All energy and all matter have vibrational frequencies co-existing within the same physical space and time without
necessarily interfering with each other. Extending outward from our physical body and inter-penetrating it, is a ser-
ies of  invisible energy fields called subtle energy bodies__
 etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual in that order,
extending outward from the physical__  each vibrating at progressively higher frequencies overlapping and inter-
penetrating the lower frequency subtle bodies.

The 5-D circulatory system exists within the etheric subtle energy body.  It is an energetic blueprint for the
physical body, inter-penetrating all atoms,  cells, tissues, spaces and organs  of the matter body and  extending from
½ to 1 inch  outwardly from the physical.  The quality and  formation of this etheric energy body  determines the
condition of the physical. Disruptions in the etheric body can transfer to the physical.

The next subtle body outward from the etheric is the
emotional, surrounding and inter-penetrating both etheric and
physical bodies.  An emotional  trauma in life can  imprint into the  emotional body  and in turn  impact the  etheric,
eventually bringing disease or dysfunctions to the physical form.

The third subtle body outward, is the
mental.  The brain is born of the Mind__  not the mind being formed from the
brain__  for it's  the Mind which has,  over eons,  manifested the  physical brain in  mankind.  The mental body sur-
rounds and  inter-penetrates the  emotional,  etheric and  physical bodies.  A distorted  mental concept or attitude
stored in the  mental body will in time impact the emotional body,  then the etheric and finally the physical, causing
declining health.

 spiritual  energy body is the fourth,  subtle energy field  outward from the  physical,  and it too  surrounds and
penetrates all the other subtle energy bodies as well as the physical. Any problems with belief systems will impact
first from the spiritual onto the mental, then to the emotional,  then the etheric, and finally precipitate dysfunction or
disease at the physical matter level.

The Hathors via Tom Kenyon sent a message at Click on
Entering the Solar Storms." You may wish to read "Partaking From the Solar Winds" first, if you are
not familiar with this subject. The Hathors speak about our
etheric energy body, one of our subtle
( ) which the Egyptians called the "KA". With
ever-increasing solar, galactic and cosmic energy waves entering Earth and our bodies, we can use
them to not only keep ourselves calmer and more comfortable, but to greatly accelerate our
ascension process, which occurs through the Ka/etheric subtle energy body.
"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
By Marilyn La Croix