David Sereda. "THE LOST SCALE Dec. 29, '14 (Edited):

Musical Scale: 7 sacred tones that will activate your  Light body__ Sound Frequencies that can put
one directly into
Ascension. These frequencies represent a more perfect musical scale than our pre-
sently used one  that holds distortions from the scale the ancients used  to tuned their instruments,  &
to which,  avid believes
Jesus had his disciples meditate with to activate & turn on their Light Bodies.
It produces ecstatic, peaceful, relaxing Bliss.  One goes Down the Scale at night__ and Up the Scale
in the morning.

He also says  
NOAH'S ARK  is tied to  THE GREAT PYRAMID.  It is Not a boat.  It is a  TELEPORT-
.  It is round.  He saw a UFO  pulsing its trajectory over  Egypt in a  Fibonacci Spiral.
Such Frequency Tones may be the originator of all the living-things DNA spirals on Earth.

David's Dream:  God wrote:  "Noah's Ark X 4."  (A coming event of Ascension if we have this sacred
code?)  Egyptian inches = a "
cubit". 41.21 Eg. Inches...Pyramid opening. etc. etc. etc. 20.605 = royal
.  The Ark of the Covenant's measurement is 21/2 x 20.605 cubits x 300 = in, 51.51__ the ang-
les of the pyramids' sides = the number of the Lost Scale
: 1.6180339887 = the Phi Ratio, which, X 4
+ 24,726, = the circumference of the Earth in Egypt.
(ML at Great Pyramid?). David says the point of
this Egypt circumference could be the exact point at which the Ark of the Covenant__or Noah's Ark__
resides. David says it is in
Africa,  but does not want the public to know the exact point. (A TV progr-
am suggested it was in
Ethiopia.)  All this means that the measurements God gave Noah for the Ark
are actually forming the Ark into the shape of a Pyramid!  

51.51  (the slope of the Great Pyramid's sides)  is a harmonic number  in the Lost Scale, to which we
are to attune ourselves.
111,1 is the basic starting tone, but as we scale down from that tone, we be-
gin to feel as if we're just about to fall into unconsciousness, perhaps floating in the universe. (
ML:  I
feel this way every time I go through my "short meditation"  of 15-20 minutes  musical prep for a more
formal Meditations or Intentions.)
111.1 is a BRAIN WAVE.

2nd tone down is 11.11,  then 21.21 ,  then 31.31,  and on up; and then you  build your octaves ar-
ound that one
(41.41?). There's a Main major scale__and a Main minor scale__ as we do in ordinary
music. The base is  
1111,  with the decimal moving over.  David believes this is  The Harmonic Scale
of the Universe.

Teleportation can happen either spontaneously__ subconsciously directed through the sleep-dream
state__ or when consciously directed at will.  Learning to teleport at will  requires practice.  If we wish
to teleport,  it must be important to us
; and we must have a clear & holistic purpose for doing so. We
then must feel and visualize that we have already arrived at that distant time & place  even before we

During the teleportation experience, any communication is telepathic. Time appears to stop
; we're no
longer in the same space-time, having relocated to another density__ most likely, the
4th. We can te-
leport in the presence of others if they are of like mind, but if even one person is  skeptical,  afraid. or
does not wish it to occur, they can consciously, or subconsciously, distort the effect or prevent it from

"Non-material device travel  on physical planes  involves connecting intuitively  with the grid nodes of
both where we are right now, and where we intend to be. At specific lines of latitude, Earth's magnet-
ic field has  hot spots" of upwelling energies situated at
19.5,  51.51, and 60 degrees above & below
the equator.  Other planets and suns/stars do, too. The Idaho Stargate is a sacred spot naturally con-
ducive to teleportation, as are
Groom Lake-Area 51, NV,   Orcas Island, WA,  St. Louis, MO Cah-
okia Mounds, IL
, Grand Teton Park, WY,  and Cerro Cubaba, Sonora, Mexico,  just south of the
border from
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, AZ.

When we teleport, our vibration is not always altered 100 %. Sometimes part of our energy field stays
home and part of it travels. It seems that if  our presence__ or any evidence of our having been there
could cause some disruption  in the alternate location's  energetic fields,  only just that  amount of our
vibrations necessary to accomplish the task will transport.

In order to leave a mark at the chosen destination, we would have to teleport  at least 60% of our en-
ergy there.  For others to see us  at the new location, even as a passing glance,  at least 60%  of our
dy must teleport. To be fully seen requires at least 80 to 85%. The incident of viewing
Jim Schnabel
__ author of the remote viewing book__ near
Anita's Cochina in Wickenburg, Arizona, indicated his
ability to teleport at or near 100%.

Intentional Teleportation
ML:  I 'd been wondering where I'd be and what I'd be doing five years from today__ July 2011__Aft-
er doing some  
Remote Viewing years ago for this web-book's research and also with a lightworker
friend near
Denver, I gained some confidence with the process.

Getting into the Zone,  I ask for my location & activity in July, 2016.  I first went through  a spiraling
tunnel  and came out  on a golden sandy plain  with a huge, golden stone pyramid  in front of me.  I
thought of
Egypt;  but then, before my eyes, a curious type of golden metallic 'scroll" appeared sus-
pended in the air.  It was slightly curled,  &  covered  with a grid of  embossed shapes and  symbols,
none of which appeared at all  like Egyptian hieroglyphics.  I sensed I was doing  some kind of "inv-
estigation" or  "researching & reporting" again. but perhaps in a different location than Egypt__ may-
be even another planet or dimension?

Back in the present, I thought it strange that I would be traveling so great a distance when I would be
well into my 80's.  A program on that night was about Teleportation and Ast-
ral Travel.
The program's guest told o f Out of Body Experiences where the consciousness travels,
but the physical body remains behind.  With
Teleporation,  however, both consciousness & physical
body travel, and do so by first moving through a wormhole/portal/stargate/vortex tunnel. So__ it looks
like our futures may very well  include the ability to
 Teleport our physical bodies in  time,  space and
other dimensions__ or under all of these conditions simultaneously

With Teleportation, both consciousness and the physical body relocate without physical means of tra-
nsporting between the two sites.  At the new location, one has the ability to do everything one norma-
lly can at the original site. Usually, the body then returns to its point of departure.

Dr. Bruce Goldberg  reported on his encounters with teleportation , other dimensions & astral travel.
He says the difference between
OBE's__Out of Body Experiences__ and  Teleporation is that one's
spirit within moves out into outer space-time realities with
OBEs,  but the physical body  stays behind
Teleporation,  both the spirit & the physical body  move into other realms.  People near you will
see your physical body  begin to slowly  fade from their sight  and finally  disappear.  It will come back
; but occasionally, it does not,  as the spirit has  chosen to stay  in the other realm permanently.
The Process for this is further explained at

Remote Viewing  moves one's consciousness  to a distant location.  An OOBE will do the same, but
with one's light body doing the traveling, with the physical body still in its original location.  We're then
linked with a sense of actually being in that distant location, but unable to affect material objects.

Telekinesesis_ Psychokinesis_ Kinesiology
During the mid-80's, I bought my first computer & soon began having telekinetic experiences. Telek-
also known a s Psychokinesis, or "PK",  involves moving material objects__ including one's
body__ through space by non-physical means
;  i.e., b y the power of Higher Creative Forces__ mind,
emotion, intention, sound and breath.

MEDITATION 1-25-11:  M: I've wondered about Crop Circles. Who is creating them, & why are they
here on our planet?
A: "Crop Circles are created with the cooperation of Gaia  (Earth's Spirit Within),  nature spirits from
Earth's second density, the plant kingdom and Zero Point energies from space__ and guided by off-
earth entities such as the
Arcturians. The purpose of the crop circles  is to awaken humanity's con-
sciousness to other density existences and beings
;  to teach that Earth & All That Is are  united and
cognitive to human thoughts,  feelings,  history & culture.  It awakens humans to other beings, other
energies, to
Telepathy, Kinesiology, to the power of their own  thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Crop
Circles are  Hyper-dimensional, High Tech physical manifestations of Unconditio
nal Love and Unity

DREAM: 5-10-11: Myself & a young girl were wrapping our arms around each other & flying through
the air to a strange land with huge people and huge stones shaped like animals.  
2-22-15:  Gobekli
),  I liked it. It was so real, that when I awoke, I didn't know where I was for a moment or two.
SpiritGifts 9)

5-15-13:  While watching a TV program one afternoon, I became very sleepy__ as if I were being "ca-
rried' to "
the other side". When a quiz show began I muted the sound, leaned back against my pillows
and closed my eyes.

Next thing i knew, I awoke with a shock__ as if "falling down" from somewhere far above & I felt dizzy
and faint for a minute.  Then nauseous for another minute or two.  I was very tired__ I knew I'd  "
", but where? What happened? Did I have a stroke or something  My body seemed to feel
the same as before I went to sleep__ or did I pass out?

H.S.: "Your 'somewhere else' episodes are visits to Higher Densities.  They are getting longer to ad-
apt you to the higher-density "Home', although you will be visiting  various densities  as part of your
New Earth Role. The episode of '
Visiting Emma' was actually Teleporation of your Light  Body. She
sensed your presence__ and was delighted."  

2012:  We used to enjoy visiting the  Pacific Ocean Shores of  Washington and Oregon. I'd gone to
bed one night thinking about those visits & decided to try Remote Viewing them. I was amazed to find
that my intention became a
Teleportation of my body  from Idaho to the Oregon Coast ! I could not
only see & hear the ocean, but smell it,  and felt the spray on my face  as the sun set in the west. Af-
ter a few minutes of this joy,  I decided to return to my bed in Idaho,  
and was startled  when I felt my
physical body actually "
plop" down hard  upon my mattress!  My pajama top was damp  with drops of
water. I had REALLY been there!

In the following years, I was able to telepor t to some of the locations on Earth where I"d  experienced
Twelve Past Lives of Significance.

Hypnogogia "Before you  go to sleep  at night"... "pay attention to  that space
where you are  just about to fall asleep into unconsciousness.  As your body deeply relaxes, you will
feel warmth spreading in your body & a low ring tone in your ear. Sometimes, if you leave a light on,
you will see the light flicker in your periphery vision, or see an object appear in your periphery. This
is the entry into the hypnagogic state
." (It's the state where Astral Projection is practiced, as well.)

Yun-Wen Shaw wrote: "To dream, and altogether,  not to dream. This synthesis is the operation of
genius, by which both activities are mutually reinforced.

This brings us to the realization that the next series of
Hypnagogia Symbols__these incredibly high
octaves of  '
galactic' frequency__ are being sequentially downloaded  to our planet & into our bodies.
It is changing our
DNA Structure. We are feeling this energetic impact as a deep foundational cellular
shift in our bodies. Everything we thought we are is moving away rapidly.

We can also access Hynagogia  while meditating or simply  daydreaming,  letting ourselves enter this
pre-sleep state to do  
AstralTraveling, Remote Viewing & other Light Technologies. We now ex-
tend this process of Interior Visualization, which may be quite essential, except in the case of the cre-
ative individual  who has become  a totally pure channel for the  Descent of Spiritual Power  & a clear
lens through which the  Mind of Man__ or of God-Source__ can be projected without distortion wher-
ever needed.  In other cases  the creative act is  less direct__  a man
projects  into the world what he
"sees" reflected on the screen of his personal Inner Vision. This New Vision concerns the Process of
Individualized Existence.  It is a phase of Internal Organization  in preparation for a projection of one's
ideals or concepts.

We are beginning to
define its architecture. Who Are We without this Matrix to define us?
 We are about to  find out,

1994:  At a Flower of Life conference in Austin, TX, I'm walking down a hallway,  talking with people.
To our right, is a wall of windows looking out on a swimming pool. I love to swim, & in a few moments,
I find myself actually swimming in that pool, while I simultaneously continue walking down the hall-
way conversing with other persons beside me.

2001: Hal drives us to the local supermarket  for a few grocery items.  It's a beautiful day, and I prefer
to remain in the car,  enjoying the warm sunshine. I close my eyes to relax,  
and suddenly find the car
moving me down a narrow lane bordered with quaint old houses under huge, shady trees.

As the car  moves farther down the lane,  I realize  Hal is probably  coming out of the market,  wond-
ering where the car and I have gone.  So I then find the car  automatically moving backwards,  retra-
cing its route up the lane, as I view
different houses & trees than I saw when first coming down that
lane! Then we're back in the supermarket parking lot,
just as Hal comes out the market's doors.

11-02-06:  Two days ago,  I used a  computer program:   to help  arrange
furniture for the guest bedroom.  There's a little jog in the wall next to the door, making the room a bit
wider__ but I couldn't get the program's technology to create that.

This morning,  before getting out of bed,  I closed my eyes  and thought about that room and just how
big the job was going to be.  Would that jog make a difference in where the dresser could be placed?
I better look it over.

Suddenly,  I'm standing in the guest room. There's a white light around me__ but it fades as I appro-
ach the wall with the jog. This is odd. My experience has been  that when I'm in a dream or vision__
I cannot turn on a material-based light, such as a lamp or a flashlight.

This room has a lot of furniture, too,  including a full size bed  that sticks out from the wall  opposite
the jog wall,  and covers the entire center of the room.  There is also a treadmill in there  beside the
bed.  So how can I be in the center of the room & not  "seeing" the bed beneath me,  or "seeing" the
treadmill beside me

I then see it is not a very deep jog, so I measure it with my hands, & decide it will probably be okay.

But when I open my eyes__ I'm shocked to see that I AM STILL IN BED in my bedroom!  I had earlier
been thinking about
Remote Viewing again,  trying to get the Inner "white screen" on which we can
view other times and places.

I then
Meditated on this, and nearly got the white screen;  but instead I see a Full View of real aspen
trees! What's going on?

1996: During one of my "Coming Home " seminars in Idaho, the students and I meditate with an aud-
io tape at 3 PM.  We had disconnected the telephone  to avoid interruptions,  so I'm surprised  when I
hear a phone ringing off in the distance while meditating. I assume it's on the tape, although I use that
tape frequently and don't recall ever hearing a phone. Our eyes are closed, and after the second ring
of the phone,  I wonder if intuition is signaling  that my husband, Hal  is trying to call to say he's going
golfing a
t Mackay, thirty miles up the valley.  Then suddenly, I'm six blocks away at home in my kit-
chen, talking to a man over the phone! He asks for Hal, and I say he is up at Mackay, golfing

Meditation ends, and I open my eyes.  I'm still in the meeting room. A few students remark on hearing
the phone ring, to
;  but no one had opened their eyes. We check the phone__  it's still disconnected.

Classes end at
5 PM, & I'm home by 5:30. Hal comes in the door soon after. He did go golfing at Ma-
. He asks  "Why were you home so early?  Everything go okay at the classes?"  Puzzled,  I say,
I just came in the door a few minutes ago. Why?"

"Well, Terry came up to the golf course at 3:30  and I wondered  how he knew  I was there.  He said
he called our place about
3 o'clock and you told him where I was."
I have, in the past, seen a number of  Earthlings & Off-world Beings teleport into my presence, & they
always came in with a flash of light, due to dropping down from a higher vibrational density with more
energy than
3-D; and when I had suddenly found myself in the guest room a few days ago, there was
a white light that faded as I moved deeper into the room. Had I remote viewed? Or, had I Teleported?
Or Both?__ You be the judge.

Time &/or Space Travel
On YouTube:  "Simon Parkes Reptilians, Mantids and 4th Dimension 2015."  Humans can use their
DNA__ if all 12 Strands have been recovered__ to fly through Space & Time without a space craft. If
we humans can  Encode our DNA, we can fly
5, 6 or 7 times the Speed of Light.  ETs must fly in real
time with a craft through wormholes.

5-14-13: Yesterday afternoon  I was resting on the sofa again,  watching TV.  (I later found, there is a
Portal in the window beside the end of the sofa where I like to lie on a pillow, and where I often do In-
tentions for Earth &/or Nature!)

I began drifting off again,  before the program finished. Not sure if I was  asleep or not,
 but I was sud-
denly at the home of a grandson,  his wife, & baby daughter in
Montana! I'd never been there in real
life.  Little
Emma  giggled & bounced  in her 'jumper" device.  It was so delightful!  It warmed me  all
; & I felt that she KNEW I was peeking in on her!  The colors were superb.  Then I napped
for over an hour. LOL.

Changes on Quantum/Cosmic Levels Since 12-21-12:
"The ability to Travel through 4-D Space & Time is accomplished on the level of the Mind
by the ability to dip into the past or the future, and to bi-locate to various locations. There is mastery
over the Psychic Abilities,  which function beyond the speed of light.  Using the  Pendulum, also ex-
presses the ability to master
4-D by bringing information from higher realms & translating it to the le-
vel of the Mind."

The Process
Air is considered necessary for the  transmission of Sound.  Some new scientists believe  Ether  (the
ancient's term for the  
Creative Force Field  Energy) permeates all the universe  and is  necessary for
the transmission of

Thermonuclear reactions of hydrogen in stars such as our Sun, produce photons,  tiny bundles of EM
light traveling at the speed of light.  The photon is the most common  natural energy source  available
to 21st century earth dwellers. The
electron is the source of photons,  which are produced in an atom
when the electron drops to a lower energy state or orbit.

Our entire solar system  is now passing through a portion of space  known as "
The Photon Belt". This
passage will last about
2100 years, and occurs twice in a 25,900+ year long, Great Year Cycle. The
entire solar system is now glowing with greater light.

To transfer mass,  which is very low in frequency,  we need to move it from a low-frequency state to a

medium-high-frequency state,
& then to an  ultra-high-frequency state, where it becomes Light. Per-
haps a space-craft  could be made to  levitate  by raising its  frequency.  All objects with mass  fall be-
cause of Earth's gravity, except for photons, & we know  photons have a higher frequency than mass.
What is most mind-boggling, is that once we convert Mass into Light, it can
Levitate__ but it can also
Disappear. Is this how UFOs travel?

The atoms of our physical bodies  include electrons, which can  produce photons  at certain vibratory
An evolved human moves her molecules  by electrical signals from her brain. Scientific proof
that  The Mind can Control Matter  was obtained in research conducted by
Helmut Schmidt while a
physicist with the
Boeing Company, Seattle. His research showed that certain people  with psychic
ability could control the flow of electrons in an electric system, bringing desired electronic signals into
being. Artists produced the best results.
Bill Davis,  an aerospace engineer in  Huntsville, AL., also
experimented with ESP for several years, discovering how. under hypnosis, a person's ESP abilities
improve astonishingly.

Electro-chemical processes  lie behind the brain's use of  electrical impulses for thinking.  A simplistic
study of brain physiology suggests that
humans control electric signals in their heads, which is what
we do while thinking or performing conscious brain functions. We really don't understand just how we
think or control our muscles. We assume that electrical energy produces photons,& tremendous num-
bers of atoms in the brain are released every time an atom's electrons shift energy states.

Photons produce electrical signals and a flow of electric current as in the photo-electric cell, solar cell,
or retina of the eye. For photons to emit signals and thought processes to occur, some logical pattern
is required. A good example is the signal broadcast to the TV set, totally composed of photons of var-
ious frequencies,  but with the photons grouped so that the receiver can decipher intelligent informat-
ion from the flood of them.  A picture is produced  on the screen  and sound comes  from the speaker.
When we think,  we may also control the projections of photons which enable  electrical signals to be
(Adrian Clark: "Psycho-Kinesis: Moving Matter With the Mind")

Two scientific experiments were recently done to check on what influences the unified energy field of
the universe,  which is made up of photons. The first trial put DNA samples in a vacuum in a test tube
along with  some photons. The photons formed a straight line extending outwardly from the DNA, and
when the DNA were removed from the test tube,  the photons in the tube remained in the same confi-

The second experiment involved  isolating DNA__ then having several  psychics project emotion onto
the DNA. The  DNA was changed under both  positive and negative emotions. These researches ind-
cate that
Human Emotion can Change DNA, & DNA in turn,  may affect the Unified Energy Fie-
ld of the Universe.
Quantum physics describes  a tachyon as a mass-less subatomic, theoretical energy "particle" travel-
ing faster than the speed of light.  Although science has not yet been able to  find and isolate a tachy-
on, neither has it proved its non-existence. The theory of relativity says that matter cannot exceed the
velocity of light. However, in the case of a tachyon,  it is imagined to come into existence already trav-
eling faster than light. Moving at infinite speed, its energy is Zero.  Even when passing through empty
space, the tachyon continuously radiates photons.

P.M.H Atwater states: "Time & space merge  at the vibrational frequency of the tachyon fields, sup-
posedly allowing instant access  to existent and pre-existent information  while fostering a simultan-
(non-locality) type of consciousness and an instantaneous type of telepathic com-
munication, for consciousness itself is said to be made up of tachyons

Information is  believed to be capable of  manifesting as  matter, energy, "ether", light__ or conscious-
ness.  With
entropy__ the continuing disorder  and disintegration of matter__ more and more informa-
tion is released,  expanding the intellect that created it... "
Nothing is ever lost,  because everything is
recycled and restructured.  It's as if only one mind  experiences and  evolves,  learning & growing__
then goes 'home' to itself "

Researchers exploring the frontiers of  Field Theory  such as neuro-chemist  Glen Rein at  Stanford
U niversity
and nuclear engineer,  Col. Thomas Bearden,  are revealing to the world the potentials
scalar fields, a phenomena that may shed some light on what information field intuitives may be a-
ccessing.  Glen Rein has said,  "
scalar fields" ... "are distance spontaneous  and they even have  the
characteristic of being able to travel backwards in time

"Time & Space" can be accessed through expanded consciousness states. New Portals__ or,
Stargates__ opened  around the planet.  Higher Realms & Beings are thereby available  to teach and
inform humans  how to evolve their consciousness  and move to  higher dimensional existences.  But
they are not all safe. The "
Powers That Wanna Be" do all they can to eliminate both spiritual teachers
& the information and powers they present. The new teachings__ and theTeacher__ must move und-
erground to survive in wilderness areas.

Inter-Density Travel
We know energy can move from one level to another, such as from length to width, & we know a sec-
ond order of energy__
Hyper-dimensional ( i.e. "higher" than 3-D density)__ is a  potential wave  that
does not express itself on 3-D levels.  It is a  hyper-dimensional sum  of all the potentials instantly and
simultaneously affecting the entire Space-Time Continuum. They could be tachyon waves

Tachyons respond to focused consciousness.  
That's how our thoughts can go  from one side of
the galaxy  to the other  in no time at all
__ because we're dealing wit h a higher order field  that's
basically not EM anymore. We have a certain process which can move thoughtforms from conscious-
ness down to mass. It's done through several different steps.

Wikipedia:  "This 6th Density State  has been outside of our  'waking' visible light spectrum__ and
is now being reintroduced to us while awake. This state is when you are just  beginning to  'see'  the
layers of the illusionary hologram's matrix architecture. Over the course of history, philosophers and
historians both have  documented many theories about the consciousness state."... "In actuality, the
objects in view__ (while in Hypnagogia or lucid dreaming)__ may be encoded symbols,  geometries
and math that are used in the language of the holographic matrix field that reflects our perception of
reality. The brain neuro-chemistry  will organize these holographic bits  into colors and shapes  that
MOVE or  FIT TOGETHER.  These holographic matrix fields  are set up  as a  hierarchal  system of  
'celestial management structure'  that define & govern  each density plane of existence.)"... "Science
refers to these  MOVING OBJECTS commonly observed within the  
Hypnagogia as the 'Tetrus Eff-
 of which has spawned a video game that many have played on  cell phones or computers."

ML:  Was my waking Hypnagogic vision  with its spherical grouping of black & white cartoons symbo-
lic of our current Earth's 3-D, imaginary reality matrix?

The Fourth Density IS Scalar Wave Technologies, which we've been calling "Metaphysics". Until
we embrace metaphysics and psychism, it will be very difficult__ if not impossible__ to understand  or
to learn to operate successfully in

We find now,  that  4th Density Technology  alters reality by  cancelling or  enhancing  things.  Tesla
knew that scalar waves are 4-D tech, & how they affect reality. All our  Planetary Realitues__ be they
3-D, 4-D or higher,  are Holograms.  A hologram is a vehicle  that can cause scalar wave technology.  
(See Chapter 10: "
Wierd Science 101" under: "The Electromagnetic Spectrum" for more on the scalar

Whenever we
Remote View from a distance a light appears at the target destination. This web-book
__ "
Creating From th Future",  describes episodes in which both  my own & Hal's consciousnesses__
our light bodies and physical bodies, instantly transported to other locations. \

The many reports of  "orbs"__ balls of light of  various sizes  and  colors__ appearing  in the skies  all
over the planet these days , may be the  light bodies  of various  beings & space-craft  before they re-
maerialize into physical matter here on Earth.  Beings and crafts have to de-materialize into energy__
into light__ before they can move into other densities.

My personal experience is,  that because we are physical matter, as we move to a higher density, our
body fades out of sight due to no longer being "present' in this density  When we return from the high-
er to a lower density state,  we first appear as  a flash or globe of light.  Some of the  UFO spacecraft
are actually formed of living matter,  so they may "transmute' (shift from one density-state of energy to
another) in similar ways.

That same evening
The Guides said: "You cannot separate Space, Time & Consciousness. When
you can
merge Space, Time and Consciousness and adapt to it__ you can Time Travel."  

M: WOW! Thanks! First I've heard that really makes sense.

THE LAW OF ONE:  Questioner:  How were you able to make a transition from Venus, & I assume,
Sixth Density,  which could be invisible  when you reached here?  Did you have  to change your
density to walk on the Earth?

Ra: "You will remember the exercise of the wind. The dissolution into nothingness is the dissolution
into unity,  for there is no nothingness.  From the
sixth density we are capable of  manipulating,  by
thought, the intelligent infinity present in each particle of light or distorted light  so that we were able
to clothe ourselves  in a replica visible in the
third density of our mind/body/spirit complexes in the
sixth density. We were allowed this experiment by the Council which guards this planet."

Questioner: "The disc-shaped craft we call UFOs: Some say have come__ possibly from the planet
Venus. Would any of these be your craft?"

Ra: "I am Ra. We have used crystals for many purposes. The craft of which you speak haven't been
used by us in your space/time present memory complex.  However, we have used crystals & the bell
shape in the past of your illusion."
Anti-Gravity Devices
There is a two-way approach to releasing our dependency  on fossil fuels & other material energy re-
Through the Creative Force__ intuitive skills, spiritual gifts of power & intentional manifesting abili-
ty as here-in presented, become known & applied by a critical mass of humans.
b. Sophisticated Technologies develop that increasingly use  psychotronics__ human minds, feelings
and intentions__ to operate devices & move objects or lifeforms.
The two paths grow closer daily.

1994: I eventually overcame our T-Bird's electronic quirks  through use of  Intention, love, breath and
mental focus, pulling my personal energy field in closer to my body to keep it from interfering with the
car's EM system, intending that my energy didn't affect the car and focusing my consciousness in the
left brain, avoiding the
alpha or theta states while driving. This works well for re-stabilizing computers
and other communication devices as well.

Most skeptics & critics of free energy devices claim  the concept violates one or another of  the
of Thermodynamics
and therefore can't work. Then Dr.Ilya Prigogine of Belgium received the 1976
Nobel Prize
 after finding a way for  reversing the  Second Law of Thermodynamics. "Under  certain
coditions, systems are not closed__ but are openly e xchanging matter and energy with the environ-
me- t
."  Living human beings are open systems.

Slim Spurling knew a guy who showed him how to make a free energy machine: he took a coat
hanger & said, "
This is a free energy machine", connected his house to the coat hanger, & his house
lighted up.  And it's just a coat hanger. That is because  if you give it power__ if you  believe it,  that's
what happens.  I hear from the government how concerned they are about this,  because obviously, it
could get really crazy when people understand how powerful human thought and emotions are."

A scientist in
Canada,  "has all these black boxes that do all these amazing things, but when you look
inside there are no electronics with wires and crystals" __ "There are no computer chips. It is old pie-
ces of salami and broccoli and hot dogs and stuff like that."

A welcome clue that  the two paths to
"Magic Carpet" transportation are linking, is an  ABC Online ar-
ticle o  
June 25, 2002,  describing how  scientists in  Canberra, Australia, successfully  teleported a
laser beam for the first time.  At the
Australian National University,  the experiment involved laser light
consisting of photons. Intent on applying this phenomenon to the development of quantum computers
and telecommunications, the physicists are now pondering  how to teleport solid materials, beginning
with an atom.

Someday soon,  we may beam to any place at will,  either with our Higher Creativity Intentions or with
incredibly advanced, psychotronic material technologies.

But we must first purify Earth of her devastating pollution and restore her natural resources.

"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                         BY MARILYN LA CROIX