A personal, Living Energy Field formed of a 64 square grid, is a sacred geometric pattern inter-penetrating
and surrounding the physical body. As we perform Energetic Healings, we access those fields to restruc-
tructure the body's etheric blueprint.
Leonardo da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man", (Uni-man.html) or (Chapter 11:
"Medicine Bag") featuring  the human body in two positions, is a diagram of some of those geometries. It
holds the keys to understanding how to
unite all dimensions  simultaneously.

The "Vitruvian" Man stands with his legs together and his arms held straight out from the shoulders to fit
within a the large
square. When his arms are raised, and his legs spread apart, he fits within a larger cir-
. The square represents 3rd-Dimensional Earth, and the circle, Creator's hyper-dimensional realms.

Chapter 9  discussed the two types of  numerical sequences  and ratios  corresponding to  geometric
spirals f lowing through the spaces  within and around  human bodies
:  a ) the  Golden Mean Spiral  
based on the  
Phi Ratio of 1.6180339..., and  b) the Fibonacci Spiral  based on the Fibonacci num-
erical sequence of
 prime numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23 .... They're very similar__  but with one
big difference
:  the Golden Mean Spiral  has no beginning a nd no end.  It goes  inward and out-ward
forever. The Fibonacci Spiral,  however, has a definite beginning,  although it too, continues on forever.

The Golden Mean  (Phi) Spiral  is formed via a rectangle  with proportions of  approximately  3 X 5.
(Figure 8-C
)   It reflects the  concept of perfection  designed by the Creator.  The Phi Ratio is trans-
i.e. it never repeats itself,  even though the sequence continues to infinity. The Phi ratio is
spiral on a rectangle approximately 3 X 9  (
Figure 8-D).  It has evolved as a solution for life forms that
cannot conceive of a spiraling energy with no beginning point.

The Fibonacci and Golden Mean Spirals  start out differently__  and they do begin to  approach each
other proportionally. The Finonacci keeps curving nearer and nearer to duplicating the Golden Mean-
Phi__  but it never actually reaches that point.  Except for the very beginnings  of these  two spiraling
energies,  our physical eyes see no difference.

The  Golden Mean and  Fibonacci  Spirals  each have  two  energy  components:  two  male energy
spirals formed o f
straight lines,  having electricity  as their major factor  (4th dimension),  and two
female energy spirals  formed of  curved lines,  having magnetism  (5th dimension) as their major
factor.  The four grid squares marked with  "
X's"  beside  The Man's hips,  indicate where the Golden
Mean Female Spirals  pass into the Man's body  and enter The Womb area.  When hands are held in the
sacred mudra as earlier mentioned
(beside each hip, with thumb and forefinger forming a cricle), they
access the Creativity Womb and
all dimension open to the manifestor, the healer, and to a Time and
Space Traveler
.    (See Illlustrations in Chapter 9: "Common Bond".)

                                              The Sixty-Four Square Grid
There is a "Magic Square", sacred geometrical figure composed of eight rows of eight smaller squares
similar to a chessboard. Scientists are just beginning to understand this feature. The new field of Zero-
Point Technology evolves around it. It also relates to the I Ching.

This 64 square grid also  corresponds to  a graph of  the
four nucleic acid factors  forming our human
RNA-DNA (U, A, C, G or T, A, C, G), which combine in groups of three to make 64 possible combin-
.  Homo sapiens sapiens__  our present human race __ has up to now, only been using twenty of
these combinations,  called
codons,  with three of those codons acting as switches to turn them off and on
as in a computer.
There are still  forty-four DNA possibilities open to the human race for acti- vating more
of our genetic potential
. (95 ) Imagine__ somewhere deep inside, we have available to us, twice as many
genetic capabilities__  creative potentials__  as we presently use. This Magic Square-64 Square Grid is
three-dimensional around our body.

Effects of sacred geometry energetics on DNA are explored through  
Leonardo da Vinci's "Vitruvian
"  (representing  both  male and  female  bodies).  If we  overlay  the Man  with a  64 Square Grid
(Figure 8-E),  representing his  three dimensional energy field,  the center point  of the grid  falls upon the
base of the spine  when the Man's legs are  straight beneath him  and his arms held level with his
shoulders, forming a "T",
within the squared shape around the full figure. But when the grid is viewed over
the Man with arms raised to above-head height  and legs split apart, the full body then describes
 whose center point falls upon the area of the female womb__ the vesica piscis__ the "zero point".

The center of the body,  whether on the squared or the encircled figure, enfolds the same four center
squares of the grid.
It is in the eight squares  surrounding  these central four  that the  eight  Golden
Mean and  Fibonacci Spirals begin
__  two male and  two female, each.  These points are where the zero
point is accessed.  They are doorways into other worlds.... (bio-energetic)... Stargates, perhaps.
(95) These
points are where ALL Dimensional Realms can be accessed simultaneously.
(Figure 8-E) __ marked
with 4 X's

The Golden Mean-Phi ratio
 really has no beginning,  but all four of its  male and female spirals flow into
the body's energy fields  through these eight squares  bordering the  central portion.  Tracing one of these
spirals in a  
clockwise direction,  we find male energy,  holding electrical factors. The spirals can also  go
in the opposite direction__
counter-clockwise__  but now they  move through  the womb area as female
energy with
magnetic capacities.

These four points are also related to Breath.  Four Stage Breathing is usually talked about in terms of two
or three places  (depending on whether or not you count the beginning of the cycle).  "
That's also zero-
point technology
". (95) These places correspond to the holding and withholding of breath and the slow
exhale between them, which helps us
access higher dimensional states.

Examining the
Fibonacci Spiral,  there are four ways  to move its male and female spirals  out of one of
the  four bordering  double squares.
(95)  The Fibonacci Spiral  forms a loop-the-loop around these four
areas  of the 64-square grid
:  occurring  under and  between the spread legs,  through the head, throat,  
chest and thorax of the upper torso,  and through each of the two areas  next to the hips__ at the sides of
the body.  However,  being
male spirals,  they never pass through  the center area of the lower torso__
they never access the Womb. (Figure 8-B)

The Golden Mean Spiral  represents Spirit's Ideal plan for Earth.  The Fibonacci represents Nature __
Life's way of manifesting Spirit's Ideal
; s lightly different because Nature, at this time, cannot conc-
conceive of something without a beginning.  
The Fibonacci Spirals,  whether male or female, ne-
nver pass through the womb. The Golden Mean Spirals always do.

When a human's arms  extend straight down from the shoulders and about eight inches outward from
their hips,  their hands  center in  those  grid squares  beside their  hips,  which are the
only squares
through which all Golden Mean male and female spirals, and all Fibonacci male and female spirals
.  When we connect the tips of our thumbs with the tips of our middle fingers, we are completing an  
electrical cycle,  as we also do when  holding our tongues  to the roofs of our mouths.  Easily re- ached
by our hands  when we stand upright,
 these central squares are the only parts of the bo- dy's  
energy field grid  where  all four  spiraling energies  meet,  half  having evolved  out of infinity,
but all going on forever, and passing through the Zero Point Womb.

This explains some unusual phenomena observed in connection with a few people's Energetic inten-
tional Healing. They may have asked  to have an  injured arm repaired,  or to have an  ulcer or tumor
dissolved. When the technique is completed, and the individual receives the desired healing, within a day
or two
they don't remember  they ever had the injury or dysfunction in the first place__  although their  
friends and families  certainly recall it.  If the regenerative thought  goes back in time  forever as well as
forward forever, it could indeed seem that the problem had never existed.  Hence
it's possible to heal
some trauma, illness or injury that occurred way back in the past

Sacred Geometry,  then,  is a means of  communicating with  Nature  by divine thoughts.  When we
perform an Energetic Intentional Healing/Expandeded Multi-D Technology, it's as if we stand with the
client  inside their 3-D,  64-square grid  energy field.  We then  use our hands in  movements-mudras
which follow the sacred geometrical patterns within that grid,  and through our higher,  more inclusive
we communicate directly with Life on Earth. The mudra, using circles formed with our thumbs and
middle-fingers  held beside our hips  during a healing,  
links  Spirit's Ideal Forms  with  Nature's Forms,  
and links our Human Body's Nature Form  with Spirit's Ideal Form
.  It assists with  genetic healings
and__ it can activate a mutation of our species.                     

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"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                       By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX