SEPTEMBER SONG:  13" watercolor mandala  
by Marilyn La Croix.
Human consciousness has evolved so much  since we first
went online, that a major overhaul  is required. Some of the
more originally presented, detailed information is now quite
commonly known & therefore, much of that information has
now been placed into an
 Archives where it can be access-
ed by those  unfamiliar with the subjects, or who wish to re-
resh their memories. The general flow of necessary inform-
iation will, thereby, remain uninterrupted.
This text's unusual information may send a few jolts of lightning through some readers. If you find you
are feeling strangely uncomfortable,  perhaps even temporarily  carried into an altered state,  stop __  
wait a few hours or days, and then resume reading when you feel ready,  even if what is presented is
not yet thoroughly understood.

Consciousness is an inward sensibility or awareness of one's own existence, sensations &
realizations that have been agreed upon by both the individual, & the groups of people with
whom he/she has been, or is now involved. There does, however, exist a Supreme, Cosmic
Consciousness  that created the underlying patterns of  Everything and Every Life-form  on
Earth & in the Universe. This Source expresses through all of us as a Creative Process evo-
lving our Consciousness.

Innovative ideas and inspirations flow directly from the  Supreme Creative Consciousness
Source into All Life Everywhere.

We'll be covering how artists, musicians, inventors & crafters think and work,  because this
web-book is really all about
CREATING__ creating on numerous levels.

                                         THE ASCENSION PROCESS
The Spiritual Being we call "God", "Allah", "Great Spirit", etc. created everything that
exists__the Cosmos, Universes, Galaxies, Solar Systems, Planets, Moons, & All That
The Universe is filled with Life__Life at every evolutionary level,  such as microscopic subat-
omic particles, microbes, bacteria or minerals, having a consciousness only of energy and of being in
a form. This level of Consciousness is known as
"First Density"__ "1-D".

Over long periods of time, these tiny life-forms raised their energetic frequencies to evolve into plant
, having an awareness of warmth, light, growth or change, in "2-D"__ "Second Density."

Still later, with even higher frequencies, they become animal forms that are aware of each other, of
movement  and of choice.  Some animal forms further evolve into  
Humanoid forms  with still higher
frequencies into
"3-D"__ "Third Density"__ which is where we've been for eons.

While iThird Density__ we exist in,  & are aware of__ "SPACE"__ Three Dimensions: width, length
height. As Third Density Beings, we've been having experiences teaching us How to Love, How
to Become Unique
__ One-of-a-kind Individuals__ and How to make  Appropriate Choices so we can
evolve to
 Higher Density Evolutionary levels__4-D, 5-D, and beyond__ all the way back to Our Sup-
reme Creator Source

12-21-12,  Humanity is attempting to raise its frequencies to move into Fourth Density's (4-D)
various levels, dealing wit
h "TIME." However, in Higher Density States of Consciousness, everything
is happening All at the same time__ in
"ALL TIME."  And everything is happening at all Locations__

Some evolved souls,  however are already ascending to the lower levels of Fifth Density_ _5-D dur-
ing this period. Fifth Density deals with
"LIGHT".  Earth's Spirit Within__"GAIA"__ is already mov-
ing fully into Fifth Density.

Since all LIFE in all Densities were Created by "God/Great Spirit/Supreme Collective Conscious-
it follows that each energetic entity,  in each of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc. Densities are
fractals of that Supreme Collective Conciousness__ and can also Create & Manifest. But most of us
don't realize the Spiritual Energetic Powers we have within us. We humans can pass into 4-D, 5-D &
beyond. T
his web-book__ "Creating From the Future"__ teaches us how to raise our Freque-
ncies & do so.

                                                          COSMIC SEEDS
New Children with advanced consciousness began birthing on Earth early in the 20th Century so-
on after
World War I.  

Often called "
Cosmic Seeds", some had already achieved ascension to the 4th Density__"Twilight
"__in past lives,  and had agreed to reincarnate again during these End Times. They were unu-
sually aware souls__ few in numbers__who came to assist less evolved humans with their conscious-
ness evolution  and to nurture Earth as a sacred planet.  Today we describe them as  "
Lightworkers", "Starseeds"__  those aware of having lived on other planets,  and as  "Wanderers"__
sometimes called  "
Cosmic Mothers"  who spent past lives assisting planets and their inhabitants, en-
slaved by dark forces, to achieve Ascension.

The First Wave:
Quantum Mechanics was discovered in 1926.  In1930, planet Pluto was discovered. Atomic energi-
developed and  world population boomed.  In 1931,  Edgar Cayce opened the world's first holistic
healing clinic.

This author came in with on the First Wave in
1932  in the depths of the Great Depression, to an Up-
Midwestern, involved in business, religion, education, electronic technology, fine arts
and sports. I was nine years old when
World  War II began. We had family members in service in Ja-
the Panama Canal Zone and in the Navy at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed. My five uncles
and two second-cousins served in the military throughout the war.

When I was twelve,  reports & newsreels of  Holocaust victims shocked the world, followed by atomic
bombs on
Japan.  Man's inhumanity toward Man,  alongside my  frequently occurring paranormal ev-
ents, propelled me into a desperate search for
Security. I had to find out Who or What to Trust and to
gain some insights of what could aid us to transcend the suffering so rampant on beloved Earth.

Higher Intelligences guiding Earth__ these events signaled a need for some spiritually experienc-
ed beings to enter Earth.  The
First Wavers__ birthed generally from  1926 to  1945__ came to  up-
lift, to inspire new visions, & to communicate ancient wisdom  to those who would follow. At the appr-
opriate time,  they would help awaken the
 Second and  Third  Waves  to their spiritual destinies  &
catalyze mankind to self-regenerate in preparation for the  profound changes  prophesied for early in
21st Century.

Some of these First Wavers are what we call "
Indigo Adults", (due to their aura's color) who sensed
from infancy their purposes for being on Earth at this time.

All three waves of
Cosmic Seeds had unusual childhood experiences.  They had to mature and sur-
vive through one of the darkest periods in human history. The memory veils of the First Wavers were
thinned, enabling them to recover information from past-lives & assist later generations. Retaining ha-
zy impressions of previous cultures, events and civilizations,  many grew up believing they were born
into the wrong family or planet: and some created childhood illnesses or accidents in attempts to "es-
cape" what seemed to them a terribly insane world.

Because of their extreme sensitivities and openness to past-lives,  the First Wavers' home lives could
be difficult__ even threatening. In all the Indigo Adults' astrological birth charts,  challenging planetary
configurations involving  
Sun, Mercury & Neptune  are apparent.  Open to  past world injustices,  to
nature spirits, auras & invisible earth energies, & "
knowing" things they couldn't explain how or where  
they learned them, these children were often viewed by families, schools or religions as "
too different"
to fit in. Considered "i
mmature", mentally unstable__even "possessed", some were locked away in in-
stitutions, drugged__ even given electric shock therapy,  while their parents  instructed watching sibl-
: "See what happens if you don't behave." Many spent their youth feeling they totally  "unaccep-

The concentration camps, the genocide in
Europe, & nuclear devastation of entire cities were all too
evident at the end of
WWII.  es__ it was dangerous to be "too different". The early cosmic kids realiz-
ed they must quickly learn what was considered  "
real" or "not real",  and go along with what parents
and society considered  "
normal behavior".  Often frustrated because the culture was unprepared for
their expanded sensitivities, many turned to reative arts, finding there-in, safe expression for their un-
usual inner experiences. "
Indigo" or not__ First Wavers plowed furrows into social struct-res by seed-
ing acceptance for those who would follow.

First Wavers are primarily Visionaries.

Second Wave Cosmic Seeds
Birthed  from 1945 through 1983,  including the "Crystal Children"  who began arriving  in the 1980's.
Many joined civil rights movements &  Viet Nam War protests  of the sixties.  Some became "flower
children", experimenting with communes, free sex and recreational drugs.

They tried to change the materialistic values of the industrial revolution, demo nstrating desires to
heal twisted social concepts and endangered ecologies.  

Humanity's intellect had peaked, but the attendant fierce competition, material greed & some religious
mis-applications demanded major revisions.

During WWII,  women began  working away from home,  replacing some of the men  who entered the
military.  They appreciated the freedom and self-confidence  money could bring.  Later,  with both pa-
parents  absent from the home,  many Second Wavers  encountered  their own versions of difficulties
__ loneliness or  neglect.  Although their mothers  broke down gender barriers  and modeled feminine
self-empowerment,  the majority of a  whole generation__ and perhaps  a second__ without a  parent
readily at hand __ lost out on  values  traditionally instilled  at home.  Our current decades  reveal the

As adults,  Second Wavers found career positions  from which to aid  the later arriving  Third Wavers
to manifest their missions.  

Second Wavers are stepping forward now,  challenging political,  educational, medical, judicial, & reli-
gious patterns  and creating charities, communities and businesses with fairer,  more cooperative ma-
nagements, more sympathetic to environmental, spiritual and social injustices.

Second Wavers are Thinkers.
Growing up during the "Cold War" in the shadow of  "The Bomb", they struggle still to put outward ex-
pression to  their  idealistic images.  Many investigated  Eastern  spiritual philosophies  and practiced  
meditation, yoga, the martial arts or aromatherapy.

They challenged social systems and quietly made a difference through one-on-one encounters.

Second Wavers wrestle still  with fears of  long-term commitments to  earthly individuals,  groups and
even families,  because  prior to birth,  they made  commitments to  Universal  Purposes  and  wish to
avoid entanglements  with lesser issues
. They must remain independent, moble and poised  to adapt
instantly  to whatever Spirit Source  requires of them.  Today's  fast-paced life  with frequent changes
seldom permits establishing permanent roots or keeping life-long promises for the Second Wavers.

Third Wave Cosmic Seeds
Tremendous changes occurred  in our solar system in 1984  as the  Crystal Children  began to incar-
nate  But since January, 1999, as humanity entered the Mayan Calendar's 12 year-long, final period
known as the  "
9th Wave/Galactic Underworld",  every child born on  Earth now is  a Third  Wave
Cosmic Seed__ often called "
Rainbow Children" because of their multi-colored auras.  

All types of  New  Children  have their own brand of  exceptional childhood experiences.  Many com-
municate with imaginary playmates, fairies, angels, plants,  animals, rocks or moving shadows. Some
spoke ancient languages in babyhood,  & knowingly chattered about music, physics, biology or  com-
puter tech in preschool without ever having been exposed to those subjects.

These Third Wavers__ often diagnosed with  ADD, ADHD , BI-POLARITY, AUTISM, OCD or ASBER-
GER SYNDROME__ could be considered "dangerous"  children.  

Here to
manifest the visions and ideals  of the First and Second. Wavers, they feel no guilt while foll-
owing their social destinies.  Often difficult  at home or in school,  bored because of  their  light-speed  
learning abilities,  photographic memories, telepathy and super-sensitivity, they know intuitively when
someone is  lying or untrustworthy.  Their minds work holistically__  seeing numerous bits of informa-
ition  as continually-shifting, spherical geometric-patterned potentials__ instead of linear progressions
of past, present & future__ as demanded by today's educational systems.  Each views him/herself as  
one element of  "
The Group", rather than as a disconnected individual.  They are extremely determin-
ed,  "system busters"__ the new social and cultural artists  who won't let anyone  or anything stand in
the way of completing their missions. They symbolize the previous culture's  disconnection from Earth
and Nature. They need to spend more time in Nature__ the greener, the more healing.

These  Third Wave Manifesters are coming into their own now, fully conscious of what needs doing
to complete the  Reconfiguration of Earth's New,  4th or 5th Density Physical Reality__ with an "entit-
ment attitude"  that few of us understand__ for grounding It on the physical plane  as true stewards
of Earth.

Whether of the  First, Second or Third Waves,  all Cosmic Seeds are fully awakening to their roles as
Self-Realized human beings in Oneness and Unconditional Love for All.

                                             HIGHER CREATIVITY
It has been  over five years since  the  December 21, 2012   "Shift of the Ages" date  when we  exp-
ected that  Earth & Humanity would suddenly leap into a new
Golden Age Density  in a  great flash
of light. We now know that was never part of the  
Divine Plan,  which dwells  subconsciously  within
each of us since  
The Beginning.  And neither was it "The End of  The World"  as many__ other than
Maya__ predicted. What actually occurred was a point at which "Individualized" Humanity, Earth
and all Her life-forms  had reached fulfillment of the ir
Consciousness Evolution, & began entering
into a new, planet-wide
Process of Transformation into a "Unity Consciousness" Evolution__ as a Pl-
anetary Mind.

The Ascension Process  reached its turning point  December 21, 2012, and there's  no turning back.
However, huge blasts of energy arrived over the three days of
December 21st , 22nd, & 23rd cem-
Transformations from the Sun,the Galaxy and  the Cosmos into planet Earth and all life upon

December 21, 2012, we left The Age of Pisces, & began moving into The Age of Aquarius.
The symbol for the
Age of Aquarius ____ represents two major energies which are now radiat-
ing from outside our solar system  and having very strong effects  upon planet Earth  and  Humanity.
Those who are extremely sensitive  began feeling them 12-21-12 __ perhaps to the point of discom-
fort in their physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Try not to resist these energies. They are very powerful,  & resistance can cause  pain and perhaps
injury to the etheric/physical bodies.  Allow them simply to pass through you, noting their effects, yet
remaining as  detached as possible.  Since the time you began reading about this, your bodies most
likely will have adjusted and can be more deeply contacted and put to use in constructive manners.

One of these two  major energy forces  is from the great cosmic avatar  from the star system,
The avatar formed its etheric body  soon after  12-21-12,  and has by now  manifested as some type
of physical form. However__ not as a human being! It's influence has been slowly increasing, & most
humans are by now feeling its energy, as it produces some very interesting effects on our bodies, as
well as on the planet.

It's now time to ask ourselves:  "
Where are we now  in our  Spiritual Consciousness Evolution,  and
WHEN WILL WE ACTUALLY ASCEND  to that long-promised, higher density, Golden Life?"

Earth's Magnetic Field  has shifted drastically, causing major change s in our brains  & sympathetic
nervous system patterns,  which affects evolutionary changes  in how we perceive our environments,
as well as  the way we now wish to discover how we can create a better life for ourselves, for others
and__ especially__ for Earth.

Our consciousness is now concerned about resolving  
"the gender gap", about the ways we live and
relate with each other, as well as our  
Trust  &True Identity, Integrity, Releasing Habits, Fears & Atti-
tudes that limit us
. We desire Abundance and Peace for all. We are moving beyond Intolerance, tow-
ard Celebration for our wondrous
Diversity, living with Love & a sense of Oneness in every situation.

The "
Christ-Consciousness" is rapidly evolving around the globe.Humanity is healing Itself__  per-
son by person, group by group, nation by nation,  as our
DNA, our genetic structures, transform with
those major energies entering Earth from
Sun, Moon, Planet, Star, Comets, Galaxy and Cosmos.

We are now,  more than ever concerned  about the devastations to Earth and Her life-forms, & the in-
creasing pollution of air, water, soil, and food,  

Earth's Energy Fields & Grid Lines.
A New Global Civilization is coming into being as we develop an overwhelming Re
pect, Love & Gra-titude for Earth/Gaia and All Life Upon Her.

As we  become aware of, and connect with THE FORCES OF NATURE,  that can Teach Us
How to
Create the New Earth Reality
together and Live in Peace, Perfect Health & Safety for Earth and our-
selves. It may take many, years to complete this  Transformation of an entire planet's species, but  IT

We have been living in an
Age of Individualism, and are entering an Age of Oneness. It is the "Return
of the  Christ"__ The Return of Christ-Consciousness and of Christ-like energies to All Evolved Hum-
anity and the planet.

We must raise the Frequency Vibrations of our Consciousness to ascend to the higher densities.  In
this Age of Oneness,  our Loving Creativity and Service  to the planet,  other humans & all life-forms
__ planets, solar systems, galaxies, multi-universes__ is the Name of the Game.

The ascension  experience of  moving from one Density to a higher one may dramatically change our
personal beliefs and expectations.

We need to let go of  all out-worn beliefs and expectations__ even of the very idea of  furthering Asc-
ension, for
it is now completing automatically.

December 21st found many of us so exhausted,  periodically dizzy, nauseous,  mentally confused &
with muscle pains throughout our bodies, that we spent most of the day trying to sleep.

Since The Shift began, we may be reaching states of Bliss more intense & far beyond anything ever
experienced before in our meditations.

Music is useful while meditating,  as is watching online or TV photos of  Earth's most beautiful places.
It gets you through a challenging day, and assists you in upgrading your Belief System.  

Every one of us carries a Creator-Source particle within us. We begin to feel:
"I and my Father are
"  as if we've become "christed".  There's only  One Being here in this universe;  just as we have
billions of cells in our physical bodies, so does Creator-Source have billions, even/trillions__ infinite
numbers__ for our individual consciousness' cells  are truly frac-tals of Its Supreme Beingness.
The "morning after"__ December 22-12__ we found ourselves STILL HERE, & not much seemed to
have really happened.  But then we sensed that something DID happen __ something wonderful that
is still unfolding__ and will be for some time to come.  

During Christmas Day Night,  I awoke to see Hal  standing at the foot of his bed,  gazing down at the
floor beside the bed.  He was fully dressed, wearing his cozy, old brown sweater & khaki work pants.  
He had not moved after a few minutes, so I asked, "
Hal__ is everything all right?" And "another" Hal
answered from his bed: "
Yes, why?" "Oh, Ah__ nothing",  I said, unnerved. "I thought I saw you stan-
ding at the foot of your bed
." He just turned over and went back to sleep as the standing figure faded
away__ A Time Loop?

Three years later__ 2015__ this episode repeated.  Hal had just returned from  a 2 week stay  in the
hospital after a life-threatening illness!

Very vivid dreams also arrived during the 12-21-12 period, offering clues as to whatever stage of the
ascension process we were currently experiencing  and how to deal with these circumstances.  They
were still happening through December and beyond.

Such dreams can be profound,  quite true,  and give us clues as to  what is happening Inside us and
What We are Now Creating.

There was an increase in  sinus congestion & drainage during the  Three Days of Darkness,  as our
immune systems received a boost that just might neutralize chem-trail toxins.  I was still feeling phys-
ically debilitated, weak, nauseous, & slightly dizzy off & on. And although I'd been having hot flashes
now and then over the past year or two__ now I was having cold chills after lunch or dinner. I was so
cold,  my body shook and my teeth chattered. A  cup of hot water helped and in about 20 minutes, all
would be back to normal__ (whatever "normal" is these days.)

Many people are still completing preparations for Ascension, There are multiple ways to ascend.
Earth Herself, however, is now ascending into 5th-Density.  

December 21st, the Winter Solstice, was spent sleeping for hours at a time, then waking__ day and
night__ with sudden shocks of  "falling" back  into 3- D"  after having been  "somewhere else" , It  left
me with a sense of " darkness"__ unable to recall where I'd been or for how long.  Maybe I was in an-
ther density, and the "darkness" prediction may simply have meant an inability to recall, remember or
understand what happened,  or where we were__ all accompanied with nausea, extreme exhaustion,
dizziness, and shortness of breath.

Most of the folks  ascending to 4th Density now are  Lightbearers,  Wayshowers,  Walk-ins,  Cosmic
Mothers,  New Kids,  Wanderers,  Starseeds or  Service-to Others Oriented,  in preparation to move
with Earth into 5th Density.

The upshot of all this, it seems, is that as we upgrade our consciousness,  our bodies & parts of our
environment also upgrade.

This will most likely continue until THE SHIFT itself occurs when all humans who have attuned their
frequencies with Earth will evolve into the Higher Densities. This may take  up to several years.  

We can Know The
Shift of the Ages is about to enter Its Final Phase when  Open Disclosure occurs
to the Entire World,  revealing how various ETs  have been influencing our planet and our lives, and
how we have been lied to, manipulated and kept in the dark here on Earth for eons of Time.

The Ascension Process Requires a TRANSFORMATION.
Every Transformation, whether on inner or outer levels, follows five steps:
1. A New Concept, issue or situation arises.
2. Another concept or issue in opposition, in contrast to that #1 challenge appears.
3. To balance #1 and #2,  we must find a  Common Bond or Purpose held as important  by both pers-
pectives. This is The Turning Point of the Transformation.
4. One or more Techniques are developed that will evolve #3:
The Common Bond or Purpose, into a
5. The last step is  Manifesting theTransformation. To accomplish this__ one must  Raise One's Con-
ciousness Frequencies, become Self-Realized and capable of Applying Multi-D-Technologies.

Consciousness Evolution Is reflected in every:

One of the most god-like potentials we humans possess is our Creativity. It's why so many off-world
beings are visiting our planet these days.

Serious creative work can propel us into  Higher Brain Wave States  that more closely  merge us with
our work, feelings of timelessness,  mindfulness,  difficulty speaking  or understanding spoken words,
a sense of greater confidence,  a lack of anxiety and a relationship to shapes, lines, textures & colors
that are unnameable.

Human Creative Potential is inherent  not only in artists and craftsmen,  but in all imaginative persons.
Those who intentionally innovate something  that never existed in quite the same way before.

Creative acts can include  cooking, gardening , teaching, healing, inventing, sports, decorating, build-
ing __ the list goes on and on.

Birthed in all children__  the Manifesters of our Future__ and in their parents and teachers,  creativity
is everyone's birthright; not a special talent handed out to a fortunate few.

Far more than an aesthetic exercise  uplifting us toward something finer & greater,  creativity also ge-
nerates skills critical to coping with life__ and teaches us how to be Creator-Gods.

The skills learned for Fine Arts are very similar to the skills needed for inventing, for
Holistic or Spir-
itual Healing, and for Manifesting, since they all evolved from Creator's Force Field.

If we are to cope with our current crises, we & our children need to
Evolve our Consciousness to rise
above our present hierarchical systems and material greed.  

Intentional-Energetic or Spiritual Healing__ introduces new levels of Higher Creativity as we le-
arn to harmonize and regenerate people and our surroundings. Together we purify and heal Earth a
nd our-selves. The
Multi-Dimensional Technologies offered here  don't seek to replace traditional  
medicine;  but to add choices to the established, scientific foundation in diagnosis and crisis based t

Every original painting, scientific invention, literary or musical composition, etc.,  is a R
eality that did
not exist before in exactly the same way.

We will learn  
How Creation Manifests & How The Universe Works,  for in order  to smoothly pass to
higher states and densities of Reality, we will__ together__ gradually create that  New Reality for the  
entire planet and all life upon Her__ whether it's positive or negative.

We will discover
The Skills Necessary for  Creating with a Higher Consciousness,  and learn to
apply those Skills to
 Connect with Our Inner,  Spiritual Higher Selves for  Divine Guidance as
we raise our body's vibrational levels to the higher frequency vibrations enabling our  Ascension into
the Higher Densities. .

Part III, Chapters 8 through 1 reveal How to Prepare for Ascension to the next 4th Density (Twi-
light Time),  and then prepare for the following higher densities. If we are to cope with  he challenges
of these days,
 we & our children must first  Evolve our Bodies' Vibratory Energetics beyond our pres-
ent 3-D over-emphasis on  hierarchical systems, separatism, material greed,  competion,  materialism
and intolerance.

The Creative Force Field  surrounds and inter-penetrate s everything in our Universe. It is the in-
visible energy of "empty" space residing both within and between Earth, stars, planets, suns, comets,
wormholes__ everything __ including humans, plants, minerals, animals, atoms, etc..  

However, The Creative Force Field  of space is
not  "empty"__ it is an Infinite Energetic Fluid holding
all potentials for creating physical objects, situations
& new realities. We are all particles of a Loving,
Supreme Consciousness__our Greater Being- Great Spirit-Sacred Source.

Because The Creative Force is all-pervasive & interconnected with everything in
ever we do to Earth or to another life-form__ (and all minerals, plants, animals, insects, humans, off-
world beings, Suns, Planets, Galaxies, Moons & Universes, are Living Beings) __
we also do to our-

The Creative Force- Greater Self- Great Spirit - Creator is ALIVE. It is Intelligent, It is Loving,
It is Purposeful and Self-Organizing.

It is our human privilege and destiny to contact this Force and Co-Create in tandem with It.

8-25-1984: A young woman from New Zealand was visiting her sister Idaho Falls, and gave psychic
readings to people in the metaphysical groups there.  A few days later , she came to  Big Lost River
Valley where she gave private readings for  me & several others, telling us that  huge changes were
coming to Earth in the future, and people were needed to learn about this change,  how to adapt to it,
and be ready to assist others when it occurred. Five of us took her advice and formed a Study Group,
holding weekly meetings using Edgar Cayce's "
SEARCH FOR GOD" lessons.

Robin told me: "Y
ou will be engaged in activities other than art.  It will be a growing time__ a learn-
ing time.  The world is in need of the  simple  truths of life  as you  express through  your art.  Look
deep into the heart of your expression  through art and  portray this  Simplicity and  Beauty through
other mediums as in application to the Future That You See for People.  Bring the Peace,  Serenity,
Truth and Simplicity of NATURE to Man.__ God Bless."  "
The Planetary Hierarchy".       

Later interpreting the date with astrological information, I discovered that Robin's Reading for me was
a "PREPARATION FOR RE-BIRTHING"__ but I had no idea what that meant.

Robin also told me that  many of my paintings were  "channeled"  from well-known artists who had al-
ready died.  She knew I had been keeping Journals about my paintings , exhibitions & traveling.  She
was also aware that I;d been thinking of writing about Creativity for a long time, but had not done so.

I said I had tried to write  several times,  but could not come up  with any  subjects or  information that
seemed appropriate.  Robin suggested  I go out into  Nature,  as I did when painting on location,  and
just close my eyes,  relax,  and move into that mental state  where I normally began to paint__ but this
time, just begin writing__ anything that came to mind.

After the personal
"Reading From Robin",  I took her advice  and went into my wildflower garden  and
connected with Earth & Nature, which I'd dearly loved since a very young child , and let my mind wan-
der as I did when beginning to paint outdoors.
I was not aware that Our Sun Had Reached the Galactic Center Equator since December 21- 1980,
as I began daily Meditation and Dreamwork on August -25-1984 after the Reading from Robin.

The first "meditations" were simply more like "Reveries"__ as if I were "
talking to myself" about what I
felt  regarding the change of seasons  from summer into autumn,  and relating that idea  to a sense of
life changes" coming within me as well:

MEDITATION: "There is a sadness and a quiet in my garden this morning. I feel Autumn__
THE FALL__ in the air
gins. Then comes THE HARVEST."

"But I do not Harvest my GARDEN.  I leave the fruits & seeds to fall to the earth,  hoping they'll take
root after their long sleep, and that when the SUN once more SHINES , and EARTH once more RE-
VOLVES,  some will be strong enough  to take up their DESTINY and  GO FORTH to ADMINISTER
to the EARTH.
(Something else now seemed to be writing this from inside me!).

Oh ye of little faith. Our fathers and mothers will not forsake us. We shall all be made pure & whole
again as in The Spring of Life__& THE SPRING OF THE WORLD: A NEW BEGINNING__A SOUR-

"FEED & NOURISH  THE MULTITUDES."  "I require not  Sacrifice__ but  Mercy. As we have all felt
the deprivations  and the devastations of Earth and Souls, so shall be  recognized and  felt the mer-
cies which will follow.  No more shall we  sacrifice ourselves  or others.  It will be good. Some shall
fall from the Harvest Acts, but many shall be Gathered In for the New Crop to come."

"After that day,  will fall from the sky, minions and millions.  Cares and burdens drop into our laps to
shine forth in  The New Day's  splendor of the  Night,  holding both new promises and greater bless-
ssings than one can find words to describe. We lost much in order to gain more. Less is more."

"Now wait__ the Time is at hand.  Rest Up for  The Long Night to come.  Peace Be With You. Noth-
ing matters anymore. Let Go. Let it Come. Leave it Be.."



Strange and Paranormal experiences that happened to this author are revealed throughout
this web-book.  The Path that you__ dear reader__ will be following,  is not necessarily the
same as revealed herein.

Each person will follow their own, unique Spiritual Path,  enabling them to connect with their
own Personal Inner Guidance System, revealing a  Philosophical Pattern that they can trust,
and that will provide to them the Thoughts, Beliefs & Actions that sustain them in their own
Higher Consciousness State.

Evolving to a Higher Consciousness begins with the  unders
tanding of the Two Primary Modes
of Creativity:  
INSPIRATION and EXPRESSION. We need both to create well on Earth.

Many people are expressing through  art, science, business or sports  yet not necessarily pulling ins-
piration from a higher place.  On the other hand,  there are persons continually having  ingenious ide-
as,  but never bringing them into useful form. Not everyone needs to be an  artist, athlete, scientist or
musician, but we all need to understand the Creative Process.

Inspirational-Receiving Mode  is like Inhaling a Creative Breath,  while the Expressive-Projecting
exhales the Breath's Manifestation.

Our passion for creating is strongest in childhood  when we're still  fully connected with the
Force Field
.  Our personal connection with The Field  originates in the lowest subtle energy center  in
our bodies.
 (Figure 2). That Force  moves upwards  through seven subtle-energy centers called
"Chakras"  as life evolves,enabling us to create in higher states of consciousness.  

At puberty,  the force focuses in the reproductive organs. Some creative energy  remains in each cell,
but most then gather in the second__ the
Sacral Energy Chakra at adolescence.

We need Creativity in our lives.  We are all artists__ perhaps not  musicians,  writers,  painters,  dan-
cers or inventors__ but we all feel that same inner drive  urging us toward a collective human destiny.
The Creative Process, when developed & applied, generates imagination,  introduces pattern reconi-
ition,  teaches novel problem-solving, enriches our days and offers broader perspectives about life. In
my workshops, I never met anyone who was unable to create in some way.

Together,  we humans have been birthing something remarkable since the beginning of life on Earth.  
It seems Humanity has been following this
Quest for Higher Creativity  for at least  75,000 years. No, I
don't have all the answers, & like you,  I'm still searching for even more of the great puz-zle pieces  to
Life on Earth. But because of my  unusual experiences &  experiments  I feel I can offer meaningful
options and suggestions that may help you with your search for a Higher Creative Life.

Let Us Consider:
* How did "primitive" civilizations build  pyramids & monuments all over the world  without modern day
technology__ when we still can't reproduce them to size today?

* How did  the Maya, the Aztecs, the Incas , the builders of Stonehenge  & the prodigious pyramids &
monuments around the globe know not only the existence of__ but of even the exact positions of pla-
nets  invisible to the naked eye, which determined the  geographic placement of  the monuments and
pyramids__ when they had no telescopes?

* How did early cultures create  Stonehenge,  the Nazca Lines and  the many monuments and pyram-
mds reflecting star constellation patterns  with measurements exactly matching their global longitudes
and latitudes__  without airplanes or satellites?

* And most amazing of all__ what accounts for humans' extreme jump in intelligence over the last half  
of the 20th century? IQ scores throughout the world have soared dramatically since the tests were in-
troduced. The rise is so sharp that it suggests the average school child today is as bright as the near-
geniuses of the previous generation.  Researchers claim our gene pool cannot change fast enough to
explain this leap, so we can't say that genetics has caused it.

* Our nearest animal relatives,  the apes, were thought not smart enough to create tools, but recently,
African female chimpanzees  were discovered  breaking twigs  off trees,  sharpening them  to a point
with their teeth,  then hunting and killing bush babies for food. Orangutans, too, use small twigs to po-
ke into ant nests and eat the ants that crawl up the sticks without being bitten by handling the nests.

Why Are These Things Happening?
Humanity's intellect and technology  have reached a developmental climax,  triggering world crises of
over-population, stress, earth & climate changes, acculturation, pollution & military strife. Can we sur-
vive these times of
Adolescent Material Technology without destroying ourselves?

A personal quest for Higher Creativity suggested that  
patriarchal science and logic must be balanced
with the more f
eminine side of ourselves__ creative consciousness, iunification, compassion, intuition
spirituality__ if we humans are to thrive through the next several years.

Humans can use their
Innate Creativity to Evolve Their Consciousness in various ways.

4-D we become familiar with Other-Dimensional Experiences such as Synchronicities, reams,
, Out-of Body & Near Death Experiences, as well as Realities beyond Linear Time,  Anchored
n Space, or Spherical Consciousness.

These experiences teach us about  using our Free Will  to make appropriate Choices  and learning to
Love each other  Unconditionally,  as we evolve our consciousness  to even higher  densityty/dimens-
ional states.  

Ascending into a
5-D State of Awareness allows us to  consciously & deliberately create  New Realiti-
ies for Earth, Self and All Life-forms.

Not intended to force change,  this web-book simply tries to foster hope for the near-future by offering
options for creating and living a more abundant, fulfilled and purposeful life in 4-D.  

"Part II  The Basic Inner Technologies" ) attempts to evolve both our  individual & planet-wide states
of consciousness to the degree that we make positive changes in ourselves and in our personal envi-
ronment at will.

Spirituality, Nature, Healing & Manifesting  are Creative Forces at work in our world today,  and every
individual plays an important role within their patterns. More frequent &  more intense skills & insights
occur as one
consciously and intentionally cooperates with those Forces.

Indigenous peoples see Creator Source in all that lives & know themselves as One with Nature. Man-
y of us believe their perceptions to be mere imagination or superstition. Quantum computer gurus are
making fantastic leaps in the electronics and space industries__  yet how many among us can explain
quantum mechanics,  or even why computers work?  As civilization escalates, high tech discoveries &
inventions can seem imaginary__ even magical__ to people of the industrialized world.

The first three levels of  Consciousness Evolution, as designated byYatri, author of  "
Unknown Man:
The Mysterious Birth of a New Species"
, are "Sleeper", "Seeker" &  "First Enlightenment".

Many humans still dwell in a "Sleeper State__blindly following what the human "herd"(the general co-
nsensus) or "experts",  "authorities" or mainstream media propose__ unaware of the real invisible for-
ces that determine our lives.

Actually,  we're working on a number of levels simultaneously,  completing each stage  in appropriate
order before achieving  "
Full Enlightenment"  and the Independence it brings from controlling govern-
ments, corporations, organized religions, financial, health and educational systems.

                                      THE "SLEEPER"
At the  "Sleeper" Level",  we're unaware of a side of life we've somehow missed. When we become fr-
ustrated enough with current life situations,  we start looking for other options__ new directions.  Our
Inherent Creativity challenges us to reach for that intangible  "
something"  we've sensed as somehow
missing. We become aware of a mysterious  
Creative Force stirring within us__ and we want to know
more about it.

So how can we Nurture that  Inner Creativity__ instilling creative habits in ourselves  and in the minds
of growing children?  (
See Archives). The practice of  Creative Arts can awaken the "Sleeper" & prop-
el him/her into the "Seeker Stage" of Consciousness Evolution.

                                                   THE "SEEKER"
Through regular practice of fine arts, and time spent in Nature,  we trigger the creative drive to rise to
third energy center__ the solar plexus chakra. While creating through this center, new ideas have
been uncovered by practical creators throughout the centuries. We, too, can gain  increased satisfac-
tion with our time in Nature and with our artistic work because we'll be less dependent on making the
artwork look
"physically real",  & more interested in "expressing" what we're feeling or thinking inside.

Pablo Picasso said, "
Painting isn't an aesthetic operation__ it's a form of magic  designed as a me-
diator between that strange hostile outer world and us;  a way of seizing power by giving form to our
terrors as well as to our desires

Once we become
Seekers, whose inner creative urges challenge us to reach for that magic.
It 's imperative to keep this Creative Force flowing strongly through ourselves__ and espec-ially
through youngsters__ because in our society, most of our public education, institutions and mass
medias are controlled by  military-industrial and religious factions,  whose bottom lines are to make us
obey,  work harder,  produce more, yet earn less and  remain in debt.

Then we must sell what we've made, buy something, use it, discard it,  & repeat the process over and
over to stay alive__ leaving no time for inner reflection or for creativity. And__ we must fight wars for
them as well__ while they get richer and more powerful.

The Seeker deliberately investigates another side to life.  Soon she becomes aware of a se-cret Inner
Life & passionately desires it,  eventually entering a "
First Enlightenment Stage".

People at spiritual seminars  and metaphysical conferences  like to share stories of  getting  their first
pop"__ the unusual event  that triggered their electrifying awakenings.  Classic triggers are an incre-
dible coincidence,  a severe blow to the head,  an accident or serious illness, a lucid dream, a mental
shock, a vivid vision__ or even being in a coma.

"Wake-Up Calls":__ accessed in higher density states__can point an individual towards their life pur-

In 1965-66,  the planets Pluto & Uranus  joined three times in the zodiac sign of Virgo, The first world
satellite communications system linked all people on the planet,  the "
Star Trek" TV series began and
the Gateway Arch in St. Louis rose.  

Virgo and the Sixth House of and astrological birth chart deals with organizing information, with practi-
cal service, responsibilities and mental & health habits and wellness. On Spiritual Levels, it also intro-
duces one to "
The Path of Discipleship".

The summer of 1966,  my progressed Moon  moved into Virgo & my 6th House, presenting an oppor-
tunity to examine my health and spiritual belief systems  and move beyond a  
"Sunday-school God"'. I
then had my first adult

When ill,  I faint and fall face down on a hardwood floor, producing a mild concussion and cracking all
four front upper teeth. Months later, one of those teeth abscesses, but we can't find a dentist over the
long  Fourth of July weekend.  By the time we do find a dentist, I'm half out of my head from 3 days of
pain and no food or sleep.

Tuesday morning,  as the dentist examines the teeth,  I relax under the novocaine, sigh and close my
eyes. Suddenly I'm floating near the ceiling,  looking down at my body in the chair below, with the de-
ntist and his assistant working over me!  A silver cord stretches down to my physical body's midriff. A
long tunnel with a light at the far end  opens in the ceiling above me__ and I float through  to exit at a
vast plain stretching before me in shades of red & black__ like infrared photography. Six or seven el-
ongated beings of white light hover there. Very tall and humanoid in form with only heads__ dark, em-
pty "eyes__ and with arms, but no hands or feet. They glow like lighted smoke or fog.

Feelings of overwhelming sacredness, ecstasy & love wash over me. I feel I've "
Come Home at Last",  
and recognize these beings as kindred souls from a forgotten past. We reach out & hug each other.

But they say, "I
t's too soon. You must return. You have more work to do".

"But I like it here; I don't want  to go back!," I cry out.

Yet, even as I speak , I feel the silver cord  reeling me back into the tunnel.  A few moments later,  I'm
once again in the dentist's chair. Hal is here. They had called the doctor. They say I had no pulse, no
breath. I had died in the chair. My jeans are wet__ my bladder has emptied.

The doctor diagnoses  a touch of blood poisoning  and sends me home to eat a little light food,  drink
plenty of water and rest.  I do so;  but am so terribly angry  over having to  come back  after experien-
cing that incredible love and ecstasy on "the other side", that I can't even talk about it.

(Hmph!__ people wouldn't believe it anyway.  I'm not sure I do.)  Back at work two days later, I'm fine.

This uncanny experience completely shatters my belief system. I "
wake-up"!  Now  I  know__ there IS
life after death. I
know there are other "realms" to life,  and the familiarity of the light beings  opens me
to the possibilities of

Years later,  Dr. Raymond Moody writes about similar events,  and I realize I've had a classic  
(NDE). My life is forever changed:  I no longer fear death.  My self-security streng-

But what did they mean about it being
"too soon"?  And what is this  "more work"  I have to do? I'm al-
ready caring for a home, a husband, three teenagers, managing a collection agency, & painting or gi-
viing classes several evenings a week. Isn't that enough "work", for crying out loud?

"IQ is always relative to one's environment.. IQ tests today measure mathematical ability, logic & re-
asoning,  but still aren't able to measure creativity, compassion, intuition or art ability."
                                     Bill Bockus: "The Universe: Theoretical Physics for the Young Adult."

                                              "FIRST ENLIGHTENMENT"
When attuned to the  Creative Force Within,  First Enlightenment Stage individuals' Creative Drive

In the
 Inspirational Mode, our physical senses become keener & trigger our Creative Skills.

Can we ,simply by shifting our
Focus, change our perceptions of reality?

Can something as simple as
Attention either keep us in a present state, or transport us to e-xpanded
levels of divine  consciousness?

Using both
Intuitive-Inspiration & Intellectual-Expressive Modes of the Creative Process, we develop
abilities vital to achieving excellence in any field.  

These Creative Skills  prepare us to manifest life's necessities  from within higher density levels, & to
draw upon and enhance aspects of our entire organism__ physical, mental, emotional, energetic and
spiritual__ to unlock life purposes,  refine our inner and outer lives and prepare us for
Part II__ Bas-ic
Multi-Dimensional Technologies
 that assist us to  raise our consciousness vibrations, all-owing us to
reach higher densities.

At a
First Enlightenment Stage,  our greatest strengths are an  independence from the main-stream
s and rigid dogmas.

In order to be  more original,  many artists  try to release from  habitual techniques  and patterns  that
compromise surprise in their works__ from the stiff, "t
his is how to paint a rose", or "this is how to pa-
int a sky
" type of approach;  or the use of  trite color formulas; or, "this is what  wins prizes at exhibi-

For example: The U
nfamiliar can be frustrating__ even scary.

But to the experienced__ Change is an important element of both Creativity and Spirituality.

As painters create,  they are always asking, "What else is possible?" or, "How can I change my app-
roach to this subject and discover something new


                                  DEVELOP AND USE HIGHER CREATIVITY SKILLS
Curiously,  the creative skills used by successful  artists, musicians,  inventors, and researchers  are
similar to the spiritual skills  of an expanded consciousness individual,  allowing one  to use  the new
technologies effectively.

                                                          MULTI-DIMENSIONAL CONSCIOUSNESS
We  develop a  Multi-dimensional Higher Density Consciousness by evolving our spirituality & raising
our body's frequencies to ascend above the 3-D Reality__ first into 4-D, and soon thereafter into 5-D
and beyond__where clear thoughts & loving feelings cause similar events to attract themselves to us.

e can greatly expand our consciousness through the ONENESS EXPERIENCE__Unity Conscious-
ness) when merged with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE as:


From 5-D and beyond,  we can move in and out of  other dimensional or density realms to serve  our
planet,  our fellow humans,  our planet's life-forms an Supreme Consciousness - Great Spirit-  Di-vine

However we chose to express ourselves,  certain Creative Skills need to be learned in preparation for
asic Multi-Dimensional Technologies, (Part II)__ Skills can be acquired by anyone having the pass-
ion or discipline for regular practice.

Although they spring from engagement in creative activities__ music, painting, theater, dance, writing,
sports,  prayer, scientific innovation,  meditation, teaching or healing, etc.__If approached with an op-
en mind, they reveal a broader depth to them. (More
Creative Skills in the Archives.)

When a  
First Enlightenment Stage  individual attunes to his  Inner Psychic Child - Subconscious, he
begins to sense that he is leading a double life__ the everyday outer life, & a mysterious, enticing in-
ner life. Mind, body & feelings
re-order themselves into new forms of energy and harmony, as if they,
too,  are artistic mediums.  Most of us
desire to have  "Psychic" &/or "Paranormal" Skills__ and
we can have them__ but they only  automatically birth within us  as we raise our conscious-
ness frequencies to 4th & 5th Density levels.

When a truly committed individual  opens to the Creative Force Field that inspires, transforms & mak-
es everything new, he/she one day realizes__ without a doubt, how Creative Skills lift one far beyond
materialism__ & absolutely impel us  to apply our Inspirations & Expressions  to fashion a more creat-
ave lifestyle, as well.
                                         Welcome to the Other Side of Life.
                      NEXT:__ "RISING WITH EARTH to 4-D or 5-D."    
"Creating New Earth Reality with Multi-Density Technologies"
                                     By MARILYN LA CROIX:
                                    "THE SHADOW CAST BEFORE"
        The Creative Force Field.
         Consciousness Evolution.
         Why Are These Things Happening?
*     "THE SLEEPER."
*     "THE SEEKER."
*     "
As we've keep Updating the  information in thi s web-book, it has now grown  so large, with so
many subjects covered__ that it is now more of an