We too,  have been waiting long,  having given you  Free Will  that you might learn to  Create From Within Self.  
And because of that free will, we have not  interfered. If you wish guidance, knowledge or healing,  you have but
to ask for it, to seek it with all your heart. '
Ask and ye shall receive; Seek and ye shall find;  Knock and it shall be
opened unto you
.'  Nothing shall be withheld from the true seeker with a loving heart __ Absolutely nothing.
Welcome Home, Beloved."

We have  applied creative skills and knowledge  to craft ourselves into  human masterpieces  through Basic Multi-
Dimensional Technologies. Now at the
True Enlightenment Stage of our evolutionary process, as Lightworkers,
we can help heal psychological and physical disorders,  not only in ourselves,  but also in those sincerely request-
ing assistance.

Energetic Healers with vibrations raised to super-conscious levels, can activate energy fields & Transcend Time  
to regenerate physical bodies.
The collective vibrations  within that  higher energy field  raise the cnsciousness of
everyone directly involved. This is the  
Energetic Healing Process and the foundation of all the Expanded Multi-
Dimensional Technique
s for Creating Tomorrow From the Future__ to Build a New Earth Reality. The next chapt-
er shows how to perform Energetic__ also known as "Intentional", healing.  It is complex__ and  many readers will
turn away from learning all that.

IS necessary,  is only that we gain an understanding  of how the process works. This understanding fosters
confidence for ourselves and for those we assist toward wellness and harmony, because,
as we ascend into 5-D,  
it 's no longer necessary to perform those rituals
 That was creating in 4-D.  Earth is increasingly being bombard-
ed with cosmic energies that raise Her vibrations beyond former levels, and as we progress in consciousness, our
vibrations rise with Her. As we continue with
Chapters 12 - 20, we discover that the old ways of healing and mani-
festing are also changing dramatically.
 When we ascend  into 5th Density,  healing and manifesting  will be
done simply and instantly, using Mind, Heart, Oneness & Intention.


CAUTION: We do NOT have the right to override anyone's Free Will__ which is "Black Magic"and carries
Dark Karma
 Ask and receive permission for performing this intention from Spirit Within,  requesting that it be in keeping with
Universal Purposes and for the highest good of all concerned. Make sure that all persons  "Intending__ or present
__ at the event, have only  
Service to Others and  Earth as their motive,  rather than Service to Self. Even one per-
son present, who is unsure of, or unwilling for healing to take place, can alter the outcome.

2. If assisting a healing,  ask client  what he/she wants to change. In stating the Intention, use no  3-D labels such
as "tumor", "broken bone", "infection", "heal"__ they don't exist in higher dimensions.

3. Clarify your Intention, writing it down in positive, specific terms, AS IF IT HAS ALREADY MANIFESTED.

Say a Prayer of Protection of your choice. The Lord's Prayer, The 23rd Psalm, or the Prayer given in Cha-
pter 4:"Spirit Within",
are excellent.

Charge self up, using whatever method works best for you__  Breathing Exercises, Music, Dancing, Praying or

6. FEEL Unconditional Love within your heart, maintaining this Loving charge throughout the following steps:

Connect with Mother Earth,  through the soles of your feet,  or through the perineum. Wait until you feel Her lov-
ing response, and pull that feeling up into your heart.

8. Connect with Spirit/Creator's Creative Force Field through your crown chakra & pull that energy down through
your pineal and pituitary glands to merge with
Mother Earth's love in your heart.

9. Become as One with the object, person, animal, situation, or body part that you intend to heal, manifest or tra-

10. State your Intention aloud,  VISUALIZING IT AS ALREADY MANIFESTED. Maintain this focus for as long
as feels appropriate. (2 minutes, or more).

11. Become as One with the Creative Force Field Energies.

12. Feel the Joy
of it. Laughing aloud.  Speak to the Force Field Energies encouraging the processing.

13. Express Gratitude for it's manifestation.

14. Strive to LIVE as you've created; taking one physical action in that direction.  For example, if you've Intend-
ed to clear your home and yard of pollution, avoid adding more pollution through use of chemical fertilizers.

15. DETACH!  Allow Universe to choose the Process and the Timing by which the Intention will manifest, keeping
a loving awareness in your heart that the intention has already manifested.

Helpful, but not always necessary:
. Before beginning the healing/manifesting, check all present for positive, loving thoughts & feelings. If in doubt,
visualize a field of Love surrounding the group, or have watchers cross their arms and legs.

17. Before beginning the Intention, find the age or date at which the challenge began, relate it to the appropriate
Moon Phase and schedule the Intentional Healing/Manifestation for one of those dates.  (Chapter 6: "Timing".)

18. Check the Local Apparent Sidereal Time of Day, when our psychic abilities are 400% greater. Do the Inten-
tion then.

19. Locate yourself  at least six feet away from any electronic devices,  in a quiet place  where you won't be
Disconnect phones. Outdoors in Nature is best, if possible.

20.  After stating your Intention aloud, and visualizing it as already manifested:  Stand up, lift arms towards the sky
and move them rigorously, "stirring the energies" as if conducting an energy orchestra
We need to learn to  develop and apply  these Expanded Multi-D Techniques__ for our 3-D outer__"real"
world is going to fade away__ becoming less and less important.  Memories,  economics,  weather, ele-
ctronics,  machines,  politics,  education,  religion,  medicine,  wars,  even some relationships__  will be
replaced with a more inner-focused,  intuitive,  higher dimensional life.  And as we do so, we must work
with Nature, rather than try to control her__ or the energy comes back to "bite us in the neck."


                                 NEXT: "ADVANCED ENERGETIC HEALING"

"STAR":  13" watercolor mandala by Marilyn La Croix.
"We were all once down rhere in the gutter, looking up at the
stars."__ but now__ some of us are  "UP WITH THE STARS".
"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"   
                              By MARILYN LA CROIX