P. G. M. Atwater describes dimensional adventures as triggering off  "brain shifts" ... (in)... people
who undergo  a spiritual transformation,  religious conversion,  NDE,  shamanistic vision quest ,
kundalini  breakthrough, certain types of head trauma  or being hit by lightning.  But it can also
result  from the slow,  steady application of spiritual disc-plines,  mindfulness techniques,  or
because, in a prayerful state,  an individual simply desires to be a better person.

If we have OOBE's, Bi-locations, NDE's or other intense transforming adventures,  we'll wonder if
we've had a shift in consciousness  or just some kind of  "high", like at a crowded,  noisy rock
concert or religious pageant. How can we be sure that these reversals are genuinely miraculous?

True brain shifts result in
permanent consciousness changes, remaining in effect for the rest of
our lives__ or until the next brain shift.  We can tell when  someone is in  process of shifting,  or
has had a partial or full brain shift, by the type of behavior changes made during and afterward.

Even our bodies change after an  inter-dimensional event activates a valid brain shift. Allergies
may suddenly appear__ or disappear__  whether or not we've had previous reactions.  Only a few
states or nations have legalized alternative medicine. Those who have had a true brain shift  may
find some herbs or prescription pharmaceuticals toxic to their physical bodies  after their
transformations  because the herbs' or drugs' lower vibrations pull their energy fields down..

Because we behave differently than we did before the intense peak experience,  our outer life
changes,  too
. Events that trigger  True Transformations  are immediately followed by the breaking
up of all that was shattered.  But if actual transformation into a new life has occurred,  this stage
can be viewed as a final phase of the entire transformation process.  Even if the world surrounding
us remains the same, we will each interpret it totally differently. We must take the initiative to act
upon the advanced knowledge we've gained and accept re-sponsibility for the creative power
unleashed when we do.

Consciousness shifts  often unveil  greater truths about  creation's story.  By Journaling  both
inner  and outer experiences as we explore mystical encounters,  we come to better understand
humanity's origins and thereby,  it's destiny.  Over time , our peak encounters  help us realize  
what has been  the greatest influence in our lifetimes. For those on the ascension path,  even
traumatic outer events can ultimately have deep inner meanings that propel them towards their

True Enlightenment  can be chaotic and even threatening  to the brain shifter  who refuses  to
break out of old egocentric and materialistic beliefs. Some will gravitate instead to the dangers of
glamour, intoxications, and the temptation to escape into sleep  rather than confront the inner
dragons.  But for those who  accept chaotic change,  it can be liberating and even healing,  
promising new horizons  and new freedoms.  We then use our creative potentials to bring beauty
and balance into our own lives and into the lives of others.

We are  
Energy Artists__ Transducers.  Transducers change energy  from one form  to another.  
Through our individual  and collective intentions,  reality is altered  nd transformed.. This is crea-
tivity  at its most  positiive __ the divine universal power that we want to awaken.

Drunval Melchizedek says,  "the greatest changes in consciousness are not when you go to
Tibet, or the Great Pyramids or Macchu Picchu
; they happen in everyday life, in ordinary
situations".... "especially with the family and those close to you.  Everyday relationships hold
potential for great change in every person.

So instead of thinking that people need to  
do something in order to accelerate,  if they could
only see the sacredness of what is right before them, they would understand that the portal back
home to Spirit-Greater Self and to a sacred life is there at every moment.  Right where you are,
right now. If each one of your acts is done with pure love,  it will transform you,  and everyone
around you. So instead of looking and thinking that something has to be special or extraordinary
for the change to happen, just realize that it is present at every single moment

Entrapment occurs  when one believes one is a physical body  and that if the body hurts,  one
hurts too. Illusions occur  when there is still a need to obtain  the things the illusions represent.
With the capabilities of both halves of the brain available now,  the door has opened to our
becoming more intensely aware, more able to control some of the inner processes that can distort
thinking,  sometimes even to the extent of causing physical illness.

As Energy Artists, the bond between the subjective and objective sides of life crystallizes.
Paranormal exper-iences show us that consciousness  really does operate beyond time and
space.  Powerful and coherent Un- conditional Love propels us into those expanded dimensions.
When such a sacred emotion is present,  time and space may become 'fluid',  and persons dis-
connected  by hundreds or thousands of miles  can suddenly feel intimately connected.
Numerous  True Transformations  took place during our  Ascension Processes. They might have
resulted from Near Death Experiences, Bi-locations or Out Of Body Experiences, religious and
shamanic vision quests, kundalini events or head injuries. However, most of these Breakthroughs
came from a patient, slow and steady application of spiritual principles, accompanied by ascension
symptoms of pain, exhaustion and those danged "cleansings".  We found ourselves becoming a
recluse, for reasons not of our choice, so that we would spend time in contemplation and the
seeking of "What AM I Supposed to Be Doing?" For most of us, our Higher Selves, meditations,
dreams and Inner Guides pointed the way. Eventually, we had to admit that We Have Changed,
After All". And our Outer Lives Changed as well!                              

5-14-11: From the Higher Selves: "Your body, as of others living in the Light, is indeed having
its final transformations. We know it has not been easy and we applaud your efforts to stay
positive as much as possible. The 'down' days are usually due to energies coming in that will
push the "cry" buttons for more releasing, and for finding out that you don't really "need" some of
the things you thought you had to__ or wanted to__ or had or do. The lack of mental focus is due
to the earth changes__ you will feel that the outer life is like a dream and the inner, the 'real"

"There may be more soreness and unusual sensations in the pelvis and lower torso now due to
the ascension and body changes. The lower torso/pelivc area is the only part of the body that has
not had major physical transformation symptoms other than the big bellies since the physical as-
cension began."... "
Group Intentions will begin to manifest publicly in June."
"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX