"Creating with Multi-Density Technologies"
                          BY MARILYN LA CROIX      
                                                    CHAPTER 21: WHO WE REALLY ARE

The Twenty-first Step of Multi-D. Technology is Understanding Creation__  which means we must  
connect with our Origins  to Know  Who We Really Are__  Because  WE ARE THE ONES WE'VE
    *  "Full Circle."
    *  "The Great Experiment."
    *  "Lemuria.'
              Nature and Evolution Interrupted.
             The Annunaki.
              Homo sapiens sapiens.
    * "Creation of the Arcturian-Idaho Stargate.'
              Craters of the Moon.
    * "Planet Nibiru."
    * "The First Atlantis."
    *  "A Second Atlantis."
    *  "A Third Atlantis."
              The Great Deluge.
               Naacal Mystery Schools.
    *  "A Fourth Atlantis."
               Akhnaton; Moses; Baalbek.
               The Lucifer Rebellion; The BermudaTriangle.
               Moving Another Pebble.
               The Cosmic Maya; The Pleiadians."
    *  "Jesus; Essenes; Dead Sea Scrolls."
    *  "The Theosophical Society.'
    *  "Child Abductees."
    *  "The Time is Now."
    *  "No One's Coming to 'Save Us'"
    *  "Earth's and Humanity's Futures are in Our Hands.'

Full Circle
New Ulm, Minnesota,1937: I'm five and a half years old, crouching in the corner of the dark closet. Another
door is opening at the back, & I'm afraid to go through it because of what I see in there. I peek out from be-
tween my fingers just in case any of those "things" start coming after me.  It's almost dark out there & light-
ning flashes across the sky. The sound is terrible
;  It hurts my ears. Dirt & big things are  flying through the
air.  The ground shakes &  black smoke comes out of the mountains.  Everywhere, people and animals are
running and screaming.

Then, right in front of me, rumble some wagons  pulled by big chunky animals.  The wagons' sides are like
the circus cages for lions & tigers,  but with tree branches for bars.  Beside them walk  little black men with
whips and clubs.  I'm afraid . I know they're mean men,  & I tremble even more when I see the creatures in-
side the wagons. They're not animals  and not people either.  Some have  tails and horns,  some have feet  
like horses or cows,  & some have furry places on their bodies or big heads.  What can they be? Where did
they come from?

The chunky animals try to pull the wagons across a rocky stream,  but they're scared, too, & try to run. The
wheels hit a rock,  the wagon tips over and breaks open. The creatures inside scream louder,  climb out  &
run away. The men in black try to catch them, but they don't know where to go either__ & besides__they're
just as scared as everything else.  The wind, hail &  shaking ground get stronger.  People can hardly stand
up, and many fall down like they're hurt real bad.

One of the creatures from the wagon  runs towards me.  I hunker down even more, for I don't want it  to see
me.  It's squawking and running right at me.  I get even more scared when I see it up close__  sort of like a
big bird, but almost as tall as Mama. Its feet and legs are like a bird's__ long and real skinny with skin like
a snake, and its feet are just big claws. Its head is almost bald with big, soft eyes
;  but the nose and mouth
are like a duck's bill that opens and closes, squawks and screams.  The neck is real long and thin,  but the
rest of the body is shaped like  a fat duck or a chicken. Anyway, It's covered with skin like people have, ex-
cept at  the back where some white feathers stick out of the tail. Worst of all are its short, pudgy arms__ or
wings?  They have no elbows, and are shorter than people arms. It flaps them  up and down as it squawks
and screams, and now It's so close to me,  I can see fat little hands at the ends of those short arms, & they
have white feathers on them, too.

What is it?  Who is it?  I close my eyes tight and try to hide behind the clothes in the closet. Oh__ If it gets
too close, it'll be the worst thing that could ever happen. I'll have to remember something__something very
bad.  I start to feel dizzy and put my head down as the doorway at the back of the closet  fades away every-
thing goes black.
Further revelations concerning the Closet-Birdwoman incident came when we attended an exhibition on din-
osaurs at
Idaho State University, Pocatello. A film on the evolution of dinosaurs closed with a computer gen-
erated image  of how dinosaurs  would have  evolved  had they not been  extinguished  5 million years  ago.
The creature shown had a humanoid shape  almost exactly like the Birdwoman, walking upright on two legs,
but with heavier legs & minus the feathers. Had the dinosaur extinction ended an attempt to produce a high-
er consciousness race?

The Great Experiment
Humanoid beings have existed throughout the universe for at least ten million, five hundred thousand years.
The humanoid form is the basic pattern  for all physical entities in this galaxy. When our Greater Conscious-
ness expanded Itself into  billions and billions of  sub-consciousnesses, we first entered this solar system as
pure energy beings. Later, we entered  nearly shapeless,  semi-humanoid physical forms__
Edgar Cayce's  
Hyperborean "pudding-bags
"__for our souts' planet-bound experiencing. Edgar Cayce was our greatest pro-
phet, whose predictions are still proving extremely accurate today.

Earth is being used as a "
biochemical testing zone" using both divine and fallen thought-forms to determine
what form of Intelligence could eventually free itself from the countless physical rounds of existence
; i.e.,re-
incarnation__ without conscious knowledge of where they came from and who they really are.   

In distant cosmic reaches,  higher intelligences fro m
Arcturus serve  the Creator on this side  of our galaxy,
as the  "
major programming center  of the Galactic Council,  under the  direction of the  "Council of Nine__
the governing body of our local universe.
The Arcturians are in charge of  the new  Great Experiment. They
were given the responsibility for seeding planets  and life-forms  through-out a  particular section of the univ-
erse. Several million years ago,  they chose a tiny solar system  floating at the edge of an outlying galaxy as
a place for the
 Free Will Experiment  to see if we humanoids  are the  "form of Intelligence" which could, in
time, evolve into creator beings and rejoin Creater Source on our own.

Each chosen planet was first seeded with energy beings without material bodies. Eventually, the temptation
to experience in the actual 3-D physical level of the planets  caused these spirits to enter into  mineral, plant
& animal forms. Planet
Maldek was the first global laboratory. They had evolved advanced space travel be-
fore being destroyed by tremendous nuclear explosions  with terrible results  to colonies on  
Venus & Mars.
Maldek broke apart to become the asteroid belt.

Over a million years ago  Mars was chosen to be  the next Free Will planet. The "
Face on Mars", the pyram-
id type  constructions & underground cities there  are remnants of  a huge temple complex,  reminders of the
creiatve energies inherent in all humanoids.  It's sacred geometry layout suggests
hyper-dimensional  phys-
. (www.divinecosmos.com) Ruins discovered at Cydonia by NASA over 20 years ago,  increasingly seem
to re-present, not '
aliens', but a former long-forgotten epoch in human civilization straddling at least two wor-
Earth and Mars__ if not a direct hint  of our possible one time existence on a host of other satellites &
moons across the solar system

It was long thought Mars couldn't have supported life as we know it  because it lacks water.  Recently,  how-
ever, water was found in large quantities  at Mars' polar caps  & also mixed with sand  a few feet beneath its
desert-like surface, and even more recently, one of the U.S. Mars rovers discovered pockets of ice there.

The second experiment on Mars  broke down a million years ago when  Free Will technologies, unguided by
spiritual concepts,  darkened the skies  & befouled water & soil  to where the planet could no longer support
physical life.  A small group of Martians managed  to flee to nearby planet Earth where a third Free Will Exp-
eriment began
.  Cosmic and galactic cycles of time were ticking toward a period known as the "End of Time"
__ set as a deadline for  Completion of the Great Experiment,  when Earth and those of her inhabitants who
could match Her increasing vibrations, would move into a higher density existence with Her. Much later, due
to interference from outside forces,  human evolution stalled__ mostly due to  negative influences from other
star systems, & it became necessary t o intentionally stimulate  the consciousness evolution of the little third
planet and its life-forms before the galactic cycles ran out.

Those spirits who agreed to take part in the Earth experiment, were completely cut off from Greater Self, lost
their memories of former lifetimes__ iving utterly alone and rootless__until they could evolve their conscious-
ness to once again remember both their origins and their destinies__or until Time ran out. Those who chose
to take part in so unusual an undertaking were brave spirits indeed,  and for hundreds of thousands of years,
the tiny planet Earth  and its inhabitants  drifted through time and space  without cosmic guidance,  observed
with both compassion and awe by brother and sister beings of the galaxy.

Long after the mists began to fall,  transforming Earth into a more watery planet,  the ancient Lemurian Civili-
zation sprouted from the Hyperborean, centered in the Pacific Ocean region. Early Lemurians lovingly cultiv-
ated their island empire.  Having a  
7th Density Consciousness,  they were basically empathic, merging with
Nature & Gaia/Mother Earth.  Highly receptive, instinctive & feminine-minded with a matriarchal culture, they
thought and felt as One. All communication took place through a heart-oriented knowingness. Not until much
later did  the ability to form sounds & speak aloud evolve. To our present civilization  they would seem cloak-
ed in romance and mysticism,  their ethereal reality only a myth. Yet that very naturalness gifted them with a
unique pragmatism. They intuited where food, water & healing plants were,  & energetically manifested their
material needs using their consciousness__ Unconditional Love, Unity Consciousness and
Sound to manif-
est, heal and create. No material tools or objects were necessary. (More details in (
Archives )

The media often refer to our race as having "descended from apes"; but anthropologists recently found fully
developed,  modern human skeletons  in a similarly-dated  east African  location  where early  hominid forms
had formerly been excavated. Both types had evidently lived at the same time. Also, apes and humans have
chromosome variations that could not possibly have evolved one from another. And__if the apes evolved in-
to present day humans__ why are there still apes on Earth today?

Australian Aborigines were exemplary early Lemurians,  although most of their lands had been taken
over by our so-called "high technology" culture, & the Aborigines today have merged with we more "modern"
humans, or are living on "reservations" set aside by the Government.  The
Bushmen & Pygmies are other
Lemurian cultures living in the jungles and  Kalahari Desert of south-central
 Africa. The movie,  "The Gods
Must Be Crazy"
 is a hilarious take-off on their connection with Nature & Earth.  In South Africa, the "Adams
Calandar" culture shows evidence that this is an original site of humanity's DNA manipulation, creating us in-
to the
homo sapiens sapiens species, dumbing us down to work their gold mines. The Bushmen, Pygmies &
the original  South African Natives also had  
7th Density Consciousness; before the Annunaki arrived on
Earth from  
Planet Nibiru & the  Sirius Star System, mining gold & altering our early human genes. These
Off-world visitors were also skilled in 7th density technologies,  for they used Sound & various types of build-
ngs and tools made of stones containing silicon (quartz crystal) in non-material types of high technology.

These earliest humanoids  were not savages,  not even hunters  or meat-eaters
. They were nomadic. They
roamed the land,  living off vegetation,  fruit & nuts.  The scarcity of food  in dry seasons  forced them to eat
marrow from  the bones of  left-over kills  of large animals  once hyenas & buzzards  finished with them. The
bones were brought back to their camp centers & cracked open.  When modern anthropologists found those
bone piles, they assumed the humans had been the hunters. Early Earth humanoids lived simply & were not
war-like. Using the creativity codes, they did not have to "make" things out of matter__nor did they need ph-
ysical devices or machinery. They accessed Multi-Dimensional Technologies to obtain anything needed for
survivival with intuition and heart in accord with the purposes of  Nature and Greater Self.  
Marlo Morgan's
book about the Australian Aboriginals__ "
Mutant  Message, Down Under", reflects a similar lifestyle.

Lemurians were extremely intuitive. They began to leave the motherland several hundred thousand years a-
go__ long before its final sinking,  intuiting that the orbit of  
"Nibiru"  would eventually come into contact with
our solar system to once again influence all Earth & humankind  as it linked use with the double star,
and the
Orion Constellation.

Among the overseers of these  Great Experiments,  were those who insisted that planet Earth should not be
entirely abandoned by the
Galactic Federation. The ascended masters of Earth, working under higher intell-
igences foresaw how material technologies, along with further genetic entanglement with the arriving planet  
Nibiru,  might completely eliminate  feminine spiritual principles from Earth.  At that time,  Lemuria was still in
its prime.  We're often told about the problems that arose in Atlantis,  but the flaws that led to Lemuria's with-
ering have been deliberately covered up. They too, had difficulties  because they were so very heart & intui-
tion oriented.  Although inspired by inner guidance, they often failed to take responsibility for caring for them-
selves and Earth through physical actions, relying too heavily on divine intervention.  So just how did we for-
Who We Really Are and become so materialistic, so competitive, so aggressive?

Nature and Evolution Interrupted
And then__ planet  Niburu & its Annunaki  humanoids arrived__ overwhelming forces  still strongly influenc-
ing our 21st century culture. Their powerful establishments have commanded our human reality for over two
hundred thousand years, holding back  higher dimensional technologies and systems, and introducing other
technologies&d lifestyles which have eventually brought the Free Will Experiment, our planet, and all life up-
on it to face imminent extinction.

Highly advanced both technologically and occultly, the newcomers competed amongst themselves for power
and territories on Earth. They genetically created
Homo sapiens sapiens__ us__ 220,000 years ago, using
experiments with the animals & primitive
 homanids  indigenous to Earth.  We carry the inherent traits of not
only Earthlings, but also of these__ to us__ " god-like"  beings__ the Nibiruans. They created us to work as
slaves in their gold mines,"dumbing" down our DNA so much that we could neither breed offspring nor evol-
ve our consciousness enough to realize what was really going on.

Later, some humans were brought north to work in the gardens & orchards near "
E-din" in what is now Iraq
and I
ran. The Bible calls them the"Nephelim" telling how some of them went in unto the daughters of men &
fathered children. The some male children grew up  favored by the  Annunaki-Nephelim, and were placed in
positions of power as demi-gods, kings, or overseers of Earth territories. The Bible tells of their wars & des-
cribes  how the Annunak used the hybrid descendants as fodder for their own territorial wars  They used us
like possessions. We let them. We gave our power away because we were still like little children in our men-
tal and emotional development. To us, they seemed like "gods" z7 we soon began honoring, worshiping, ob-
eying and sacrificing to them as such. Seduced by the glamour of the material goods & technologies the An-
nunaki possessed,  we wanted to be like them,__ wanted  power, prestige, slaves, palaces, gold  & material
possessions. And we soon learned to lie, to cheat, to make war__ to kill to obtain them.

We must
Transcend Time  and complete the Great Experiment successful   if we are ever to regenerate our
creative potentials & come home again  to full galactic consciousness.  Will we utterly destroy our planet by
misuse of our free will, our violence & material technologies,  as did  Maldek and Mars
;  or will we meet this
incredible challenge to evolve ourselves into a race of higher density, loving, peaceful creator beings?  

April, 2007 my friend Karla attended J. Z. Knight' s "Ramtha"classes in Yelm, Washington. One of the
guest presenters was
 Dr. Mik'ael Ledwith, f ormer Irish Catholic priest & long-time  Professor of Theology.
He has been featured in the recent popular film, "
What The Bleep Do We Know?". Eventually being promot-
ed to be counselor to the recent
Pope John Paul II,  Dr. Ledwith became privy to documents in the Vatican
archives. After reading ancient & secret papers,  he told the Pope he thought t his information needed to be
released to the public. The Pope, however, thought it best the data remain hidden, as he feared it might co-
nfuse  Christian followers  or weaken the reputation of the Church.  Dr. Ledwith  became so  concerned, he
left the orders and Rome to start his own classes relating what he had discovered. After the Ramtha semin-
ar, Karla stayed behind to ask Dr. Ledwith about what she'd recently read on this website relating to inform-
ation about ancient Lemuria, Atlantis & the ET Factor behind our present human genetics. Dr. Ledwith smi-
led broadly and replied, "
Your friend is absolutely correct."
Go to
Hamburger Universe - YouTube.com

Attempts to create only with physical technologies & machines destroyed Mars nearly half a million years a-
go. A handful of Martian refugees managed to escape to Earth after their planetary disaster, settling on one
large island of Lemuria.  When a comet approached part of their motherland, Lemurians knew it far in adva-
nce through their intuition. They understood how a Unity Consciousness Intention could avoid such attacks,
but they simply shrugged and said, "
Well, this is Spirit's Will__It's just Nature__ Let it happen". The cosmic
missile hit  the center of the Martian colony.  This was due  mainly to  Lemurian lack of effort,  but it was the
Martians who experienced the most devastation.  Over the following centuries, angry,  embittered  Martians
took control over the Lemurian empire, spreading around the world. The Lemurians, still true to their nature,
perceived it as "Spirit's Will"and allowed it.  Although Lemuria's many islands  were slowly sinking right from
the start, Martian dominance greatly accelerated the drowning of the motherland. Lemurians__ & Martians,
left the islands over a period of hundreds of years as the islands gradually disappeared, and fled to various
lands bordering the Pacific Ocean.

Creation of the Arcturian-Idaho Stargate
Arcturus is the fourth brightest star in our night sky. Half a million years ago,  Arcturus first  became visible
to the unaided eyes of Earthlings.  By  
2002, it was as close as it ever would be and began slowly receding
from our ordinary sight during the next half million years.  

As Lemurians left their motherland,  Arcturian intelligences &  Earth's ascended masters commandeered en-
ergy vortexes  to enfold Lemurian principles of intuitive, loving stewardship towards Gaia/Mother Earth. One
of these sites consisted of  three pyramidal earth-forms  uplifted as volcanoes  to mark a North American en-
ergy vortex in
Idaho, U.S.A., preserving ancient Lemurian programs for future civilizations.

Pyramids are storytellers, weaving a silent spin as meditation masters. The Idaho butte-pyramids were craft-
ed with geomancy on what was at that time, the Pacific Ocean coastline__ the
North  American  Continental
. The three butte pyramids later served as gigantic earthen beacons calling Lemuria's shamans to lead
the refugees toward the new Arcturian Stargate at the three pyramids. Eventually,  as the land changed and
grew over millennia,  the North American continent  extended another six hundred miles westward  to form a
new Pacific coastline. The remains of the  Ancestral Continental Shelf still exist far below the terrestrial surf-
ace. Part of it runs north & south  through south-central
Idaho's  Lost River Valleys,  the Arco high desert
and the
Pioneer, Lost River, Lemhi and Bitterroot Mountains.

The major ley-line crossings & energy vortexes in our western hemisphere, such as the Bermuda Triangle;
Sonoita, Mexico
, south of  Organ Pipe National Monument, AZ;  St.Louis- Cahokia Mounds; Vancou-
ver Island, BC
, & Nova Scotia. The Idaho Lost River Valleys, INL Site,  the Three Pyramid- Buttes &
Craters of the Moon National Monument  
are all part of the  Arcturian-Lemurian Stargate, lying exactly
on one of Earth's primary grids  linking the vortexes of
Glacier Park and Banff with Salt Lake City and So-
noita, Mexico

Like a huge cross on North America's surface,  the
Idaho Stargate  also connects directly  with Mt. Shasta,
 which, in turn,  links with  Machu Picchu,  Peru. The Grand Tetons on Idaho's eastern border
represent the eastern-most arm of the feminine meridian which runs from
Haleakala Crater,  Maui, Hawaii,
through Mt. Shasta. Hawaii and the South Pacific Islands are remnants of Lemuria.

Native Americans  are some of the  descendants of the Lemurians  who fled their  sinking homeland. They
have kept the ancient wisdom teaching within their hearts, & it is to them we now turn in our present need to
balance the left-brained technology given us by the
Reptilian/Orions,  with the more heart-centered culture
of early

Sometime after the Arcturian-Lemurian Stargate was originally created in Idaho,  the planet Nibiru was parti-
lally caught into orbit by our
Sun,  linking us with the star-system, Sirius.  During this mass migratory period
of Earth, humanity's feminine, holistic feeling energies began to go underground. The lights of gentle Lemu-
ia dimmed to become only myths of fairies, elves, nature spirits, geomancers & fantasies that creaked or tw-
inkled in the glooming.  Eventually, Love & Responsibility for Nature, divine guidance &  intuition faded from
our everyday awareness into vague longings
,  sometimes evoked from old refrains crooned by aging sweet-
hearts or grandmothers at twilight.

And all this time, the Arcturian-Lemurian Stargate in southeastern Idaho dreamed silently on, waiting to once
again imprint us  with our original spiritual, intuitive feminine nature
,  to re-link us with Mother Earth & react-
ivate us with the
Language of Light for Creating from the Future.     

The First Atlantis
Chronologically,  the Atlantean civilization overlapped the Lemurian  & could be separated into three distinct
phases. It was the Annunaki's creation of we
 Homo sapiens sapiens__ (our modern "Adamic Race")__ and
the meteor hitting the Martian colony  during late Lemurian, times  bringing about the  
First Phase of Atlantis.
Atlantis's empire  was not just one city, island or continent  below
Antarctica. It grew into a vast empire__ a
global maritime civilization.

Two of Lemuria's strongest
daughter colonies established themselves as separate cultures: the "Yu Empire"
__ known today as  
China, Mongolia, Tibet & Libya-Egypt  at the far end of the  Mediterranian Sea__ &
a land mass named "
Atlantis"  (Antarctica )in the Atlantic Ocean.  Groups from Lemuria  continued moving
into the Americas,  putting down roots there  long before the last ice age's meltdown brought a second wave
of Asian immigrants via the
Bering Strait.  All of the planet experienced  a great shifting of peoples, cultures,
arts and ideas.

Atlantis soon  wanted independence.  They & the Martian refugees  and other colonists  triggered Lemuria's
cultural demise.  Atlanteans were neither as fully in tune with Nature nor as intuitive or sensitive as the Lem-
urians.  When people from  two divergent civilizations  intermingle__ stress & new diseases develop.  In our
21st Century world,  we recognize similar stresses when people move from an urban to a rural area,  or vice
versa. Or when people from third-world countries immigrate to highly industrialized cultures . Many diseases
developed for the first time on this planet during the Atlantean culture.

In Atlantean days,  mankind divided into three specific types of social attitudes & studies__ foundations that
led to the homeopathic systems of science, the divisions into the allopathic medicines, & those who practic-
ed on a more spiritual path.  In early Atlantis__ about  
150,000 years ago__ the average life span was  800
 but at the collapse of Atlantis,  prior to 10,500 B.C.,  the average life span  had dwindled  to around
200 years.

A Second Atlantis
No two cultures could be less alike than Lemuria & Atlantis.  It was as if two contrasting cultures of our mod-
ern world met head-on, one formed of indigenous, native peoples who lived a simple,  nature-oriented spirit-
ual life and the other,  a modern western civilization  of sophisticated high-tech  inventions & weaponry. The
Atlanteans, however, having knowledge of earlier Lemurian times,  began their civilization with some respect
for the wisdoms of Lemuria and of Nature,  while we of today's western world  seldom even recognize bene-
fits derived from indigenous cultures.

Lemurians__ feminine oriented__ had coaxed Nature into co-creation with gentle, loving strokes. Atlanteans,
more masculine oriented, were all about lofty power, political control and strategic thunderbolts. Taking their
cue from the Annunaki, Atlanteans  commandeered the hidden forces of Nature  and developed them-selves
into "Star-Wars" wizards, adroitly mastering the world as catalytic demi-gods.

A great ice age occurred during
Second Phase Atlantis,  75,000 to  50,000 years ago.  Although Atlanteans
suffered after drawing away from Nature,  their growing dependence on  corporeal inventions &  devices did
much to develop  humanity's scientific logical mind__ for the faster  science & technology are fed into human
brains and bodies, the faster they are
forced to evolve their mental faculties, rather than their intuitive, spirit-
ual faculties..

A Third Atlantis
The four largest pyramids in the Western Hemisphere: Monks Mound, Cahokia, Illinois, the Cholula and
Pyramid of the Sun, Mexico
, & Emerald Mound near Church Hill, Mississippi are mathematically arra-
nged to precision. Native Americans claim these mounds & pyramids were there
before their people ever ar-
rived in the Americas. Human skulls older than
40,000 years were found in the United States__ so old, th-
eir carbon dating was blank
; the C-14 isotope only reads to 40,000 years.

The last major Ice Age began to thaw during the final years of Third Atlantis.  Much of the planet was under-
water and  big crystal domes  beneath the oceans enclosed shelters,  some of which still exist today. Space-
ships from
Sirius  welcomed certain humans aboard during the  1980's & 90's to journey with them beneath
the waters of
Lake Titicaca, Peru where they were shown crystal cities available for emergency use should
our current  Free Will Experiment fail.  Sunken remains of Third Atlantis'
Interdimensional Zone  were discov-
covered in the
Bermuda Triangle area near  Bimini & off the coast of Cuba.  In fact, technological devices
once used to communicate with other density worlds & distant star civilizations found there are still working!

Refugees from Atlantis fled to
Central America and some later went up the  Misssissippi to the St. Louis-
Cahokia Mounds
location. Others migrated to what are now Nevada & Colorado in North America about
10,000 B.C.E
. Native American cultures evolved when these  Asian-Atlanteans  left their original homelands
to trudge & sail  around the coasts of the  Americas,  merging with the  
Lyran-Sirian  lifestyles of the earlier
Lemurian colonists. Some living members of the
Navaho tribe hold the X type of mtDNA, considered Atlan-
tean in origin.  Investigations of the desert southwest indicate  this area was indeed occupied  at around the
same time  other groups arrived from  
China,  carrying the  Haplotype-B genetic markers.  Pure Atlanteans
may also have migrated to the
Pyrenees Mountains of Iberia, as indicated by Basque blood types.

Mystery Schools
The  Naacal Mystery Schools  were originally  established  in late Lemuria to assist humans  in expanding
their consciousness. They taught the keys to the
Creativity Codes  but these keys were lost during the dem-
ise of Lemuria & Atlantis.

A Fourth Atlantis
Our collective human karma was such that after The Lucifer Rebellion, The Fall of Mankind & The Great
ended 3rd Atlantis about 12,000 B.C,, We couldn't be "pure" Atlantean anymore.  Our present civiliz-
ation was set up as an artificial temporary "
Fourth Atlantis".  We humans struggle still  to understand why we
are here. But the need is dire. This is our last chance. Time is running out,
for our Sun aligns with the Mi-
lky Way Galaxy's plane,
and all planetary, solar, galactic and cosmic cycles culminate by 2017 A.D.

A spiritual scientist named "Ra-Ta' & his feminine assistant,  "Irini", hurriedly created many different types of
crystals to hold the wisdom teachings & positive technologies of the Atlanteans for future human use. These
crystals were hidden underground in various places around the world, where they will be discovered & activ-
ated during our ascension timeline.

Besides problems  engendered by the  
Lucifer Rebellion,  we Homo sapiens  still struggled under additional
handicaps. We had been created genetically by fourth-density__ "god-like' beings__ the Annunaki-Nibiruan-
Nefelim__ who distorted our
DNA & manipulated our minds and emotions. We unknowingly acted as their 3-
D puppets, controlled by lies & fears,  playing out,  over and over again__ these wars, famines, plagues, ec-
onomic  ups and downs,  political coups__ all correspondences to  Annunaki's  wars &  competitions  among
themselves__ their power ploys to gain & maintain control over each other,  Earth, Her inhabitants & resour-
ces. They have programmed us,  brainwashed us, enslaved us into believing it's "
noble" ,  "patriotic",   "god-
" to play out their War Games  while they sit and watch in luxury & safety,  getting wealthier & more
powerful, destroying and polluting Earth, Her resources and us__ as if merely manipulating a game of chess
or betting on a Super Bowl.

Bermuda Triangle Experiment to create an  External Merkaba Energy Field  went out of control. It
appears to our current culture as if it was a great failure of  the Atlantean civilization,  but from  the negtative
elite point of view, it was an overwhelming succes__ for it let in from second density levels within our planet,
billions and billions of unattached,  disincarnate  elemental spirits. They freaked out here  in 3-D,  in what to
them was a dangerous alien realm. Their only hope  for survival in 3-D  was to  attach to  human bodies like
parasites, feeding vicariously off our emotions,  thoughts and experiences. Nearly every human body had at
least several of these  disembodied "spirits" interfering with their  thoughts and feelings. The mean-spiriteds
kept us emotionally vulnerable through their
4-D rituals with these elementals.

Another problem we humans still have, is the negative's tampering with our genetic "wiring". One of the con-
ditions of the original Free Will Experiment was that we would lose awareness of our inner connections with
each other & with Spirit-Greater Self.  But it was
not planned for an even further Fall in consciousness to oc-
cur, creating the serious challenge of a gradual loss of links with Gaia/Mother Earth & Nature as well.

We forgot Who We Are__ forgot our origins, our foundations, and our history as well as our destiny. We just
kept right on  re-creating the same old  3-D & 4-D subconscious scenarios  while two-thirds asleep,  even in
our daily waking state! We refused to wake up, refused to  look inwardly at ourselves,  made up excuses for
the corporate, religious & governmental  lies, excesses, pedophilia, genocide & tortures.  We denied that th-
ere is anything  ordinary humans  can do  to change the situation,  and look  outside ourselves for  "gods" to
"come save us", not realizing that  
We Are the "Gods" We've Been Waiting For!

During Egypt's 18th Dynasty, Pharaoh Akhnaton arrived on the scene and ruled Egypt for over 17 years.
Some believe he was from
Sirius because  he & his half-sister-wife,  Nefertiti,  both bore the typical, Sirian
large bellies & huge craniums.  Akhnaton directed the populace to the idea of the One God,  rather than the
lesser gods traditionally worshiped. He likened this "one god" to the Sun & its rays, energizing, infor-
ming and blessing the people,  yet never taught people to  "worship" the Sun,  as was later  put forth  by his
enemies. The
Naacal Mystery School was re-established by Akhnaton during his reign, & about 300 people
graduated from it __ nearly all women. They learned Multi-D Creativity Techniques & retained them through-
out future reincarnations.

One technique involved regenerating the body's
DNA. It was accomplished with  the assistance of the head
priestess from the
Isis Temple which had been restored by Akhnaton to protect the sanctity & safety of wom-
en.  Since Akhnaton was not entirely of this world,  he had to periodically have his body re-adjusted to main-
tain a 3-D physical existence.  No body or tomb was ever found relating to him, & it's unknown as to whether
he died or simply moved into another density. There is some speculation that he reincarnated as

was a Hebrew leader. The well-known story of his use of  Multi-D Tech  to best the  Egyptian Phara-
oh's priests and magicians and win freedom for his people ended with the parting of the Red Sea (The
ses Effect
" of weather control) and forty years of wandering the Sinai deserts, seeking The Promised Land".
Few knew that what they were really seeking,  was the great space-ship  launching platform  at
ruins of which still exist today  in the Cedar Mountains of  Lebanon.  Moses & his entire company, eventu-
ally numbering  in the hundreds of thousands  after 40 years  of trekking in the desert__  were guided  east-
ward by their patron Annunaki,  "
Jehovah",  who went before them to lead the way. Jehovah regularly visit-
ed Moses at his tents, and all the populace knew when he was present,
for he came in a  "pillar of cloud by
day" and a "pillar of fire by night" .
Zacharia Sitchin relates how the word "pillar ", in the ancient  Sumerian
language of those days,  refers to a "rocket ship". and in Babylonian monuments there are still incised draw-
ings of
shems which appear exactly like the cone-shaped passenger capsules of our present day space cr-
aft.  Moslem temples today are still surrounded by  minarets", looking for all the world  like  rocket ships with
their various stages.  Did Jehovah's rocket ships  arrive & leave  in daytime enclosed in  clouds of dust  and
exhaust, and leave by night engulfed in jet-fueled flames?

The reason Moses' tribes sought
Baalbek, was that they hoped to be  'taken up into the heavens" , (Jehov-
ah's "Promised Land")  by the Annunaki,  who used that site  for travel to their spaceships  while their planet
orbited near Earth. On
Mt. Sinai, Moses was given the Ten Commandments by a "Jehovah" Annunaki, who
said if the people would be "his People",  he would be "their god"  and protect them.  He introduced the idea
of having access to "heaven" by following a stricter code of ethics  with bribes and obedience to the "god"__  
(think "church")   However,  this Jehovah  failed to follow through  on most of  his promises,  considering the
Holocaust and other crimes against Jewish people. We are still__ in the 21st Century__  seeking the way to
Heaven.  But does  "heaven" lie in outer space , in other-dimensional realms  here on Earth, or in a place or
state of mind we haven't yet fathomed?

Moving Another Pebble
The Maya say their ancestors came first to what is now northeastern Mexico, & later followed the coastline
south to the  
Yucatan.  Archaeologists tell of  a now-extinct,  highly developed culture  known as  "Toltecs"
who came from the eastern sea to a site near
Vera Cruz, MX. The Mayan Calendars may have been carri-
ed to  
Central America by these  Toltec-Atlantean refugees,  as the harmonics  of the Maya  are similar to
those of the
Sumerians and Egyptians.

Pleiadians fostered  the Unconditional Love factor  in humankind.  Arcturians  encouraged  consciousness
evolution, education &  
Light Technologies. The big mystery is  what happened to those evolved Maya who-
se entire culture suddenly disappeared.  Metaphysical scholars think  they may have  evolved Unconditional
Love and  Unity Consciousness. and ascended as a group into higher densities.  However, there are Mayan
descendants  still living in the Yucatan,  although not in the ancient  pyramidal sites.  Recent explorations  of
the areas beneath the ancient pyramids and settlements  suggest a a deep, long-lasting drought of over 800
years ago,  which may have not only  excluded the flowing water  under the pyramids providing  their energy.
but also devastating the tree growth upon which the people depended for food, warmth and cooking.

Jesus played a huge role in raising human consciousness. Mary La Croix's book, "The Remnant",  tells us
how Jesus came from a very disciplined group of
Hebrews known as Essenes, or "Nassereans". The city
Nazareth did not yet exist at the time of Jesus' birth__ a fact verified by the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Ess-
enes, too, isolated themselves in the Mid-eastern deserts and retained knowledge of ancient, higher creativ-
ity techniques. They had advance knowledge of the coming of Jesus, who went to Egypt in his youth. where
He participated in the Naacal Mystery School teachings and later traveled world-wide, studying, demonstrat-
ing and teaching higher consciousness evolution.

Jesus was responsible for probably the greatest success in re-training human consciousness, but many org-
anized religions that sprang out of his teachings either became power-hungry, distorted his teachings and/or
changed or held back information they claimed to be  "
too advanced"  for the ordinary public.  When govern-
ment and church meshed,  terrible distortions of  Jesus' and Moses'  loving teachings were twisted into such
events as the
Crusades,  Jesuit-led Inquisitions,  the Knights Templar  and the Cathar Massacres, the
Hundred Years' Wars and the
Salem & English Witch Trials. So-called "Holy Wars" still continue today.

Most current  global troubles come out of distorted notions  of what  God/Spirit/Creator/Source is like__ and
whether or not Creator plays favorites, rewards or punishes those who do  or do not please & obey. If Great
Spirit is Love, has created us so that Its own experiences might proliferate and produce wisdom, and we are
all parts of that One Great Being,  why would Love want to control or harm Its off-spring__Its own individuat-
ed selves? The Free Will Experiment  asks us to learn how the world works,  learn from our mistakes, recei-
ve our guidance from, and co-create with Greater Self.  Instead of empowering people to achieve their high-
est potentials,  too many of our social institutions follow the old patriarchal, hierarchical set-up of  a few con-
trolling individuals at the top, and the rest of its members serving the leaders or the system itself:__"
the monster
"__ is the common definition.

We absolutely
cannot continue to be  "religious" in those same old ways.  All beliefs,  religions, philosophies
stem from the same Creative Source. We must respect all, for no one group knows everything, but every lo-
ving group has a piece or two of the grand puzzle.  We must unify our spiritual philosophies to establish he-
aven right here on Earth.

Some current agencies still oppose the whole idea of teaching higher creativity Multi-Techniques to the ma-
sses. They want to keep these secrets  for their personal or exclusive group benefits. You will know them by
their attempts at separation, elitism, exclusivity & control__ or to sway you with fear tactics  such as "dooms-
day scenarios". Probably the most arrogant phrase heard these days is, "
God is on our side". I was shocked
recently to hear a vice presidential candidate announced
:  "We are fighting God's War in Iraq."  When does
Unconditional Love and Oneness fight wars?  When intolerance, judgment, discrimination and revenge take
our power away, we cannot create in
any density.

In the late
1800's, a big rush arose to re-establish more Mystery Schools for  Earth. Eastern religions & phil-
osophies taught how to achieve a personal divine connection  & live the compassionate, loving life.  Howev-
er,  there was little known about  "making a difference" on Earth's material plane , and few practical changes
resulted. In the West,  we were learning  (too much)  about  "making material things",  yet we had  little or no
divine guidance on how, when or where best to make those changes or employ them. As in Atlantis, our ma-
chines keep us separate.  We may live entire days in our cars or on our cell phones, TVs,  IPads, computers
and the Internet  and never be physically present with another person.  Many of us  live our daily lives in 3-D
as if they were "
spectator sports".

Theosophical Society of the late 18th & early 19th centuries aimed to combine both Eastern & West-
ern philosophies and spiritual teachings. When their plans fell through,  
World War I & the Great Depress-
resulted,  followed by  World War II with its Holocaust, atomic bombs, and our entry into space.There is
now much evidence of  ETs invading Earth. or abducting humans for genetic manipulation,  mirroring oursel-
ves as we rape & pillage our planet for more & more minerals & riches, to create more & more "machines" &
"physical playthings".  We writhe in a spiritual desert  through the long-prophesied  twilight of our civilization,
living out mankind's darkest hours.

If we deny our origins as creator-gods, we deny our destiny, as well. Obviously, if we are the "offsprings" of
the Master Creator, our human destiny may be of our own making, whether under Creator's guidance or not.
Humanity grows as a collective,  but the race's potential  also arises out of  each individual's contribution  by
their striving & learning.  As a person evolves his consciousness, his subtle energy fields__his Light Body__
affects other individuals & life-forms until they too,  take up similar paths  toward their own creative potential.
Earth was visited by as many as
42 off-world entities,who each implanted their seeds in humans to create
what we've become. Surveying our present Earth reality, we realize how the combination of these ET's intel-
lectual,  technological abilities & the original humanoid,  intuitive,  emotional magic  is what makes us creator
gods. Now we know  
Who We Really Are.  In a very short time, a number of humans will reach that new unif-
ied level of consciousness, forming a critical mass of enlightened people who can affect the entire planet.

Soon afterwards,  all humankind makes an evolutionary leap in awareness,  lifting along with Earth
and all her life-forms into a higher dimensional existence.

Part I: The Creative Process introduced  the three recent waves of  Cosmic Seeds who came to this planet
to trigger our awakening.  One thing common to all of these  Starseeds  is the inability  to recall much of their
lives before they were five years old. This was partly effected for their protection,  to avoid the harassment &
un-cceptance experienced by many First Wavers,  & to prevent depression  if they would  remember their liv-
s in higher realms and compare them with Earth's current negativity.

These "seeded kids",  once they do recall their pasts, connect with some unusual adventure or theme mean-
ingful only to them, at around
age five. This experience triggers memories of commitments made prior to co-
ming into their current physical  form. They then must decide  if they wish to continue their mission after hav-
ing had a taste of what life is like on Earth now.  After that second commitment, it is much harder for their Hi-
gher Selves/Souls to allow them to leave this reality. Most young children still connected with creative forces
don't fully bond with this present reality  until they start school.  When public education begins,  they become
de-programmed"  as they absorb  new cultural paradigms.  Sadly, these days,  we "drug them up" & "dumb
them down
" into mechanical parrots.

All the Starseed youngsters__ but particularly the Third Wavers, may encounter  beings, guides or teachers
from ancient cultures or other star systems.  Most peculiar of all, are the  
alien abduction scenarios  many
face. These kids must receive loving support rather than fear, denial or even punishment for "telling stories".
Riding in a UFO  or contacting  ETs  is important.  It can awaken memories and past life information needed
by today's civilization, & it may help the cosmic kids  perceive a gloriou s probable future for Earth & choose
to move toward that vision.

Not every abductee has a negative experience.
Our individual & collective belief systems  will interpret the
directions indicated by our off-world encounters to reveal the ways we dealt with our own past experiences
If we refuse to cope with those encounters, are very rigid about our beliefs or hold a lot of pain, anger or gri-
ef stored there  from childhood,  then our other-worldly contacts  mirror those events.  Our reactions to them
will not necessarily be to the contact itself, but to what is emotionally triggered within us.

In the
mid-1990's,  I realized how the Closet-Birdwoman vision at age five (as above) was an opportunity for
my inner self to review its  prenatal contracts.  I had been one of the  Annunaki's early  genetic  experiments,
combining ostrich genes with those of the early human primates.  Since a "birdwoman" was useless for gold-
mining, the plan for those in the barred wagon was
termination. The closet experience reminded me:  

"This is the mission in which you agreed to participate__ Develop and Anchor Higher Creativity Technolo-
gy on Earth, assisting the present human race to uplift & empower itself by embodying Unconditional Love
and Unity Consciousness. Do you still agree?"

Evidently, I said "Yes".

The Time is Now
Our options have all been used up__ this is our last chance.  The cycles are interlocking, dissolving our pla-
netary, 3-D existence. In
October, 2008,  the stock market began to crash;  our corporations and  governm-
ent agencies began crumbling and our economy began to fail.  In the years ahead__ our electronics may no
longer work, as the universe may no longer support Earth's 3-D  physics.

Jesus came to us as a "Wayshower", rather than as a "Savior". He did not "save us"  by dying" on the
cross,  but showed us with  teachings & demonstrations,  how we can  "Save Ourselves " from the Wheel of
Karma, using Unity Consciousness with  Divine Creator-All That Is__ and  Unconditional Love,  Co-Creating
through His life examples.  
No one, Nothing, is coming to  "Save Us!".  It is all within us. Native American
Prophecies are closer to the truth than many religious teachings
: We are the ones we've been waiting for.
We must develop a Unity Consciousness, Unconditional Love  and a  Higher Co-Creativity, so we can move
into the higher densities if we wish to continue existing with this planet.

Both Earth's & Humanity's Futures lie in your adolescent, naive, little creator-god hands.


                       NEXT:  " WHAT IT MEANS TO BE TRULY HUMAN. "