"Creating with Mult-DensityTechnologies"
                                        By  MARILYN LA CROIX  
                                 CHAPTER 19: PLANETARY ENGINEERING  
Environmental engineering is the Nineteenth Step of Creating From the Future  and the eighth
Expanded Multi-Density Technology.  
On the one hand, we are told that  our planet will manifest ev-
en more intense major catastrophes,  which could eventually destroy it and everything on it. On the oth-
er hand, when a critical mass of humans raise their consciousness, Earth and all upon Her can perform
group Intentions,  avoid the long proposed Armageddon  and ascend to higher densities.  After perform-
ing an  Intentional Multi-Density manifestation,  or healing for client or for self,  each must strive to LIVE
as what was created , taking one physical action  in that direction.  
For example: if the  Intention was to
clear the home & yard of pollution,  avoid adding more pollution, using natural compost rather than che-
mical fertilizers or pesticides.
                                               *  "4th Density Snow."
    *  "Environmental Healing."
            Standing Waves.
            A small percentage of Humanity can Affect the Environment.
            To BeTruly Human is to be an Energy Link between Source &
    *  "Weather Control."
    *  "Taming the Wild Wind."
    *  "Healing Earth".
    *  "Earth-Friendly Ground Cover."
             Alternative Resources Community.
    *  "Healing Energy Fields."
             Environmental & Agricultural Harmonizers.
             Storm Chasers.
    *  "Weather Engineering."
    *  "Environmental Healing Groups."
             Our Beliefs Create our Environment.

Fourth Density Snow
Our first "Coming Home" seminar meets weekday afternoons during the winter of 1996 in Wickenburg,
Arizona. By late February, our little group manages to briefly enter into Fourth Density__ At least we  
think we're in 4-D. Things look pretty much the same as in 3-D__  but there are subtle differences.  For
one thing, the atmosphere is odd. Although the room can clearly be seen, there is a sense of being "
" with an unreal quality to light and color. We can discover no single source of light__no reflec-
tions off shiny objects. Sound changes also, a s our voices inside  the 4-D energy bubble resonate with
everything present, almost  echoing  or ringing like bells.

We've been told that when in higher density realms, whatever we think or feel strongly happens instant-
ly__ so we want to have something manifest  the next time we enter 4-D, that will prove to us that we're
truly there. With permission from Higher Selves, we decide that having it snow outdoors would be good,
since the daily highs in southern Arizon a for late February  are around 75 degrees F.  We ask for
a little snow
"__ enough to prove we're in higher density, but not enough to damage things or cause tra-
ffic accidents.

We don't meet the next day, as some of us have appointments in
Phoenix,  but the following afternoon
we gather to continue the " Coming Home" program.  About
3PM we again sense we may have entered
4-D, and all of us think, feel and visualize "
snow", then look out the windows. The outdoor thermometer  
reads 70  degrees.  
It  is snowing! __ hard__ big, feathery gobs.  It falls gently for half an hour, though
it melts almost as soon as it hits the ground. We have our signal.

Later in the day,  a group member entertains visitors from the north  who tell of driving toward  
about 3PM.  Although it was a warm sunny day,  as they entered the city limits it began to snow. It
came down thick and heavy,  blanketing the landscape,  but when they reached the  downrtown  cross-
roads, it was as if  the snow had been cut off with a knife. Not a flake fell on the south side of town.  
Truly Enlightened Energy Artists,  we become stewards of Earth__ Earthkeepers.  We want to  heal
Earth and prevent more pollution,  but the magnitude of  the environmental challenges facing us  can be
Environmental Healing
Dan Winter
attached electrical coils to a tree,  making it an antenna measuring Earth's magnetic field &
demonstrating how a human being's Love influences local magnetic fields. Together, Earth and a loving
meditaoer form an energy window that affects life in two ways

The Schumann Resonance helps heal  when Earth's magnetic field carries subtle energetic, bio-inform-
ational patterns  that re-structure biochemical processes  at their cellular level
; i.e.__  Earth's  magnetic
field holds informati n that can assist in healing  her life-forms  or environmental elements.  Earth's grids
are the major resonant matrix for all life, intelligence and conscious action on the planet.

When humans, connected with Gaia & Nature and perform
Energetic Intentional Healing, they influence
planetary life by activating Earth's energy to vibrate at the
Schumann Resonance,  and shift the planet's
magnetic field into the client's energy fields. The server's own subtle magnetic fields  focus these energ-
ies like a laser, causing a coherence in the energy fields within and around her.  She becomes a human
pipeline that can increase Earth's magnetic field coherence both locally & at a distance. It has been pro-
ven that  Healers are able to  produce electrical surges  upwards of 100 volts in their bodies  while heal-
ing. This is over 1000 times the normal galvanic skin potential of the body. It is__ however__ the client's
own Spirit Within that heals, with that energy and with Love.

Earth has been imprinted with  the experiences and responses of all life-forms that have lived upon her.
This historical, biological and ecological information can flow into  all life presently here. The Schumann
Resonance  had risen from
7.8,  to as high as 30 Hz.__ or more by 2017.  We are aligning our energies
now as Earth & her life-forms move through the final stages of the Shift. S ome of us are linking the vor-
tex areas via telepathy to cope with long delays or shut-downs in television, telephone or computer con-
tacts during crisis periods.

Chapter 15 we described a pumping action  between the root & solar plexus centers to build up ener-
gy for heating or cooling rooms,  and then projecting it outward  through hands & eyes.  Or,  if the Light-
worker has  opened her crown and eighth chakras,  and activated  the brow-pineal,  (
Figure 7)  she can
radiate this healing energy from her third eye  as a
standing wave . A standing wave is an  energy wave
that continues to move outwardly without diminishing.

Unconditional Love  may be an energetic force in itself,  rather than simply  fueling other forces to trans-
form or heal.  At the
HeartMath Institute,  research suggested  Unconditional Love  has  healing powers
that are physiologically measurable even at
DNA levels. The EKGs of loving  meditators & healers  pro-
duced coherent waves of harmonic frequencies  similar to music ordered along the proportions of
Golden Mean Ratio of art,  architecture,  mathematics and sacred geometry.  Focused U. Love was
found to affect electrical body rhythms, causing the heart center to emit coherent energy patterns to the
brain and the body.

Loving meditators also had  increased immune system functioning,  and can  voluntarily affect  the DNA
patterns in a test tube__  whether the DNA  was in the same room,  or half a mile away, proving that the
strong emotions of a  Truly Enlightened individual can permanently affect DNA.  Healing is a teachable,
innate human capacity, generating neg-entropic, time/space energy fields  that produce patterns of high
coherence  in nearby living systems.

If enough of the  key components of a system  (a social population, for instance)  are  shifted into a new
energetic state, this group can catapult the whole system into a new energetic equilibrium. Even a small
percentage__ a "
critical mass', of humanity could effect an entire planetary environment. A critical mass
consists of  the square root of 1 % of a given population. In a planet of eight billion people, it would take
only about
11,000 to shift the entire environment.

We know  we are all connected  through  the Creator's Force . Loving ourselves and others  may be the
most beneficial thing  we can do for our  fellow humans,  the planet & Her life-forms.  Energetic  healers
not only give and share energy with clients, family and friends, but also catalyze remote healing effects  
for all Earth. Researchers in
Africa and the U.S. found that when large groups of Transcendental Med-
itation teachers held conferences and group meditations, crime rates dropped dramatically in those maj-
jor cities. The crime rates rose again after the meditators left. The implication is that the energy fields of
the loving meditators had calming,  peaceful effects upon the city dwellers.

To Be Truly Human, then,  means to be a loving, living energetic link between Source/Creative Force &
and Earth, serving as a co-creative agent effecting energetic changes in self, the planet & its life-forms.
These groups can work effectively  behind the scenes . However,  since all  transformation  begins from
within, we need to first get our own acts together through
Basic Multi-D Technologies & become loving,
compassionate, spiritually guided beings before we become
Lightworkers who perform Expanded Multi-
D Technologies

Weather Control
In the past,  weather control has been scoffed at  as the superstitious domain of shamans,  wizards and
science fiction. Now, however, science predicts dramatic alternations of both global warming  & mini ice
ages with weather patterns  increasing in intensity  in response to solar cycles and to humans' negative
treatment of Earth.  Earth's summers are getting longer and hotte__,  yet Her winters seem to be  colder
and longer, too.  March,
2008, Denver residents were wearing shorts and sandals one day__ and sho-
veling snow the next.  We need to seriously consider finding ways  to either prevent  or cope with these
weather extremes.
2017, in Magic Valley__ southern Idaho,  highs of 95* F. were frequent throughout
August,  & wild-fires  and the resulting smoky air endangered both rural and city areas,  due to  no rain
all summer long.  Yet,  the first week of
September  brought daily highs of 51* F__ and in Sun Valley,
only 75 miles north of us__ snow was falling!                  

Fall, 1988:  Idaho's  Governor Andrus announces on TV,  that  the raging forest fires in  Yellowstone
Park and hundreds of  other fires in Idaho  are now completely out of control.  Only divine intervention  
can stop them. He requests all Idahoans to pray for rain or snow.

The news media tell of a hurricane forming in the
Caribbean, threatening the eastern coast of the U.S.
Mexico. In deep meditation, I visualize warm, moist air from the hurricane moving northward, and
colder air moving southward out of
Canada  to converge over  Yellowstone and Idaho.  I sense other  
Lightworkers doing the same.
Three mornings later, only a little rain falls in
Lost River Valleys, Idaho__ 200 miles west of  Yellow-
stone, but the winds have abated. By nightfall, the TV news shows snow falling on  Yellow-stone. The
fires are nearly out.  We thank Spirit. Over 1 million acres burned in Yellowstone alone,  and 2 million
in Idaho.  I recall what
Greater Self had said in an earlier meditation about "learning to master the ele-
Taming the Wild Wind
1995: After an enjoyable winter in Arizona,  we return to Idaho in late March, spending a night  at tiny
Searchlight where the corners of Arizona, Nevada and California meet. Hal, our adult son J.& I have
a late supper at the casino and retire  early in our 5th Wheel RV.

Later that night, the wind comes up and gusts so hard I'm afraid it might tip over the RV. This is known
to have happened to people  in the Searchlight area at times.  I decide to try to calm the wind by enter-
ing the Zone and visualizing it to be so.  I get Spirit's permission, & it works in just a few minutes,  but
with Hal and J. asleep,  I hadn't  asked them to participate  in this experiment.  I can calm the winds &
fall asleep,  but after  twenty or thirty minutes,  they rise up again as strong as before. I have to repeat
the technique several times that night.

Neither Hal nor J.  formally meditate or consciously create from within,  so I don't know if waking them
for help would work. I assumed that everyone present  needed to participate  in controlling the wind or
weather by entering  he Zone state. But I have learned through the experiments in heating and cooling
homes that  one person alone can do it,  provided they have  the consent  of everyone else  involved. I
should have asked Hal and J. if they would agree to having the winds calmed . If they had agreed__ it
might have worked  for more than the short periods I was able to sustain the winds alone.

Healing Earth
When ascending to higher dimensions,  we humans need to purify and heal  Earth.  (Chapter 16)  intro-
duced ancient  Vedic rituals from India called  
Agnihotra,  intended to purify our  psychic & natural envir-
onment and create conditions for healing body, mind and Nature. T his ancient wisdom avers that when
environmental pollution reaches a certain level, completely new chemical reactions take place.

1996: When Joyce's outdoor potted plants grow in spirals, we discover a nodal point of ley line cross-
ings at her patio's center, complete with a minor vortex. On her
Wickenburg home's patio, we attempt
an environmental healing technique for the
Phoenix area, 50 miles away.  We use the big quartz crys-
tal, create a Merkaba &perform the Geopathic Stress Lines cleansing as offered in  
Chapter16.  Later,
newspaper clippings relate the public's. increased interest in cleaning up Phoenix's air, water and soil.

The Lost River Valleys of Idaho,  where Hal and I spend spring, summer & early fall, suffered severe
drought conditions for nine years.  Taking a cue from  
The Findhorn Garden, we co-create our yard and
garden with the help and guidance of nature spirits and devas.

An Earth-Friendly Ground Cover
1998:  In a gravelly area of the lawn,  we intend that  a ground cover,  which will thrive  with little or no
watering or mowing  will manifest. Next spring,  three-inch tall, charming green plants  with tiny yellow
flowers  begin growing under our  aspen trees.  It's said to be a weed, but I'd heard somewhere that "a
weed is just a plant in the wrong place" and consider it a loving gift from Nature.

Therefore, I'm shocked when I return home unexpectedly early one day to find that Roundup weedkill-
er has been sprayed on our new little plants. During the next two days, I ponder this event__ Have we
been negligent in our agreements with the devas?  But the deed is done,  and there is no way to undo
it __ Or is there? Are we being challenged with a new learning opportunity? What else is possible?

Higher Self suggests I try
Energetic Intentional Healing on the yard's soil.  I'd been using this modality
with animals and humans for seven years,  but had never thought to use it  with plants or soil. An earl-
ier adventure with structured water grew moss inside a pitcher and on deck railings,  and even produc-
ed a live snail. It gives me the confidence to try. I perform the healing,  and a day or two later discover
that although the top few leaves of the weeds are still dry & brown,  there is new growth from the lower
part  of each stem.  Over the following weeks , the plants thrive & expand across the injured portions
of the lawn and nowhere else. We have our groundcover.


ARC: Alternative Resources Community
I'd been told in meditation that collectively, humans can resolve any environmental or social problems
easily and quickly,  using Unconditional Love while in Unity Consciousness. This co-creativity may be
the  "ultimate healing technique". It is the goal for humanity and Earth,  if enough individuals conscious-
ly participate in the regenerative processes.

Idaho National Laboratories near  Lost River Valleys, Idaho,  have a huge repository for nuclear wastes.
Not only was  Idaho's radioactive waste buried there,  but more was brought  from other U.S. nuclear
sites,  and the latest outrage was the importation of toxic medical wastes from foreign countries. In
2001,  TV news reported that rad- ioactive plutonium was found in the Snake River Aquifer which
passes under the IN
L Site, and provides drinking water for over 100,000 people in Magic Valley,  along
the Snake River Plain  about a hundred miles to the south and west. This includes the Idaho town to
which we relocated in

In July, 1994,  as the  "string-of-pearls"  comet fragments  began to impact planet Jupiter,  a group of
us holistic healers from Canada and U.S. western states, form
ARC: Alternative Resources Community
to attempt healigns for Earth's environment.  The most costly and materially-based solution  for cleans-
ing the nuclear waste that ARC found, came from
Dr. Radha R. Roy,  professor of physics at Arizona
State University, designer and former director of the nuclear physics research facilities at the
of Brussels
in Belgium and at Pennsylvania State University.  His process for transmuting radioactive
nuclear isotopes  involved knocking out  the extra neutrons in radioactive elements  by bombarding  the
isotopes with protons,  causing them to decay  within a very short time. This transformed them into
harmless,  stable isotopes.  The process does not require storage of radioactive ma- terials. Dr. Roy
planned portable units to be built and transported to various hazardous sites  for the environmental

One of ARC
's board members also belonged to our study group as well as being chief nuclear oper-
ations engineer at the  INL Site.  He wrote budgets  for the site's various corporate facilities.  A former
U. S. Navy member, he also had extensive experience  training employees in new nuclear technologies
developed through the site's various corporate and governmental researches. He examined Dr. Roy's
information and agreed that it was feasible. However, the total cost was placed at around $95 million in

Another method tested for neutralizing the INL nuclear wastes was the use of
deinococcus radiodurans,
a mic
robe that "eats" toxic materials. In 2003, the process looked promising, but was is still being tested.

The third method found for transmuting nuclear and toxic wastes was another version of A
the insect repellent ritual from Chapter 16. The recent experience with Roundup seemed to point
towards the possibility of handling  radioactive and toxic wastes  with something  akin to energetic,  
intentional healing techniques.  
Mr. G. Belovari of  Budapest, Hungary sent information,  equipment
lists and prices for an  
Agnihotra ritual for local en - environment cleansing. A copper pyramid is used
under which one burns incense-like materials along with
ghee __ a clarified butter__ and chants or
sings certain mantras while moving the hands in ritualistic mudras. This method,  although costing little
more than fifty dollars in initial expenses,  requires a very dedicated group of people
; the ceremony
must be performed precisely at sunrise every day__ forever-more.

The fourth technique for transmuting nuclear waste  was that of  
Chow Chow Imamoto,  a former
student of
Dr. Marcel Vogel. She used a large  Vogel quartz crystal  to healed energy fields  by pulsing
exorcist's mantras into the earth  to cleanse the negativity
;  then pumped constructive thought-forms  to
fill the void left behind. When the process is complete,  there is  a brilliant light,  often accompanied  by
rainbow hues and later,  pouring rain.  Her method has also been used to prevent earthquakes and
volcanic eruptions, divert meteors, uncover ancient history and geology, eliminate group karma, purify
the soil, water and air and neutralize radioactive waste.

In Ireland,  Chow Chow  and her group  released radiation  out of the  Irish Sea  after the  Chernobyl  
incident.  In Schenectady, New York,  she gathered a group  to clear  
General Electric's  Knoll Atomic  
s  storage ground of atomic wastes.  A year later, the area tested clean of radiation and
toxins and was approved for home building. Trees,  grass and flowers now thrive where nothing would
grow before. The water downstream is again safe to drink, also.

Chow Chow, too,  found that groups are greatly  more effective  than lone individuals for environmental
work. The most phenomenal clearing,  witnessed psychically  by six of a group of nine participants,  
occurred at
Lake Temsecal,  a reservoir behind California's Berkeley Hills. After her procedure,  a 4th
dimensional volcano arose from the lake, spewing molten lava and a fireball as it exploded.

In Utah,  Chow Chow and a student cleansed a steel mill spewing toxic yellow-brown gas over the
towns of Orem and Provo. To avoid inhaling this gas,  they worked from  inside their automobile. A
huge windstorm came up out of nowhere,  rocking the car and  blowing trees about.  Finally,  on the
mountaintop across the valley,  an inverted funnel cloud arose,  sucking up  all the yellow gas. At the
far end of  the funnel,  a white plume of light and a small rainbow appeared. In twenty minutes, the
valley had no more yellow-brown haze and was still clear a week later.

Chow Chow is still working with her crystal  and putting together a workbook that can be used by those
who have
Vogel-Cut (tm) Crystals.  These crystals can be  ordered form Lifestream Associates. They
are expensive,  but a great blessing for those who do a great deal of energy work. (

Super Ionized Water, another high tech substance, was used on one of the most polluted bays in the
world. It became totally clear within a few days. Having an optimal effect on whatever it touches, the
super-water appears to be alive and have consciousness. There are over forty types of   "
"  available now,  each claiming to heal the body or the environment.  Some seem to have
miraculous powers,  and others are short-lived. I f you are interested in these waters, contact
Spirit of
Maâ't Research
, who regularly investigate these products at (www.spiritofmaat.com )

Slim Spurling, Drunvalo Melchizedek and Bob Dratch worked together to clear the environment in a
number of cities. They actually used music  to clean up pollution. One of Bob's audio tapes  plays
sounds  similar to those on  
Tom Kenyon's'  "Wave Form"   tapes.  Bob's audio,  however,  is a
recording of  the vibrations  of the water molecule in clouds and clears negative energies from the
space in which it is played.

When this clearing machine__  called a
 Environmental  Harmonizer__ is turned on,  an energetic,
sacred geometry tube-torus or donut shape forms around the unit,  expanding up to 15 miles  in each
direction. An
Agricultural Harmonizer is also available which will enhance crops and clear pollution
within a radius of 200 miles. These are
4th dimensional  devices,  many of which are  psychotronic.  
Some people can  work well with these tools,  and others cannot. Shape,  sound,  one's state of
consciousness and energy flow  underlie their success. You can access a full account of Spurling's
tools from (
www.slimspurling.com).  Melissa Reynolds posted an article on Spirit of Ma'at relating her
marvelous success with additional experiments with these Light-Life tools. (
www.spiritof maat.com)

Slim Spurling's "Light-Life" tools,  used with Bob Dratch"s waveform tapes and cards, cleared the
pollution in Denver in
1992.  After obtaining permission  from city officials,  Dratch and  Melchizedek  
placed environmental  harmonizer units  at the intersections of  the three major  Geopathic Stress Lines
forming a triangle within the city. The devices cancelled the negative energy of the land between those
lines.  Results were amazing. Not only was the pollution cleared  during the time of their experiment,  
but for the year it lasted, the crime rate went down 36% and the following year 51%.

Drunvalo  Melchizedek stated:  "What I  learned is that  on a quantum level,  the tools are  reversing  
the spin from a negative  or 'dead life' spin  to a positive,  life-enhancing spin".... " The tools  reverse
the spin from dead orgone energy to positive life energy
"  But the Denver officials could not accept that
this process was what swept away the pollution & crime,  and would not sanction continued use.  
Without approval of city authorities  (resident's representatives),  the devices  could no longer be used  
and the smog  returned.  Some people  involved in the cl-eansing experiments also had personal
healings,  but after they  returned home  to sleep or work in the same old, negative Geopathic Stress
Zones,  symptoms eventually returned.  Geopathic Stress Zones  first need to be healed, as described
Chapter 16.

Another device  created by  Slim Spurling's  group,  is the "
Storm Chaser",  which was first tested in
2005 (after Hurricane Katrina) against the hurricanes along the U.S. Gulf Coast and eastern coast. It
was able to divert or lessen the intensity of several hurricanes,  but the team realized  they needed
more than just one  Storm Chaser to dothe job. In
2006,  groups of people in various cities along the U.
S. Gulf and eastern coastline together purchased and used several devices. The result was no more
devastating hurricanes in that area since
March, 2008.

I bought an
Environmental Harmonizer from Slim Spurling that clears negativity from the air for a radius
of 15 miles and ran it  with the accompanying CD sounds  whenever major weather phenomena were
forecast. I also ran it for four months during the  
Summer of 2007  to prevent the  Gooding County  
area from being  affected by the many forest and range fires. Over two million acres burned in Idaho
that summer,  but Gooding County remained safe,  although  we had some minor  smoke problems.  I
find this Harmonizer amazing  for not only clearing local environments,  but also for help with
earthquakes,  hurricanes,  nucear radiation and other global disasters when operated upon related
points on a world map.printed on paper.

High Tech Weather Engineering
In a 1994 interview conducted by  Thomas J. Brown,  Director of  Borderland Sciences  Research
, Trevor James Constable indicated that the concept of the "ether" can be used to
engineer the weather. 'Hawaiian kahunas,  Native American shamans, Kung-Fu masters and others of
spiritual attainment,  have all made use of this force by knowing how to accumulate and manipulate it.

Constable has explored these concepts for over forty years, and presents some of the weather
engineering secrets in his book, "
Loom of the Future." He has time-lapse video tapes of the Ether being
shaped by weather engi- neering  technologies.  Much of his work is  based on the  research and  
experiments by  
Baron  Reichenbach, Franz Anton Mesmer,  Dr. Rudolph Steiner and Dr.
Wilhelm Reich
.  Swiss physicist, Dr. Walter Stark, believes the Ether is identical to prana,  chi, and
the  Lorentz force in  electrical theory. (
Chapter 10)  He has created a way of  measuring  etheric flow.  
Nikola Tesla's  method for transmitting  electricity  without wires  also worked through the Ethers,  
which is what  we've been calling the  
Creative Force Field,  or Zero Point Energy,  related to Richard
Hyper-dimensional Physics.

Constable suggests that we are entering an epoch of devices that are of an entirely new character.
They technically utilize a force  that connects them intimately with its operators,  and that is why
successful use of a cloudbuster is  dependent greatly  upon the  functional integrity  of the operator,  
the cleanliness of his  emotional structure, and upon his rapport with  and understanding of  cosmic
forces like the ether.

The sacred geometry cone or pyramid shape,  triggers access to etheric power  when one  "invites"
the etheric force to enter into  and interacts with it  as it flows  from a higher  to a lower potential
.  The
use of this  technology could rid the world of its insane, corrupting bondage to fuel. A transformation of
human life would ensue when this fuel dependency  is driven from the earth.  The etheric power to do
it  pulses in the heart of everyone reading this. More power is involved in living pulsation than in all the
atomic bombs ever built.

To clear  southern California"s  smog  in
1972,  the late  Dr. James O. Woods  produced a  variation
on Reich's "cloud-buster". Constable later built upon this work, triggering rain from aboard a ship, when
the whole rain mass, sometimes involving many square miles, would pivot around the ship or open up in
front of it allowing them to sail through in near-rainless conditions.  They called this  "
The Moses
'."   The long term effect would be Climate Control.

Constable has little doubt that world government and world control are the goals of the money power
backing en- vironmentalism. The lay environmentalists with their noble motives are ruthlessly used by
the power bloc. History hows that such arrangements are fairly standard in managing that portion of the
general public that cannot be simply anesthetized by twenty channels of basketball, football,  golf,
soccer, tennis and ice hockey. That format has turned Americans into political and economic dropouts
who are being stripped of their heritage.

Constable believes  we now need  an entirely new attitude  for this work .
"We are dealing with  
something that is alive"
.  We need to ensure that  reality and  technological utilities  are not terminated
by compulsively demanding compliance with gross, on-off  expectations. The need to change
ourselves  is universally apparent in this decadden world,  and weather engineering  makes that
demand on us.  With the  ether,  we are  handling  a baby  right n ow. Great care will give us a sturdy
infant in due course.

Environmental Healing Groups
The best defence against violence and civil unrest in the world  may not be  building more weapons,
but perhaps, the  building of bridges of  sharing,  healing and  manifesting that  transcend the
boundaries of families, neighborhoods, communities, states and nations..

The work of past spiritual orders  necessitated the use of cryptic symbols and words  to hide universal
truths from ignorant or  mean-spirited factors.  When truth  and universal law  are hidden  from the
majority,  it  enables those who hold this information to use  false information to spread  their lies. In the  
New  Earth  Reality,  there are to be no more secrets, no elite groups, no secret methods or cryptic
languages, no more mysteries to those who desire to know the truth as per their level of  
consciousness and understanding. That's why this author has been permitted to reveal these skills and
procedures to the public.  We have built upon a  spiritual foundation of ancient teach-ings and are now  
moving beyond that structure.  We are  creating fresh teachings,  forming a new wisdom which is to
remain accessible to every individual who seeks it with a loving heart.

The focus of this Expanded Multi-Dimensional Technology is of your choosing.  First,  
Connect with
Mother EarthGaia
__ love Her, nurture and protect and heal Her. Second, if you have not yet connected
Higher Self/Creative Force, do so now. THIS IS IMPERATIVE!  Love yourself  unconditionally on
all levels
__ physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Stay focused in each moment observing
your own actions,  thought and feelilngs
. Hold Unconditoinal Love and Compassion for your fellowman.  
Heal self on all levels.  Ask Higher Self for guidance as to your next step in consciousness evolution. Of
great importance is
understanding and focusing on your Life Purpose, and Understanding Who You
really Are.
Then Create a Vehicle for Manifesting that Purpose.

For a long time, our intent was to  heal ourselves  and our  relationships as individuals,  and although
that is still a critical need,  we are now learning to  Intend as groups. We may not  be able  to fully heal
Earth  until we  balance ourselves,  our families,  neighborhoods,  work places and  communities.  We
cannot allow  negative relationship issues to  continually re-program
 Geopathic  Stress Zones and
Hartmann Lines
,  neutralizing whatever cleansing had been accomplished with environmental healing

At this time,  it may be necessary to use  very large groups  to effect an  Expanded Multi-D  Technology
for things such as  climate control,  weather conditioning,  environmental cleansing or  prevention of
earthquakes,  volcanic eruptions,wildfires,  hurricanes,  wars,  terrorism,  crime or  plagues. Organized  
Lightworkers  could bring about peace on Earth,  then regularly meditate and intend  to maintain that
peace. At this time, several agencies are at- attempting to do so.
James Twyman and his Spiritual
Warriors group are working on the  Iraq-Afghanistan-U.S and Israel-Palestinian conflicts.  
World Puja  
Beacons of Light  groups  set times for  global meditations  for peace. Spirit of Ma'at,   Beacons of
t and  David Wilcock www.divinecosmos.com  use the  Internet to connect groups globally  and
keep us informed of the progress being made. The online radio show,
CoasttoCoastAM.com regularly
suggests possibilities  for its five to six million listeners  to join in healings.  
Bob Fritchie's  World
Service Insitute
 has recently formed a  Virtual Healing Group. www.worldserviceinstitute.org.  A new
group of 7K members attempts world-wide Intentional Experiment
s led by Lynne McTaggert,

On one hand we are told that our physical planet will manifest even more intense major catastrophes
which could eventually destroy her & everything upon her . On the other hand,  when a  critical mass of
humans expands their consciousness,  Earth and all upon her  will perform group Intentions,  avoid the
long-proposed Armageddon and ascend to higher dimensions. As co-creative Lightworkers, we are
today attempting to manifest a New Earth Reality based upon a  Loving Unity Consciousness of  
Comp=assion and  Service  to our planet and our fellowmen in keeping with  Spirit's  Purposes.  We
are  daily challenged  to visualize that new reality
 as if it has  already been manifested.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.,
 a cellular biologist,  tells how so very much money  has been invested  in
mainstream biology's  and in medicine's  current belief  that the  character of our lives  is determined  by
the genes we inherit and the drugs needed to cope with the chemical distortions of that notion__ that
it's very hard for us to take a good look at alternative beliefs. His video addresses the incorrectness of
three scientific assumptions
: 1.) "Biological processes follow Newtonian physics; i.e., the universe is a
big machine." However,  the quantum era began in
1925, indicating that energy is a major component
of the universe. 2.)  "Genes control  biological expression". Lipton shows that  genes can't  turn them-
selves  on or off,   o they aren't  controlling themselves  or anything else.
3.) "Darwinian evolution
provides for biological diversity." The new relevance is that... "
organisms always match their environ-
ment,  and as the environment changes,  the organisms change  to adapt to those  environments
"What environment are you living in,  and what are your belief systems?  They become  very important  
because what we find now is that
your genes will adapt to your beliefs.  We know, also,  that our
beliefs  also  create our environments.

We  transmuted ourselves into  Human Masterpieces.  We learned to be  Energy Artists  healing  
ourselves and our relationships.  Now we  use our  Higher  Creative  abilities and  knowledge  to  co-
create  with the  
Universal Creative Force as we repair the destructions caused by our material
technologies,  re-engineer the environment and manifest Heaven right here on Earth.  Slowly but
surely,  we are building a  world-wide Unity Consciousness. We are here  offering an opportunity  to
become part o f a global network now forming__ a network that can shift Earth's balance toward a
future of greater peace,  joy,  love,  gratitude, security and  well-being.  Perhaps,  once we're attuned to
our higher creative sides, we can slip in and out of our history, our expectations and our genetic coding
at will
;  maybe return to a past life to re-arrange events  so as to be more in tune with our creative
potentials.  Could we then instantly alter past,  present and  future?  We can, indeed.