One of the first concerns we have  about meditation & dreamwork is  "Am I being inspired by gods or demons?"  
Deep within our being lie great riches, but there are also dumpsters heaped with  old garbage waiting to be emp-
tied. Inspirations and  revelations  can be distorted by ego and by  dependence on mass media or social opinion.
Listening to authorities outside ourselves may be comforting  because it gives us someone to blame when things
go awry. Before we can trust our inner guidance system,  we must learn to  discern true from false  teachings and
messages. How do we know what to accept or to discard?

On her website,
www.alunajoy.com/96aug.html Aluna Joy Yaxk'in presents a useful way of discerning truth. She
suggests "Authentic Truth"  arrives under the following conditions: is  "the message or  messenger based in love?
Does it inspire and empower the receiver to use her own inner wisdom?  Does it  encourage her to  use her inner
guidance by giving clues or showing her a different  perspective to  gain insight?" ...(Is it)...  "short and to the point,
with simple, unique information  pertaining to the current life experience?" ... Does it make her feel...  "uplifted and
good about herself, energized and alive?"  And, we might add, "is the message of benefit to all concerned?"

Truth  will never  conflict with our  personal moral  principles"....  "Truth can be  received  while  being fully con-
scious".... "usually a quiet impression that needs to be  translated into our own words. Truth should  inspire action
with our body and spirit, encouraging us to participate in our spiritual growth."

Truth will neither limit nor exclude,  but rather suggest possibilities moving us toward expansion and inclusion. De-
mands for  obedience,  sacrifice or  surrender of  free will  are  warning  flags.  Any  message that is  loud and de-
mands the use of its own language is  interfering with our free will. Also,  avoid trusting what de-values us,  makes
us feel depressed or is too complex, vague or confusing  to be easily understood. "Out of fear of  being judged by
our peers, we may go along with a message we don't understand, so as not to appear__ "less spiritual".

On the other hand, be wary of flowery messages that flatter or glorify self
,  that project " glamor"or indicate that we
personally, or as part of an elite group,  are somehow  special or  set apart from others. Flowery messages given
at a fast pace or in a monotone, hypnotize the receiver, leaving space for  other energies to be interjected. This is
a form of mind control and does not have the well-being of the receiver or of humanity at heart.

Karma occurs  when what we project outwardly to others  recycles back to us  from a different outside source with  
ourselves as the new "target". Time will also tell whether a message was true or not; another good reason for Jour-
naling__  we can  go back and  read the original message. What was  true for us  yesterday may not be true tomo-
rrow. Truth evolves, too.
"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                          By MARILYN LA CROIX