"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                                                            By MARILYN LA CROIX

                                              CHAPTER 17: TELEPATHY

Communication with nature spirits, elementals, water & minerals__ are a prelude to developing
Full  Telepathic Powers with  Earth,  humans and off-world entities.  Creating From the  Future's
Seventeenth step and the  Sixth Expanded  Multi-D. Technology.
 When performing  Multi-D Intent-
ions for manifestations or healing, state your Intention aloud, Visualizing it as
Already Manifested. Main-
tain this focus for at least ten minutes.
                                                 *  "Bi-location and Telepathy."
              Creativity Codes broadcast from the Heart of our Milky Way Galaxy.
     *  " Intentionally Activating the Creative Force."
              Interspecies Communication.
     *  "Dog-gone Diagnosis."
     *  "Communicating with Energy Fields."
               "Carry the research toward creating."
               Releasing from dependence on electronic devices.
     *  "Creating With Energy Fields."
     *  "Become the EME Spectrum".
     *  "Transcending Time."
     *  "Remote Viewing."
     *  "Communicating & Creating Beyond Space & Time"
     *  "Telepathy."
     *  "The People of the Stones."
     *  "Mind Control."
     *  "Thinking and Acting Collectively."

Bi-location and Telepathy
 During one of our  "Coming Home " seminars in Idaho,  the students and I meditate with an audio
tape at 3 PM.  We had disconnected the telephone  to avoid interruptions,  so I'm surprised  when I hear  
a phone ringing  off in the distance while meditating.  I assume it's on the audio tape, although I use that
tape frequently and don't recall ever hearing a phone. Our eyes are closed, and after the second ring of
the phone, I wonder if my intuition is signaling me that  my husband Hal is trying to call to say he's going
golfing at Mackay, thirty miles up the valley.  Then suddenly, I'm six blocks away, at home in my kitchen,
talking to a man over the phone! He asks for Hal, and I say he is up at Mackay, golfing.

Meditation ends, and I open my eyes.  I'm still in the meeting room.  Several students remark on hearing
the phone ring, too, but no one had opened their eyes. We check the phone__ it's still disconnected.

Classes end at 5 PM, and I'm home by 5:30. Hal comes in the door soon after. He did go golfing at Mac-
kay. He asks "
Why were you home so early? Everything go okay at the classes?" Puzzled, I say, "I just
came in the door a few minutes ago. Why?"

"Well, Terry came up to the golf course at 3:30amd& I wondered  how he knew I was there. He said he
called our place about 3 o'clock and you told him where I was.

Synchronicities signal attunement to an external flow__ the Creative Force__an expanded intelligence  
far larger than just ourself__ humanity's probable collective consciousness.  This mystical encounter ab-
out disconnected phone rings,  instant bi-location from the seminar to home and back, and the later con-
firmation by  Hal that I had indeed telepathically communicated with both him and Terry while existing in
two places at once, is an excellent example of being in The Flow__and knowing it__ through a series of
related happenings.

Communication with  nature spirits, elementals and  minerals, crystals,  water and soil,  are a prelude to
developing Full Telepathic Powers:  Higher Creativity's seventeenth step and the sixth  Expanded Multi-
Dimensional Technology.  Maybe the human mind is really meant to be  a tool for creating on subtle lev-
els  rather than for  intellectual problem-solving or crafting physical works using the right brain. The rea-
soning left brain  cannot create;  it can only use  knowledge gained  from the past__  what was  learned
through  its own experiences or recalled from someone else's words. Our present culture's  dependence
on  material electronic inventions and devices  is destroying  our planet and its life-forms__ including us
humans. We need to learn to "create from within ourselves"__ with consciousness and energy alone.

Once we move our mind past intellectual problem-solving, our consciousness will sidestep the  ultraviolet
level of the EM Spectrum and take on the higher intelligence factor of hyper-dimens-ional time/space.

Barbara Hand Clow  relates how, "Great art causes your heart to expand....because beauty
held in form through time by caring humans, centers you in 3-D and  expands via   6-D morphic fields."...  
"Often, artists can perceive these energy f
ields around scenes & objects"....  The visual arts make these
fields visible, since the fields are actually the source of beauty. Beauty and desire cause things to come
into existence in the first place, and painters and sculptors make this visible."  

Art is the language of the soul. As we paint, write, sing, teach or intend, the thought-forms we hold within
our own  energy fields,  project into the  Creative  Field,  later to be  continually  broadcast and  recycled  
through the energy fields of people who contact them. Perhaps, like Astrology, I Ching & Tarot cards, ar-
tworks are 4-D symbols for a language  in which  past, present & future are all one,  representing, as the
Maya claim, a
Transcendence of Time.  We can sense  the artist's intention  by first  pulsing breath, then
raising the palms of our hands to a painting or sculpture to become one with the artwork.

The logical mind  focuses on  one thing at a time;  it can play tricks on us.  We've all had  moments when
we thought we saw or heard something  and later discovered it to be  entirely different.  It takes the right,
holistic brain to create anything  truly unique  that will  solve a challenge  for the highest well-being  of all
conce-ned.  The saddest part of  our present education system  is that  few schools now include creative
arts as part of their standard curriculum. Children do not learn to use their imaginations, to recognize pat-
terns, to find novel solutions to problems or innovate new ideas.

Creativity Codes Broadcast from the Heart of the Milky Way
Like radio crystals,  humans both  send and receive energy.  Most inner instruction  from higher realms is
given at night.  Creativity codes are broadcast from the  Heart of our Milky Way Galaxy.  
J. J. Hurtak ref-
ers to these codes as "
Telethought Communications". They enable us to become aware of galactic plans
and purposes.  If you open your mind and heart,  feeling love  as you connect with others  or with Source,
you will receive information  according to your capacity  to handle it.  Be careful what you ask for__ if you
never use what you're given, broadcasts soon cease.

Intentionally Activating the Creative Force
Research indicates that any of us can deliberately merge with Creative Force daily to develop higher cre-
ative skills. One can only create without distortion in the present moment, in accord with Spirit's Purpose,
and for the highest good of all concerned.  Being in that higher mode i s not just daydreaming.  When we
daydream__ our Mind drifts  without any conscious reason  for where or when it does so.  In the Creative
Force state, we actually reach
Zero Point__ a complete letting go of thought in that moment__fully aware
of doing so. Our minds have emptied, leaving us unaware of our physical bodies and of the normal every-
day reality. Instead, we feel as if we are Everything, Everywhere, All at once. Yes, it is possible to create  
while focused on our past,or while wanting a specific future;  but this often results in twisted or only part-
ial manifestations. For example, we might intend to see the Taj Mahal, and that evening our wish comes
true__ the Taj Mahal appears to us on TV.

The Flow of  The Present Moment is the state where inspiration &  imagination take us "outside the box",
freeing us from both personal and mainstream herd mindsets.  Many artists feel this while painting, esp-
ecially when working outdoors from Nature.  Other image-weavers contact it  while walking in Nature,  or
enjoying music before beginning to write,  sculpt, act or  teach.  We know dedicated  athletes,  musicians
& inventors  who've had the same experience.  Once we can  consciously sense the energy fields of self,
other individuals, groups, objects and Earth, our next step is to sense many fields siultaneously__ & then,
to continually become as One and resonate with all of them.

Interspecies Communication.
The Chapter 7 mystical experience, "Walking With the Buffalo", was verified by British researcher,  Rup-
ert Sheldrake  in 1992  
when he proved that pets , through " morphogenetic fields",  can actually sense
when their  human companions  are about to  come home.  Our dog, "Tiger"__ half coyote,  half collie  &
German Shepherd__  somehow always knew  when the family was going out.   We would normally close
him in before leaving,  but he'd disappear earlier & earlier , & could not be found  when we were ready to
leave. Whether our destination was the basketball court, movie theater, football field or a home of friends
__ there he'd be__  waiting at the door or the gate. At first we thought  he was wise to the clothes we put
on, or the equipment we carried;  but when he vanished  hours ahead of our preparation, we began won-
dering if he understood what we said, or read our minds!

It stands to reason,  that if animals can sense human thought-forms,  we human should  be able to sense
animal thoughts, too.
Carly, international breeder and show handler of champion Peruvian horses, had a
mare with Founders disease.  At her request, we did a remote healing for the horse.  A few days later she
called to say that  not only was the mare cured of her disease__ but now
all her horses  read her mind as
she trains them. She has only to "think" an instruction while riding them, & they respond immediately.
Animals often help humans learn telepathy.

Communicating with animals all her life,
Penelope Smith, discovered in 1971 that animals could be hea-
led of emotional traumas and other problems through counseling techniques similar to those used for hu-
mans . Penelope is the world's leading teacher  of basic and advanced interspecies communication.  She
believes that everyone is born with the power to communicate with other species, and that, although long
lost for most people, it can be regained. Her telepathic methods enable us to solve animal behavior prob-
lems and discover where and why they hurt.
When at the RV resort near
Parker, AZ in winter, I walk around the court every day, ending my walk pas-
sing through  an opening in a hedge  leading to  the riverfront beach.  Just before  reaching that opening,
there is a fat pink Buddha sculpture sitting in a tiny garden  next to the hedge. I would smile,  put palms of
my hands together,  give a little nod and bow to the statue,  saying,
"Namaste": ("The Spirit in me  recog-
nizes the Spirit in you").

Our friend, Kate, who lived near the hedge opening,  had a darling little shaggy dog  who absolutely ref-
used to go outside  to do his business.  Kate asked me to see the dog  and find out what was wrong with
him. So the dog and I privately faced each other on Kate's living room floor.The very first thing he did was
to sit down. Then, with his tummy on the floor, and his back legs tucked underneath,  he put his two front
paws together in front of him__  not with paw-pads on the floor__ but with the pads  facing each other__
just as I placed the palms of my hands in front of the statue.  I laughed out loud.  Evidently  he'd seen me
doing that! He cocked his little head,  as if to as  what I wanted to know. I then telepathically  "asked him"  
by forming a picture in my mind  of him refusing  to go out the open door  to do his stuff,  and  I asked him
"Why". He then told me he as afraid of snakes out there.

When I told Kate, she was amazed
; and said:  "That could be true!,  I grew up in  Malaysia  and have al-
ways been  afraid to go outside  here in the desert  in case there might be  sidewinders  out there
!  After
that, she and the shaggy little dog went outside together__ with her holding a big stick in case of snakes
__ and he doing his business.

Dog-gone Diagnosis
1995 : Our Idaho study group counseled a ranching couple  whose old terrier  repeatedly roams  outside
the fenced boundary of the ranch,  where it is often attacked  by unknown large animals.  The dog's hum-
an companions cannot dissuade him  from this behavior.
 Sherry,  Darrell and  I tune in  on the situation,
sensing  fighting cocks  formerly kept in  the area t hat now serves  as the dog's  outdoor kennel.  We ask
the owners how & why  they first acquired the dog.  They say they originally bought  two terriers to guard
the cocks. One dog died, leaving the remaining, now elderly, dog alone.

The terrier projects to us,  images of  larger dogs,  a badger living near the fence-line.  and a small,  dark
furry animal inside the house.  The owners know of the badger & the neighbor's dogs,  and have recently
acquired  a young ferret,  which they  keep in the house,  protecting and cuddling it,  but refusing to allow
the faithful old dog inside because the ferret fears it.

The aged terrier,  suffering from arthritis,  must stay outside, even in the winter cold, which intensifies his
pain. However__ he still feels duty-bound  to protect the ranch  from intruders.  We suggest  they put the
ferret in another room or cage at night , allowing the dog to at least  have the comfort  of the warm house
during the cold nights.

Checking back on the situation several weeks later,  we are saddened to hear that  the terrier was disco-
vered one morning__ dead from  multiple badger bites and cuts. The ranchers  had never allowed the lo-
oving, loyal animal companion into the house at all.

Communicating with Energy Fields.
Machines are made of  Minerals__  and by summer, 1993__ electronic  anomalies  begin occurring  even
more frequently & with a wider variety of devices.  H.S. tells me  this is due to our human super-concious-
ness influencing the 3-D Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Several audio tapes__ two or three at a time__ mysteriously  erase themselves  while simply  lying on the
table in my presence. Another cassette,  on which I'd  previously recorded a lecture,  has only the outside
portion of its rolled up tape erased. On side "A" there's no sound for the first half of the tape, and side "B"
is silent on the second half. I can no longer record or copy tapes, which eliminates audio-taping astrology
reports for clients.

Our camera fails.  An entire role of film returns from the developer completely blank,  with the advice that
either I had not removed the lens cap,  or I had mixed up  the exposed film  with an unexposed one.  Any-
one with a 34 MM, single-lens reflex camera knows that  you cannot see your subject unless the lens cap
is removed, & I had only a single role of film with me on the day I took the photos, & immediately mailed it
to the developers.

The kitchen electric range is next. All four burners refuse to work for me at any temperatures  except "me-
dium". Hal has no trouble whatsoever turning them on.

The copy machine  at the local supermarket  goes crazy  whenever I approach.  Sometimes  it overheats
and shuts off__ sometimes it  eats my quarters  and returns no change. At other times, it takes my nickel,
prints a copy, then spits a quarter back to me. Sometimes  "add toner" lights up  when it  obviously needs
none.  No one else has such problems.  My use of electronic devices  is fast becoming a miniature night-
mare. Between the increasing computer glitches, disk and audio tape erasers,  I fall far behind delivering
astrology reports on time.

Occasionally the situations are humorous.  At K-Mart, I pay at the checkout stand,  pick up my packages,
round the end of the counter and head for the doors. I'm still twelve feet away from those doors, when all
of them begin opening & closing__ opening & closing. No one else is anywhere near. Hal returns from a-
nother part of the store and sees all this__ "WHAT ARE you doing NOW?,  he mutters quietly, nervously
checking over his shoulder  to see if anyone's watching.  And I shrug my shoulders.  "I
don't know.  It just

A similar event occurs at Wal-Mart,  as I sit on the bench with my purchases,  waiting for Hal  to complete
his shopping.  The automatic door beside me  opens and closes repeatedly,  even though  I'm not moving
a muscle.  I slide down  to the far end of the bench,  and the doors stop their motions.  I move back to the
middle of the bench,  testing this odd phenomena , & they shuffle again. I play with the doors  a few more
moments to assure myself that it is indeed,  myself who is influencing them. Then a crowd of people app-
roaches and passes through the doors. The game is over.

In theT-bird, Hal is beside me as I drive,  & not only do the turn signals  fail to work again__ but he notes
how the air conditioner and windshield wipers don't work either. I realize  I myself am at least  partially af-
fecting the car's electronics,  but why and how do these strange electrical things keep happening? There
must be something I can do to make this car function properly without having to kill the engine & restart it
every time!  However,  since dowsing rods,  pendulums or kinesiology  can only  answer questions with a
"yes" or "no"__ and I have no inkling  of what questions to ask,  I must trust that  insights will arrive  at the
appropriate time.

"Carry the Research Towards Creating"
Finally,  convinced that  H.S.  has been arranging for these electronic anomalies to occur  to promote the
realization of some attitude,  truth or principle i need to change,  I meditate for guidance on how to handle
this problem. The same old answer arrives:
                    "Carry the research away from Repairing to Creating".

From experiments with Sacred Sites,  Vortexes and  Geopathic Stress Zones, we know humans can imp-
rint thoughts or emotion s onto the minerals of the soil  anywhere on Earth.  s animals do with their body
fluids, we can mark territorial spots with either crystals or our thought-forms.  Anyone sensitive can sit or
lie on that spot and sense us or our thoughts and feelings.

Research suggest the higher creative faculty  expresses through  magnetic radiations which attract to the
creator, both the substances for manifesting, & the capacity for arranging them into appropriate form and
beauty, whatever that radiation has evoked.

Higher Creativity, then__ is evoked by specific states of mind & being_- and indicates a point in evolution
_5-D__ whereby the creator is definitely radio-active. She can no more help creating than she can help
breathing. The next spring,  I can no longer plant seeds with my bare hands. The radiation projected from
them kills the seeds. Not a single one germinates,  regardless of the seed type, the portion of the yard it's
planted, in or what it's fed.

Releasing From Dependence on Electronic Devices
If we view Spirit/God as the Creative Source an our Galaxy as relaying the stars, suns, planets, moons &
comets, and we know that planet Earth in turn, creates life-forms through Nature.  Then,  are we humans
created in the image of Spirit/God__ fractals of that Creative Source?

Every object or entity has an energy field surrounding & penetrating its form  As Lightworkers, we contact
these forms  either consciously or unconsciously. Conscious Links occur  when we deliberately attune to
the energetic fields of everything surrounding us, understand the purposes involved & co-create in harm-
ony with the energy fields of self and others__  provided our will and intent are also harmonious with Uni-
versal Will.  In service to a need, we lay our egos aside and detach from any fear of failure, or eagerness
to succeed.

When we contact energy fields Unconsciously we may not realize we're doing so, but we may still create  
if we are in that mental mode wherein we radiate spontaneously. (
Archives: "Telepathic Musiings" for pro-
bable explanations.)

A  quantum leap occurs  when we are  between  EM (Electromagnetic)  and  ME ( Magnetoeletric__ See

l )  hyper-dimensional  energy fields.  Was it possible that these  Electronic  Anomalies were
signaling me it was time to  release from  dependence on electronic devices  in preparation for  the "Shift
of the Ages"?

Creating with Energy Fields
When interpreting astrology charts,  I form harmonic thought-form patterns  specifically attuned  to the cli-
ent's  vibrations which I intuit  from the birth chart while in a lower alpha brain state.  See
Archives: "Brain
Wave States")  Then I move to the logical, beta state to type my impression into a report on the word pro-
cessor. This seems to be when most computer anomalies occur.

Become the EME Spectrum
1995:  Expanded experiences develop since  "fixing"  the remote control.  For several years  I've been in-
advertently  erasing parts of computer disks  and a year earlier,  lost entire master disks of data. I start to
prepare astrology class  materials  and to finish  the summer issue of the  "Northwest  Connection News-
letter". I realize I'm stalling. Usually, when this occurs, it's because I'm missing some necessary key infor-

A day or so later, I'm working as usual at the computer, checking the client's birth chart  intuitively, summ-
arizing a report and preparing to print it. In a hurry, I begin pushing keys to start the printing. Nothing hap-
pens.  I check  the computer screen . It's blank ! The disk has also erased it-self!  I'm so  frustrated  over
these crazy machines" and whatever it is I do to them.I get up and stomp angrily around the room.

After a few minutes I return. The computer is still running,  and I try once more to find the information and
either print it  or save it to the disk.  Still no action  More puzzled  than angry now, I ask myself:  "
What is
Love trying to show me now
?  I recall events with  TV remote controls,  the dryer &  other devices. "How
else can I do this
?" Can the computer or the printer  "tell me" what to do?  But my logical right brain gets
no input from either one.  Then a new idea pops up
:  WHAT IF.  I go back to the alpha state and be intu-
itively guided towards repairing the problem?

Once I've entered  "The Zone"__4-D,  a suggestion arrives: "Become the Electromagnetic Spectrum". It's
clear this is not a linear thing__ it's holistic and inter-density.  Every type of EME__ heat,  light, electricity,
sound, etc.__ can be accessed through  a hyper-dimensional or hyper-density mindset . I ask to  
feel the
state of the  electricity portion  of the EM Spectrum
",  and immediately  sense my body's nerves relaying
messages from point to point at the speed of light. It's a masculine type energy  I recognize from previous
work with Moon Phases.

When I ask to  "Feel magnetism",  I sense an  Attracting Energy  pulling sensations__ heat,  light,  sound,
emotion into body nerves.  Told to  "
Block off sensation from the material world",  I do so__  and immedi-
ately  connect with some  New State of Awareness.  I call it "
Free Fall";  i.e.; there is  no sensation of any
attachments, no "messages" being sent or received. I feel Free to move to other frequencies of  EM Awa-

To have an effect upon one level of consciousness or energy,  we learned we must move to a higher lev-
el. The cause always originates  from a state  beyond  that in which  the disharmony manifested. There-
fore, to manage the electronic anomalies,  we must reach a  hyper-density__ more  incluisive awareness
state of mind__ Alpha
:  4th Density with its  Variable Space  & Time; Theta:__ 5th Density with  Variable
Space & Time, plus "Light"__ Information transferred via Electromagnetism.

First thing I do is get clear about my Intention, focusing it and holding it in my logical mind.
Second, I charge up with deep breathing,  evoking Unconditional Love for all concerned, and holding
that feeling steady within my heart.
Third,  I  Become as One"  with the computer and printer , sharing my  intentions and Unconditional Love
with them.  
Fourth, I empty the logical, left-brained mind and move fully into a 4-D alpha state while stating my Inten-
tion loudly and clearly.

I "hear" no voices, "see" no instructions,  "feel" no sensations.  No Space exists  when we are  "One" with
another object,  person or situation.  Am I in that  "free-fall" state again?  All is  uncannily still__ reminding
me of Geopathic Stress Zone Clearings.

Suddenly,  I'm electrified with an urgency  to assemble computer disks.  I'm attracted towards eight or ten
and grab them quickly,  not even  glancing at their  labels.  In this state , I cannot read, cannot reason, or
follow anything requiring a  Time sequence,  intuiting that  if I do__ I'll immediately  drop back  into a  3-D
beta state and lose that accumulated energy charge, I so carefully built up. Now I'm guided only by blind-
ly extending a hand towards the various disks & sensing  when to place them in the computer drives. (On
later examination, some of those disks came from a master disk file never used for  astrology,  newsletter
work or other unrelated programs.).

I am mysteriously gui
ded as to which disks to shove in and out of the drives.  In between changing disks,
my hand is also urged to push certain keyboard symbols. One part of me watches what's happening and
has to keep backing out, because it isn't making any logical sense and I know if I try to analyze it __ the
whole process will collapse.

After awhile,  during which  I have absolutely no sense of  Time passing,  the printer  suddenly leaps into
life and prints out the information as if nothing had ever been wrong!  When it finishes,  the computer ret-
rieves the necessary information and perfectly feeds it back onto the disk & the screen. I' m astonished! I
have no idea what happened and could never repeat the experience, for I have no logical recall  of what I
did. The clock & a dozen or so disks on the computer desk  signal that something greater than my lower
self took over for two hours!

Transcending Time
I begin to suspect I 'm learning lessons on  "Transcending Time";   living in a  New Reality  where we can
"Create With Energy Fields."  The "EM fix" of the computer  shows how we will be Healing & Manifesting
in the  Higher Densities of the New Earth Reality__ if we can learn to change our creativity methods from
the use of Intellect & Analysis to the use of "Now" Intuition & Energetic Guidance from Higher Selves.

It seems that as we work with an  Evolved Consciousness and  Expanded Multi-D Technologies, growing
as both students & self-teachers, seemingly impossible effects occur.  Although this was not the first time
I'd been able to Intend electronic transformations,  it was the longest time  I'd remained in The Zone, con-
tinually following intuitive impressions from Higher Self only.

Today, many of our  material communication devices__ especially computers and TVs__  are developing
problems and crashing.  To communicate at a distance  as Earth's magnetic field decreases, we may one
day have to access the planetary network with Telepathy,  as Earth and all life upon Her  are moving into
a Hyper-density existence__ in 4th to 5th Densities.

Quantum computers are available now. In fact,  a
Vancouver, B.C. area lab developed a small quantum
computer named  "
Orion". It was a very early model, but was soon available for purchase. Where our ord-
inary computers use bits  that have only  "on" or "off" capabilities,  the new computer  can exist in multiple
states simultaneously;  i.e. , use numerous bits  at the same time.  When it can  communicate  with a pro-
consciousness screen, it may view disasters about to occur  in the future,  and reveal steps to stop them.
A quantum computer  may have an ability to Create a Reality. If I told you that  some Cosmic Seeds__ In-
digo, Crystal or Rainbow Children__ communicate directly with computers, using thoughts and images in-
stead of  typing symbols  or words right now__  could you accept that?   With an Evolved Consciousness
("Creating From the Future)__  you and I could do so right now.

Remote Viewing
1986:  Joyce, June and I love  the Mexican food at  Anita's Cochina  in Wickenburg,  Arizona. One sunny
day,  as June and I walk behind Joyce on the narrow sidewalk behind the restaurant, we sense someone
watching us.  Looking over  our shoulders,  we note a door  opening directly  from the sidewalk  onto the
brick building beside us.  A dark-haired young man leans against the door jam,  quietly observing us. We
all smile at each other, but say nothing, and stroll on.

After  ordering lunch,  we remark on that rather odd little episode. There was something quite strange ab-
out it__  almost as if it was a dream.  Later, as we leave the restaurant & head towards our car,  we point
out to Joyce the doorway in the brick wall where we saw the young man; but__there's no doorway there!  
We review the episode, and both June & I are absolutely sure we shared the same experience. But what
had we really seen__ and why?

Later that afternoon,  I open a new book I'd bought the day before in Phoenix.  It's
 Jim Schnabel's book
on remote viewing: "
Remote Viewing: The Secret History of  American Psychic Spies".  Inside  the  back
cover is a photo of Jim; & yes__the man we saw watching us from the doorway is the author of this book.
I take this synchronicity as a signal that this book may be important to me in some way, & begin studying
remote viewing.

Some would call this a  
"future memory"  incident.  There is a theory that   past lives and  probable future
lives are being lived simultaneously in various densities__that "past", "present" & "future" all exist in each
and every moment of Time. It makes no difference where or when an event occurs__with remote viewing
we can track a person or action that happened at any point in time  (Simultaneous Time)  & at  any place
(Non-locality of Space).  However,  contact with future events only reveal  "probabilities"  based on one's
present situation in which they're envisioned, and the remote viewer's personal biase

Communicating & Creating Beyond Space and Time
1999:  Remote Viewing occurs when we've learned to enter a low-alpha 4-D state & gain impressions of
persons, places, events or objects  removed from our current  Time/Space
; then recall them well enough
to later record the information. It is a means of  linking one's 3-D beta mind  to other Densities or Dimens-
ions (Length, Width & Height= Space)
; &/or Time, &/or "Light")__  observing  out-of-time and non-locality
events as they take place.  

The 4-D alpha state and our normal, waking  3-D beta state  can communicate with each other; for exam-
ple, in dreams and meditations. This is vitally necessary during  Expanded Multi-Dimensional Technolog-
ical procedures,  as we must  continually maintain our Focus on what we intend to harmonize or manifest.
We can travel backward  or forwards in Time,  except that  we aren't physically moving__ we are "Folding

Remote Viewing  (RV)  techniques were first  developed  in the U.S. by
Stanford Research Institute, of
California and the  National Security Agency (NSA ) at Fort Meade in Maryland.  Operatives tracked
Soviet submarine movements during the Cold War. After the Iran/Contra/Oliver North situation in the
, RV government & military teams were said to have disbanded due to ridicule from outside interests
over the seemingly preposterous notion of remote viewing. But during the
1991 Gulf  War, a privately ow-
ned remote viewing company,
PsiTech, tracked and located Iraq's Scud missiles. The U.S. CIA and Def-
ense Intelligence Agency
organized and ran an undercover, psychic spying program: "Star-gate", that
existed for nearly twenty years with an accuracy of 88%.  Private and law  enforcement sectors now train
law officers who have the experience and psychological capabilities to deal with these energy transitions,
and some say the
U.S. Military still secretly maintains such groups.

There is even a remote viewing group  that attempts to find & identify  UFO activity.  The idea behind this
is that UFO's or ETs  communicate with humans through the  4-D alpha wave levels, and perhaps, propel
their space vehicles through alpha or 5-D theta  energy fields.

My first episode of remote viewing  was as a member of an astrological and metaphysical group in
ville, Illinois
 where Beverly Jaegers__  a most remarkable woman__  built  a formal network of detec-
tives, police and  psychics known as the  "
U.S. Psi Squad".  Based across the  Mississippi River from St.
 (then the most dangerous city in the U.S.)__  they worked extensively in  criminology and  missing
persons cases. Jaegers also trained people in remote viewing and the development of psychic powers.

"The People of the Stones."
The first year we head south for the winter with our RV,  I link with higher intelligences  near the southern
California border.  They call themselves  "
The Old Ones".  They relay  astrological information pertaining
to  Electromagnetic Energy & Human Brain Waves, and suggest I learn more by going to "
The People of
the Stones

Although there are five Native American Tribes  established along that part of the southern Colorado Riv-
er, I find no contact for six weeks.  However,  Native American legends of the area  tell of their ancestors
coming from the stars
25,000 years ago. Called "The Ancient Ones"  or "Kachinas", they came from __of
course__ the star system
Arcturus in the constellation Bootes.

In January we attend the famous  Quartzite, Arizona,  Outdoor Festival__ possibly  the biggest &  most
long-lasting yard sale and flea market in the world.  At a booth specializing in  Native American crafts and
artifacts,  I  commission a  4-D  "dreamcatcher"  mandala.
 Barbara, the crafter,  is showing me materials
for the dreamcatcher as I tell her about the strange message received on our trip south. She shows me a
shallow basket holding  small, smooth desert stones with symbols on them. One on top shows a thunder-
cloud with lightning strikes coming out of it
:  my Mayan Calendar Birth Glyph: "Cauac: Blue Solar Storm".
On the reverse side is a spider-web  drawn in white paint.  Spider is the astrologer's totem. Barbara says
to me "
The Stone People" make these little tokens. They have a booth at this festival now!"

While she works on the mandala, Hal & I head towards the far side of the sales area. We obtain a map of
the exhibitor's locations, & spend hours searching for the Stone People  among the thousands of  display
booths.  Every time we complete a round, we find ourselves back at the same corner stall where we beg-
an, sighing with frustration.

About the third time around,  I say,  
"I give up",  and start to examine a display of beautiful abalone shells
on the counter behind us.  When I look up  at the sign  far above the booth  to see  who made them__ my
mouth falls open: "
The People of the Stones" , it proclaims.  A blue-eyed man with long braids  comes out
from inside the booth to talk with us. He's "
Manny Twofeathers",  an Aztec & Papago Native American.
I sense he has a message for me,  but I hesitate to ask in front of all these people. Manny intuits my hes-
itancy, and we have a short dialogue about the wares, and how his people made them. On the surface, it
seems  an ordinary conversation,  but on inner levels,  I get my message
:  personal information about my
mission in the southwest.

There had been  much talk  in the mainstream news  about the  San Andreas Fault which runs  down the
southern part of
California. Our RV Resort is exactly on the edge of the river where southern Arizona  &
meet.  Many  Lightworkers,  such as  myself,  have been sent to this area  to help  either  stop
or lessen the destruction  from such a huge earthquake.  During the seven years  we spent at this resort,
we formed a small group of Lightworkers__but there was no earthquake__ & later, when the  San Andre-
as Fault did shift__ it caused much less destruction than had been expected.

In his Crystal Healing Classes,  Dr. Marcel Vogel  went through a pack of 25 cards  which each  held one
symbol on it__ 5 cards with Stars, 5 with Circles, 5 with Crosses, 5 with Squares and 5 with parallel wavy
lines. We numbered our papers from 1 to 25,and tried to sense what he saw as he turned each card face
up, one at a time while mentally projecting each image to we students.

The average number of successful "hits"  was about  5 correct out of  the 25 cards.  Most of us had about
5,  some a few more or less;  but I was distressed, because every time we did this,  I could get only 0 to 2
right! Dr. Vogel said this few__time after time__was too low to be normal. Something else was going on.

I had noticed that  I had many correct answers in a row,  but they'd been written
 before  he picked up the
card.  He suggested I try to  Predict  what symbol was coming up  
before  he touched the next card in the
deck. I did so__ and found 22 correct answers out of the 25!

Another important Sacred Geometry form is the Star of David, (Figure 6-C) formed from two over-lapping
equilateral triangles; one pointing upwards, the other downwards. It's like the blending of both left and
right brains, feminine and masculine forces, yin and yang. Architects love to include it in their plans, for it
subtly influences the brains of those standing within it. This author used it in composing many of her
paintings__ long before she learned what Sacred Geometry was.

The Star Tetrahedron is also known as the Star of David.  The Star of David is the symbol of Judaism,
a set of religious beliefs and practices that originated from the Hebrew Bible. It is interesting to note that,
when drawn on top of one another, the 24 letters in the ancient language of Hebrew together form the
Star Tetrahedron. The most common arrangement of the
Water molecule is in the geometric shape of
the Tetrahedron.  The molecule of
Silicon is also in this geometric shape and, although it is currently
Water that gives us life, Silicon can also support life.  But what is most interes-ting is that
the Star
Tetrahedron is the geometric shape of a Silicon micro-­computer chip
.  As we move toward Ascension,
the molecules of our cells are being alchemically shifted into those of multi-dimensional Silicon.

The Star Tetrahedron, or Star of David, in solid geometrical form, mimics the
Merkaba__ two over-
lapping tetrahedrons__ a Star Tetrahedron. Since energy and matter are inter-convertible, one can
be changed into another by releasing the thought-form into a sacred geometrical pattern in space.
This pattern (or thought-form) can be manifested via Telepathy to another person or,as with Energ-]
etic Healing Techniques, stored in a double-terminated healing crystal as a program to be applied later.

Telepathy can be developed by practicing with a partner. Nightime is best, for then there are usually few-
er "mind noises", because most people in our area are asleep.  Begin by focusing your entire attention on
one single thought.  Just concentrate  and send from your heart. Emotional  Commitment  is imperative.
Become as One with the receiving person, visualizing yourself as he, & he as you.  When you feel you're
both linked  with each other, broadcast the image of a color. or a simple object or shape  to him. Keep up
the projection for at least 30 seconds.

When this works for the two of you,  broadcast a symbol or phrase to the partner without telling him in ad-
vance that you are going to do so. Penny and I did this when she to transmit to me the image of blue sky
as seen through her square window. Unknown to her, I was meditating when a bright blue square flashed
into my mind for about 2 seconds, seeming to come from outside myself.  I tuned in and knew it was from
Penny. A phone call confirmed it, to the delight of us both.

With practice, all the "
Light Codes"  of Telepathy will be given to you,  including how to  become aware in
quiet moments of the calls coming in from others,  and how to know when the other person  is occupied &
doesn't need to be disturbed by your broadcast.

As the Lightworkers of the world  become aware of each other through telepathic rapport, the first aware-
ness is the instantaneous recognition of other group members. There comes to them an immediate flash-
ing forth of the light, an instantaneous electrical interplay;  a sudden sensing of a similarity of vision & ob-
jective, or a vital opportunity to aid in  and to co-operate with each other in the work in which it is realized
that all are interested.

A new spiritual family forms as our consciousness radiates, DNA changes & telepathy calls to each other.
We unite in ever-expanding groups within groups, invisibly pulled together by forces beyond ordinary un-

A brief glimpse of this rapport was brought forth during a phone call from
Melanie in Hawaii. We commu-
nicated differently than in the past.   She was excited,  and began the conversation  speaking so fast that
her words ran together and were hard to  understand.  Some words were slurred into each other.  For ex-
ample__ if she said "back yard",  it sounded like "bkrd". She would say five to ten words to start a senten-
ce introducing an entire idea, but never finish it.

After those five or ten words had been pronounced__  telepathy took over.  I somehow picked up on what
she ise,  But before she  completed the original sentence,  she would go right into her reply to my mental
response__ before I had spoken it.

Or,  we'd do the opposite;  never completing a sentience,  idea or thought verbally.  We half  "talked" and
half  "telepathed" to each other for about thirty minutes. In that time, we exchanged more information than
we normally could in several hours. (See
Archives for  more on "Telepathic Musings".

With Sacred Geometry, when two triangles  are superimposed upon each other__ one with its point up &
the other  with the point down__ the
Star of David  sacred geometrical shape  is formed. Offsetting  
them slightly forms an oscillating effect that transmits energetic thought-forms.

In a solid geometrical form this shape mimics the 3-D Merkaba__ two over-lapping tetrahedrons__ a Star
Tetrahedron. Since energy and matter are inter-convertible, this form can be changed into another by re-
leasing a thought-form into a sacred geometrical pattern in space. This pattern__ he thought0form__ can
be manifested via telepathy to another person, or as with Intentional Healing Techniques, stored in either
one's body, or in a double-terminated, quartz healing crystal as a program to be applied later.

Our present Aryan human race  (having nothing to do with Hitlers Aryan Race),  is the fifth human race to
experience life on this planet. The Cosmic Seeds,  the Indigo,  Crystal and  Rainbow Children who began
incarnating in the 20th century and later,  are the sixth race of humans  to inhabit Earth. They are becom-
ing 100% telepathic, a s Earth's energies change.  Anyone presently of the fifth race can transform them-
selves into a sixth race being through Basic & Expanded Inner Technologies.

Mind Control."
There are groups  blocking the development of telepathy  in the general populace  because it would diss-
solve current systems and institutions of control,  power & wealth.  These groups have been aware of the
developing sixth race since 1942, and perceive them as a threat. Various methods are used to prevent or
distort telepathic rapport:  sudden, loud noises,  bright flashing lights,  chaotic or sensational music,  films
and commercials which distract us with 3-D issues of violence, fear, control, competition, secrecy, separ-
ation, egotism, conspiracy, brutality & lack of compassion. They interfere with our  mental clarity and foc-
us. Because of the pernicious effects of TV on our brains, teachers must now present packets of inform-
ation in seven minute or less segments__ the usual time between  TV  commercials  and the program
;  &
that time period is rapidly being shortened. Our children can no longer hold their mental focus beyond se-
ven or eight minutes. (Anybody for ADD or ADHD?). The plan of TV programming has reached its goal of
lgradually  lengthening commercial times  until commercial time  is longer than the program time. The last
time I checked, my "daytime drama" was 28 minutes with commercials totalling 32 minutes per hour.

In the
mid-1980's,  while searching for the eye"  of the Eastern Idaho Stargate Vortex in the northern por-
tion of the Arco High Desert,  Hal and I drive  northeastward, skirting the western & northern boundaries
of the Idaho National Laboratories, nuclear power site.  We both become very emotional. Hal shouts out
angry words, and I feel extremely stressed and irritable; my heart pounds. The topic of our conversation
cannot possibly  produce these feelings,  and we try to understand  what we may  be sensing.  It is  as if
some extremely negative force is impacting us, coming from the direction of the INL site.

As we pass north of the Site boundaries,  the distressful feelings leave, & we laugh at ourselves. It prob-
ably was just the excitement of having finally found the location of the Eye of the Vortex, and being able
to visit it in person.

Later on__having inspected the Vortex__ we head home, deciding to take a different route. Passing
and  Terreton,  no sooner do we near  the Site boundaries,  than the same negative feelings arise.
Again, t he anger,  the crying & s ense of impending doom. In fact, we become so distressed,  it frightens
us to the point where  we begin to question our sanity!  Surely, both of us can't be imagining all this. And,
as before, once we leave the Site area, our emotions level off & we again laugh at the odd experience.

But a few years later,  I come across information from
 Vladamar Valerian's website: "The U. S. govern-
ment and some aliens  are said to be very advanced in  
Mind Control Technologies. They have been do-
ing experiments they call  "
mood control"  on cities. Their plan is that the media__  particularly TV, news-
papers & radio,  plus many magazines__  are conditioning the public to the point  where they are accept-
ing dominance and control by those purported to be  'leaders' or ' experts". Then they will send out these
mind control vibrations and get people to lay down their arms and give up their free will entirely."

Supposedly,  these techniques were used  against Iraq soldiers  during the
 1991  Gulf War.  The article
went on: "
Evidently we are getting very close to that now. Some people  have been able to  resist these
mental control devices through  spiritual disciplines;  but probably 95% of our population is falling right
in line.'

Another trick is the subliminal programming with television, videos,  DVDs & movies. Once ruled illegal by
the FCC,  it has not completely stopped.  It is be used to  increase the stress level of a population & force
us to focus on negativity.  It's a form of brainwashing  that keeps people ignorant o f what's truly occurring
in the world, and behind the scenes.  We know that stress, fear and distraction block creativity & the con-
nections to our Higher Selves.

MInd Control suggests profound benefits  if used as a healing modality,  but the possibilities of its misuse
are shocking. By
1996,  a U. S. Air Force document stated: "It would also appear possible to create high
fidelity speech  in the human body,  raising the possibility  of covert suggestion  &  psychological direct-
"... "Thus, it may be possible to ' talk' to selected adversaries in a manner that would be most disturb-
bing to them
." Shades of "The Manchurian Candidate" movie?

Telepathic abilities usually start with our  "knowing" who is calling  when the phone rings__ or thinking of
someone before they visit or call.  Telepathic incidents often occurred  during our  Study Group meetings
and seminars, particularly with my friend Sherry. As I listened to her reporting her astrological chart inter-
pretations,  I found myself  withholding breath__ (not allowing breath  to flow in  for a few minutes).  She
confided  she was doing the same thing.  This formed a  Telepathic Mind Link ,  & we each sensed  what
the other was thinking and feeling.  And__  as if that weren't  woo-woo enough__ Sherry's husband, Dar-
rell, who did not take the astrology class,  met her at the door  as she returned home  each evening after
a class, and repeated to her verbatim, the exact information we had discussed in class that night..

The summer of 1
996, Betty,  one of our "Coming Home" seminar students in Big Lost River Valley,  went
into a  Merkaba meditation & experienced what another student had dreamed earlier that morning,  exact
in each detail. For over a month, Betty's dreams and meditations included much of the information & dia-
rams I was then organizing to present to the group  at a following class period.  And,  when an expanded
Coming Home seminar took place in
Arizona that winter, Betty in Idaho,  tuned in remotely to information
we discovered and discussed in Arizona that I had never before presented to anyone.

As more and more people begin to understand Unconditional Love, they first sense the presence of ener-
gy fields,  then feelings and states of mind,  and finally the thoughts and  intentions  of other humans and
beings. Our hearts feel this and can inform us long before our minds become aware.

Telepathy develops automatically  when we release our DNA from old fear patterns and reprogram it with
Unconditional Love and a  Unity Consciousness.
Telempathic Mind Links__  a sharing of  mental inforna-
tion and emotional compassion with others__ becomes a powerful force on the planet as the body begins
to recognize tha t it is but one cell in the body of
One Great Being__The Greater Self:  Source__  Intellig-
ent,  Loving,  Purposeful,  elf-Organizing  All-That-Is. When our cells connect with each other, we will ex-
perience synchronicities  that will seem miraculous  in a loving unity that transforms millennia of
ion Feelings
, and discards such division forevermore.

Dr. Vogel demonstrated  that even a plant responded to human thought as far as from Bulgaria to Calif-
when he studied its energies at  Psychic Research Institute. Telepathy can be  deliberately activated
by intuiting who's phoning or at the door
; what time it is without looking at a clock, or what is in a letter or
a gift box before opening it.  Visualize the object inside. Sense its color, size, shape, smell, taste & touch,
or "hear" it with your inner knowing.
Thought originates  outside the physical body  in the mental body,  which then activates our brain. As we
think,  we develops packets of energy through our bodies,  which remain until we project them outwardly,
or until the energy dissipates. They constitute the  "
readings" which lower psychics sense in the Twilight
Time Stage
__ the 4-D state of consciousness evolution.

Radio microscopes have indicated that  each atom and molecule in Nature is continually broadcasting its
delicate radio waves.  Even after the human body dies, its elements  send out their rays__ even for thou-
sands of years.  When we meditate or charge up  to heal or manifest,  focusing our increased brain wave
activities,  we create a coherence that can not only  produce psychic events such as remote viewing, tel-
epathy and psychokinesis__but also decode holograms. Those highly-cohered brain waves enable us to
program  the subtle energies of our highly-ordered nervous system to access higher levels of information
from within matter/energy fields and space itself.

In the Truly Enlightened, or the Self-Realization Stages of Consciousness Evolution, when we can enga-
gage in 4-D & 5-D Multi-Density Technologies, we receive telepathic input from higher levels. The pineal
gland is the vehicle through which all of us, evolved or not, receive and release those coherent thoughts.
The Etheric Energy Body's
third eye__ (not the same as the pineal)__ is part of the universal, unified en-
ergy field through which all energies flow__ whether emanating from humans,  animals,  plants, minerals,
suns, moon, planets, off-world entities or outer space.

"Thinking and Acting Collectively."
Because the brain works as an  electrical device,  the very thoughts of  a group with  common intent  can
move through  several energy fields__ simultaneously or in sequence.
 Quantum Simultaneous Time pro-
vides a holographic or holistic perception  allowing for a clearer understanding  of the needs or directions
of a group united in their purpose.

5-15-12:  We are experiencing so many glitches  in computers &  other types of  communications,  I won-
der if this is another "Step" of a Process leading to a future manifestation."  There has recently, also been
an increase in my ( & others) ability  to sense  other people's feelings, & to  project mine to them  without

Could this be a prelude to full telepathy, making computers, phones, TV, etc. unnecessary?  Today
John mentioned how  he and others at the golf course  "felt" L.'s  unhappiness. (L. had several work iss-
ues breaking down these days.)
A: "TELEPATHY is indeed,  the 'materialization that is occurring.  As you and others  become frustrated
over the 'glitches',  you are telepathing feelings to others due to the EMOTION attached,  even if you do
not say or do anything that indicates to them your feelings."  EMOTION affects the EM Spectrum.

M: What is the next step?
A: "After Feeling,  comes Information consistent with one's current  NEED TO KNOW. This can arrive in
dreams, daydreams, meditations or just quiet moments when in positive moods. You are already exper-
iencing much of this.  Anything you Need To Know  is available from  
Higher Self, Guides, Arcturians,
ancient records
or  Universal Mind (Intelligent Infinity),  working in tandem with the Law of Attraction."

M: WOW!   I want to ask the third step,  but feel it will manifest  as we become  more skillful at this  'emo-
tional projection'  & answer seeking.  I want most of all to access information on  RAISING OUR CONSCI-
OUSNESS to the required level s for ascension to a new density,  & how best pass it to others,  via web-
-site, or in person.
A: "Right On, Pilgrim!"

M: I see I need to be more careful  with both thoughts and feelings,  as they are being sensed by those in
contact with me__ especially H. Thank you.

The accelerating rise of changes & information in our culture  requires us  to process negativity in a more
holistic fashion  or we may not be able to  absorb,  digest and find  significance for ourselves fast enough
to remain  balanced and  synchronized  with the rapid  Earth changes . Telepathically,  we could stay att-
uned to  all information  from everywhere  and from all time periods__ far ahead of  linear thinking,  letter-
writing, e-mailing, cell-phoning,  internet surfing or verbal conversation of any sort.  And it is possible that
when one or two individuals find resolution to a problem common to large groups of humans, a "
th Monkey
" Syndrome activates,  and the same solution is instantly known to everyone, everywhere? We
may be called "Lightworkers" for this very reason.

When we deprive ourselves of Love,   we can't stand stress and the etheric body shrivels. When we love
ourselves and one another,  we feed our energetic bodies.  We must learn to  be passive under the long-
term stress that is being experienced world-wide since
September 11, 2001. ("911") As we dis-empower
the stress, (own it, accept it as part of ourselves, Become as One with it), the less it affects us.  We feed
beneficial energy to others and to ourselves when we perceive the love that is in every life moment.

Over the years of Transformation  via both
Basic and Expanded Inner Technologies,  energy artists learn
that  each time they reach  a major consciousness change,  a new vehicle of expression  may need to be
created or found. We cannot deny that Earth is changing very rapidly now. Nothing will be the same here
again.  If you knew it is vital we develop telepathy on many levels  because we experiencing the fading of
the 3D  Way of Life__ would you consciously and deliberately try to activate that collective rapport within

James Twyman has been coordinating millions of people around the world to hold group meditations at
the exact same times for Peace, End of Poverty & Disease and Safety  for Children &  Earth Herself. The
results are very encouraging. It has been proven by Random Number Generators that if only 1% of a giv-
en population  imprints their own consciousnesses  in similar ways  for even 10 or 15 minutes__ because
of  Quantum Physics, the entire population will change its collective consciousness in a similar manner.

Possiblities of conversion to 4th Density arrived in
2003,  and many of us Lightworkers__ since the 2010
Spring Equinox, have begun moving into 5th Density. Have you noted how many systems & customs just
don't work as they used to any more?  The physics of the planet  are changing.  As we write this i n
, o ur electric grids  are beginning to fail.  Household appliances,  computers,  phones,  engines are
crashing more and more often.  

We must use more  
Feminine Solutions now,  rather than the old  Patriarchal Ways__ less Competition__
more Cooperation. As the new densities unfold,  telepathy empowers us to find answers  to the most diffi-
cult dilemmas ever in human history__  dilemmas that can no longer be resolved  by one individual alone.
Unity, Compassion, Honesty, Love, Oneness & Understanding  will prevail.  As we  Make It  through End
Times, we will be harvesting a Fullness of Life never before imagined.

        Truly Enlightened or Self-Realized humans link Energy & Matter__ Spirit and Earth.