1. Plants,  minerals and  animal  substances:  Since  ancient times,  medicinal aids  came  from
roots, stems, leaves, buds, seeds or blossoms of plants. Occasionally some mineral or animal mat-
er-ials were used.  Ancient Egyptian &  Middle Eastern cultures often used
essential oils__the aro-
matic parts of plants__ condensed and stored  to be sniffed or  absorbed into the body  through the
skin.  There is currently  a revival  in the use of essential oils  among  alternative  practitioners.  
Alchemist Essential Oils ,
created by Mickael Zayat, an Egyptian alchemist living in Quebec, Cana-
da, are extremely pure,  relieve symptoms within minutes and are relatively inexpensive. I can attest
that a tiny bottle of "
Breathing" controlled asthma symptoms for six months.

Plants,  minerals or animal materials processed for medicinal use must retain not only the chemical,
"essences" or aromas,  but also the vibrations of the plants' sacred geometrical shapes, growth rec-
ords, and psychological or spiritual effects for human or animal bodies__ their
signature vibrations.  
Shamanic healers know that all the signature portions of a medicinal plant are needed in each rem-
edy to create perfect balance and harmony for the sick or injured.

Original plant or herbal remedies consisted mostly of  matter with  some energetic components car-
ried over from the living plant and stored in the remedy. The speed at which these plant, mineral or
animal remedies'  vibrations worked was moderately low.  There were some  complete cures within
minutes, but more frequently cures required long-time doses of the medications, salves, oils or app-
lications. There were few side-effects__ usually psychological__ but seldom life-threatening.

2. Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drugs: Made by extracting specific chemicals from plants
and minerals in laboratories.  These could be  conveniently stored & transported,  and doses could
be more accurately measured. They consisted of physical matter only,  using a single portion of the
original substance. The rest of the signature vibration was lost in preparation, transportation or sto-
rage. Only the physical body was affected,  & these remedies'  extremely low vibrations often requi-
red life-long use to maintain health.  Side-effects from the medications were numerous;  some even
worse than the illness for which the remedy was prescribed.

3. Synthetically Developed Prescription Drugs:  Substances created in the laboratory from car-
bon bonding of chemical atoms and molecules.  When a new substance was discovered or created,
researchers first had to find out  what it did in a physical body.  This was often followed by advertis-
ing to  convince the public  it was dangerous  to be without that condition  in their bodies.  Using an
ezaggerated faux example: a drug is synthesized & found to cause humans to sneeze about a doz-
en times a day. A media campaign could then be  launched to convince the public that  if they didn't
sneeze at least ten times a day, they might get  some feared disease or dysfunction.

This process was similar to those promoting medication to lower cholesterol, hormone replacement
therapies and the addition of
sodium fluoride (derived from aluminum) to water and toothpaste (not
the same flouride the dentist applies to our teeth)  which causes teeth and bones to become chalky
and brittle and encourages weight gain and Alzheimers' dementia.

These remedies  are made of matter only.  They have the lowest vibrations  of all known  remedies
today.  Temporary  physical and  psychological effects occur,  but the  subtle energetic bodies  are

not healed
 because  the required signature vibrations  were never present.  Most require  life-long
application__  void of any cures__  to maintain  desired readings  as shown by  devices and mach-
ines that  measure the medicine's effectiveness,  assuring pharmaceutical companies,  doctors and  
health insurance companies  perpetual  incomes.  Worst of all,  nearly all  synthesized  medications  
have serious side effects,  some even causing irreversible disability or death.  By early 2003,  
Headline News
 reported that  toxic drug reactions  had become  the third leading cause of death in
the United States__ 250,000 people die from drug effects every year, several times more than from  
AIDS or car accidents. Now, in
2016, the toll is even higher.

All types of drugs&d alcohol,  smoking, food and water additives,  agricultural chemicals, petroleum
products, "dirty" electricity leaking from our electronic "wireless" technology devices with their radio
waves,  & environmental pollutants f orce the immune system  to work over-time, reducing its ability
to eliminate disease patterns & toxins f rom the subtle & physical bodies.  The incidence of  asthma,,
allergies,  BIPOLAR SYNDROME , ADHD,  AUTISM,  ASBERGERS  plus,  digestive,  respiratory &
nervous system problems  is increasing alarmingly,  especially among  our children and elders. Fifty
years ago,  you seldom saw  an elementary school child  with asthma.  Today,  teachers must store
prescription inhalers  or medications for a dozen or more students in each classroom to be available
as needed. And few, if any,  researches are done to discover  what happens when three,  six,  even
twenty meditations are prescribed for a single individual's use.

4. Homeopathic Remedies: combine distilled water with only a few or no atomic particles or moe-
ecules of the original plant, mineral or animal substance (dogs' milk, for example). These remedies
work mainly by introducing   a balancing vibration into the body. They are created by continually di-
vicing a mixture of pure water and atomic particles of the material substance i nto increasingly dilut-
ed combinations, then shaking vigorously for long periods of time until the signature vibrations rem-
ain in the tiny amounts of substances used in the remedies. Most are applied by placing drops__ or
milk sugar tablets onto which the remedy was precipitated__ under the tongue until dissolved. Cur-
iously, the greater the dilution, the strnger the effect.

Homeopathics are mostly energetic with minute amounts of physical matter often undetectable with
laboratory devices.  
Permanent cures result after using the remedy  for as little as only one dosage  
up to as long as several years. The average cure takes  one to four months.  Both the physical and
subtle bodies  are affected , since  vibrational levels of these remedies  lie about  half-way between
matter and pure Light. They may even trigger brain shifts.

Few or no side effects occur  unless a patient  continues taking the remedy  past the  turning point
when original symptoms have disappeared  & energetic vibrations have stabilized.  To continue us-
ing the remedy in the mistaken notion that "if a little works well, then a lot will be even better", starts
the remedy's vibrations moving  in the
opposite direction__ away from  the center point of complete
health and well being.

The only drawbacks to homeopathic remedies arise when the patient is unable or unwilling to disci-
pline self through diet while taking the substances. Homeopahics work best when avoiding alcohol,
caffeine, smoking and all stimulants, including peppermint and licorice-anise while taking the reme-
dies. (Anis is often used in pizza sauce.)  Another possible drawback  is if an individual has evolved
their consciousness to high-density frequency
;  they may__ "proof out"__ their vibrational energies
having exceeded the turning point of the homeopathic remedy in as little as ten minutes.

We've now reached the half-way point  in our list of material & energetic remedies.  In the
types of healing techniques that follow, a body is not treated by "making war" on it__ i.e.:
poisoning organisms with drugs, burning with radiation or cutting with surgery.  
What does
occur is a balancing and releasing of energy blocks from the subtle & physical bodies, allowing the
body to naturally heal itself.

5. Gem Elixirs:  Gem Elixirs work mainly on  Physical, Mental and  Psychological  problems. They
contain no physical material at  all except pure spring water.  Their Vibrations are p rogrammed into
their water with  
Basic  &  Expanded  Multi-Dimensional  Technologies.  Meditation  greatly enhanc-
ces results.  A single dose consists of a few drops placed under the tongue several times a day, ru-
bbed on body areas, or added to bath water.  Gem elixirs can cure  
permanently  with  one to three
doses that last for up to four years.

The healing effects precipitate into the physical.  The extremely high vibrations  cause no side effe-
cts what-so-ever.  Drawbacks are similar to those of  Homeopathics__  best results occur when the
user follows a non-stimulating diet.

6. Flower Essences: For Emotional & Psycho-Spiritual  subtle energy balancing, Flower Essenc-
es will precipitate from there into the physical. Like gem elixirs, they contain no physical matter exc-
ept pure spring water  programmed with vibrations  of a plant's blossom or bud. The daily dose is a
few drops under the tongue or in the bath.

In vibrational remedies,  there is no  "form" detectable  within the elixirs or essences,  but energetic,
sacred geometry patterns are there, and can be seen by psychics and clairvoyants. When the ess-
ence is ingested, these patterns move into subtle bodies, harmonizing the individual with  Earth's &
Spirit's environmental patterns.

For example:  the thyroid may not be functioning properly because it isn't accessing or harmonizing
its original program with Earth. By taking medicines or minerals, the body tries to stabilize itself, but
when the old distorted attitudes and beliefs are not released first,  there are conflicts and  side effe-
cts. Meditation harmonizes the physical body with both Earth and Spirit.

A reliable information source for  Vibrational Remedies is
:  "Gem  Elixers &  Vibrational  Remedies,
Vol. II
", by Gurudas. 1986. Cassandra Press, P.O. Box 2044, Boulder, CO 80306.

7. Crystal Assisted Energetic Techniques:  Nothing is ingested. The quartz crystals  are matter,  
but have physical and energetic structures to receive,  store and release harmonizing vibrations on
command.  It is the stored vibrational information  that does the regenerating__ not the crystal itself.
The only power a crystal has to affect humans  is when an energy artist-Lightworker  programs the
Intention and Love into it.

Computers contain quartz crystals.  A computer stores, organizes and releases information,  but it's
the computer operator  who presses the right buttons  or clicks the mouse. Computer technology or
the crystal's energetic programs are facilitated by the energy vibrations transmitted through the cry-
stals  by the operators. The host's and server's minds,  hearts and intentions catalyze a healing ep-
isode or not.
 Expanded  Multi-D Technologies__  hyper-dimensional physics__  now come into
play. A crystal-assisted healing technique can affect the client on all levels__  physical, etheric, em-
tional, mental and spiritual
__ depending upon  the intentions of  the client  and the server.  Extrem-
ely high vibrations enter, operating at near or beyond the speed of light in the Magneto-Electric Sp-
ectrum-Zero Point "Creative Field" (
Ch. 10: "Weird Medicine" )  Side-effects are absent or only tem-
porarily and mildly uncomfortable. Sometimes there is minor irritation  for a few minutes or hours as
the physical body  rapidly adjusts  to its  subtle bodies' changes.  Negative side effects  are usually
the result of  the client or server  holding  subconscious  or ulterior motives  for the  outcome of the
healing modality.

8. Reiki, Laying-On-Of-Hands, Releasing from Entities & Past Life Traumas, Spiritual or In_
tentional  Healing  Techniques
:  All use Thought,  Intention,  Unconditional  Love,  Hand Move-
ments , Breath,  Affirmations,  Prayers,  Symbols,  Sound &  Ligh
t  in a  variety of combinations to
encourage  the movement of energy into,  out of,  & through  the physical and subtle bodies
. Spirit-
itual,  Intentional or  Release from  Entities & Past Life Trauma  can be done  long distance  unless
there is a genetically inherited disharmony present. One does not need to be a priest, guru or mini-
ster to promote wellness in self or others.

WARNING:  People currently  in chemotherapy or  undergoing radiation  treatments  must
wait until they  complete that treatment series  before experiencing an  Energetic Healing.   
Energetic Healing Techniques  can increase and accelerate  the chemical effects,  catalyz-
ing serious physical depletion or death.

Energy vibrations from higher dimensions  (Creator-Source's Love)  are invoked to affect the phys-
ical matter of the body.  No physical substances__ not even crystals__ are necessary here.  All en-
getic methods will affect the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Often, healing
is immediate. Subtle body results are either instantaneous, or trigger gradual beneficial changes to
the physical over a few days or weeks.
A client's  Spirit Within heals him at the rate most app-
ropriate and safe for him.
 Elderly people & babies or toddlers  need more time to process a
per-manent cure.

Permanent cures may depend upon  whether or not a client has transmuted his spiritual, mental or
emotional issues,  or adjusted their attitudes or the physical lifestyle  lying behind the dysfunctions  
Chaptes 3-7). For example: a person who has received an Energetic Healing for lung cancer who
continues to smoke,  works in a  toxic environment  or eats a diet  consisting mainly of  junk food is
acting contrary to what he claims to desire.

Side effects are rare  except a temporary  light-headedness,  a tingling,  a sense of warmth or cool-
ness moving through the body__  nothing unpleasant. There may be toxic release through an hour
of runny nose, loose bowels (not diarrhea),  crying,  sweating,  frequent potty breaks for part of one
day,  or a light rash.  Usually,  it's only a gentle tingling  followed with  a pleasant desire for a comfy
nap. A nap is very good, as our body does most of its healing as we sleep.

9.Our most recent Expanded Inner Technology of Healing is this Energetic Intentional Meth-
as covered in the main text of this book,  requiring no crystals,  no physical substances whatso-

10. In 2011, we were sent an even more Expanded way of Manifesting or Healing, as is covered in
the "Liv
ng In the New Reality" Newsletter for March, 2011: "FROM INNER GUIDANCE."  It results
from the healer's consciousness having attained a 5th or Higher Density Existence.

"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX