Understanding the power inherent in both matter and energy to affect mind and body is the Ninth Step
towards Creating From the Future with Multi-Dimensional Technologies.
When performing Intentional Man-
ifestations or Healing,  we FEEL  the Joy of it , Laughing Aloud,  as we speak to the  Force Field, encouraging the

    *  "Art As A Common Bond"
    *   How higher mental states affect the physical.
    *  Water' as a Common Bond.
    *  Sound, Shapes and Light.
    *  Sports and Movement.
    *  When past, present and future are One.
    *  "The Power of Sound."
    *      Mathematics and Music.
    *     The Blackbird Serenade.
    *     Sound and Thought create Realities
    *   Visual Influences.
    *      Viewing art alters the brain, nervous system and hormones.
    *  The Shamans of our Time
    * Sacred Geometry transfers energy.
    * The Flower of Life.
    * The Phi-Golden Mean Ratio.
    * As art and healing merge, both art and medicine change.

"Art As A Common Bond"
In the late 1970's,  whether I'm  painting outdoors   or in the studio,  the phrases, "Now is the Time" and  "Earth
Shall Bloom Again"
 keep intruding into  my mind and artwork. I'm inspired to paint a series of works on a Reg-
eneration theme. My favorite subjects are  abandoned apple orchards,  whose unattended, twisted stumps and
mutilated limbs continue to burst into bloom every spring for years.

The  Lost River Valley s of central Idaho are filled with  old cabins  barns , deserted ranches and  vast fields and
mountainsides  carpeted with  wild flowers.  As I paint the  charming,  old abandoned places  on location,  tears
spring  to my eyes.  I'm opening to  something  dearly and  lovingly  cradled  within the  valley's  mountain arms...
something nestled  deeply and poignantly  within myself as well.   I sense  Earth entering  a crucial phase  in Her

A large watercolor from the  Regeneration Series__  a gnarled apple tree in full bloom __  is later purchased by
the  Pocatello Regional  Medical Center.  Soon after,  a young neighbor stops by to  thank me  for that  painting.
Her dad was  rushed to  that hospital  after a severe  heart attack.  She and her  mother sat in  the waiting room,  
growing more  anxious and  distraught  as the hours  inched by.  Near midnight,  with still  nothing new on  Dad's
condition, she suggested a walk down the hall to distract her mother.

They came upon the  Apple Blossom  painting  in a dim-lit  corner  with a  tiny lamp above it . Her mother  recog-
nized  the artist's name  as their neighbor's. She gazed at the artwork awhile, then began to weep. The daughter,
fearing for her mother's welfare, asked if she was all right. "
Oh",  said her mother, "I'm fine . I just realized that if
God and artists can create such beauty as this, I know Dad will be all right, too".
When they returned to the wait-
ing room, the doctor had glad news
: Dad was out of danger and would make a full recovery.

Sensing the power inherent in artworks to affect mind and body__ energy artists enter higher dimensional states
of consciousness wherein they can affect the physical realm. With Truly Enlightened individuals,  energy transfer-
ences from the pineal to the pituitary gland occur as we ask ourselves, "
Where is this Higher Self coming from?"
Egos then retreat,  leaving us in control of our minds,  rather than enslaved by them. The energy transference aff-
ects our physical bodies  and touches others as well.  The loving  practice and appreciation of fine art  creates a
Common Bond linking the Spiritual with the Earth Plane.

Water As A Common Bond
Human thoughts and emotions can affect water crystals. After a temple priest prayed for an hour,  the misshapen,
sample lumps of water crystals became transparent, hexagonal "crystal-within-crystal" forms. The frozen samples
had changed even at molecular levels.

Water will absorb information. The purer the water, the better. Water in pure, clear mountain springs and streams
has beautifully formed crystalline structures, while polluted or stagnant water crystals are deformed and distorted.
Distilled water that was exposed to classical music makes crystals with delicate,  symmetrical shapes. When the  
words  "
thank you"  were taped to a bottle of distilled water, the frozen crystals produced  a shape mimicking the
crystals formed by water that had been exposed to  
Bach's "Goldberg Variations" __ music composed to reflect
gratitude for the  man for whom it was named.  When  
Elvis Presley's song,  "Heart-break Hotel"   was played to
this water, the frozen crystals that formed split in two!

When  water samples are  bombarded with  heavy metal music,  or labeled with  harsh words,  or when  negative
thoughts and emotions are focused upon it, the water does not form crystals at all and displays chaotic, fragmen-
ted structures.  When water is treated  with aromatic  floral oils,  the water crystals tend to mimic the shape of the
original flower
: rose oil added to water will cause its crystals to form the shape of a rose. But strangely,  when the
words  "
Do it'  were taped  on the water's container,  they didn't  affect the water  at all ; but  "Let's do it",  formed
beautiful  snowflake-like crystals.
Human bodies and Earth  are both composed  of over  seventy percent water,
suggesting that  the positive thoughts and emotions  we imprinted into  our body's water  hold a  power t o heal
people, animals, plants and perhaps__ our planet.

Sound, Shapes and Light  can affect us  positively or negatively.  Everyone feels inspirations  evoked from the
Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, the Sidney Opera House or the grand cathedrals and pyramids around the globe
the shapes of a swastika , a vulture or skull  can bring feelings of fear or disgust.  For many artists, the very act of
painting is therapeutic during troubling times, improving mentality and lifting emotions. Art heals the split between
old and new realities when it affects bodies, minds, emotions or spirit within.

Sports and Movement
Zen spiritual practices use  meditations and disciplined body movements  to empty mind and body  prior to emb-
bracing that  emptiness of self to  move into  higher consciousness states.  Sports can be a westernized version
of Zen,  producing similar effects.  Most innovative people  pursue some type of sports or physical exercise. Jog-
ging or  brisk walking  are favorites.  Aerobic exercises,  breathing  techniques,  swimming and  Tai Chi or Yoga
clear the head, unite body, mind and emotions and help one to center within Spirit.

The body movements of  dance,  sports and  martial arts are  combinations of discipline and meditation that can
bridge inner and outer realms  to bond 3-D with  higher dimensional  states of awareness.  Commitment is  vital.
When the creative skill of  Self-Discipline is applied to the body , it also structures the mind,  freeing it from  inner
"mind noises". Rather than focusing on  perfecting postures or positions,  when we encourage energy flow within
the body  and keep the mind  pure while  performing,  it assists the  athlete to  calm and stabilize  both  inner and
outer selves. Otherwise, it's like trying to expertly maneuver a well-tuned car through an obstacle course while the
driver is drunk.

Many sports can keep us  in the moment  where we can  access mind and spirit.  
J. L. La Croix,  athlete, coach
and teacher, tells how runners  "hit the wall"  at certain distances
;  but if they push on in spite of mental and phys-
ical fatigue, they move into higher modes of awareness which feed the body the energy it needs to perform extra-
ordinary feats.

C. L. Canine,  black belt holder & former teacher of the Korean martial art, Tang Soo Do, says when she gets
into  The Zone  during a sparring competition,  she suddenly feels as if  
Time no longer exists__  past,  
present and future are one__ and she antic-pates her opponent's next move even before he can begin
to execute i

When a woman anthropologist noticed a similarity of body positions seen in the arts of indigenous cultures of the
world__  many from times and places  that could not possibly have had  contact  with each other,  she and others
adopted those postures in meditations or ritualistic trances, and they all had similar experiences of altered states
of mind.

Physical movement to Music  can further  accelerate consciousness development.  In the
1994, Texas "Flower of
" workshop,  a hundred students  danced in the  dimly lit ballroom.  Without partners,  we simply  moved to the
rhythm and emotion of  uplifting live music played non-stop for hours. Suddenly,  some other force  began moving
my body__  it was as if  Spirit were  "dancing" me.

As I slid out of bed next morning, the sense of extraordinary forces controlling my body was still there
; I was walk-
ing several inches above the surface of the floor.  I wa
s levitating.  Asking the class facilitators about this strange
phenomenon, I learned it was a natural consequence of combining years of meditation with sacred music.

The Power of Sound
When we move to Music__ the heartbeat of energy__ a resonance develops between rhythmic sound waves and
rhythmic body waves.  Dancing allows  energy transfers to  occur. Rhythmic dance music has been shown to per-
form  powerful  healing and  balancing functions.  It charges the lower energy centers,  grounds the physical body
and vitalizes it by pumping energy into it.

Consciousness evolution,  music and mathematics are closely interrelated.  Mathematics__  the physicist's "lang-
uage"__ links  everything  in the universe,  as does  Music
.  Even  hyper-dimensional  (dimensions  beyond 3-D)
realms follow the laws of  musical proportion and harmony.  Shakespeare's works  have special powers because
the words and rhythm of the words dictate Breathing, and the breathing dictates Emotion.

Aware of  ancient peoples'  practices of  aligning sacred site and  monument orientations with  astronomical con-
stellations,  archaeplogists researched  the placement of the Aztec temple pyramids at Teotihuacan near Mexico
City. They found the pyramids  located according to  a musical pattern  exactly like the proportions of the spacing
between  planets and asteroids  in our solar system . One researcher  likened the  processional to a  huge  guitar
with frets along its neck,  with the pyramids and temples marking planetary positions,  at those frets where fingers
are placed to  produce the string vibrations  matching exact  musical scale tones. He then transposed this planet-
fret-spacing   to musical notes  on a printed music staff.  It made chords which  reproduced  the opening  tones of
Strauss'  composition,  "
Thus Spake  Zarathustra",  used as  the  opening  theme  for the film,  "2001:  A  Space

The  Classic Maya spaced their buildings  along the Yucatan processional  in a similar musical-planetary fashion.
They even included several then undiscovered planets__ one closer to the Sun than Mercury,  plus Pluto and one
or two others farther out from Pluto. Pluto was unknown to modern day astronomers before 1930.

Music is perceived as  originating from an  outside source like a TV,  a babbling brook or  someone singing,  but
few people realize that  sound impacts the body  internally. The voice  especially,  has power  to influence internal
organs. Catatonic patients  have been known to  respond to poetry.  When we speak aloud,  our diaphragm vibra-
tes with the sound,  and we feel these word-vibrations  resonating throughout  our bodies. This idea is  behind the
use of affirmations, mantras and chants.

Sound Healing  is a new science. Our bodies will harmonize  with high intensity vibrations when in a musical en-
vironment that forms a unified-energy field. Music begins as sound, but sets up a sort of chain reaction that pass-
es through our thinking and  feeling natures,  and affects our  current state of health.  The  first five minutes spent
listening to the music  entrains our bodies to the music's vibrations. Indigenous people say that the musical tones
of F# , G and A are the most sacred sounds.

Both  sound and music  will bypass  our intellect  and directly  impact our  emotional nature,  releasing  emotional
blocks  as our body parts  synchronize with each other__  simulating  a drug-free therapy. Our
 Intentions  (creat-
ive skill) can ride on sound waves, and Rhythm (creative skill) acts as an "energy pump" through Time .The same
sound of "Ah" can make a plant shrivel up or thrive, depending on our Intent as we speak  it. (See also
in Archives )

Physical  3-D dimensional sound  directly impacts  other dimensions. The sound of  a drum or rhythmically struck
object acoustically alters both the physical and energetic bodies' responses to  the various dimensions. Cultures
throughout history have used music and sound to train mankind's consciousness, whether by the ringing of a bell,
a voice echoing from a minaret to call the faithful to prayer,  the shaking of the shaman's rattle during a healing, a
cowboy crooning to restless cattle at night,  tones of a massive pipe organ  or the soothing tones of  
Canon in D". All can float us into other worlds, introducing us to a sea of alternate realities.

Not only human beings and birds sing,  but so do whales. They can even  memorize and repeat musical phrases.
Mozart,  fascinated by birdsongs, found they produced  basic rhythms  similar to human music. He once compo-
sed music  based on a starling's song. Starlings (western blackbirds) have great vocal talents,  being able to imi-
tate human sounds and music).

"The Blackbird Serenade"
Our California study group met in our RV one afternoon to meditate with Tom Kenyon's  "Wave Form" audio
cassette which was inspired by the sounds of nature and designed to help us attune to Earth. After twenty min-
utes of meditation, the tape ended,  but although we turned off the stereo, the sound continued. Then we reali-
zed the music  was coming from outside. About forty western blackbirds  had gathered in a small tree just out-
side the open door. They imitated the  Wave Form" music perfectly for another five minutes.

While writing or painting, I like loud music. Not strong enough to injure eardrums or annoy the neighbors, but loud
enough to  vibrate my physical and energy bodies  to higher frequencies. The kind of music  we choose is import-
ant. It must be emotionally positive, lest we negate our emotional body while trying to vitalize the physical. Our in-
tuition knows  what music is uplifting.  Music can even  enhance our  spiritual path  when it  inspires us  positively.
When classical or good music makes our heart sing, our entire being feels ecstatic. Certain patterns of sound in-
duce states of mind that aren't otherwise easily accessed. When uplifting music moves our focus toward Creator
Source, we'll resonate more closely with The Force's vibration.

When the music is "negative",  we begin to feel uneasy, then irritable, then angry, and the body will some-times e-
ven produce  physical pain.  Most of us have seen people dancing to music so disturbing,  so discordant, that the
only way  it gets people vibrating  is by deafening them.  The dance when becomes  a sort of  beastly orgy where
we see the participants' faces twisted into weird expressions somewhere between a snarl and a sneer. Remem-
ber__ when we express a word or thought audibly,  we project it out to the world in a
standing wave;  it begins to
outwardly manifest__it becomes our physical reality

A  "Flagstaff Live"  news brief, August, 1997,  reported on the first place winner of the Virginia State science fair.
David Merrell experimented with mice and music. First he built a maze that took the mice ten minutes to negoti-
ate. Then he played  classical music  to one group of mice,  and  hard-rock to  another group f or ten hours  each
day. After three weeks,  those mice exposed to classical music made it through the maze in ninety seconds. The
rock music mice took thirty minutes.  Merrell added, "
I had to cut my science project short because all the hard-
ock mice killed each other. None of the classical music mice did that

Creativity  contains  intellectual  energy.  Applying it  not only  relieves boredom,  but can  also  make us  smarter.
There's  a direct link  between  hearing and learning. Children hear  while still in the womb.
Mozart's music, play-
ed at low level, stimulates and integrates the brain, improves learning capacity,  overcomes learning disabilities,
enhances creativity and spatial intelligence,  reduces stress  and raises IQ  in children and adults,  evidenced by
The Mozart Effect" and "The Mozart Effect for Children"__ CDs produced from research by  French physician,
Dr. Alfred Tomatis.

In western society,we move from activity to activity, insensitive as to how nearby sounds affect us. Music helps us
to draw  images from within.  We can watch  our individually unique  pictographs emerge,  discerning shapes and
colors suitable for healing mandalas or collages,  for murals, fabric arts or for hanging art when ill. T
o Be Human,
then, means to have inherent gifts for influencing natural processes through the arts.

Visual Influences
In late 2005  the local School District,  due to lack of funding,  had to cancel art and music classes in the element-
ary grades,  and use the money  on academic subjects  so students could  raise standings  in the  Bush Adminis-
trations'  "
No Child Left Behind" program,  requiring children  to be regularly tested on governmentally prescribed
questions,  and produce higher test scores every year. If there was no improvement the following year, the school
would lose federal and state funding.

This was particularly difficult because in this area of Idaho, classes consist of one-third hispanic students__ many
with little or no English language skills__ one-third mentally, emotionally or physically challenged students__ and
the other third  ordinary students.  The Idaho State School for the Deaf and Blind  exists in town,  and its students
are also  main-streamed through  the public schools  part of each day. Very little improvement  was shown in test
scores,  which had the school board,  administration,  teachers and parents greatly concerned. Not only were the
scores disappointing,  but with only academic subjects being memorized,  requiring no original solutions, and be-
ing regurgitated on command, the students were either mentally over-loaded, bored or both.

An after-school-enrichment program  was formed for the elementary grades starting January,
2006. The Students
could choose whether to take part or not. Using both teachers on staff and community volunteers, several classes
were made available,  including one on drama and another on drawing__ this last taught by members of the local
art guild. The drawing class became so popular, the waiting list became twice as long as the number of desks av-
ailable in that classroom.  Parents,  students and teachers  soon began  praising the results of this new  program,
particularly the art classes, which were at first limited to 2nd through 4th graders as a trial run.

At the next test period,  academic scores rose and continued to rise,  showing a 37% increase at the semester's
end for those elementary students enrolled in the creative arts classes  after school.  It seems that  creative chall-
enges and problem-solving activities actually do raise IQs, and keep the two sides of the brain interactive.

Plans were made to offer after-school arts, music, dance and/or drama classes all year long,  and to increase the
time from  2 to 4 hours a week.  Middle School students would also have their  specialized creative arts activities,
and even the month-long summer school would offer similar choices.

Most innovative people are well-balanced psychologically  and soon discover how  visual images can be transfor-
ming.  Research by health organizations has shown that  even simply  
viewing art changes attitudes and physical
conditions by  altering brain wave patterns,  affecting autonomic  nervous systems,  hormonal balances and brain
neuro-transmitters.  Paintings and  sculptures  have been placed in  hospitals and  institutions  where the  sight of
them  lifts thoughts and emotions and  precipitates  healing energies  not only in patients,  but also in  visitors and
staff. Attuning to Spirit/Creative Force by any means, is the most healing thing we can do for ourselves.

Our energy centers  transmute energy  from higher levels down to the physical.  
(Figure 2)  As beings of light, our
auras-energy fields  glow with color.  Each major center  resonates with  a certain hue.  The lowest  center at  the
base of the spine  corresponds to the color red and the musical "Middle C". The tone of "D" resonates to the re-
productive 2nd center and the color orange. The brow chakra holds the color indigo and vibrates with "A", and so
on up the scales.  Depending on the state of our  etheric energy body,  each of us beams our personal vibrational
rainbow to the world at large. A photo of an aura appears in
Chapter 1: The Creative Modes.

Just as  
Sharry Edwards  heals with her voice  by replicating  missing tones  from the client's voice,  we too can
meditate on colors and colored light to foster  regeneration and wellness to our physical bodies. The effect is am-
amazing  when the personal color vibrations of the aura and the astrological planetary positions are formed into a
("Uranus Rising").

In the distant past,  art and healing were one.  Art was used as a  transformational tool. About 16,000  years ago,
hunters drew animal shapes on the cave walls at Lascaux, France,  to entreat the spirits of those they needed for
food . In
2001, another cave was  discovered near Cussac in the  Dordogne  Valley of  western  France,  once a
stronghold of the Knights Templar. It held drawings of wild animals such as hybrid bears, birds, women and erotic
imagery  and is believed to have been made  between 22,000 and
28,000  years ago.  Experts are still analyzing
drawings and engravings found in
1994 in a cave of the Ardeche region of France, dating back 32,000 years.

Scientists examining some of these caves noted there were a series of dots on many of the animal's bodies. One
fellow  who had musical training,  saw how these dots corresponded with musical notes. Later, when they brought
musical instruments and played those tones,  the hoofbeats of the animal bearing those matching dots was heard
galloping through the cave. This  astounding phenomenon  indicates an extremely  high level of technological de-
velopment in what we used to think of as "primitive humans".

Medicine men and women used rhythmic sounds and sand painting images to heal.  Agricultural peoples drew or
molded fertility figures,  and sang and danced  to encourage bountiful harvests. Spiritual groups all over the world
still use art and musi  to attune to the Creator for healing.  We are now recovering this ancient wisdom. Many art-
ists are  developing spontaneous  powerful paintings  holding regenerative  energies,  relying on their intuition to
guide them.

In tribal cultures,  the shaman  altered his  consciousness  with various means  to viewed  the hidden worlds, then
shared  what he'd seen  with the tribe  using music,  art,  dance and   storytelling  to manifest  those  visions. Sha-
mans are those men or women who explore other-dimensional worlds,  and act within those worlds. This ancient,
magical healing may be the way our world was created from Spirit's vision. We are all Creator's great vision

Artists producing transformational sounds and images are the shamans of our time, experiencing their whole lives
as vision quests, seeing and hearing the images and voices of the living Earth. It is about going into our source of
power,  and doesn't need a teacher or a trip to India or Tibet.  It only needs us to see Earth,  and all life upon Her,
as sacred, and to connect with and surrender to Great Spirit and to Earth around us. Then we can
spiritualize our
physical body
__  which is the vehicle by which we ascend permanently to the next dimension along with Earth __
by re-framing every portion of our daily life as sacred and healing.

And finally, We do the Healings:  We heal ourself. And then we heal others and Earth; and as we do this, we dis-
cover and  realize just  Who and  What We Are, because  Earth has  gifted us with  Who We Really Are  and with
What we areTto Do Here as we thrive upon her bounty. We will find our "Home"__ the place were we are perfect-
ly loved __ and we will  demonstrate  our inner artist and healer and  Be Ourself always__  for we are all her most
beautiful children, her visionaries__her artists and shamans.

Sacred Geometry
As I photographed, sketched and painted from nature,  I began to see and feel a basic pattern running through all
visual forms. This pattern also resonated with musical notes and harmonics. It was as if  I could " hear"  light, text-
ure,  color and form,  and "see" tones,  harmonies
,  rhythms and  whole passages of music and sounds as they fit
into that  great pattern.  I began using this matri  as an underlying foundation  for my paintings.  I built up shapes,
colors,  lines and textures of trees,  people,  mountains,  flowers, buildings, birds__ everything visual__ based up-
on this underlying blueprint__ realizing how everything is interrelated with everything else.

And then I invented and inserted shapes and colors  not actually perceived with my physical eyes__  images only
sensed  as inherent to the patterns I saw  from both nature and self.  My work  became  a combination of abstrac-
tion,  impressionism and realism all in one composition,  giving it a mystical quality. Attunement to the unseen en-
ergetic forces of nature renewed my childhood and youth relationship with nature spirits, auras and energy fields.

My dear friend Melissa, knowing of my interest in nature's patterns, sent copies of pages from  
Robert Lawlor's
Sacred Geometry" (then out of print). In it I recognized the Golden Mean Rectangle and Spiral forms (Figure 6-A)
as part  of my compositions. The  Golden Mean  proportions  were used by  Renaissance and  Old Master artists,
and are still effective in today's art and architecture. Sound,  Light and
 Geometry are the foundation of all 3-D phy-
sical things.

Years later,  I opened to past lives,  and worked t  release their  "traumas"  through  Basic  Multi-D Technologies.
Then Melissa sent video tapes from one of  
Drunvalo Melchizedek's workshops "It's so much  like you've told
me about your past lives and bizarre experiences
", she said. The renegade videos had been taped by a student
in one of Drunvalo's early "
Flower of Life" seminars on Sacred Geometry.

And there was my Oneness Pattern in its entirety__  the pattern I'd perceived  as underlying  everything in Nature
and upon which I designed my paintings
: 'The Flower of Life." And yes__ it IS the universal matrix through which
every thing  our in 3-D existence manifests. (
Figure 5.)

April, 1994 I had the privilege of taking the ten day intensive  "Flower of Life" seminar in Austin, Texas with one
hundred students  from  around  the world.  Drunvalo  has now written  
"The Ancient Secret  of the Flower of Life,
Vol. I & II"
,  based on those workshops. He presented ideas astonishingly similar to what I'd experienced in past
lives, and in this life, since an NDE at the dentist's__ the "pop" which awakened me to the inner path twenty-eight
years earlier  (a Saturn cycle).  He also presented  a profound and  expanded  exposition of  Sacred Geometries
and how they can assist us to raise our consciousness. Sacred geometrical shapes raise our consciousness ev-
en if we simply view them!

The Flower of Life symbol is found world-wide and is "
the primal language of the universe; pure shape and pro
." Reality itself  is created   through the proportions of its geometry.  It is a language of a very high  and ex-
tremely precise level. This design contains the  Kabalists" T ree of Life,  and another important shape  is formed
when the centers of two equal-radius circles are placed on each other's circumferences. The area where the two
circles intersect forms  what is called a  
Vesica Piscis   (Figure 6-B).  Shaped like a human eye,  it symbolizes a

Certain geometric designs  affect both consciousness and physical states
.  We feel this when we  view the archi-
tecture and art of the Renaissance,  the Great Pyramids,  the statues and structures of  ancient Rome or Greece,
Stonehenge and Mayan, Aztec or  Egyptian monuments and temples.  
Claude Monet  knew that when a particu-
lar flower was blooming, it would be at a peak of Harmony (a creative skill) with every other blossom, bud, leaf or
twig in his garden, no matter what its stage of growth. He expressed that in his paintings.

An ancient truth states that...  "
all life emerges  from the same  blueprint."  Scientific tests found that  any set of  
chemicals  arranged in the same  geometrical order  as found  in a rose  will smell the same.  Exploring  Sacred
Geometry, we see that life springs from the same source__ the intelligent force some call 'God, Spirit, Creator''.
We gain an expanded perception of the universe: All of reality is sacred.

The Flower of Lif
e pattern,  considered sacred among both ancient and modern cultures around the world,  holds
are, Triangle, Spirals, the Vesica Piscis, the Tube Torus and many more. It symbolizes the inner-connectedness
between all that exists. The Platonic Solids__  Sphere, Tetrahedron,  Icosahedron and Dodecahedron are found
in the basic construction of organic life, as well as in music, art, language and even in consciousness. They affect
us on subconscious levels.

Both the
Golden Mean and Fibonacci Spirals are the primary energy patterns for all vortex formations. The Gol-
den Mean Spiral is formed upon the  Phi sequence of numbers, and the Fibonacci Spiral upon the Prime Number
sequence. The Fibonacci sequence is Nature's way to create the Golden Mean using whole numbers. These two
spirals were important to the great cultures of history__ and still are today.


Golden Mean Spiral                                                             Fibonacci Spiral

Viewed from above,  a Golden Mean Spiral  (Figure 6-A)  appears as  the layout for the  Giza Pyramid location in
Egypt and also for the Glastonbury plain (Avebury, Silbury Hill and Stonehenge) in England. If we place a Golden
Mean Spiral above a zodiac chart wheel,  the
shadow cast by the tight,  center spiral  falls upon the cusp between
Aquarius and Pisces.  Astrologically,  humanity began moving  from the Age of Pisces  to the Age of  Aquarius on
December 21, 2012..

When this center spiral is laid upon Earth's North Pole, the curving line points directly  to the Four Corners area of
the U.S.A.__ where Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico meet__  long held sacred  by southwestern  Native
Americans.  I used a similar Spiral to locate the Idaho Stargate and the "eye" of its vortex,  by laying it over a map
of the three buttes in the Arco High Desert which reflect Orion's belt as do the Giza Great Pyramids. See
for more on Sacred Shapes)

The Phi or  Golden Mean ratio is crucial to our consciousness evolution because it has been found to exist in the
harmonic frequencies of our hearts at the very moment we send Love to another being
.   It occurs when electrical
and sound fields  around the heart form  
loops within loops, within loops  as they converge  according to this  Phi
wave ratio. It mathematically and musically demonstrates the Oneness phenomena.

Pyramids have been shown to produce measurable changes in the human brain's electromagnetic behavior. The
energy of particular geometric shapes correlates with sound waves. An object's
shape  can intensify the transfer-
ence of energy
. This energy exchange  takes different forms,  including electrical energy,  heat,  light and sound",
confirming that geometry combined with Sound has definite effects on people and plants.   (See  

Flanagan's, Begich's and Makela's researches show that there really are no mysterious pyramid powers, for a-
ny time we place a cone or pyramid  at the center of two poles in an electromagnet, the magnetic flux lines incre-
ase in both volume and density. So the angles of the pyramid itself manifest an axis on which an EM Wave is cre-
ated without refraction, s o the waves separate from each other,  with each frequency  or rotational force working
inde-endently of each other,  until it meets another wave with a similar frequency,  when it forms  the same  rotati-
onal force. Whenever these two waves (or a large number of similar waves) meet, the force that forms is a
rather than the sum of the waves, and the force is also the sum of those waves squared (multiplied again-
st them-selves). This gives an extremely high rotary force at the top of the cone or pyramid, which can be measu-
red as remarkable increases in the magnetic fields.

Tube Torus is a donut-shaped,  geometric form. If you wrap yarn around and around a donut to entirely cover it,
with each cord of yarn passing through its center until,  at that center,  every cord of yarn will exactly touch  all the
others, and you will understand the Tube Torus__ the sacred geometrical shape  of the energy field around a hu-
man being and around Earth. It's the energetic shape of our Milky Way galaxy. Its form suggests tremendous ps-
ssibilities for communication within and around it. To see an animated image, go to__ and scroll down to "The Torus in the Harmonic Resolution

Geometry  has become  a major tool for  understanding  the new physics of Time and  molecular bonding." The
Flower of Life symbol  CONTAINS ALL KNOWLEDGES,  and illustrates  the CONNECTIONS underlying all life
everywhere. This fascinating field of study is an amazingly vast subject, far beyond the scope of this book.

We've mentioned how the creative potential of humans is so profound that  
Hitler and Stalin feared it,  imprison-
ing the intellectuals and creative people from Germany and the countries they invaded and exterminating millions.
Therefore, it was a shock to hear a participant on
"CNN Live" Talk Show May 11,1998, announce that some fun-
damental religious groups had succeeded in banning even the use of the word, "
imagination" in New Hampshire  
schools.  A similar effect is developing in the U.S. where schools focus on math and science,  dumbing-down our
children by  eliminating classes in creativity,  imagination and  discussion,  preventing the integration of their right
and left brains.

Creating with energetic as well as with  physical mediums,  artists can now express  through profound processes,
integrating  the common bonds of  Art,  Science and  Spirituality  for the 21st Century.
Edgar Cayce said  "Light"
is the  medicine of the future:  "As art and healing merge,  the field of art will be  changed  and the field of medi-
cine will be changed".
For many of us,  healing art is a spiritual path, a transformational process,  a way of being.