"When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate."
Carl Jung
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            Chaos States.                                   
     * Moon Phases.
            Creating With the Moon.
            Living On the Pluto Lines.
            Releasing the Past.
     * The Mayan Calendar.
     * The Great Year.
            Cycles of Racial Consciousness.
            The Galactic Artist.
             * Matter will participate in its own development.

Timing is the Sixth Step towards Creating with Multi-Density Technologies. There are op-
timum times for intending healing, personal transformations & environmental changes. When per-
forming a healing or manifestation,  it helps to find the
age of the client and/or the  date when the
problem began, relate it to the appropriate Moon Phase & schedule an Intention for one of those
dates. "
The Farmer's Almanac" lists the Moon Phases.

For even more information, check the Moon's positions in an
EPHEMERIS__ a book listing the zo-
diac positions of all the planets, Sun and Moon over a period of 1000 or more years.  You can ac-
cess a free one at

GEOCOSMIC RESEARCH: "ASTROLOGY":  is a timing device for understanding and
activating the energy codes of our solar system and galaxy.

It provides appropriate timing for healing or manifesting, & for evolving our consciousness.  Some
people's birth charts hold a rare planetary configuration called a "
Yod", indicating Spiritual Energy
coming into manifestation__
if the individual can bring it to fruition during his/her lifetime.

We can begin our energetic intentions by finding the best
Moon Phase Days, & the Local App-
arent Sidereal Time of Day
:  ( .  This is the time
each day when we are aligned with the  Galactic Center and are 400 % more psychic. That web-
site also gives the correct longitude  for your geographical location.  Be sure you correct for your
Time Zone, and for Daylight Saving Time, if necessary.

The Best Moon Phase Days for Healing, Transformations or Manifesting are based on the
age of the person involved, or the date of the situation's origin as listed below:

Moon Cycle Phases    
The Moon circles around  Earth and the  Zodiac Wheel over an average of about 29 days. There
Eight Phases to every Moon Cycle,  each lasting about 3 ½ days.  You already know this, for
you see the Moon change the shape of the light it reflects every night throughout each month.

Moon Phase Issues.
At The
New Moon Phase, when we cannot see any Moonlight,  we instinctively start  some new
project or vision. Three and a half days pass between phases' and at the next:

Crescent Phase: information arrives about that new idea or vision.

Another three and 1/2 days later__ The
First Quarter Phase urges us to take specific action tow-
ards manifesting the project or vision.

And at the
Gibbous Phase, a major decision about that issue confronts us.

Full Moon Phase two weeks after the New Moon, brings Revelations concerning the cycle's

At The Disseminating Phase,  we share what we've learned with others.

Last Quarter Phase enables Manifestation of the issue into 3-D reality.

After another 3 1/2 days__ the final phase__ he
Balsamic__ arrives for letting go,  for detaching
from the old and
preparing for a new issue at the next Moon Cycle.

The eight phases of the Moon correspond to our Humans' seven energy centers  (chakras),  plus
an eighth center above the head that communicates with  
Spirit's Creative Force Field,  which sits
one octave higher in its vibrational frequency (
Figure 2). Our intellect can then evolve beyond Tii-
me, Space and Dissolution. (See
Archives for more.)

A planetary cycle technique taught by
Robert Kent Myers (www, in his "On Tme
" workshops, weaves the eight Moon Phases with the Native American Medicine Wheel. It's
an excellent technique to clear one's subconscious
; and with permission, a condensed version is
offered below, as taught in this author's own "
Cycles  of Change" seminars.

Myers' theory purposes that the Eight Moon Phases of each month correlate with specific
ages of an individual's life and related personal development.

New Moon Phase relates to the years from birth to age three & a half.  Each month, a
New Moon Phase provides opportunities to
 feel what we felt at birth and during our first  three &
a half
years on the planet. That feeling motivates our choices & experiences at each New Moon

For example, Carol was born in a hospital while her mother was fully sedated. Within minutes of
her birth, a medical emergency pulled the staff from the room for a few minutes. No longer sens-
ing human presence,  Carol's emotional body was immediately imprinted with feelings of  U
.  In addition,  she'd had  several past lives  in which she was  deemed unacceptable by  
significant persons or power groups. As an adult,  during
any New Moon Phase, she could be in
a room conversing with dozens of people & she could still feel "alone" or "unaccepted." That may
or may not be true,  nut the point is Carol will  
believe it's true  because of the way she was impri-
nted at birth,  and she'll  attract situations  to herself  in which she  feels unacceptable,  until she
understands and resolves it.

Every  New Moon Phase each month  shows Carol  the way she begins new things in life.
Because of her acceptance issues, It may be difficult for her to begin anything spontaneously__
her usual way may be backing off at first to gain time for deciding what to do or how to do it. Her
astrology birth chart shows she has Sun and several strong planets in the sign of Aries. She ev-
en married an Aries man.  It is Aries's lower nature to act spontaneously without thought of cons-
equences. Carol set herself up at her own birth, at marriage,  and later with the birth of an Aries
child__  with strong energies that pushed her to confront & recognize patterns of unacceptance
and to take the initiative in new situations. Each of us has been imprinted with inner "programs"  
that we replay long into adulthood.

Every 3 1/2 day New Moon Phase also corresponds to the first 3 i/2 years of our life. It al-
so relates to the period when we are between approximately
29- 32 1/2 years old__when Saturn
to its location in our birt chart: a time encouraging a human to ground whatever they had
learned about physical life on the planet onto the physical planes of Earth
. (At that age, this au-
thor resumed painting after seven years spent raising her three children to school age.)

A similar opportunity related to a New Moon Phase, occurs at the Second Saturn Return,
when we are between ages
58 and 62.  However, this time it's our  spiritual lessons, beliefs and
that we attempt to anchor into Earth's physical reality. (At that age, this author beg-
an teaching seminars which led to writing this text.)

Third Saturn Return can occur at age 84: as we prepare to drop the physical & material, while  
maintaining in spirit, the wisdoms of this lifetime for our next reincarnation.
(This author is now'
age 84, as she "updates" this web-book!

To uncover the birth-related programs we're facing in adult life, we can access them through me-
ditation, dreamwork, tarot cards or
I Ching during any New Moon Phase. Don't try to work on birth
issues or anything related to the first three and a half years of life at other Moon Phases__  
at the New Moon
. It simply will not work well, if at all. For instance__ if you were born with a birth
defect, the best time for healing that defect would be at any monthly New Moon Phase.

Example: If your dad left home when you were 12 years old, you could best access that issue at
any month's
Gibbous Moon Phase.

The Moon and Saturn Cycles determine the exact Timing of the Ages and Phases or ac-
cessing,  understanding and resolving  life's challenging issues.

The Phases and related Ages are listed below in simplified form. Add 28 1/2 years onto each per-
iod to find the corresponding
1st Saturn Return period; and add 57-59 years to find the corresp-
onding 2
nd Saturn Return period.

New Moon Phase: 0 - 3 ½ years old: Instinctive energetic urges toward a new project or vision.

Crescent Phase: 3 ½-o 7 years:  Programs for survival and attracting information about the new

First Quarter Phase: 7 ½ years - 11 years:  Taking conscious action toward grounding the new
vision. Stepping out into something new.

Gibbous Phase: 11 - 14 ½ years:  Creativity Phase. Decision time. Analyze & prepare in pract-
ical ways.

Full Moon Phase: 14 ½ - 19 years:  Intensity leading to Revelation & Illumination. Most in touch
with our shadow side, our alter-ego.

Disseminating Phase: 19 - 22 1/2 years: Energies need to become less personal, more imper-
sonal or collective.
Distributing, sharing our truths.

Last Quarter Phase: 22 1/2 - 25 years: Successful manifestation of what was "birthed" at the
New Moon Phase__ if we took responsibility, took our power willingly, and followed through.

Balsamic Phase: 25 - 29 years:  Letting go.  Closure. Turning it over to a greater power. In this
phase,  there are  no "answers"__ only faith and trust.  Pay attention to what
intuition and synch-
reveal, and "allow" it to manifest via Spirit-Creative Force-Universe's processes.

If we don't release from the current Moon Cycle issues at the  Balsamic Phase, whatever  
still holds an emotional charge will manifest later as emotional garbage

Whatever we drop at this  Balsamic Phase,  we may pick up again  three months later, to
find that either we must have another go at it__ or that it's been changed to something more man-
ageable that can be lifted to more expanded levels.

Now it appears that  conjunctions:  (when 2 or more Planets, Sun or  Moon__  meet at the
 Zodiac Sign and  Degree) are even more powerful for manifesting, healing or cere-
Geocosmic Research
Geocosmic Research (astrology's contemporary definition) has been ridiculed for centuries, and
society tended to view it through a double standard. On one hand,  it was laughed at as illogical,  
unscientific nonsense. Yet__ it's used today by politicians, celebrities and businessmen to aid in
decision-making and timing
; but they don't  want it known. Astrology is now taught world-wide in
universities. Several US presidents have used it, and major investment corporations retain asto-
logers on staff. The
Mayan Calendar and its emphasis on December 21, 2012, when dozens of
astronomical cycles united simultaneously,  began shifting Earth, & those humans who were pre-
pared,  into higher dimensional existences,  opening the public to a renewed interest in astrology.
Most of us were extremely disappointed when it seemed that "nothing happened" that day.

What did happen__ but was kept secret__ was that thousands of "blue spheres"__the energetic
spacecraft of the  
Blue Avians Alliance__ arrived to fly around our Sun aiding Earth and all Her
life-forms in  releasing from the influence of the Dark ET's  that have been trashing us & our pla-
net for hundreds of thousands of years.
 (See Archives for more.)

                                               Chaos States
By 1980,  I was enjoying the pinnacle of my painting career, receiving national recognition, awa-
rds, and at last__ a decent income.  I was a member of the prestigious  
Salmagundi Club in New
York City,  the I
daho Watercolor Society, American Artists of the West,  Midwest  Watercolor So-
and the American Professional League__ New York,  Washington, D.C., Chicago, Amster-
dam, London, Montreal and Toronto. I felt I had finally "arrived' on the international art scene. Ag-
ents promoted my work throughout the American West and in New York City, Canada, Europe &
South America. A market value was established for my paintings which were regularly purchased
by corporations, collectors and investors. We prepared to expand to Japan...

                                      But Higher Self-Spirit had other plans.

I had achieved my youthful goals of both self-sufficiency and exhibitions in  Paris, France   I'd fol-
llwed all the rules, all the "thou shalts" and "shalt-nots"__ but life was disappointing
; it seemed fu-
tile to keep pursuing just more recognition, still more income.  I wasn't happy.  I wondered
: "There
must be more to life than this. But what is it?"

"The Seeker"Awakens.
Then in 1982  I developed an inoperable, heart valve dysfunction & was told "get your affairs in
",  for I had  up to six months  before I would have to  choose between sudden death or  an
operation offering only a 50-50 chance of survival. It was a major turning point. Life could end. I
stopped painting.  I had an identity crisis
:  If I wasn't an artist anymore,  well__  who or what the
was  I?

At breaking points, we must alter something.  Change occurs in cycles & chaotic cycles
occur regularly, offering opportunities for transformation.

Scientists and psychologists researched chaotic cycles and how to deal with them. Some physic-
ists now suggest that chaos is not a state of disorder, but

"A type of unstable order with very complex processes".  In fact:

haos is necessary for Higher Creativity to occur. Science knows that random chaos states
prefer to event. Something was about to "event" from deep inside me.

Our psyches contain  personal creative energy that, when first contacted, works wonders for us.  
But, until full hookup with Higher Self is achieved, we soon exhaust our limited, personally crea-
tive resources and must rely on mind and logic. If we try to apply higher creativity to the material
world without first establishing inner guidance from  H.S., the circuits jam up. With no place to go
__ our personal creative energies fall back into old habits for expression__usually, negative emo-
tions and thought patterns.

But at chaotic breaking points, higher creativity can begin to flow.  Artists are constantly concern-
ned with integrating change into their work. If the usual way no longer works__ or becomes extre-
emely boring, they try something else. As the watercolorists learned

"We must  cooperate with unexpected events rather than attempting to control them."

With life, as with artwork, we ask ourselves:
"What else is possible?"

"Where can I go from here?"

"What needs to happen next?"

We contact the  Creative Force subconsciously  through creative arts, meditations,  dreams, vis-
ions, Exceptional Human Experiences (EHEs), Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP), Near-Death Ex-  
periences (NDEs) Bi-locations, Out-of-Body Experiences (OOBEs)__ or at crisis points when we
break through in a desperate attempt to escape suffering.

I discovered that I had been
channelling  most of my paintings from higher sources. Once we  op-
pen to expanded creative powers, the trick is to integrate our everyday minds and resources, and
accept the more inclusive Creative Force as part of our New Identity__ to

Become as One" with The Creative Force."

First Enlightenment
As health declined, I dropped art shows, galleries and agents to paint only on commision__ spe-
cific orders from clients.  The extra time allowed for reading  
Edgar Cayce books on  alternative
healing and doing more meditation and dream-work.  I began to feel better__ but something else
was still nagging at me.

While assistant librarian at the Gooding Public Library  in the early 70's, I had become  intrigued
by some late 19th century books on astrology. A hundred years ago,  astrology dealt mainly with
a  "doom and gloom" approach  for unhappy futures.  I wanted something newer and more posit-
ive. But around
1970, local bookstores did not carry metaphysical materials, and personal comp-
puters were still someone's dream. I was unable to find what I needed.

Fourteen years later (half a Saturn cycle), I found and ordered three astrology books from a met-
aphysical  book catalog  before presenting  a workshop  for the  Idaho  Watercolor Society  near
Boise. There I met  
Jan Van Schuyler,  an unusually talented lady whose life & mine correlated
with unbelievable synchronicities. Even her eye retinas  and the palms of her hands  were mirror
images of mine.

Jan was a  professional astrologer  who had studied  that subject  at Oxford University, England,  
and was cutting back on chart readings  to develop her painting talents.  I mentioned how health
issues had forced me to cut back on painting,  and I'd considered astrology but had trouble find-
ing the right books and teachers.  She told me what books to buy__  they were, of course__ the
very same books I'd just ordered!  We arranged to meet occasionally  and exchange astrological
knowledge and painting advice. She was an apt painting student & opened me to amazing astro-
logcal wisdoms.

Creating With the Moon
When applying this Basic Multi-Dimensional Technology of "Timing", we first uncover,  then har-
monize our greatest challenges,  releasing ourselves from the  "
ghosts of the past".  As Cultural
learning to cope in a  rapidly transforming world,  we intentionally create change  and
shift life toward the positive. Our human ability to reach new heights of understanding is how we
evolve on Earth, both individually & collectively as a race. The environment within which we now
create is
Consciousness itself.

Moon Cycles affect our daily inner nature.  In astrology, the Moon  triggers past programs__ out-
moded emotional spiders & mental cobwebs__ woven into our subtle bodies & stored as cellular
memories in DNA. The ancients watched lunar cycles through  stone circles & monuments mark-
king the times of eclipses & the horizon points where the Moon rose and set.  If you  go outdoors
at night, and learn to  attune to the Moon, you can travel into the Dreamtime,  where you can coll-
ect information about the relationships between  minerals,  plants,  insects, & animals, & discover
how these vibrations resonate with Grandmother Moon's sky journeys.  

Just as our Sun relays incoming galactic information to Earth,  the Moon acts as a  
screening de-
, holding back the intensity of the Sun's codes as they reflect off the Moon's surface, until we
clear our past memories.

Together, the solar-lunar cycles activate the creative process of the Eight Moon Phases.

Energy networks interlacing Earth, Moon, Sun, planets and our human energy bodies, also activ-
ate  our personal programs to resonate with mankind's past and galactic energetic blueprints.

We learned how to use the
Moon Phases for more successful healing and manifesting. Now it ap-
pears that
conjunctions (2 or more planets, sun or moon meeting at the same zodiac sign and de-
gree) are even more powerful for manifesting, healing or ceremony.  This could be the basis for a
New Astrology.  The dark elite have known this for eons,  using it for their dastardly deeds.  Five
conjunctions were evident during the first 5 days of this New Cycle__ the
9-27-15 Lions Gate__
and they were prophetic.
Astrologer Jim Lewis discovered that our past lives may connect with certain geographical loca-
cations on Earth, over which__ one or more passages of natal planets are strongly activated.  If
we don't actually go to such places,  they'll one day contact us through meditations, dreams, vis-
ions or by TV or Internet,  because we hold similar vibrations to events that once occurred at tho-
se spots. We may also attune with the thought-forms imprinted into Earth by the humans who ex-
perienced intense past events at those sites. An
example of the theory's effects is offered here:

In the 1980's,  Hal and I attended an art show in Boulder City, Nevada. We parked our rig at an
RV Park on the shore of Lake Mead, and at the show several people told us not to miss the Fri-
day Night Fish Dinners  at the Lucky Strike Casino near our campground.  We took their advice
and the buffet dinner was superb.  Of course,  to reach the dining rooms, we had to pass by the
roulette, blackjack and poker tables, and long columns of slot machines.

As we exited the casino after dinner,  passing again through all the gambling devices, we stop-
ped a moment  to view a display  in the window of the gift shop.  We laughed at  some comical
items,  and as we turned  to speak to each other about them,  we both  suddenly saw ourselves
dressed in odd clothing__  standing in  some other casino,  somewhere else.  Hal wore  a white,
ruffled-front shirt  with a dark brocade vest,  string tie and watch chain,  and some narrow black
bands on his arms. I was wearing  a bright red strapless dress, with a ruffled skirt reaching  just
below my knees.  My legs were encased in black fishnet stockings, with high-heeled red shoes
on my feet.  In my dark hair  was a large,  fluffy red feather!  What surprised me most,  however,  
was my complexion__ it was quite a bit darker!

Both Hal and I  saw each other and ourselves  in this attire.  We laughed,  at first,  but suddenly
were quite sober,  for we realized  IT WAS US__ in the casino of  an  old-time  paddle-wheeler
steamboat.  After a few minutes,  the vision  faded away.  We laughed nervously about it,  won-
dering just where and when this life had occurred.  
It was not unusual for me to have glimpses &
even long dreams or meditations about past lives, but this was Hal's first such experience.

Living On The Pluto Lines.
It was Christmas, 1988, when Hal was notified that he was to transfer to St. Louis, MO. for office
work with the UP Railroad.  We had 9 days to close up our house, get our affairs in order & drive
the 1700 miles to St. Louis in four feet of snow by
January 3rd, 1989.  

Having worked with astrology professionally for quite a few years by then,  I was rather concern-
ed, for Jim Lewis's classes had indicated that Hal and I__  born only a year apart, would
both ha-
ve our "Pluto Lines" running vertically down the, only a few miles east of St. Louis, acc-
ross the Mississippi River. To live near one's Pluto Line, "
Forces" either Soul Transformation
__ or Death!"

Before we left Idaho, I had a vivid dream of being the daughter of a Caucasion father and an Afri-
can mother, arriving at St. Louis on a riverboat on the Mississippi River  with huge explosions en-
gulfing the entire harbor filled with ships and boats in flames.

All hell was breaking lose loose with people screaming,  dying and floundering in the river. I was
pulled from the water by a  bearded middle-aged man who turned out to be the captain of a pad-
dle-wheeler with a casino! But my parents were not so lucky__ they both drowned.

"Cap'n George" kindly took me under his wing, and since I was a lighter-skinned, attractive young
woman, I "passed as white", learning to dance and sing  as an entertainer on the boat. I was call-
ed "
Mandy".  Also on the paddle-wheeler, was a handsome man in his 30's who was a card deal-
er and croupier in the ship's casino. We eventually fell in love, but could not marry,  as although  I
was only "half black", and "passing", it was against the law for anyone with black blood to marry a
white person.

The boat carried passengers from St. Louis down the Mississippi to New Orleans & back.  As the
years passed,  we became involved in the "
Underground Railroad" carrying messages up & down
the river, arranging escape routes for runaway slaves.

After waking from this dream, Higher Self told me it took place "
about 1850". I then did a Past Life
Recall on the rest of that dream

Several years later, I became pregnant. I knew that often a bi-racial woman might birth an ances-
tral throw-back__ a baby born with a very black skin.  Pregnancy alone would end my job on the
paddle-wheeler, & being unable to marry or support a child in a place where most "darkies" were
jobless, would be disastrous. I recalled my mother mentioning some distant relatives living in "the
old ways" in the bayous near New Orleans. I sought them out. They gave me herbs & cast spells,
causing a miscarriage. The soul of this dear child is now one of Hal's & my sons in our 20th cen-
tury life.

So back to the future: We crossed the St. Louis city line the hour George W. Bush took over re-
Ronald Reagan as U.S. President.

Our first stop was the downtown Railroad Office Building. I stayed in our car,  stuffed to the roof
with belongings,  and watched over them, while Hal checked in.  As I waited,  I saw a  drug deal
go down  not 8 feet from me,  and across the adjacent park,  about 10 young men  wearing clear
plastic hair protectors, entered a tiny barber shop. In five minutes they all emerged carrying tiny
pu-chases. (Oh, yeah__ haircuts?)

Hal received info on St. Louis motels where we could stay until we found a more permanent ab-
ode. We choose
Day's Inn, and settled in for the night.

Next morning, we came down for breakfast at
"Geribaldi's"__ the motel dining room with the best
Italian cuisine  I'd ever seen in 25 years.  After breakfast  we were amazed to see__  through the
glass front doorways, on both sides of the street__ long lines of people marching up & down, ca-
rrying signs on wooden sticks and shouting.

An old fellow sat in the foyer reading the Sunday papers.  We asked him what was going on. He
: "You don't want to go out there right now. There was a bombing at the family clinic just ar-
ound the corner,  and the two sides__ the pro-abortion and the anti-abortion advocates are mar-
." (Ouch!__ Pluto was already at work!)

After a day of viewing various living quarters,  we settled in for dinner back at  Geribaldi's  that
evening. To my surprise, black-robed men began arriving,  greeted by the chef & waiters as "Bi-
shop", "
Father" and "Monsignor". We were surrounded by catholic priests and clergy.  I began to
perspire. I'd had another past life as a Cathar healer in France during the time when the Knights
Templar__ with whom  Cathars were affiliated__ were attacked,  and I was tortured & burned at
the stake by the Jesuit Inquisition.
(Yoicks! Get me out of St. Louis!)

We then were told that the huge St. Louis Cathedral was only a few blocks down from Day's Inn,
& the Catholic diocese headquarters were also near there. Next morning, we opened the papers
to read a HUGE headline
Pluto,  you old rascal__ I'm in for it now.)  
Yes__ you probably guessed it__ I'd had  another life-
time as an Essene healer during the time of Jesus' crucifixion,  and years afterwards,  under the
Roman cruelty.  

We had to live in downtown St. Louis in
1989 to be a few blocks near Hal's computer training for
his new work, and unknown to us at that time,  St. Louis was the most crime-ridden city in the U.
S. The "
Cripps" & The "Bloods",  notorious street gangs had just transferred to St. Louis after be-
ing driven out by Los Angeles.  We could see City Hall  & a police station across the street from
the roof of our 14-floor apartment house__(Oh, goody!)
There were sirens going off night and day on all sides of us__ fire trucks,  police cars & wagons
& ambulances__ "Oh, My!". There were, at that time,10,000 homeless people on the streets, put
there because  President Reagan had closed  most of the institutions for the mental, emotional,
drug & alcohol challenged__ and said they must live elsewhere & visit  "Half-Way Houses"  set
up in cities where they could check in for meds & advice. Well, few__ if any__ of those "Houses"
had appeared. There were 3 Missions within a few blocks of us, but these were already filled to
the rafters.

Within 2 weeks, I knew where to go if I wanted a fake drivers license or passport.

If I arose at night & peered out our 8th floor windows,  I would see dark figures in hoods, creep-
ing along  against the base walls of  the other apartment houses,  with huge black plastic sacks
on their backs, stuffed with
only-god-knows-what.  This, despite big searchlights continually pl-
aying across the fronts, backs & sides of the apartment houses to discourage burglars from cli-
mbing up on the balconies.  

We parked in a 7-level underground garage, with attendants & passwords, and entered the buil-
ding's basement from there. Also in the basement were a beauty shop & laundromat. Uniformed
guards patrolled this area every 15 to 20 minutes, always using a differing route & time for each
visit. No, you don't mess around with old Pluto! I soon realized that my "
Soul Transformation" in
this area had to do with "
The Overcoming of Fear" and Forgiveness of Past Life Traumas."

The first Sunday morning in our new home brought  complementary Sunday Papers__ plus pam-
phlets  and a booklet about  St. Louis's history,  restaurants,  museums and such.  I eagerly op-
ened that booklet's cover, but gasped aloud when I saw a huge photo of__Oh, Yes!__"
The 1850
Disaster in the St. Louis Harbo
r" when a boat caught fire, rammed into a ship loaded with amm-
unition. The explosion killed hundreds of people, sank over 50 boats and burned the entire city
wharf front.!   
IT WAS ALL TRUE!        

We soon adjusted to the  culture shock", & learned to enjoy the city's many beautiful parks, con-
certs, entertainments, restaurants and especially__ the huge art museum and  Gateway Arch. We
were only a block and a half from  Union Station with its many unique shops,  events,  and even a
lake inside with small paddle-boats to ride on it.  I was doing mandala paintings for people,  and I
joined several astrological groups, a Metaphysical Enlightenment Group of America,  MUFON,  &
took astrology classes from internationally famous astrologers. We also tried  to help some of the
10,000 homeless, displaced street people, though most were so mentally "out of it" that they were  
unable to grasp that we were trying to offer them meals or phone calls to relatives..

Then, around
Christmas 1989, in morning meditation__ a  "different voice" came through to say:
"You have completed your contract & mission here on Earth.  You are about to have a 'rebrithing
;  but you can choose whether to die the physical body and go on to some other type
of existence, or you can choose to resurrect and remain on Earth to continue assisting the una-1

Whoa! DIE?__ What was THIS?

January, 1990,  I developed a strange pain at a point beneath the right side of my back.  It nagg-
ed me night and day, and I was losing sleep. I realized that I had been spiritually  "set up" with the
move to St. Louis for this__ and was now being asked to extend my mission/purpose/task here on
the planet. The need had obviously become globally critical. So I said  
"Yes"__ Again!

But"__ I  said__ "my health would need to be greatly improved,  as I am not physically capable
of doing a very good job the way
I am now."

In a few days,  the pain became great enough to send me to the hospital ER  and 8 days of tests.
(That back pain, of course, stopped the minute I lay down on the examining table.)  While there, I
had another Near Death Experience, (NDE)__ a wonderful,  amazing merging  with Jesus on the
He was not dead!  He was in a coma__  which changed my spiritual understandings for-
ever. He developed his Light Body and became immortal. He still walks this Earth today.

The doctor called  a week after I returned to our apartment,  saying that  they could not find  any-
thing wrong
;  that I did not have a heart valve problem,  and there was no evidence that I had ev-
r had one! In November, 1991,  Hal retired and we returned home to Idaho. And there,  our new
local doctor examined me & asked
:  "What do you do for a living?  You have the heart of an ath-

Wish I could tell you more about "
Our Two Years Living on the Pluto Line" but it would take an en-
tire book.
Planetary Energy Grids hold original memory patterns, and through major Vortex Points on a grid,
intelligence can be transmitted to all parts of the planet, allowing for the downloading and dispers-
al of information to and from all parts of the globe.

There are energy grids for Earth that hold all the information and thought-forms that have ever oc-
curred on this planet,  that are occurring right now, and that will ever occur.  We often refer to this
grid as the "AKASHIK RECORDS."

When you are in a higher consciousness mode, you can access these grids and get any informa-
tion you need, provided you obtained Higher Self's permission first.

Intelligence Energy Grid activates according to  galactic cycles evolving from the 5th den-
sity. Our Sun moves once around the zodiac wheel each year__  the Moon
,  goes  around  Earth
monthly. Mars circles the Sun about every two years and Jupiter takes twelve. The longest cycle
__ Pluto's__ lasts about two hundred  and forty-eight years.

Once we release our personal subconscious programs connected with geographical points we be-
transmuting  (lifting to a higher vibrational level)  not only our own negative imprints__but also
__ whatever had been earlier imprinted into those locations by others.  We open to new  harmon-
ic vibrations as we  spread Light to all who visit there. On a world-wide scale,  it would neutralize
history__  our violent,  ignorant, materialistic, selfish  linear past__ and open Earth and Humanity
to new programs from galactic harmonics. That's how shamans and  geomancers  heal the planet
at sacred sites and vortexes.  They clear themselves first, then imprint the locations with new vib-
rations. Each of us can be a shaman or geomancer wherever we live.

NEWS FLASH: 7-1-1987:  The space probes have proven, almost without a doubt, that there IS
a TENTH PLANET orbiting around the Sun. By calculations it's about 5 times the size of Earth, &
orbiting at right angles to the orbits of the other planets.

Then, in
2008, astronomers found more indications of the probable tenth planet in our solar syst-
em with an orbit of from
3600 to 25,920 years. All planetary cycles trigger energetic mental, emo-
tional and spiritual patterns within us. If desired, we can alter those inherent patterns to more po-
sitive out-comes, using Basic Multi-D Technologies.  

Scientists working with NASA's secret space program, released information to the public in
that there are actually  40 more Suns in our  Milky Way Galaxy,  each having numerous planets,
moons, comets, etc.. No__ "We Are Not Alone"!

"Oneness" is a harmonic vibration, a resonance between two or more entities Moving in Cycles,
Time forms bridging points
__ opportunities for  Oneness__  between creative energies and  3-D
.  If it's biochemical, it involves Time__ Sun, Moon and planetary Cycles. One might envis-
ion Jupiter orbiting the Sun as an analog,  a basis for logic,  to the sacred geometric pattern
: The
Flower of Life
 (Figure 5) a 6th density, energetic matrix for structuring, re-structuring & imprinting
thoughts, feelings and spiritual beliefs into Earth and human minds.
Every physical thing on Earth
is formed from this pattern.

At the University of California, Berkeley,  research showed that changes in our perception & con-
cepts about ourselves actually affect our endocrine glands , releasing hormones  and altering our
brains and nervous systems

Because everything is connected with everything else, as each of us transforms__ all of
humanity is impacted as well
__ like lines of dominoes that topple when just one is nudged.

Timing for the chemical codes in our bodies  first imprints into our pineal glands through
the areas between our eyebrows at the moment of our birth
. This timing correlates with the
Ascendant zodiac sign of our astrological birth chart wheel. The zodiac degree of that point on the
wheel, and the aspects/angles to it from planets at birth disclose our individual purpose or mission
for incarnating into the present lifetime.  (
Archives for details)

Releasing the Past
Since our subconscious registers and stores all the actions, thoughts and feelings  that once did,
or now do impress us, when we are
 In The Zone,  we can access those events, thoughts &  feel-
fings even after sixty or more years have passed. We then clearly see how our inner life has been
the engine driving our outer life choices. Trouble is, when the subconscious focuses on programs,
reactions and mainstream "
do's" & "don't's" from our past, it blocks Higher Self's full guidance. The
clearer we become, the better our connections with both Earth's energies and Spirit's Divine Guid-

After a chaotic turning point,  we become very determined to increase our awareness & heal our-
selves. We want to be free from the outworn emotional, mental and spiritual baggage we've  car-
ried since birth (possibly even through past lives) and be fully guided by H. S.  Earth needs fresh,
clear minds and hearts for the virgin fields of Her New Reality

Childhood & youth are veritable swamps of emotional quicksand for most people, as physical ail-
ments often germinate out of old stresses. The traditional method for releasing from one's past is
with psychotherapy or hypnotic regression  under a skilled and qualified therapist.  Years may be
spent clearing "
false gods" or "sacred cows" from our subconscious. We've already passed 12-21
and are well into ascension. We need faster ways to clear our minds of old phantoms. Ex-
orcism,  Re-birthing & Inner Child work are alternate ways to deal with any childhood and past-life
wounds. Group love with Healing Circles also helps. But we need other people and qualified guid-
ance for those methods.

To more quickly release old baggage, we organize a plan of activities using  Basic Multi-D
and then activate it:
(1) We Bond with Earth & Nature.
2) Meditation or Dreamwork links us with H. S. and Spirit for guidance.
3) We evoke Unconditional Love at will, adjust attitudes & establish a higher quality of life by giv-
ing emotions free reign, yet managing how we express them.
4) Astrology provides another method for empowering ourselves__ more of a "do-it-yourself"  ap-
proach combining meditation with natural planetary Time cycles. Astrology, meditation and H.S.'s
guidance enable us to examine past attitudes & beliefs, dropping old baggage in as little as a few
weeks or months. Art, too, is a healing force,
Chapter 9: "Art as a Common Bond."  I used the arts,
astrology and energetic healing to regenerate my damaged heart valve.

Even health issues seeded in very early life traumas can be researched through astrological cyc-
les. The
Munich Rhythm Theory developed by Dr. Wolfgang Dobereiner, MD, psychiatrist & ho-
meopathic practitioner,  combines natal astrology with psychological interpretations  and indicates
homeopathic remedies for resolving troublesome issue brought forward at birth from past lives. A-  
lthough English translations are out of print,  a used book source may have a copy.  "
The Munich
Rhythm Theory
: Patterns of Experience in the Astrological Diagnosis & Homeopathic Treatment
of Illnesses,  Vol. 1,
"  and Textbooks of Astrology, I, II and III,"  were used in the astrology semin-
ars I offered as aids for releasing from the past and assisting with personal transformations__  IT

The Mayan Calendar
An additional powerful astrologically-based tool for clearing the subconscious is the Mayan Calen-
dars. There were 17 different calendars  used by the Maya,  but we need only  concern ourselves
with two of them. The
Long Count Calendar is involved with the December 12, 2012 date. If  you
want to understand more about the
Universal Plan for Consciousness Evolution. the best source I
know is at ( Search: "Ian Lungold".

Mayan Calendars & astrology teach the
Time Codes for events materializing in Earth's Third De-
nsity. Their ancient astrological system is based upon concepts of multi-dimensionality__  several
density realities existing simultaneously in the same location at the same time. The
Sacred Tzolk'-
in Calendar
's 260-day year teaches us through real life experiences how to "play magic" between
third, fourth & fifth densities.  It holds the pattern for co-creating with the energetic levels of the
universe__  an excellent tool for attuning to Galactic Creative Forces

As with other tools for interacting with Time, the Mayan calendars also present the current  Galac-
tic Cycle of Creative Intelligence
__ The Great Year__ 25,920  years long. Our current Great Ye-
ar began with the second failure of the Atlantean civilization. It reached its half-way point between
12,500 and 13,000 years ago when the Great Flood resulted, and the Great Pyramids were built.
February 2, 2013__ Earth was 42 days into the Ascension Process.  It was difficult to determ-
ine whether humanity or any individual had shifted to a Higher Density existence or not, if we want
to verify this Shift by what was occurring in the world outside at that  time. What finally seemed to
be happening,  is that many people's consciousness & creative abilities  were transforming within
themselves. Some said that an "
inner birth" of the "New Human Soul" had occurred.

Cycles of Racial Consciousness.
The earlier-presented monthly Moon Phases and Tzolk'in Calendar dates can be seen as
steps in a continually cycling, creative spiral

28-day Moon Cycle  and each 13-day Wavespell, present opportunities to heal our personal
past. Similarly, the cycles trigger off the unresolved issues  from our Human Race's Past, guiding
us toward a more beneficent collective future.

Cycles of Sun, Moon & planets also relay galactic intelligence triggering our personal pr-
ograms to resonate with
Humanity's Collective Consciousness Evolution as a whole.

Mankind's racial cycles of consciousness unfoldment  also relate to these solar system cycles, as
we finally surmount our adolescent stage__mutating into adult spiritual beings, mastering our feel-
ings and thoughts. Just as we related the three and a half days of a New Moon Phase  to the first
three and a half years after birth__ we can  apply those time fractals  to the larger cycles of hum-
anity's evolution of consciousness
: ( Archives.)  

Information from the Archives  indicates that  The Last Quarter Phase of our  
Creative Intelligence
 began October 28,  2011,  & culminated over December 21, 22, & 23, 2012 as Earth
Herself manifested into a Sacred, Higher Density Planet. From now on, we humans,  according to
our personal level of consciousness, are either ascending along with Earth into the
4th__ & later,
5th density__ or remaining in 3-D earth reality to continue our " education". Hopefully all of us
will soon have ascended fully into the
5th Density as the old 3-D Earth reality fades away.    

The Galactic Artist
The primary purpose of the  Creative Intelligence Grid  is to allow humans  to serve first
as planetary, then as galactic artists
. We discovered how to contact, activate & manifest input
from the higher realms through music, sports, films, paintings, literature, inventions or other forms
of Creativity. We began to experience both "magic" and "miracles."

We once perceived "Magic" as something that accidentally happened beyond the normal
laws of physics; and "
Miracles" as unusual phenomena triggered by divine intervention.

At the more advanced,
True Enlightenment Stage lightworkers know that they themselv-
es play a co-creative role with Creator's Intelligent,  Loving,  Purposeful,  Self-Organizing
Force in evoking both magic and miracles
. As our personal creativity evolves, we find we real-
ly can create magic.

"Spiritual Magic" or "Spiritual Miracles",  are terms for linking Creator's galactic purposes
to the physical plane, creating new personalities, new social structures, new cultural rea-
lities for Earth

Magic & Miracles seem to defy Nature's Laws.  Galactic Artists are  co-creative individuals who've
gained the skills to lovingly negotiate in both energy-unmanifested &  
material-manifested worlds,
acting as Spirit's agents, manifesting divine galactic blueprints into space and time on this planet.

Conscious reception of encoded, higher thought-forms occurs through regular Meditation
or Dreamwork listening to Heart's Voice__Spirit Within__ consciously attuning with solar-
lunar or  planetary cycles  for a direct input of  that part o f the galactic plan which we are
ready to understand and cooperate

Over the millenia,  a grid of monuments and temples was erected to receive, to record &
further broadcast stellar programs throughout the world.

But now__ Heart Lovingly transmutes the stars'  Language of Light  into forms our intuitive senses
can understand. When these messages from Creator's  energetic realms are willingly and lovingly
acted upon, broadcasts become lengthier, clearer and more frequent.  Eventually, a channeler,  a
healer, spiritual teacher, or an energy artist springs forth to serve__ linking compassionate Loving
thoughts and actions with those of other individuals__
telepathically__ and creating beyond Time
and Space.

When we "Become as One" with the Life-forms of Earth we can join "AS LOVE: with the very heart
of a human, animal, plant or mineral  and sense if it has developed to the peak of its intentions, or
if there is  un-manifested  potential still yearning for release. And when invited__ we can, iif we so
desire__ help to facilitate that release through the Timing of astrological Moon Cycles.

Artists who  work with higher vibrations  inspire matter  to participate intelligently in its
own development and re-creation

In fact, when we link galactic purposes with our own, we find that
Matter will re-create itself  with
results surpassing anything we might have imagined.
The materials themselves inform the en-
ergy artist of the possibilities inherent within them

But if our culture remains glued to the  goblins of its past__ denies its  Multi-Density, Co-
Creative Powers,  or renounces its capacity for  Unconditional Love &  Unity  Conscious-
ness,  it also destroys the Spirit of its Children__ & thereby Negates its Profound Future.

Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies