The Stargate Grids indicate where, when and how energy is transposed into life. They are the
points where All Densities Cross.

4-6-84: "A 'VENDOME' is a Space Warp that one creates with Voice Resonance,
forming a pocket in Space and Time  into which,  and from which,  no energy can move__  It is a  
Closed System.
 It can be used to heal through the Sound of one's voice, and it does so in
keeping with the Laws of Thermodynamics."   

12-2-88: "We are aligning our energies ow, in preparation for the Final Stages."... "We are slowly
atempting to Link the Vortex Areas through Telepathic Communications in order that there may be
no delays or shut-downs between Contacts during the coming period of Catastrophic Events, pro-
hibiting the use of mail, telephones or computers."

"There will be a Shifting in the Tetons/Creaters area when All Twelve Sites have been activated
and are in harmony. This Shifting occurs in the Magnetic Forces of Creation, many of which
intersect as the Lost Rivers Vortex, bringing reconfiguration of all its Surface Matter. You will be
given the SIGNAL, for this surface shift occurs in TIME, with a Physical Relocation which will be
made known to you by
ML: As we returned from a Christmas visit with our children, a notice from the RR telling Hal the
was transferred to St. Louis, MO, and check in there no later than
January 6th, 1989. We had 9
days to close the house down, and drive 1700 miles inw3 feet of snow. Oddly, as soon as we cros-
sed the Idaho state line__ all snow was gone, and the highways remained dry all the way.

ML: What is my specific Purpose during this period?
A's: "Communication with All Densities. You will work with the Education and Communication
Sect-ors.  Gather materials together  for the final days.  Store up cash  and other goods  in
readiness for travel and a week of settling in."

3-20-13: When Hal and I first viewed our house in Magic Valley four years ago, the light inside
over-whelmed us, and it was the main reason for wishing to purchase it. We knew this property had
origin-ally been a horse pasture, which eventually became surrounded with houses on all

Today, it seems I may have Opened a Portal in our bedroom. The many incidents such as the
Craters of the Moon episode of walking through the landscape and changing the rocks, trees, and
arrangements while still in my bed, knowing I was in two densities at the same time__ Bi-
location__ and the many other events such as "Hypnagogia"and  the "sparking stars" every night,
which were increasing in numbers and brightness.     

The Two Pillars of Light just inside the doorway each night, seemed now to be some sort of
"lifeforms" withint two pyramids, but couldn't identify if they were human or not, although I felt
positive energy from them. I thought they might be guides or protection of some sort. But now, I
wonder if they are the Light Bodies of my two hybrid sons who visited me in
February, 1999.

Using the Portal, I asked if they had a message for me, but all was silent. Suddenly, Higher Self
step-ped in
: "YES!"

3-29-13: From the living room, I glanced at the spot in the little hallway where 5 doors to other
rooms meet, and recalled how two friends and I had decided the short wall between doorways to
the Living Room and the Computer Room was a Portal. We called it "The Phone Booth", as we
could get in touch with other dimensions there. One woman had a terrific heath breakthrough, even
losing a lot of weight. I received information through it as well.

As I pondered over this, realizing we now have TWO PORTALS in the house. I then continued
seeing shady figures)) sometimes 2 or 3 at a time__ passing through that hallway &/or the guest
bedroom behind it. I was also hearing voices, although I couldn't quite make out what they were
saying. I went into The Zone for information:

"When someone appears to your portal gazes.__ LISTEN" ... (Man's voice)... "Love can break the
barriers through which you will pass. It's always this way"... "to give you something."... "We warn
you that there are those who want to stop you from completing your mission, no matter what." ...
"Love, Unity, overcome all.
Gaia will help, as will We: The Arcturians, Yehoshua, St. Germaine,
El Morya, Gabriel and Raphiel."

Your books are a vital part of making people aware of HOW TO NAVIGATE THE NEW EARTH
3-D, 4-D or 5-D."... "Yes, It's all been for good reason."... "THE TIME IS NOW!"...
ML: I heard Cheering in the distance!)

2-1-10: "Stargate opening in Gulf of Aden...   
2-1-10: Newsletter: 3 BUTTES;       "     "ARCTURIANS primarily contact individuals when
asked questions dealing with the EDUCATION of the masses"....  
Med.Bag: Chakras are Votexes in our bodies oscillating with clockwise and reversed surges of
Creation of th
e Arcturian-Idaho Stargate.  SpiritGifts 8
The Stargate concept has been confirmed by
Dan Burisch who worked with the mysterious
Majestic Program in Egypt, Area 51, Nevada, and other locations as revealed in an interview, "Out
From Under Majestic" on the website:

Stargates are intense vortexes or portals where people in 3-D Earth can travel to and interface with
other dimensional realities. Burisch relates that not only are there natural stargates on Earth, but
several countries, including the U.S.,  have also produced artificial ones. A technology called
Looking Glass"was developed from ancient wisdom enabling humans to travel through the man-
made stargates into both past and future. Over the years, this has brought detrimental changes in
past, present, future and other dimensional realms, resulting in nations with man-made stargates
agreeing to shut them down along with their Looking Glass technologies.

Extraterrestrials and UFO's use both man-made and natural stargates to enter and leave our 3-D
Earth realm, attempting to raise human consciousness to more spiritual levels and avoid
destroying ourselves and our planet. Several different groups of ETs are here from thousands of
years in the future. The ETs involved in the 1947 Roswell crash are believed to be our present
earth human's descendants of 24,000 years in the future, on a return visit. Remember, in higher
dimensions, Time is all Now Time. The ETs developed diseases and other problems due to the
idea of devastation of Earth and humanity by Dec. 21, 2012 A.D. Burisch and scientists were
working with one of these individuals to find a cure for their nervous system ailments.

Dan says that there are two Timelines that will interface on the 2012 date. One is Timeline 1 which
is the one we are now attempting to manifest on Earth, leading to a quantum leap in our
intelligence and spiritual consciousness and ushering in the Golden Age with its long-prophesied,
1000 years of peace.

Timeline 2 would be an intensification of the chaotic, insane path much of humanity is now
traveling with increasing wars, violence, plagues, poverty, earth catastrophic nature events and
toxic environmental states which would be carried into outer space, to our solar system and galaxy.
The devastation of Earth would be so great, that on this Timeline 2, over 4 billions inhabitants
could die at the 2012 change-over.

Some of the ETs from as far as 50,000 years into the future wish to maintain this Timeline 2, as it
is the one on which they now hold great power. Believe it or not, some humans also wish to leap to
Timeline 2 in 2012, because they had underground locations where they believe they can survive
the coming devastation of Earth and remain in control here, eventually relocating to the Moon and
then to Mars. However, the benevolent ETs destroyed the underground bunkers before 12-21-12

The major present problem is that two of the man-made stargates existed in Iraq in 2000 A.D., and
Sadam Hussein refused to shut them down. Wass this an alternative motive behind the invasion of
Iraq? Hussein repeatedly delayed allowing UN inspectors to search for Weapons of Mass
Destruction, in order to distract inspectors from the man-made Stargate technological equipment
and their Looking Glass capabilities while they were secretly smuggled to other locations.
November 10, 2006 brought the news that one of the man-made stargates is now at Falluah, Iraq.

The Race is on to find these Stargates and shut them down, so they cannot be used to move us
onto Timeline 2. The good news is that at the date of Burisch's interview__ July, 2006__ 81% of
humanity was moving along Timeline 1, leaving only 19% favoring Timeline 2.

Burisch believes the Indigos and "New Kids" have been sent to Earth for the express purpose of
raising humanity's awareness to its spiritual origins and aiding us to step onto the path of Timeline
1. He says Majestic gave him until the end of 2006 to get this information out to the public.

At first glance, this seems an outrageous concept, but listening to the video inte-view (several
hours), some unexplainable events and puzzling decisions made by world leaders do seem to
make the idea plausable.  Time will tell.

                                            October 12, 2006
Another interview by Project Camelot of a Livermore physicist not only reveals man-made
Stargates in the U.S., and exposes the global plans of the so-called "secret government", but also
Dan Burisch's video interviews.  Read it at:       htpp://projectcamelot.

A New Stargate opened in the waters of the Gulf of Aden January 5th, 2010.

2-1-10: "Stargate opening in Gulf of Aden...   
2-1-10: Newsletter: 3 BUTTES; 2-1-10:      "     "ARCTURIANS primarily contact individuals when
asked questions dealing with the EDUCATION of the masses"....  
Med.Bag: Chakras are Votexes in our bodies oscillating with clockwise and reversed surges of
Creation of the Arcturian-Idaho Stargate.  SpiritGifts 8

3-28-13: ML: I had been seeing figures in the bedroom while in bed.

Guides: " After someone appears to your portal gazes, LISTEN (man's voice). LOVE, only Love
can break the barriers through which you can pass. it's always this way, to give you something. We
warn you that somebody wants to stop you from completing your Mission. No matter what! Love,
Oneness, overcomes all.
Gaia will halp, as will We The Arcturians, Yeshua, St. Germaine and El
. Your book is a vital part of making people aware of how to navigate the New Earth Reality.
Some chapters need re-arranging, some discarded__ at least in part__ and new ones added,
perhaps as your awareness, your insights and abilities evolve. Add some from the Newsletters.
Yes, it's all been for good reason. "The Time Is Now", "Earth Shall Bloom Again"... with the first
green leaf, the first blossom. Your immediate family have had Major Breakthroughs. THEY ARE
(I heard cheering in the distance!).

2-1-10: "Stargate opening in Gulf of Aden...   
2-1-10: Newsletter: 3 BUTTES;       "     "ARCTURIANS primarily contact individuals when
asked questions dealing with the EDUCATION of the masses"....  
Med.Bag: Chakras are Votexes in our bodies oscillating with clockwise and reversed surges of
Creation of the Arcturian-Idaho Stargate.  SpiritGifts 8