Quantum physics deals wit h the movement and energies of atomic and sub-atomic particles,  which
are end- owed with  tendencies to exist  sometimes as  "ping-pong"  ball particles,  and  sometimes  more  like  
Whether the particle is solid matter,  or whether it is a wave may depend upon the "
observer effect". Unobser-
ved particles move as a wave of
probability. Each point on the wave  represents a possible location for the pa-
rticle. Such a wave is called a
qwiff, standing for "quantum wave function." A good physicist can predict  how a
qwiff will behave using the mathematical laws that determine the action of physical waves and particles.

Qwiffs are not physical things; we can never perceive them as waves with our physical eyes. But when our fc-
cus is placed upon a qwiff, it is the same as if we actually observed it with our physical eyes. Our third eye, or
visualization, affects that qwiff in the same way. When "observed",  the qwiff is said to "collapse" into a tiny re-
region of space and appear as a particle.

"A series of observations will  produce different patterns. These patterns are then later interpreted  as
either wave or particle motion. Therefore, if you observe in one way, the patterns will appear disjointed. Look in  
a- nother way,  they will look more  coherent and aligned.  Every particle of matter  exists as a  wave  tendency
while not being observed and as a  particle reality while being observed
." (2)

We can jump  from one universe-reality-branch  to another.  In fact,  we do so  every time  we make a
conscious choice. Some things,  like soaring on a magic carpet,  seem "impossible" because it exists in a
maverick world of which we are not aware in the moment.  Most of us haven't accepted  our right to live in those
realities lying " outside our box".  We haven't imaged such a world with our inner eye,  thus, "observing"  the qwiff
into a particle. At least, not many of us.
Few people  understand the significance  of two new ideas  in quantum physics
:  David Albert's "parallel wo-
rld's photograph" and
David Deutsche's quantum computer theory, require that parallel worlds really do exist.
According to their 'future-to-present transactional interpretation", if parallel worlds really exist, then the
future can act backward through time to affect the present
. There is a consistency. (185)

"Certain physicists and mathematicians  are considering the possibility that  emerging dynamics operating on
the planet  are being  triggered by the "End of Time". The Mayan Calendar is discussed  by chaos mathemati-
Ralph Abraham,  ethno-pharmacologist  Terence McKenna  and  bio-chemist  Rupert Sheldrake  in
Triologies at the Edge of the West." Abraham describes "chaotic attractors" as advanced forms of order in-
fluencing less organized states, and pulling these states to an end point. McKenna notes that reality is becom-
ing increasingly complex, and speculates that a
singularity or culmination exists at  the end of the process.

Sheldrake,  who first popularized the idea of
morphogenetic fields,  outlines the echoes of light in the fields of
all things as  signs of a common attractor for the entire cosmic evolutionary process.  McKenna worked with a
fractal wave rooted in the
I Ching,  and the timewave's terminus was Dec. 22, 2012__ one day after  the "end"
of the Mayan Calendar cycle.  All three scientists have devised some models  for how an end of time could be
pulling realities toward itself  and many very intelligent people  in differe
nt fields are considering the possibility
that ... "
The Maya actually were able thousands of years ago to delineate"... (that)... "point in the future." (32)

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"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX