The earlier-given monthly Moon Phases and the Tzolk'in Calendar can be seen as steps in a continually cycling,
creative spiral. Each month, or each Wavespell, presents opportunities to heal the past. Similarly, the cycles tri-
gger off unresolved issues from our human racial past and guide us toward a collective future.

Cycles of Sun, Moon and planets relay
Galactic Intelligence triggering our personal programs to resonate with
Humanity's Evolution as a whole.
Mankind's Racial Cycles of Consciousness Unfoldment also relate to these so-
lar system cycles, as we finally surmount our adolescent stage to become adult energy artists, mastering our
thoughts and feelings. Just as we related the three and a half days of a New Moon Phase to the first three and a
half years after birth, we can also apply those time fractals to the larger cycles of humanity's consciousness ev-

The first three Phases correspond to humanity's Intellectual Childhood. The New Moon-First Phase of human-
kind's Creative Intelligence occurred when early Man, with a herd/group consciousness,
acted instinctively, mo-
ving out into the world
, scratching and painting on rocks at sites where some had encountered profound events
or insights, transmuting inner sight into pictographs for the outer eye's later comprehension.

At the
Second/Crescent Phase, humans evolved symbol-alphabets, grounding the new program and seeking
resources necessary to activate the Creative Intelligence Cycle.
Information could then be written, recorded or
to those at a distance. Mankind dropped its consciousness and began to learn to Individualize.
History__ was born.

The human race rose to the evolutionary challenge of the
Third Phase/First Quarter, by manifesting the printing
press. Global communication was then possible, although slow by today's standards.
Activation and outward
is characteristic of every First Quarter Phase.

Gibbous/Fourth Moon Phase arrived, as crop circles catalyzed all humanity to awaken to the conscious,
holistic right brain of Great Mother Earth. This Fourth Phase relates to an individual at ages eleven to fifteen,
when puberty usually occurs. Mankind was, and in its collective mass still is, at the adolescent stage of consci-
ousness development, seeking its individuality, longing for freedom and autonomy, yet afraid to let go of "Big
Daddy" religious, political and educational concepts. The news and entertainment media graphically mirror our
species' adolescent frustrations back to us with its focus on egotism, sex, entertainment and conflict. When it
became apparent that our technology and geological resource gathering were impacting our planet with pollu-
tion, devastation of rain forests, famine, decreasing fresh, clean water and lack of nutritional foods.
A big deci-
sion had to be made:
We had to move out of our adolescent stage and take adult responsibility for better
care of Earth, if we wished to have her continue to support us!

We stepped into the most profound phase of our species' Racial Consciousness Cycle to date as ou Creative
Intelligence brought personal computers. Information expanded through the public as the
Fifth Phase__ the Full
arrived with its  REVELATION when it linked us with an awareness of off-world intelligences beyond
Time and Space
and presented opportunities to move into a full racial adulthood. Cultural Creative humans were
stimulated to analyze "where we've been" and "where we're going". We had front row seats at the Gulf War
through live TV portrayals of military and political machinations. By the 1980's, the "New Kids" began birthing,
hinting that the long-prophesied "Sixth Race of Human Beings" was starting to arrive. We were also made aware
of Earth/Gaia's coming ascension into the 4th and 5th dimensions. And that__ w
e had to lift our human consci-
ousness vibrations to match those of Earth/Gaia's if we were to continue existing with our planet.

The Internet  grew as the Sixth Phase of the Creative Intelligence Cycle, the Disseminating Phase, opened
with dramatically increased, instantaneous transfers of information.
Our collective evolving thoughts, feelings
and actions began to consistently alter Timelines and we nearly Transcended Time then
. Frantically
grasping for more data, more memory capacity, more ideas and a super-intellect to cope with it all, we even
invented "smart pills" to force our brains to greater performance. We wanted to know our identity as a group
intelligence; wanted to link our collective memory bank to social and environmental needs; wanted to learn to
create as One Unified Mind. Revelations and Illuminations began occurring regularly as Earth responded with
huge earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and floods triggering great quantum leaps forward in Unity Conscious-
ness. We began shifting the dominant male energy to include the feminine for the first time in nearly 13,000
years__ we began  to create through our Heart Centers.

We know each sacred site on the planet connects with a star constellation in the galaxy. Stonehenge, the Great
Pyramids of Egypt, Ayers' Rock (Uluru), the Idaho Stargate, Cahokia, Mt. Shasta and other sacred sites have ex-
isted for millennia. Since we humans have built few of these great structures in this century (the St. Louis Gate-
way Arch and pyramids around the globe being exceptions),
crop circles now populate the globe serving in
their place,  re-programming us for  our next  evolutionary stage
__ the  Seventh__ the  Fourth  Quarter
of our  Racial Consciousness Evolution__MANIFESTATION.  Humanity's minds  are awakening to
merge with  Earth's consciousness, Gaia
.  On December 21, 22, 23, 2012,  Gaia and Humanity began their
ascension process into higher dimensions
to manifest a  New Global Paradise Reality inter-related with the
Solar System and Milky Way Galaxy__ as a Second Sun moves into our consciousness.

By September 21-22, 2013, we are scheduled to enter the Eighth Phase, and final phase, of our Racial Con-
sciousness Cycle__ the
Balsamic. The Kids have Grown Up as Gaia's Shift is completed. Some humans will
also have ascended fully into the 4th or 5th Dimension, others will move to new planets supporting their present
states of consciousness__ and the old 3-D Earth Reality fades away__ forevermore.

Our present  Aryan human race  (having nothing to do with  Hitler's notion of "Aryan"),  is the fifth human  race  to
experience life on this planet. The
Cosmic Seeds,  the Indigo,  Crystal and  Rainbow children who began to incar-
nate late in the  20th Century  and  beyond,  are the  sixth race of humans  to inhabit  Earth . They are  becoming  
100%  telepathic.
Anyone  presently of the fifth race can transform herself into a sixth race being using
Basic nd Expanded Multi-D. Technologies.
"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
By Rev. Dr. Marilyn La Croix