In the early years of the  Lost Rivers, Idaho, Study Group,  our meetings tended to be open-ended with
no set model, dogma, or goal into which we were to be led. Once we'd learned to meditate and receive
inner guidance, each of us was allowed to find our own way, form our own opinions, principles and be-
lief systems,  even if they differed greatly from others', while respecting our individual rights and needs
to do so. We took turns monitoring the meetings and meditations.  We were actively, consciously seek-
ing__ we knew not what; perhaps, just "something better".

After meeting for several years  and delighting in the changes in ourselves  and the feeling of  brother-
hood between members,  we desired to  share the joy over our discoveries with the community.  Each
member  invited a few people  to attend a special meeting.  Seven people accepted the invitation. But,
on the big day__
 none of the people who'd earlier accepted appeared. What went wrong?

The usual warm, loving, togetherness feeling was not there at the next meeting__  we were all at odds
with each other and remarked on it. I asked Higher Self for clarity

"Expectations of glamorous phenomena. Thoughts and expectations at variance.  No development of  
loving unity with prayer or meditation before or during the earlier meeting

We didn't feel any Unity or Love right then.  Instead, we were  thinking,  acting and  communicating as
separate individuals.  Some members had been attending because of the psychic phenomena that oc-
casionally  occurred during  meetings.  Others  expected  the group  to help  heal  friends  or relatives.
Some wanted guidance from higher sources.  Still others simply came to socialize.  When we chose to
forego the usual hand-holding during meditation  and remote healing at that earlier meeting,  it symbo-
lized the disunity among us.  Fellow member Sherry expressed it perfectly
: "When we hold hands, we
feel all the pulses, and soon all our hearts beat in rhythm and even our breathing coordinates

Social or cultural systems, even athletic teams,  change their entire essences when, like huge, symph-
onic  musical compositions,  their vibrational rhythm changes__  replacing a  waltz tempo with  a tango
or a march, for example. Speaking out about our group activities,  relaying our varying ideas about the
purpose of the meetings  when we invited local residents__  changed something.  So did our plans for
future meetings with newcomers.

Chaos and creative tension occurred  because we didn't consider how to manifest or establish the ne-
cessary  new structure for our  future meetings.  We had chosen to create a new form__  one through
which  we would hold  regular weekly meetings for  "
old members"  and a second  weekly  meeting to
provide  introductory ideas and procedures  to the  "
newcomers".  We were,  in effect,  separating the
"new" from the "old".
 Separation was in direct opposition to our chosen purpose of loving unity. With-
out any inklings of this plan, each one of the invited seven, who'd earlier stated they wanted to attend,
backed out on the last day. One small separation in the group's consciousness  had a powerful vibrat-
ional effect on the entire community's energy fields!

We learned that in order to  create a new form,  we had to first re-define our group's relationships, val-
ue system  and purposes. We needed to release  from the mistaken impression that a "large" group is
somehow better than a "small"group__ to embrace Q
uality, rather than Quantity.

A group as a whole  has certain responsibilities,  as does each individual  within that group. Some old
members  continued to evolve together,  but those  who had avoided  expanding their  consciousness
fell farther and farther behind until they found the ever-increasing vibrational frequencies of the group
overwhelmingly uncomfortable. A split occurred.

People can't or won't learn if they're not ready, or if they fear change.
Partially still sleeping  members
began to sense an inner need to decide whether to stay with the group and focus on learning & evolv-
ing, or leaving. We soon saw how this very issue was what we'd tried to do with the local residents we
had invited to our open house.  
We had not stayed within our original,  spontaneous  non-hierarchical
structure, viewing each individual's Inner Self  as his own specialized
__ yet respected by all__teach-
.  Neither had we planned any time or ways for the old and the new members to adjust to each
"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX