September 2, 2013                                                      
                                                                PART IV
We've  examined  how  Changes  on  the  Quantum/Cosmic  Levels  Since 12- 21-12  have  been  behind  the changes in our
consciousness  during  th is  same  period,  leading  us  to develop a  Multi-Dimensional Consciousness. Our first question is:

Competition, Violence, Corruption, Greed__ I don't need to outline for you the chaotic and ca-
tastrophic events occurring in our Outer World at this time__ you don't  experience it, you see and hear of it daily. And it's only
going to get worse before it "gets better", but__ How Can It Get Better?

In 3-D, we've used our brains, hands,  and machines to CREATE PHYSICALLY. If we wanted a new house, we first had to ga-
ther/earn enough money to pay for the necessary physical materials to build it, then either build it ourselves or pay others to do
it.  Most of us earned or saved  enough for a down  payment and got a  mortgage__putting us in  debt for as long  as 30 years.
Many people also went into debt for utilities,furniture, appliances, cars, medicine, education, more and more elaborate techno-
nology, even food, clothing and entertainment.

As the song goes, we
: "Owed Our Souls to the Company Store" (Read: "to Corporate-Government."). We were/are Slaves to
our social  systems; as Mother Earth was/is repeatedly raped, poisoned and  devastated to provide physical resources for all
those material things, energy to produce them, and many more assaults. We've been destroying the very planet that has loved,
nurtured, supported and kept us alive. OUR  FIRST PRIORITY NOW is to find a better  way of living, thinking, feeling and being
__  to enable us to nurture, support and  survive ourselves, our  home planet and all life  upon her. The only viable way to do so
is to raise our consciousness and evolve into Multi-dimensional Being.

We've  been informed that the term, "Dimension"is incorrect.; we cannot move  up or down, or at right angles  within a "dimen-
sion." The correct term is "DENSITY", implying a particular frequency rate at which all the atoms,  molecules and microbes wi-
thin and around our bodies and everything existing in that universe vibrates.

Human Consciousness lies behind the reality of any observations we make...."The Greater Consciousness we call 'Life  is an
experimental setup. We have different ways of organizing our thoughts about it. Some call it 'God'; others describe it as 'Evol-
ution'. Any time we OBSERVE matter,  we CHANGE it; and when  we change it, it  becomes condensed, measurable, and at
times, visible. We need to be aware of these effects at all times, as  only a clear, precise, loving, thinking individual  can work
positively with these effects."
(Dr. Marcel Vogel)

Human consciousness can be  viewed in two different ways: (1). "Superconsciousness" that reaches beyond our mind and
feelings and operates best through INTUITION, PARABLES,  MYTHS, IMAGINATION and SYNCHRONICITIES; and (2.) "
per-Density Consciousness"
that exceeds the speed of light, and can therefore, exceed Space-Time Potentials operating
as a  Womb of Creation__ THE CREATIVE FORCE FIELD__ in which All That  Exists is aware of  everything else that exists
through Its interconnecting  higher frequency fields, activates Black Ops technology's  effects through our Inner Guidance Sys-
tems such as Dreams, Intentions, Meditations, Hypnagogia, Unconditional Love and Oneness States of Bliss.

"Black Ops" higher technologies have recently come into our awareness, including Torsion Field Physics as discussed in pre-
vious  Newsletters, and Hyper-Density  Consciousness activates their  astounding effects. The Creative Force Field (photons)
__is a BIOLOGICAL entity that THINKS
as if  IT IS ALIVE.  

When we have an old attitude or belief that is no longer working for us, we seek an opposing attitude or belief
that is more
apropriate for the situation at hand. We can perceive two cone-shaped Torsion Forces meeting at their tips
as a metaphor forwhen we find ourselves struggling over a quandry.  A
Dream, Meditation, Intention with U. Love & Onen-
 can show us  the opposing attitude or belief, a d  WHAM!__ the opposing two meet and we have a  transformation of con-
sciousness. And life changes immediately, as a
New  Reality is created.  This High Technique must be learned and practiced
if we are to master living in  Higher Density Worlds. Whenever there is a breakthrough during a transformation of consciousne-
ss, the experiencer, whether child or adult, is
permanently changed,  both physiologically and  psychologically,  with aftereffects
similar to those of near-death experiences. (NDE)

These  breakthroughs  are the  same  as the  threshold  breakthroughs  experienced  by  mystics  and  shamans, in . kundalini
transformations, baptism of the Holy spirit, shamanic vision quests, spiritual breakthroughs, meditations, religious conversions
and deep-prayerful or  contemplative  states. They bridge  boundaries  between  physical  and non-physical worlds, linking our
brains with realms lying far beyond anything the brain accesses on its own, between destiny  and miracles, mind and spirit, life
and  death, heaven  and hell, sanity  and insanity. Breaking through a  threshold/boundary, you extend outward and upward into
higher states of consciousness that always lead to
ONENESS  If enough people have these breakthroughs, the consciousness
of an entire group, or of  all Humanity occurs,  as if  intended by some universal higher intelligence  or force evolving the human
P.M. H. Atlwater, in her new book, "Children of the Fifth World", covers Fourth Density beautifully. Our New Kids are born
understanding and using it brilliantly.

At least 4 to 5 percent of Earth's population have had a Near-Death Experience , & those having had other types of threshold
triple or quandruple those percentages. Atwater relates: "The science of third  dynamics tells us that it only takes 4
to 5 percent of any  group, condition or situation to change, for the entire unit to follow. Once flow patterns exceed that tipping
point, energy excites or becomes  highly charged.  When that happens
superfluidity is reached and the least-expected thing
."  We can
see that when groups of  people alter their consciousnesses,  they  form
Torsion Field Cones that create Zero Point Energy,
and New Realities.

In this webbook: "
Creating From the Future" we reveal a  past life  when  the Annunaki off-world beings mined  gold on Earth
over 200,000  years  ago,  and  genetically  manipulated our  humanoid  ancestors,  using  their own ET DNA, to create
sapiens sapiens
__ the human race  as  we are today__ as slave  workers for their  mines.  Part of the  story is told in Chapter
21: "Who We Really Are."

Zachariah Sitchin wrote many revealing and amazing books, including "The Earth Chronicles"__ 3 books beginning with The
Twelfth  Plan
et", outlining  the Annunaki  history,  as  he  translated  it  in  ancient  Sumerian  cuneiform  tablets. Now, however,
thousands  more Sumerian tablets have been found  due to archaeological digs and uncovering battlefields in the recent Mid-
Eastern  wars. They are revealing even more horrendous truths about  the history of our planet, and that Sitchen was right! The
two Annunaki half-brothers,
Enlil and Enki, from  planet  Niburu, have held our planet and its inhabitants captive for hundreds
of thousands  of  years, as the  two of them,  aided  by loyal  ETs  and by forcing their human slaves__ us__ to join them, have
fought incessantly for ownership and control of this planet.

The Annunaki  first  came to  Earth 450,000  years  ago from the "brown dwarf" planet,  Niburu, 4 times the size of Earth, with a
3600 year-long orbit, now being viewed as our Second Sun visible from the southern hemisphere of Earth.
(5-24-13 Newsletter
Issue). "Genesis", the  first book of the bible, tells how "The Council of 12" Annunaki dominated things  on this globe  with Anu
(ruler of Niburu) and his two sons, Enlil & Enki as top dogs.  

Annunki beings were described as 12 feet tall while seated, and their lives extended over many  thousands of years due to the
lengthy  orbit of their home planet. There is a  Sumerian King list telling  us the first 8 rulers reigned for a total of 241,200 years.
We already know of the genetic experiments that Scientists Enki and his Wife conducted on Neanderthals to  manifest a slave
race; but  they  had  already seeded  our  planet  with life  at  a much  earlier time. They  also  genetically tampered  with  many
animals. (Hence, my past life "
Birdwoman" body created from combining humanoid, ostrich and ET DNA).  In  the telling of the
"Birdwoman" episode, I did not mention the presence of very short men__ 3 or 4 feet tall__ either black-skinned, &/or dressed
in black suits and hats, who "herded" and "restricted" us mutations with something like cattle prods  for the Annunaki overlords.
I do not know who or what they were__ only that I was more afraid of these "little men in black" than of the Annunaki.

Enki  became  quite  fond of his "children", as  he  sometimes called us.  Enlil, however, first-born of  the two  half-brothers, had
their father's favor, and was jealous of Enki being revered by the "Igigi"__ Annunaki  mine  workers__ whom he had relieved of
their dreary  and  exhausting  jobs. Enki  was so fond of  his human  creations, that he brought  some up from the African mines
to "E-din" in what is now Iraq and Iran, to tend the gardens there.

We  were  created  as hybrids. We  could not  reproduce  on our  own.  We probably  had no genders at all, although the male
genes  would h ave been  necessary to  give us  a muscular body to  work the mines, but there were no
X or Y chromosomes.
After  awhile, our  sterility  became a  problem, as continuing to create
homo sapiens by the original method of implanting the
test-tube fetuses in the wombs of Annunaki priestess, surrogate  mothers had to stopped, as they couldn't keep up producing
enough workers after discovering  more and more gold. So
Enki, unknown to Enlil, made us into males and females, and we
became  fertile. It is well  known  to present day  geneticists  that  the
mitochondria factor exists only in females, and was not
present before
200,000  years ago. The biblical account of "Adam & Eve" was when two homo sapiens discovered they co-
uld  conceive  and bear children.
 Enlil  (spying as a serpent)  was furious  when he  found out,  for he feared the " changlings'
could someday soon outnumber the Annunaki on the planet.

 Enlil discovered the  changlings'  ability to  reproduce, he expelled  them from the Garden, believing that they would not
survive  in the  wilderness,  as  most  of the
Neanderthal  beings had expired by then__  and we changlings had the minds and
experiences of a
12-year-old, leaving us naked children in the wild without any support or guidance.
What no one except
Enki knew, however,  was that  he had  also added new  genetic markers: one for higher intelligence, and
another__when activated in a secret way__ that could give us the ability to evolve our consciousness to a degree high enough
to become enlightened and rival the Annunaki in  intelligence,  health, and  longevity. What Enki failed to realize, however, was
the Emotional Strength of earthlings__ our greatest gift (as well as our greatest challenge)__at its peak of development, would
evolve to
Unconditional Love__ one of the two highest powers in the universe.

Surprisingly, the "liberated" changlings thrived very well, and soon began to cover most areas of Earth. The Annunaki knew, of
course, about the
Progression of the Equinoxes  on Earth,  (Newsletter 8-24-13,)  knew when their home planet, Niburu would
make its  
25,960 year  approach to our Sun and planets  and that  the "End Time" was drawing near; when Enlil__ then made
supreme ruler  of the planet by his father,
Anu, who was also angry about the proliferation of the  changlings__ ruled that it was
forbidden to tell  any of the  changlings,  about the coming  catastrophe  due to the two suns approaching each other. However,
Noah,  Enki's beloved offshoot,  was in the temple praying,  Enki hid, pretended  to be "God" and told Noah how to build
an ark, fill it with  the
DNA of every living thing  on earth;  then take his family and good-hearted friends,  with sufficient food and
water, into the ark before a certain date and to not come out for
40 days and 40 nights__ And you know the rest.

The Annunaki left Earth in their spacecraft and  watched  the devastation  from above. When the
Great Flood  ended, and the
waters subsided, they returned,  but  
Enlil had a  change of heart after viewing the suffering and obliteration to "his" planet and
its  lifeforms.  
Anu gave  Enlil charge over all  the land and its lifeforms;  and to Enki, he gave  charge  ver the  waters  and its
. The Annunaki  brothers and other nobles of  their ET race, became rulers of various nations, some "going in unto the
daughters of men
"... "finding them fair"::: and mating with them. These offspring became the ruling class bloodlines of humans,
loyal to
Enlil, doing his bidding and serving in his armies as Enki__ along  with the loyal earthlings whom he had "saved", plus
his own offspring, eventually became the "
Bloodline of the Holy Grail"  years later. Continually engaged in war, they attacked
each other with atomic weapons, and
Babylon became the only city in the entire region left untouched.

We've  long  thought the Annunaki  came here  originally  to mine  gold to  protect  Niburu's  atmosphere.
 Michael Tellinger's
research. shows  evidence  for  countless  ancient  gold  mines  in  
Africa,  and  Sound  technologies  for processing it. There is
strong evidence that both
Enki and Enlil, plus other Annunaki bigwigs have been here for hundreds of thousands of years, cha-
nging names as they became the  
ARCHETYPES  we've noted such as:" Zeus", "Poseidon ", "Jupiter",  "Apollo", "Diana",
Juno", "Thoth", "Hermes", "Mercury", "Venus", "Neptune", "Aphrodite",  "Anubis", "Hathor", " Horus",  "Isis", "Osiris",
Seth", and even, "Yahwah", and "Jehovah",  Things ended with Enlil  taking control of the land, and Enki of the waterworld.   
Throughout history, they became known as  "
Enki the Creator",  &  "Enlil the Destroyer"__ still  playing out their  good guy-bad
guy roles,  fighting to save and uplift us to creator gods, or to attack and utterly destroy us and Earth.

The nefarious Annunaki and their  henchmen and  women operate mostly in   
Fourth Density: 4-D.  They have higher density
technologies__ "Black Ops", that are at least one hundred,  and perhaps even one thousand years  ahead of what we ordinary
humans have;  and they use them to  aggravate us,  keep us unenlightened, impede our spiritual evolution & maintain control.

Artifacts reveal that
Earth's first civilization had an advanced understanding of the energy fields running through Earth's
. The mining of gold was said to be for balancing the atmosphere of their home planet,  but it is known now  (Lawrence
"Genesis of the Grail Kings" __ ) that they made  white power gold  which has a number of miraculous
abilities.  It has the power to restore physical body health  to the degree of
 Immortality; it is believed to be the "manna" which
Moses "fed" his  people after returning from  Mt. Sinai with the Ten Commandments Tablets, only to find them making a gold-
en calf and worshipping it.

White powder gold also creates Invisibility. The "Prime Directive" of  the universe, as often mentioned in the "Star Trek" &
"Stargate" series,  is never to interfere with evolving planets and their inhabitants . If the Annunaki used white power gold in the
atmospheres of their home planet and Earth, it could create a cloaking effect that prevents any enemy space civilizations from
Niburu, and/or from seeing what was illegally going on with Earth and its inhabitants.

Particularly  clever with the use of
Sound Energy coming from within Gaia, they used it energy to build millions of stone circ-
les in
South Africa and huge monuments around the globe__ including the Pyramids of Giza__ from granite and stone con[-
taining large amounts of
silicon__ which forms quartz  crystals.  All The  Ancient Wisdoms,  Truths &  Technologies  of the
Ages are permanently stored in the crystals within these structures, which were all  that survived the Great Flood. They
also used their technology to create
social & political structures introducing the concepts of money, religion & the legal,
agricultural & health systems
that still enslave us today."

The very worst?: Some of them are still here on Earth today__ playing  out their roles against or within the New World Order.
Tellinger foresees our greatest challenges as  (1) To discover tangible Signs that  we  are receiving help from Higher Beings
to release us from our ignorance & slavery; and (2) To release from Karma__ which he feels is a  benevolent cosmic law,  dist-
orted by off-world beings to keep us dumbed down so that  our spirits could no longer re-incarnate in physical bodies with  full
memories of former lifetimes and of what we need to do to be free again.  

MEDITATION: The Planetary Hierarchy:  "When the  soul takes  leave of  its previous form, there occurs a process  of tran-
sformation dealing  with the
 Galactic Genetic Code  for consciousness evolution. This a part  of the Creative Process, and  
informs Higher Realms  of the progress or lack of progress made by the soul in incarnation.  Once  this is  re-coded into the
genetic makeup,  it is always available to the soul.  However,  when the soul again takes a new form , that genetic code of in-
formation is held within the new physical form's cellular memories.  Once this paradigm is wholly, continually integrated into
the individual's conscious mind,
TIME ceases to exists for him other than the Collective Present__ the Eternal Now __&
he also be-comes
continually conscious__ i.e.; IMMORTAL."

We develop a  Multi - dimensional - Higher Density Consciousness by evolving our  spirituality and raising  our frequencies to
ascend  above  the
3-D Reality,  first into 4-D,  and soon thereafter into 5-D  and Beyond, where our clear thoughts and loving
feelings cause related  events to attract themselves to us.  We can greatly expand our  consciousness through the ONENESS
experience  when merged with  UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, as  we BECOME  whatever  we focus on while zoning out in prayer,
contemplation or meditation.  From 5-D and Beyond, we can move in and out of other dimensional realms to serve our planet,
our fellow humans and planetary lifeforms, and Divine Consciousness /Great Spirit/Supreme Creator.

In the previous Newsletter,  we mentioned some of the conditions in the
First through the Fourth Densities. These will now
again be listed with further information:
Earth's First Density: 1-D: Where Elements and minerals reside in Gaia's crystal core__Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
Earth's Second Density: 2-D: Where nature spirits, devas, and all life on Earth except humans & animals reside.
Earth's Third Density 3-D: Where Humans & Animals reside.
Earth's Fourth Density 4-D: Is the realm of Imagination, Dreams, Astral Travel and of Myths and Archetypes. Basically,
it is a
Passageway to other densities-dimensions__ It is Psychic Experience. Each dimension has steps or levels, within in
its octave of 13 frequency  rates; allowing for variations on what can be contacted and  what can be done, depending on which
"step" or "frequency level" one is presently experiencing.

"THE FOURTH DENSITY IS ABOUT TIME: "One can Transcend Time in 4-D. i.e., connect with past  and future  lives, to
the history of  the human  races"...
through-out  the universe...."Feelings,  thoughts, beliefs,  sensations, or dreams become
energies that take on a life of their own, causing events, changes in one's  personal  reality, and collectively change Earth...
"This is  why
4-D  still has  some negative  events occurring. The various  octaves, of course, determine the amount of and
the intensity of dire events. You may
hear or see them, but not necessarily participate in or be affected by them."

"EMOTION IS A DRIVING FORCE IN 4-D THAT CAN MOVE US IN TIME &/OR SPACE.  Anything wished for, desired or
intended  with  strong  emotion  (
positive or negative)  will  manifest__  definitely __ sooner  or later  in  4-D,  and  possibly,
somewhat in
3-D.  As for the 13 planets of 4-D... This is not  entirely  true.  It is 13 'reality level holograms'  that  have been
manifested. People are on each of these reality levels... (also called
timelines)... according to the degree of their personal
frequencies:"...Some of us are on the higher  frequency levels of the
4-D  octave  and  basically well-protected  from major
dire events here."
... (H.S., St. Germaine, The Arcturians)

... This was evidenced for us by the last Newsletter's story of how two family members experienced storms,
winds, and a huge wildfire near their home; while a mile and a half away,  three other family members experienced clear blue
skies, sunshine, peace and calm at exactly the same time. This was a
"Space Distortion."

My  friend,
Joyce and I both followed the Mayan Sacred Tzolk'in Calendar. One WAVESPELL period of that calendar covers
13 days. Each Day is numbered from 1 to 13 and has a particular ACTION associated  with its number.  Each day also has a
Glyph__ an  ARCHETYPE__  associated with it, too.  There  are a  total of 20 different  Glyph/Archetypes, so every
day has a different combination of 13 number/actions and one of the 20 existing Glyph/Archetypes. We will not have the same
number  and the  same  glyph/archetype combination  again until  
260  more  days pass__  the  length  of one Tzolk'in
Sacred Calendar. And, that same  number/action + glyph/archetype will not fall on the same
365 day Gregorian date for anot-
52 years. Once again, we see how time and events move in cycles.

Day #1 = A New vision or project.  (We don't always know what that vision or project is on a first day.) Day # 2= A Challenge
arrives to new vision/project. Day #3 = The Service required to complete the vision/project. Day # 4= What Form the service
will take.
Day #5 = Meditate, Dream; use I Ching, Tarot or Astrology to view the vision/project from a  higher  perspective.
Day #6 = Equality: Is the Service for the highest good of all concerned?  Day #  7= Attunement: Remove all doubt, so that all
events,  thoughts and feelings  resonate with the vision/project .
Day # 8= Harmonize Self & the  Day 2 Challenge  with the
Day #9 = Lift the vision/project to a higher state of consciousness; drop all concerns for an outcome and
JUMP INTO THE VOID, letting Spirit/Universe work Its Magic.
Day #1 0= Vision/Project Manifests. Day #1 1= Integrate all
that has occurred  since  Day # 1.
Day #12 =  "Share  the  Story of this  Wavespell's vision/project. Day #13 = Letting go.
Empty out, relax & prepare for the next Wavespell.

The Glyph/Archetypes Suggest How to Perform that Day's Action.:For example: Chuen = Blue Monkey Plays Magic. If
it  falls on a
Day #2, a  Challenge will appear to your vision/project, having to do with magical elements, that must be resolved
before the  vision/project can manifest.  
Etznab =  White  Mirror  Activates  to  Reflect.  If it falls on a  Day 3, Service, making
frequent contacts with your inner guidance is vital to manifesting your vision/project.
Caban = Red Earth Self Regulates. If this
falls on a
Day #10, watch for Manifestations of your vision/project automatically taking place. Lamat = Yellow Star Beautifies
and Emphasizes Elegance
.  If it falls on a Day  #13, Let Go and Empty Out by creating something beautiful and elegant. And
so it goes.

The following is a conversation
Joyce and I had on a Day #12:  "MEN = Blue Eagle: "A Planetary Mind & Hyper-Density
Consciousness Seals the Output of Vision
."...  [A Planetary Mind has no agenda,  no emotional charge,  no expectations
or designated outcomes__
 and  Envisions Itself as The Body, Mind and Spirit of a  Group/ Planet/ Collective  rather  than a
single  individual.
]   We are  to use a  Planetary  Mind  &  Consciousness to understand  our  Stories  about  the Vision  we
attained during  the Wavespell  that began
Day #1: "KAN" = "The Flowering of Intention"

Our conversation discussed the Mayan Calendar Wavespell that
 took place 12 years ago__  a Jupiter cycle__ on "ICQ", the
online "chat" message board where we typed our words to each other. You'll probably think we were both totally "out to lunch"
__ & in a way, we were!__ But
this was due to our minds & senses  moving in & out of  various states of conscious-
ness and dimensions-densities.

"We're taking a  New  Step in  being in and  observing  what is going on.  Less fear involved, even  though  things are
totally  up in  the air at this point. Or,  just letting go and learning to recognize it, and then send it on its way.  Today is "FLYING
DAY"... up, up and away!"... ["
Emotion (no fear = trust) is a 4-D Driving Force that can Move Us in Time &/or Space."}

Marilyn: "Yes__ FLYING into higher dimensions. Information comes out of 4-D as we manifest thoughts and feelings instantly,
depending upon what we do with our  'response-ability'  for the highest good of all concerned  in a tight situation in a  "Chaos"
state ripe with many creative possibilities. I think we got into
5-D together this AM because we  consciously  ackknowledged
and  accepted our  ability to '
bend' 3-D physical laws whenever we manage/choose  appropriately with our responses.  When
we do so, using our right brain"... [
Hyper-Density Consciousness]. .. "to  "see whole" and choosing for  the highest good of all
concerned,  it's  as if  we ' realize' a  whole  string  of  '
conditions'... [4-D  Gives Access  to Wisdom & Truth of the Ages]..
for operating in higher__ perhaps,
5-D realms."

J: "We are learning to recognize what you DO have control over, and what you DON'T. We DO have control of how we react
to something. It's like things are going to continue to 'go on' anyway, but how are we going to accept or respond to them? Are
we going to muck things up by trying to
control aspects of it, or are we going to let it happen, accept it, learn from it and obser
ve how the reactions of others can influence the situation, too?"... ["The Flowering of Intention": Creating in 3-D, 4-D or 5-D"].-

M:  "Yes; and it appears  we cannot do this 5-D stuff alone. We MUST do it together in groups of at least two."... ["A Planetary
Mind Seals the Output of Vision

J: "We are doing the 'Story' thing again by extending ourselves into other places."... ["Space Distortion"]... Did it last time, too.
we go back and read our journals,  we see the events that led up to this point.  It's as if  we "go ahead" awhile, and then
must "
drop back" for an instant when we re-read the journal and see the STEPS WE TOOK  to get us to understand this Story."
Time Distortion"]... ["A Planetary Mind & Hyper-Density Consciousness Seal the Output of Vision"].         

M: "I think those TIME LOOPS occurred again."__  I was trying to recall what we've just been writing on the chat boards so as
and at that phrase,  the cursor  spontaneously  kept returning to and  highlighting those
..["Time Will Wait for Us."]..."We change the particulars of a situation that 'began' back at a distant time period. We, in
TIME TRAVEL back to that point & bring it into our present through our  'Embedded Memories'__ 'embed' meaning to
permanently imprint  them through  strong emotions__  even trauma."...  ["
A Planetary Mind & Hyper-Density Conscioius-
ness Seals the Output of Vision

"But if those 'embedded memories' are CHANGED/ managed/ re-chosen appropriately for the highest good. We FLY over the
time situation through the right brain
..  ["Hyper-Density Consciousness" ]...&... ["A Planetary Mind Seals the Output of Vi-
"]... for a higher perspective (Day #5), and from there can SEE everything, every factor involved in the situation. Then we
can choose for the highest good, etc.. And then we SURRENDER to spirit/universe on Day #9 with Love & Trust... [
Drives Movement in 4-"D
]... surrendering to universe/spirit to improvise, provide/manifest when needed."

J: "And #7, DOUBT DAY is so important, because it's when we virtually 'hit bottom' halfway through the Wavespell cycle
and TRULY make our choice again__  but this time  (
1) from a NON-CHARGED perspective; i.e., we are neither afraid of what
the outcome will be, nor desperately eager for a positive outcome;  OR,
(2)  we  refuse to make a choice and the energy is lost,
having no flow or direction; OR, (
3) we choose to remain the same, wallowing in self-pity, anger,  fear, guilt,  whatever__  And
then  T
HAT'S  WHAT  MANIFESTS! ...  ["The Flowering of Intention"  & "A  Planetary Mind & Hyper - Density Consciousness
Seal the Output of Vision

M:  "I've  been  Observing my  thoughts and  feelings, my  motivations, etc.. from a  dispassionate,  non-charged, non-agenda
linked viewpoint.... [
"Hyper-Density Consciousness"].... [" TIME LOOPS work in 4-D, a s it is  "VOID OF TIME"  there]...
4-D is About Time."]... "where the RE-CREATING occurs... Or does the Re-Creating occur in 5-D?. .. ["The Flowering of
... "4-D is a passageway for MOVING REALITIES AROUND (in self) & MOVING TO & FROM  various dimen-
sions/densities and  Time Periods
."... ["Change the  Frequency of an  Object or  Timline/Reality,  and it  appears in
Another Timeine/Reality
".] ... &Space can Become Time; and Time can Becomes Space."]

"Something else in there, but hasn't come out yet.  HOLY SMOKES!__   Where did we go just now__  to the Grid, or to the
conglomerate Higher Self area?.. ["A Planetary Mind & Hyper-D Consciousness"].."I think we get into 5-D now, maybe most
of the time. I think
 5-D may be where others come to join us at times, & we go to collect information...("Planetary Mind
& Hyper-D Consciousness Seal the Output of Vision."]..."PARALLEL REALITIES, maybe???.. [
"Change the Frequency of
an Object or Timeline/Reality, and It Appears in Another Timeline/Reality

"We are doing this Story thing again by
EXTENDING OURSELVES into other places; did it again!. Oooooo...Yes! It's working
on its own again... ["
Changing Frequencies, again!"].. "Right now, it seems to present itself to us so we can see where we can
Go to Grow here... [:Planetary Mind & Hyper-D Consciousness Seal the Output of Vision.]..."That's why OBSERVING has be-
en such a prominent thing for the last several wavespells... yup...  then Day #9 says,  "Watch THIS!".  ["
The Flowering of Intent-

M:  "Its almost like you have to 'hover' above self and look at it without feelings, expectations,or a designated ending". [Hyper-
D  Consciousness."] = Any time we   OBSERVE matter,  we CHANGE it ; and when we change it,  it becomes condensed,
d at times, visible. We need to be aware of these effects at all times, as only a clear, precise, loving, think-
ing individual can work positively with these effects
." (Dr. Marcel Vogel)]

J: "Is 'AGENDA' going to be our next big word? "... " Oh!... I just saw a dove feather... Now a dove = "PEACE"... that was part
of my
Wavespell Intent!"... ["A Planetary Mind"].

M: "Do you feel higher or deflated after we get into one of these heavy things?"

J: "It's more like you just  climbed a steep hill and need to sit down and gather your senses before you can move on again. I
wonder__ if we come down  off the peak experience of it,  if that's where we sit and wait  for others to come join us__  then we
move on from there.

M: "There seems to be a thinner division between 3-D, 4-D and 5-D now.... Is 3-D the world of wars, chaos, and 4-D is where
those  no longer  willing to live that way desire to change  themselves
?... "Do we  join the group that's already there__ and do
what  they  do__ or  have  we learned that  by 'getting  there'?  Is
5-D now presenting glimpses of itself to us so we can  Exp-
erience, Understand & Learn to BE as a Light Being while still in
4-D? Do we need to  o enter 5-D? Do some 'higher beings'
fly down from
5-D  so others can see them__ see them as 'WHAT THEY ARE LIKE NOW' __ or do we simply 'KNOW' that
they are there
We'll be investigating these questions when we discuss
5-D. Hang in there, folks. It won't be long now__ (said the monkey when
he caught his tail in the wringer.)
                                                                   September 7, 2013
                     "CONSCIOUSNESS LEVEL CHANGES SINCE 12-21-12"
                                                       PART V   

Lightworker  Communities are filled  with excitement due to indications that  Ascension  has already  taken place for the
Planetary Ascension  Team. Other  humans  who  have  prepared  will  soon  follow__ many on  today and tomorrow__
Saturday, September 7th  &  Sunday, September 8th.  We are  publishing this Newsletter  early to  inform  everyone
of the good news. This does not mean that anyone  who doesn't  "make it"  this weekend is doomed, for as each person
completes  their  spiritual " work"  and  "purpose" they  will ascend  that  day or very  soon  after. Since full  conversion to
4-D or Beyond is expected  by the end of 2013,  we are  reminding  ourselves of things  we need to deal  with before we
ascend.  Most important of all are  Unity Consciousness: "T
O BECOME AS ONE"__ to  view  each of  ourselves as one
mind and one heart  within  the Greater Divine Consciousness of ALL THAT IS,  encompassing  ALL THAT LIVES  with

So__ we're not going to be living some sort of "formula" or "dogma" or any pattern from the past__ WE HAVE TO MAKE
IT UP AS WE GO ALONG.  Hence  the need for  Inner  Guidance.  Allow  the  situation,  the environment,  the participants
(including yourself)  to create their own solutions together__  like an orchestra, conducted by the Divine Consciousness. It
is  important  to  pay  close  attention  to the  experiences and  episodes of  each  
4-D  Level, for once  we reach the 13th
planetary/hologram  level, all the timelines of the past merge into one timeline, and anything still unresolved from the other
12 timelines  must be  balanced and  harmonized  before  we ascend to Planet A  i
n 5-D. As noted previously,  we spend
many lifetimes on each of those
4-D planets, whether on Lower or Upper Levels.

Many of us are sensing a Great Foundation for the New  Earth Reality now emerging from  within ourselves,  based upon
enduring knowledge and higher laws and freedom from dogma or  philosophical rigidity.  The application of  these higher
principles  into  our  everyday  life  activities and  experiences is  imperative.  We  are  intensely  inspired at  this  time  to
practice what we preach.  It is  inescapable that  we  will  be  impelled to function  without ANY  pretenses  as  to our True
Natures toward ANY aspect of our immediate and expanding environments.

As  we move away  from  the Old  Piscean focus of the  parent/child relationships and toward the New  Aquarian focus of
equality and acceptance, of  teams and  groups  of independent  thinkers  and  creators  working  together  with  Spirit in
harmonic resonance, we find that Healing my simply be a matter of FULLY EXPRESSING ONE'S TRUE SELF.
There's a  greater sense of  GLOBAL COMMUNITY among us  now.  Our  consciousness is expanding to include Earth's
Global  Community, causing some of us to  view  faces and  locations that  we've  never seen  before__ either in dreams,
while wide awake, or in that half asleep - half awake state of "
Hypnagogia".  It also relates to Time-Expansion, surprising
us with scenes and people  from  the  past, the  present  and the  future.  Time is  collapsing  in on i tself, and  in 4 -D and  
higher  dimensions,  there is  no  Time. All  is  Now.  
Hypnagogia__ The Language of Llght"__is an  introduction  to  
telepathy as  we  view what other people are experiencing or viewing elsewhere in that moment..

At their most fundamental  level, t
he human mind and body are not divorced from their environment; our thoughts,
feelings, beliefs and intentions can and do affect our environment.  Each day  while  writing about t he  
Time Distortions, I
often felt myself slipping in and  out of  altered  states of  consciousness, almost  "reliving"  what I  was  writing about. I had
to keep pulling myself back into 3-D to find and put together the words explaining it all, then take a few deep breaths and
look out the windows awhile before I could continue typing. Oh, yes__"
be careful what you think and feel."

Higher Self::  "The old  world is  fading away, and whatever looks like the End is not really the end.  We can't see things
clearly  right now, only  hazy outlines.  It's nebulous.  So if you  feel defeated about something or feel  like  giving up or
giving up hope,  just  park  that for today.  Put it on hold.  Skip it.  Walk away.  Let Universe take over and work with it for
awhile. Ask that it be transformed. 'Butterfly medicine' is at work, but in order for it to work, we have to give it space. The
Old  World   is  all  we see  outside and  inside  our  windows  now,  and  although  we can  manifest or  heal things more
easily now, we will still just heal or manifest the Old Stuff, and that may not fit with what we need right now."

Our  health, our societies, even  weather changes  mirror the way we are dealing with life from within self.  
(Gregg Braden).
"Recent  research in the science of subtle  energy and quantum  physics now lends credibility to precisely such traditions.
As our outer  world of  action  reflects our inner  world of  feeling,  we  do so  by"... "feeling  as  if our  prayers  are already
answered. It is the power of such feeling that breathes life into our prayers. New research suggests that when  we feel the
gratitude of our prayers as already  fulfilled,  those feelings produce the  very conditions, the field  effects, that attract new
possibilities into the conditions of our lives"... "Understanding that  the outcome matches  the  feeling may make sense of
what happens  when our prayers appear to go unanswered.  If, when we pray for healing relationships, for example, while
experiencing rage, jealousy and anger at those relationships, why are we surprised to see these same qualities mirrored
as illness in our bodies, our families, schools, workplaces and the social conditions around us?"

"Battles" are being  fought on all  global  fronts  these days, and  I myself  became  part  of it, as I  "took on"  a credit card
company  after  they lost our checks  for the  previous  month's bill. I found myself becoming "Light Warrior", taking a stand
against  the  company's attempt to  fine us for  their  mistakes. My  family  was  shocked at  my outrage, as I  usually  don't
handle  mistakes or  delays in this  way. I said:  "
!"  They treat us like criminals, even when they are in error.  THEY WORK FOR US!  Every time we
charge something on a credit card,  the seller has to pay the card company 5%. If large numbers of us don't charge on the
cards anymore, the card companies couldn't stay in business.

This attitude may be at the foundation of much of the rage/warrior stuff so prevalent. We are fed up with the way the world
is being run__ or ISN'T being run__  and, like the old movie, "
Network"__ "We  aren't going to  take it anymore!" I suspect
most people on Earth are feeling this way, too. But HS suggested later, that I may have been a  
Wayshower for many who
follow  suit.  The mere act of  'breaking the yoke'  and  defying  the  programming  could alter the  future of mankind simply
because others listened to my outburst and message of truth.

And it was true.  Over the next few weeks, I  heard  family  members  who  were present at my "taking a stand" phone call,
also take  steps to break away  from the "games" being played at work, with relationships or with corporate greed__ and
they even stated to others and to me: "I 'M NOT PLAYING THAT GAME ANYMORE!"

Graciously assisting others  with their own transformations suggests a new  form of service as a "
Keymaster"... i.e., going
into other dimensions with meditation for information and guidance...and while there, healing ourselves or manifesting our
needs in the New Earth World Timeline. According to the New Physics information recently received, we need to practice
more meditation so as to move oftener and more quickly into higher realms.

(Guides):  "An individual  can  become  a  Human Computer, using Earth's Energy Grids to re-program Earth's
through consciousness regenerations.  The Grid System explains  how a change of  consciousness/paradigm in
one individual  unit  can  affect groups,  broader  groups, and  eventually  the  planet and  beyond.  Therefore:  "HEALING

"There are Universal Grid Systems as well, and if you are "self-aware", you
can learn to  tune  to the  Crystalline Grid of Earth  that remains  constant in
and around everything in the universe. Everything is always moving through
that  grid. You can,  therefore,  attune  to METATRON'S  CUBE  GRID  and
gain  all and any information about  anything and everything  in the universe
__ in infinite detail__ through the Merkaba."

"These Star Grids  can  then  be used  to  form  TIME ARCS  which  can be
used to  change such events as wars, destruction of species,  weather, etc..
Using the grids, trained Mankind (collective)  can raise its mental vibrations
to cause
Telethought Communication to send  information to various global
points  within fractions of a second.  Using  this  method,  the Grids of Earth
can be altered with new resonant patterns.

We need to "Remember the Elegance of Integrity" in all we do. Instead of  manifesting  material  things or  money to give
us a  "better"  life,  we need to  MANIFEST OUR GIFTS,  OUR TALENTS, for our LIFE'S PURPOSE, MISSION or TASK,
and the
necessary  (not "desired") , funding or material things will automatically come into our hands for us to materialize
that purpose. Our Purposes may not be part of our work or career, as this New  Earth Reality will be an Epic of Evolution,
through which manifesting occurs via our personal and group Spiritual Transformation. There  is no  greater gift YOU can
give the  world,  than  YOUR  GIFTS,  YOUR SPECIAL TALENTS AND SKILLS. Your Inner Guidance  will help  you recall  
your  Purpose,  your Mission, and help you remember how to manifest them__ from & for__ your Higher Purpose. This is
the essence of Transformational Manifesting.

MISSIONS OF OUR SOULS  are essentially something positive and creative. It is a contribution that the individual is
here to make to other people and  to the  world at large. There are many  ways to  Serve Spirit  and our  Fellow-beings to
make the world a better place. One can summarize one's life mission or purpose in about five to fifteen words that simply
IDENTIFY a direction in which one can explore, expand in the future. FIND FIRST, JUST ONE MISSION to which you can
devote yourself. IF YOU FIND SUCCESS WITH THAT MISSION, and feel a calling of  yet another mission, then it may be
worthwhile to explore that one.
Some suggestions:   
* Give comfort or a cheery word.
* Plant a "seed" for spiritual growth to germinate, grow and blossom for the good of Earth or humanity in the future.
* Open "doors" to opportunities, new ideas, activities, spiritual directions, paths for uplifting others.
* Heal souls with uplifting and trasforming art works, music, words, performances.
* Initiate small acts of kindness or love in whatever situations we find ourselves in.
* Exemplify Spirit's Love and Oneness throughout each day.
* Unify groups of workers, farmers, artists, teacher, etc., in their efforts to improve the world.
* Advise people of how to fit themselves to new duties and obligations after major life changes.
* Magnify the ideals, aspirations and talents if others that they may become aware of them and expand upon them.
* Make mechanical devices work getter to serve people.
* Produce, transport, cook or serve the healthiest foods to help people's bodies not get in the way of their spiritual paths.
* Make people laugh so the challenges and hardships of earthly life don't seem quite so hard to them.
* Be as a bridge between those who have creative new ideas and those who could benefit from them.

                                  LIVING IN A NEW REALITY NEWSLETTER ARCHIVES.
                                                       September 20, 2013
                                          The Third Trimester: 6-23 to 9-22-2013.


The nine month Gestation Period for birthing our New Human 5-D Soul and 5-D New Earth Reality is almost over.
The 1st week of September was a review of what occurred during the First Trimester__ from 12-21-12
to the  Spring  Equinox, 3-20-13; and  the  2nd  week of  September  reviewed  the  Second  Trimester  from the
Spring  Equinox to  the  Summer Solstice,  3-20-13 to 6-22-13;  and__ this 3rd  week of  September has
been a  review  of  what  transpired  during  the  Third  Trimester  from the  Summer  Solstice to the  Autumn
Equinox, 9-22-13__ and it has been a  whirlwind!  It was extremely hard on  physical, mental  and  emotional
levels. I  journal  personal  happenings,  feelings  and any  changes in  consciousness and  when  reviewing
them this  week, it was  quite a  surprise
:  over 80 % was about  changes in  consciousness! The other 20%
included health,  relationships, material security,  creative activities, computer and website  issues and outer
world  events.  The  plan  was to  share my  consciousness  "Ah-Ha's" in this  issue__ but  that  would  have
required 20 pages!  A few breakthroughs are covered below, but we'll save the others for later.

For eleven years__ Solar Flare Cycle__ I enjoyed  learning and performing  Multi-dimensional Technologies
of Manifesting or Healing with Intentions
, assisting people’s spirit-within to heal them by helping to focus the
higher frequency  energies__  even at a distance.  
But after moving from the  Lost  River  Valleys,  Idaho, to
Magic Valley, 100 miles south, very few Intentions worked, and those that did__ only partially.

I used Astrology, Tarot Cards, I  Ching,  pendulums, divining  rods kinetic  muscle-testing, herbs,  vibrational
remedies and  essential  oils__  all to no avai
l.  I poured over 14  years of  Journaling and  stacks of  audios,
videos and CDs on healing and manifesting.
I meditated, did dreamwork and virtually over-dosed on Internet
web-sites and recent  publications of famous healers involved in this work, but nothing returned to me those
instantaneous, miraculous interventions of the past.

H and I were in our late 60's when we relocated,  and soon, health problems  began to pop up. One of Life’s
cruel jokes__  just  when you REALLY, REALLY NEED IT__ your most  cherished gift spits in your face and
disappears without even saying “bye-bye”. It was most frustrating.

We’re both in our 80's now, with some of the typical, age-related physical challenges, as well as the danged
ascension  symptom  nastiness.  We’ve  both  “been  around the block in hell”  more  than once.  Even our
children,  now nearing retirement,  have slowed down; and our  seven grandchildren have  given us nine  beautiful
great-grandchildren__  several, however,  with physical, neurological or learning disabilities, most likely due
to the toxic environment, food, water, wireless electronics, smart meters, vaccines and medications we’re all
swimming in daily. It was heart-breaking.

Aging friends are  moving away to live with siblings or children,  entering  nursing homes,  and dropping like
autumn leaves around us.  
And here we sit__ reminiscing about the hundreds of  fruitful manifestations and
heaings accomplished in the past...  while watching the pain,  the suffering and the criminally huge medical
bills flow by at present, and can do nothing. Old age does have its joys, but it's not for sissies.

It was a reality check__ BIG TIME! As most of you reading this, I've been on this ascension path over many,
many  lifetimes,  and have been  totally hyped-up over it for 40 years of this life.  As we gratefully prepare to
move into our
5-D  True  Selves as  well as into a 5-D  New  Earth  Reality in just a day or two, I once again
consider the many, many fruitless times I’ve asked myself and
The Guides:  Why can’t I heal or manifest
”... “What did I do wrong?”... “How can I regain this gift of loving grace and assist  family, friends
and  community once more
?”...  And answers did  arrive;  but either  with words to the effect  that  “IT ISN'T
, &/or without  full  understanding on my  part. And__ adding  hopelessness  to  helplessness__ news
from gifted  friends in  Lost  Rivers announced how  intentions no longer  worked there,  either,
nd psychic talents were also being "Lost".

When Summer Solstice came, June 22, 2013, one rainy afternoon I had a breakthrough, asking myself:

I felt like having a little metaphysical fun, so I decided to do  “I Ching”__ something I do only a  few times a
year,  preferring to rely on  intuition or meditation  with the guides most of the time,  but I sometimes consult
it for  confirmation that a  choice already  made is the  appropriate  direction to take.  I Ching is a  divination
method that cannot be overused;  if you use it oftener than once every few months, it stops working for you.
It won’t allow you to become dependent on it.

We can look on I Ching as a collection of “CHANGES” encompassing all human experiences. It’s as if each
of us is continually  standing in a  Gateway, or Doorway  threshold,  while Changes constantly go on inside
and outside us,  behind and ahead of us.  We  must choose__  in the NOW__  whether to step
back off that
threshold into a Past which has already mutated, or to
move forward into a Future that has also shifted; OR  
we can remain standing on that threshold until we grasp that  All Life is not  Darwin’s “survival of  the fittest”
__ but a constant dance between the two forces of Creation and Destruction__ Yin and Yang.

I like to use I Ching because it is based on 64 “hexagrams”corresponding to the 64 “
codons” of our DNA__
(  only 20 of  which have been activated, with 2 of those only
used for turning the others “on or off”.  
The Arcturians are assisting us to activate the 97% of unused junk
DNA forming our Multi-Dimensional Operating System__ i.e., our Light Bodies.

Our lives are really little else than a collection of memories. Since we “live” our physical lives more in the past
than in the present,  
our mental and emotional  bundles of memories must be released as we return to
living in a 5-D NOW.

We need to toss both our  past and our  present  3-D  world  addictions and  habits before we can  ascend.
The New Earth is actually RIGHT HERE NOW, but we can’t see it all the time because we keep perceiving
what we’re in the habit of perceiving.  
When we let go of the 3-D addiction of viewing things as separate
and unconnected, we also release our habits of
duality, competition, win-lose outcomes, service-to-
and hierarchical thinking.

I asked I Ching:  “Why can’t I do successful Intentions now?” I cast the three coins, and it came out__ “#38:
__  “A stand of  neutrality  between the  counteracting  forces  within you”... “The ‘interaction’ was
between my  Intention and an  Illusion I’d  imprinted within me. My course was a  kind of  “Metaphysical Fairness”)
. “
In matters of deeply held principles,  your lackof a definitely held position makes you seem unpredictable
and untrustworthy__ in terms of the ambitions of others
.”... (Ouch!)... “This makes you unable to enter fully
into relationship with  Friend
.”... (Here, I took “Friend” to mean the individual or situation I chose to heal.)...  “It
may seem to  Friend that you are holding back;  however, in your perception, it is free of egoism, of selfishness
and  possessiveness”... “
Your Spiritual  Life  is  based  upon the  revelation of  DUALISM.”...  (i.e.,  what’s
‘right’ or ‘wrong’ spiritually.)...
"What are the abstract POLARITIES within the spiritual system you follow?
When you reconcile these opposites as One __ perfect enlightenment is possible!

Considering the  Intentions,  I saw I was  struggling  between the ideals of  MANIFESTING MY  FREE WILL
, and yet, to also “AVOID NEGATING THE FREE WILL OF OTHERS.”  Years
ago, when H had symptoms of a debilitating  disease, we did an Intention that he was perfectly well and we
were sailing  together into the  sunset with  perfect  health and  happiness.  I added
:  This is the  Reality I
choose to exist within, and if H wants to exist otherwise, he can move into his own Reality
.” It worked!

But seven years later, after moving to  Magic  Valley,  we were both faced with difficult health issues, and
although we cleared them up with mainstream medicine,
we lost confidence in our ability to control our own
health and welfare
. Therefore, we expected more health problems to appear as we aged __ SO THEY DID
__ subconsciously creating a Future Reality Swamp for ourselves.  We didn’t know then, that one day Earth
would split into two hologram realities, where
one” was entirely a 5-D Reality and the other a combination of
5-D and 3-D reality timelines, in which it would be possible to  ALTER TIME,  and flip from one dimensional
timeline to another, if so chosen.
When I,  in my ignorance, stated at that earlier TIME:  “This is the Reality I choose to live within,  and if  H
wants to  live differently, he can move to his own Realit
y”__ I manifested two possible  Timelines/Realities
(as above)__ a
nd when and if we were still together__ unknowingly tip-toeing across the Threshold
into the Future__  we could flip between those two timelines,  according to our "NOW" perceptions of which
one we were living in__ the wellness one, or the illness one.

I was beginning to mull over some faint notions about how The New  Physics had begun to work back there
in Lost Rivers in 1991
.  It’s well known that the Laws of Physics are determined by the Observer much more
than realized__ our Changes in Consciousness, then__ can Change The Laws of Physics
.  Evidently, each
time we performed  Multi- dimensional  Technology  Intentions for  Healing or  Manifesting__  we flipped our
consciousness from a 3-D to a 4 or 5- D Timeline/ Reality,  and changed the  Physical Laws of the Universe
at our location.

Our family did an Intention  for bypassing the  electric grid  two  years ago,  hoping to  benefit the  planet as
well as family members and any life forms affected by that Change.
 One male member was skeptical about
it even being  possible,  and  another  thought it was "
cheating"  and  refused to take part in it.  His wife did
participate, but th
ey had no change in their power bill.  H and I had a $9.00 bill (the meter had already been
read a few days before we did the intention
), but one son received a notice to “pay nothing”  this month. He
later began to wonder if it had just been a mistake and his next month’s bill would be a real whopper. So
called the company.  It was no mistake;  in fact,  the girl told him he had  another $150 in credi
t, so he’d not
have to pay anything next month either!  
Another son, when invited to join, immediately agreed, stating how
he’d be happy to have a bill of around $47 or so,  other than the usual hundreds charged him in  wintertime.
And that’s what it was__ $47.00.

In Magic Valley last Spring,  we chose to try another Intention to exclude our energy needs from the electric
and replace them with Zero Point, Free Energy of space. But this time, I had doubts, wondering if I was
"overriding the free will of the power company and their employees"
by choosing that Reality;  or, if  the two
formerly  skeptical  members,  although they’d now agreed to do the  intention,  might not truly wish it to fail,
feeling it was still against their ego or religious principles.

As usual,  
I stated the Intention be  “FOR THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL CONCERNED”,  but the Intention
did not fully work.  
There was little or no change in some  members’ bills;  BUT TWO FAMILIES HAD BILLS
!.  Idaho had a  huge heat  wave and  drought all
summer, and our A/Cs ran day and night.  Our power is mostly  from  hydro-electric dams in the  rivers;  but
water was so scarce this year,  the irrigation water ran out,  so they had to start  digging potatoes about six
weeks early.  Also,  there was not enough water over the dams to meet our needs,  so the  power company
had to buy it from other areas. Rats!

Yet one  member__ the same son with the  electric bill of only $47 last time__  had a $47 bill this time,  too!
Higher Self explained: “He lives alone, so no one else is there to fear or to  negate the results in any way.”
Turned out, however, the following months showed the usual amounts."

This  Intending stuff in 5-D was boggling my brain
.  In June, 2013, I  considered another electricity Intention:
“If I Intend to use Zero Point/Free Energy of space for all our energy needs__ could I MOVE TO ANOTHER
TIMELINE  where this  would be true for me?"
. I again asked that  "It be for  "THE HIGHEST GOOD OF ALL
CONCERNED."  The power  plant and  workers could  continue living on their  present  timeline,  or choose
another for themselves.
I then asked  Higher  Self for  permission and some signs that this was  appropriate.
TV was on “mute”, and as I finished scripting the words for the Intention, I looked up and saw a phrase
ending: “
In the Flow of Time.”  I smiled and expressed thanks. I’m beginning to catch on;  it’s somehow tied
in with those confusing
Timelines we keep learning about!

There are  many things  to learn  during the  Post - 2013  Gestations  Period  before  we can  fully  perform  
Multi-dimensional Technologies: not only to  heal and to manifest, but for many other wonderful changes to
Earth and Her life-forms.

The “A”s: “The healing processes are indeed  changed in 5-D. The new way is to simply Change Your
Consciousness. You have learned how injuries and illnesses are basically  derived from an inability to
change your attitudes, feelings or beliefs that are not part of your spiritual identity:  Your True Self.“

“When an  energetic  healing  was  completed,  those  who  recognized the  foundations  underlying their
problem and made attempts to correct them,  were healed __  some instantly with that  recognition alone.
Some  continued their  misunderstood  thoughts, feelings,  words and  actions.  Others  continued to look
elsewhere for healing, and some so doubted that they could ever heal, completely gave up even trying.”

“We all have  Free Will  to  intend healing or manifestations,  but  Spirit/Source sets the  Process and the
Timing for their  completions.  Most  people’s  physical  challenges are  meant to create  transformations
and breakthroughs, combining forgiveness and  spiritual understanding;  and when this is  accomplished,
healing does occur. The Web-book and Newsletters show people how to heal by mastering their thoughts
and  emotions to clear their  inharmonious  beliefs and actions.  This method insures  permanent healing,
and  teaches us to take charge over our own health and  well-being.

“A good start would be to hold a ‘perfect sense of harmlessness’ as one goes about daily affairs. It ‘rains’
and it ‘pours’ on our lives,  but one must still move into  higher vibrations for messages or manifestations
to come through, and always, of course with Unconditional Love.”...  “MEDITATE  DAILY__ Listen to that
Inner Guidance. Stop waiting for changes to come to you; Changes need to be made within self first; then
body and environment follow suit.”...  “SPEAK YOUR INNER TRUTH:  We are part of both the Dream and
the Dust.  Let go of the need to  Analyze.  When free of  prior analyses,  one’s  expression  spontaneously
emotes more  through one’s  Love and  Oneness,  and  one’s tone of  voice,  rather than through  carefully
chosen, memorized words."

“Keep the  connection,  the  ONENESS with  Earth,  with Spirit,  and with other  living  beings,  remaining
aware of  them as you  experience,  meditate  and  express  with  Unconditional  Love.  The  link  with the
Cosmos,  with Spirit,  is not a state that one  ‘enters’ at a  certain point in  time and space, then follows up
later  with an  ‘exit’ from  Cosmos/Spirit  contact  and a ‘ re-entry’  into the  physical  plane.  The  task is to
remain  linked to both  Inner and  Outer simultaneously,  with  No  Separation from Cosmic Spirit or Earth
Since ‘I AM’ dwells in everything, then the link with friends,  family, plant, animal, air__  even the pebbles
of the path beneath one’s feet__ is a link with SOURCE__ for “I AM THAT I AM dwells within ALL.”

“When you maintain this awareness in  NOW TIME perception,  you can be constantly unified with Spirit's
Highest Purpose, Intellect and Love.  You then continually dwell in perfect harmony__ act and express in
perfect harmony. If you seek this link Outside of  SELF, thinking, feeling, expressing as if turning it on and
off like an electronic device or faucet, you are then in a SEPARATION consciousness.“

“It is this sense of Separation that prevents full healing and manifestation in 5-D, where there is no longer
any sense of Time, of Space, as you have known it, and nothing is unconnected.  When you perceive your
body as unhealthy,  you are separating the body from its polarity of wholeness __ The body's natural state
in a 5-D reality, is that it exists  BOTH as a  state of Illness,  AND as a  state of  Wellness,  all in the same
space and time__ No separation."

“Your  Spiritual  Life  is  based  upon  the  revelation of  DUALISM.”__  ( What’s  ‘right’  and  what’s  ‘wrong’
spiritually.) “What are the abstract POLARITIES within the spiritual system you follow? When you reconcile
these opposites as   One__ perfect enlightenment is  possible.”  We must perceive BOTH sides of that coin
that body's beingness as ONE COIN__ ONE BODY that is continually in both states of needing health, and
of having wholeness, as each state is manifesting in accord with  
”   If we perceive our body as "NOW HEALING”,  it implies that something
is wrong or  missing from it’s  perfection__  it's  “WHOLENESS";  and as we perceive a  bond between both
Healing and  Wholeness,  we create  
tomorrow, or next  week, or next year__  but  
And then we MAINTAIN that perception."

“As you achieve that Continual Consciousness of your  permanent Connection with Spirit/Cosmos, you no
longer need to analyze. You will be spontaneously Sensing and Responding in complete harmony with All
That Is.  There is then no more need for   ‘question and answer’ sessions with  guides.  Suppression of the
analysis  factor sustains  contact with  Cosmic  Mind,  Oneness and  Unconditional  Love  beyond your un-
ascended, intermittent linking toward a sustained,  permanent connection.  Moving from the Virgo mindset
of being aware of  ‘service given or not given’ in practical or non-practical methods, to the more  Capricorn
mindset of  simply  BEING  Oneness  and  Cosmic  Love for  All  That Is,  you then  Flow  Source's  Higher
Purpose and Service through your own  Personal Purpose,  Spiritual  Gifts and Abilities.  “SERVICE being
all  and  anything  accomplished  in  perfect  accord  with  Universal  Intellect,  Purpose,   Love,  and  Self-
Organization.  Every  thought,  emotion and   expression is  automatically a  direct  channeling  from those
powerful Creative Forces. It is your Consciousness and your Spiritual Clarity that will bring about the most
stunning personal Changes as we ascend with Earth through 4-D and into 5-D New Earth Reality. In TIME,  
we learn to think in  Multi-dimensional terms  instead of 3-D terms,  and when we do so, we feel the higher
vibrations of Unconditional Love flowing through our bodies, minds and hearts.  When we surrender to that
Love and allow it to weld Its  higher frequency  waves of thoughts and feelings with the  highest vibrational
frequencies of any  given reality, we can liberate ourselves from all the dogma, brain-washing and fears of
the past.

“Humans will make decisions,  gain knowledge,  recognize patterns, harmonize groups of dissimilar ideas,
events and energies__  and create, heal and manifest from their Multi-dimensional Consciousness, rather
than from the  beta  brain-wave  state  which has,  for  most of the  last  75,000 years,  been  their  primary
waking, reasoning and discerning state.  The beta then, will then be used to act upon the choices made in
higher dimensional consciousness."

“The 4th  Density is for  ‘charging up’  prior to  rituals,  intentions,  affirmations, etc.__  a  passageway that
moves our consciousness from 3-D to 5-D or higher densities. Once one is permanently ensconced in 5-D
after ascension, the 4-D actions, thoughts, etc.,  will no longer be needed to charge up and intend healing,
manifestations, etc.. It will all occur automatically  through the Multi-Dimensional  States of  Oneness and
Unconditional Love,  according to one’s  chosen  perceptions in THE NOW.  The  negative  controllers will
remain in 3-D and 4-D, unable to withstand the higher vibrations of 5-D,  and unable to affect those beings
of the New Earth’s 5-D Reality.”