"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                   By MARILYN LA CROIX

                                        PART V: SELF-REALIZATION

When Higher Self suggested I: "Show them their true selves  at their highest potentials",  Creating
From the Future
expanded far beyond a workshop handbook. As we pass through the True Enllght-
enment Stage & perform
 Expanded Multi-Dimensional Technologies, we enter the  Self Realization
ge of Consciousness Evolution. We cannot return to the old way of life because we are no long-
er the same persons. Now, we know__ and knowing cries out for commitment, demands responsibi-
lity.  The evolutionary process  has won us over.  We can only move onward  towards an ever more
inclusive consciousness. In fact,
We have Become the Evolutionary Process.

Many Self-Realized lightworkers  soon find themselves in new geographical areas with different rel-
ationships new jobs and  few or no kindred souls nearby. Former lightworker friends have also mov-
ed.  We may communicate by letter, phone or e-mail,  but feel isolated & confused about what to do
next.  We are placed where we will grow best  & where we are most needed.  Our Light beams forth
to influence the new environment in a positive and creative manner.

Possibly,  our greatest challenge  at the  
Self-Realization Stage,  is the  deep sense of  separation.
Much thinking, behaving & communicating in the old consciousness world occurred in ways that no
longer make sense to us.  In fact,  the general public's  attitudes & actions  seem quite insane to us,  
as we find  no reasonable motives  behind their  perspectives or behaviors . We feel most detached
when interacting with those  still in the Sleeper Stage  who in turn, fail to understand us, & perceive
us as peculiar or even threatening.

This sense of separation needs adjustment before we can again effectively interface with society. It
is best accomplished through finding a common bond or purpose with those whom we contact,  and
establishing co-creative partnerships, until one day we feel the first faint stirring of an inner connect-
ion. Our personal  creative potential becomes that of a
World Server.

Difficult tasks still present themselves. A lightworker who is Self-Realized  may live a semi-reclusive
life of meditation & Expanded Multi-D. Tech activation.  Even so, his Light radiates through the Grid
&  throughout the globe.  Enlightened others,  aware of being  on the evolutionary path  themselves
may frequently  attune  to the inner world  of the  Self-Realized individual  with  amazing changes to
their own minds, bodies & exterior lives, even though they are never in his physical presence. Mas-
sters of creativity  assist the evolution of  the collective consciousness  through  exchanges of  tele-
pathic information.

Expanding emotional, mental & spiritual awareness is how we evolve ourselves on Earth,  both coll-
ectively as a species, & individually as unique,  loving Spirits Within. Higher Intelligences broadcast
through Earth's grid  all the information required to raise our consciousness & accomplish the great-
est evolutionary leap in all human history.

We are coming to know Spirit,__Loving Creative Force__  Greater Self__  Source__ Great Spirit__
A Sacred Work of Art in whom all lives are fully present. But who are we humans, to have been
gifted with this power?
 In these last two chapters, we address the questions:  

"What Does it Mean To Be Truly Human",
"Where Have We Come From"
, &
"What is Our Probable Future"?

We have repeatedly stated that we must understand our origins  if we are to comprehend our dest-
. Connecting with our human origins is vital to understanding Creation. Taking a cue from sci-fi
H. G. Wells,  let's pretend we have one of his time machines.  We'll travel first  into the most
distant pasts of humankind__ and then we'll explore a probable future.

"And they do not know the future mystery.
Or understand ancient matters.
And they do not know what is going to happen to them.
And they will not save their souls from the future
The Dead Sea Scrolls.
Prophecy of the Essenes.
ONENESS: 13" diameter watercolor mandala by Marilyn La Croix