I had thought that when I let go of all the old notions
                                           I might find love, quiet joy and peace at last.
                                           And then, perhaps, show others how to find it, too,
                                           And maybe the world would be a little better place
                                           Because I had tried.

                                           Instead I found each grand idea replaced with another,
                                           Soon to grow dim, as well.
                                           Past was Now. Future was Now. Time moved not.
                                           I no longer knew the difference,
                                           Nor cared.

                                           Today, even ideas and meanings disappear
                                           And I am left with nothing.
                                           I seek nothing. Find nothing. Know nothing. Feel nothing.
                                           I have become as nothing. And suddenly__
                                           I AM EVERYTHING.!
                                                                                                                    The Mongolian.

Understanding Creation is knowing What it Means to be Truly Human. Once we were Warriors__ then we be-
came Adventurers, and now we are Masters of Multi-D Technology & Time__ self-realizing that collectively
__ we Hu-
mans and Earth are the Ultimate Works of Art.

        *  "Night Visitors."
             Humans as the first beings to ascend in physical bodies.
    *   "Linking Spirit and Earth."
    *   "Directing our Own Evolution."      
    *   "Cycles of Change."
             Earth Changes.
    *   "Cosmic Mothers."
    *   "The ET Factor."
    *  "Coming Home Again."
             The New Children.
              Into the Future.
              New Reality Living.
    *   "The EME Waveform."
                                                                                           Education in the New Reality.

The Night Visitors
Magic Valley, Idaho , February, 19, 1999:  After only a few months in our new home,  I'm awakened at 2 AM by the
house shaking and rumbling. Fearing another earthquake,  I try to wake Hal,  but he doesn't seem to hear.  I reach
over and shake his shoulder. He still doesn't respond, although he's gently breathing.

The house calms down,  but lights are on in the great room and I hear all sorts of noises.  It's electronic equipment
__  the TV is blasting,  the microwave humming__  even the dishwasher is churning,  and from the laundry room, I
hear the washer and dryer rumbling,  and__ is that a vacuum cleaner?   
Now what's going on with this blasted elec-
trical stuff?

Sitting up in bed, I lean over to peek through the sliding glass doors into the living room windows beside the patio.
Every light is on in the house except for our master bedroom and bath.  Some intruders a
re in our house and mak-
ing themselves quite at home without our permission!  I'm afraid to investigate alone, but  I still can't wake Hal.

Then two people,  or beings__  I'm not sure which__  move from the short hallway to our bedroom and stand a few
feet inside the door,  staring at me. They seem like twins,  for each is an exact duplicate of the other. Although en-
tirely naked, their genital areas are obscured in some way__  like one of those blurred areas you see on TV when
they interview someone  who wants their face hidden.  My first thought is of  children,  for although they're  about 4
feet tall,  they're somewhat chubby,  like toddlers. Their foreheads are high and their bald heads too large for their
bodies.  I'm reminded of aliens,  but their features are normal,  without the large slanting eyes of the "Grays",  and
their skin is as pink as my own.  I do note their strange ears__  like ours,  but without the outer flap-like part__  just
a sort of  tiny ridged hole__  and a little slit of a mouth  with a nose  that is just  a slight bump  with two  small holes.
We gaze at each other for a few minutes. I ask who they are and why they're having a party in our house. They say
nothing, just continue to project their eyes as if they want me to realize something.

Finally,  after several minutes of  staring in silence,  I feel the humor  of the situation.  I put my thumbs  in my ears,
spread my fingers wide  and wiggle them wildly  in the well-known gesture for  "far-out-weird".  I also  make a noise,
sliding my tongue sideways  in my open mouth,  "lulla-lulla-lulla-lulla".  I laugh,  wondering why  I'm not afraid of th-
ese strange beings  and why I'm  being so silly. They simply look at each other  without expression,  then turn to st-
are at me again. I try to sense anything they might be feeling or trying to tell me. I know the Mayan Calendar's 9th
and final Wave__The Universal Underworl
d__ is starting in a day or two. Perhaps they are here to inform me about
this great event.,

Realizing  I really need to  use the  bathroom,  I excuse myself,  head into the  master bath,  turn on the  overhead
lights and close the door.  As I wash my hands,  I chuckle  ,
"Boy what a weird dream that was__ or was it a dream?
It seemed  so very real."   I open the bathroom door  and flip off the lights.  Whoa!  The two beings  are still there__
still staring.  I want something to verify  whether this is a dream or not in the morning.  It certainly doesn't  
feel like a
dream. On a tray on the dresser, I keep three bottles of vibrational remedies. In the dim light, I grab one  and place
it on the  opposite corner  of the dresser  to signal me in the morning  if I've really been awake,  or not. The creatur-
es then slowly turn and leave,  somehow satisfied.  As they move through the house,  the machines cease whirring
and lights go out one after another.  All is quiet.  Hal has slept through  the whole thing.  After about ten minutes,  I
cautiously creep  into the great room,  turn on the lights  and check  the other rooms.  Nothing.  What on earth  has
this been about?

In the morning,  I recall the incident  immediately.  On the far end of the dresser , sits the  lone bottle of  vibrational r
emedy __ "
Morning Glory". I recall my being taken aboard the Sirian spaceship in 1988, and seeing the crystal city
under Lake Titicaca,  Peru & Bolivia.  Gosh!  That was 11 years ago__ and these two beings  seem to be  about 11
years old. Could the Sirians have taken some of my DNA, and formed these two?  From my work with crystal heali-
ng, at a distance, i know you only need some saliva, perspiration, urine, fingernail clippings, hair,  or even a photo-
graph or signature of an individual to access and affect their DNA. Are they MY HYBRID SONS?

The encounter with  
The Night Visitors" seemed to be trying to  tell me something. Two days after that episode, the
Spring, 1999 issue of One Heart National arrived with an article entitled, "Children of the New Dream"  It was about
children with miraculous powers birthing in recent years. Their DNA showed  they had mutated,  having  more genetic
codons activated  than previous humans.  Had the night visitors come to announce the birth of our new species?
membering the
Closet-Birdwoman Episode from age five, I felt sure they had. And, sure enough__ March 5th, 1999,
our amazing great grandson, Steven was born.

However,  there was much more to the story. By early
2013,  I connected with my  Star Families,  who related that the
1999 Night Visitors"  were my two hybrid sons!  They had been created from  DNA which was taken from my saliva,
hair and fingernails on that Sirian ship in
1988, which made them 10-11 years old. I was absolutely delighted, hoping
I will see them again and be able to converse with them someday.

Linking Spirit and Earth
Every great transition brings chaos and turmoil for awhile  as people try to understand and adjust to the  unfamiliar en-
ergies being birthed. Tremendous changes are taking place  in our galaxy and solar system.  Moving into Unity Cons-
ciousness and expanded realms,  staying grounded with Gaia and maintaining a positive, loving attitude during these
changes is imperative. Perhaps it's better  we don't look for the creation of the universe  at some  distant point in time
far behind us,  as it's happening  Now__ in the present.
Yes,  we definitely are the ones we've been waiting for. From
the viewpoint of astronomers,  there are no less than  twenty-five major planetary,  solar systemic and   galactic cycles
finalizing over a period of only  twenty-five years  between  
1987 and 2013 A.D.. Working with seventeen or more cal-
endars,  the Maya set a date for the '
End of Time"  when all these solar system cycles would culminate on one day__
12/21/2012 A.D.  This date does not mean "the end of the world"__  it's the beginning date of the "Transcendence of
Time"__"The Crossing" of Earth and Humanity into higher dimensional states of being."

Cycles of Change                                                                          
Earth travels in an orbit  around our Sun,  which takes one
solar  year. Our Earth's "wobble"__ called the "Precession
of the Equinoxes" __  completes its  
Great Year Cycle  a little longer than every 25,000 years. And our Sun and Solar
System,  including planet Earth,  orbit once around  the center of our Galaxy  for a  "
Grand Precession Cycle" of  255
million solar years. The entire  Galaxy,  however,  orbits around the center of our  Universe in its  "
Grand Cycle"  once
every 20 billion solar years.  ALL THESE CYCLES ARE CULMINATING BY  DECEMBER 21, 2012,!  (See
for details.)

Every eleven+ years
,  solar flares greatly increase for a  two-year-long period,  and the more intense episodes falling
every twenty-two+ years  (in alternate eleven+ year patterns),  are growing ever stronger. Some of the sunspot activit-
ies during the last century have been  
1901-02, 1912-13,  1923-24, 1934-35,  1945-46, 1956-57, 1967-68, 1978-79,
1989-90, and 2000-2002. The years in bold print were the more intense. Can you calculate when the next intense sun
spot cycle period will occur?  It's revealing to look back over our lives  to see what  occurred at those times . Since
1978-79,  each sunspot period has been  longer and  more intense than the previous one,  but during the last few mo-
nths of
2003,  NASA recorded the most intense sun-spot activity ever known,  even though we should have been past
the peak period.  Since  
October, 2008,  we were still at "solar minimum";  i.e., more than  halfway between two solar
flare maximums,  yet we experienced few or no solar flares at all  until spring of 2010__  but in
2011, the Sun ramped
up some greater solar episodes  than ever before. Yet,  now in early
2013,  we are  still waiting for the  huge sunspot-
solar flares expected.

There are now, what appear to be "spheres" as large as planets, around and across the Sun. Are they somehow pro-
tecting Earth from experiencing the expected, devastating huge flares?  There are other spiritual individuals who say
the increase of spaceship activity  is due to a possible need  to evacuate humans  from Earth's collapse and demise
ue to catastrophic changes.
The Guides told me such evacuations are not apt to occur.

Scientists disagree on whether Earth is undergoing Global Warming, or preparing for another Ice Age. Here in Idaho,
as elsewhere, we have experienced periods of temperatures far above normal, followed by periods far below normal.
This seems to be increasing with time, until we will may be sweltering in a torrid climate one day, and shoveling snow
the next. Others  believe we humans will have ascended into a higher density before the oft-predicted devastating ca-
tastrophes occur to
3-D Earth. If we've ascended to 4th or 5th density  planetary reality by then,  we won't experience
those catastrophes.

The solar activity of our Sun & its flares have exceeded anything similar ever recorded,  indicating some tremendous  
changes for Earth .Cosmic radiation emissions,  proton emissions and other anomalous energy flares change the st-
ructure of our blood. There has never been this type of phenomena anywhere in the galaxy since time began. Hopi &
Mayan Elders believe that we entered the End Times,
August, 2003  with the huge solar flare that caused blackouts
over the eastern  U.S.,  followed by  additional power failures i n other nations.  Hopi legends  also predicted a  "Blue
Star"  would appear in the heavens  to signal  the start of the End Times.  Comet Holmes showed up  
October, 2007
with a blue aura, and could have been the Hopi's predicted "star".

The  Sun's magnetic  poles shifted
,  February 15,  2001. The  Marshall  Space Flight Center  reported,  "NASA sci-
entists monitoring the Sun say that our star's awesome magnetic field is flipping __ a sure sign that solar maxim-
um was here. The magnetic poles exchange places at the peak of the sunspot cycle. This transition happens, as
far as we know, at the apex of every 11+ year sun-spot cycle__  like clockwork
." Although  the entire  Universe  has
been  compared to a giant clock  the sunspot-flares  cycle seems  to have been altered.

Scientific studies prove  that when we are  at peace,  solar flares diminish,  and when there is  war and  hate,  the sun
blasts record-breaking  solar flares  Epidemics are also  related to solar activity.  Sunspots activate the
EME in living
cells and can even cause cardiovascular problems. The EM energy in
mitochondria,  the specific electric power plant
of living cells and endocrine functions, is also increased by solar radiation.

Our solar system is changing, too. The planets atmospheres  are altered.  Mars' atmosphere  is much thicket than be-
fore the observer probe in
1997.  The planets'   magnetic fields and   brightness have   ncreased;   Venus is  brighter,
and Jupiter is forming a  visible tube  of ionizing radiation with its moon, Io.  Mercury was recently  discovered to have
shrunk in diameter by one mile. Like the Sun,  our planets' magnetic fields are increasing in strength, too. Uranus' and
Neptune's fields are greater and Jupiter's are more than doubled. Not only are the planets brighter with higher magn-
etic field strength, but their atmospheres are changing. Voyager 2 space probe recognized that Neptune and Uranus
had recently experienced polar shifts.

This energy proliferation is changing  how the planet works, how it functions, and what kind of life it supports. The har-
rmonics of the
DNA spiral itself are altering. The information correlates data-wise with the discovery that natural disa-
sters increased dramatically by 410% from
1963 to 1993.

Ten or more nations have longitudinal electromagnetic wave weapons which can penetrate right through Earth or de-
ep into the Sun. With all the banging that's going on in weather control, etc., God only knows how many LW antennas
get pointed in the direction of the Sun, pour out their feedback in that direction, etc..These weapons can stir volcano-
es into eruption  or generate earthquakes. And they may be connected with the conflicts in the Middle East, the Indo-
nesian, Haitian, Chilean, New Zealand and recent Japan
2011 quakes. Earth has experienced as many as 100 ear-
thquakes per week__ and those are only the ones registering above 2.5. Check out the day's earthquakes on  U. S.
Geological Service website:

Earth Changes
Earth's Moon may be growing an atmosphere made up of the compound,  "natrium". (Shades of "Stargate SG-1"?)
And Earth's own atmosphere is changing in upper levels, where HO gas is  forming that did not exist  in these recent
quantities.  It is
unrelated to global warming  or fluorocarbon emissions. Overall volcanic activity has increased 500%  
1975__ And is anyone on Earth still unaware of  the hole in the ozone layer? Increased ultraviolet radiation can
cause genetic mutations.

Dr. Paul Brown of  Nuclear Solutions, Inc.,  invented a new technology  for  neutralizing nuclear wastes and simultan-
eously creating a safer,  cleaner fuel source.  His  photo-remediation method produced electricity  from the burning of
radioactive wastes. The process is called
The Hypercon (tm),  and was verified recently by French scientists. Unfortu-
nately, his inventions and records  were seized by federal agents  and a local power company,  and although  he and
his family fled to Canada, he was later killed in a raceway car crash when visiting relatives at his former home in Mag-
ic Valley, Idaho
; his brakes had been tampered with..

Arthur C. Clarke on  Cold Fusion: "Very few Americans seem to  know what is happening"... "It's all over  the world,
except the United States.  There are hundreds of laboratories doing it,  they've got patents  all over the place.  The
prototypes are on sale now.  There are 7,000 units  operating in Russia alone  right now,  and no one in  the United
States seems to know about it

Scientists now know the  
Schumann Base Resonance,  the vibrational rate of planet Earth,  once 7.8 Hz., has been ri-
sing in frequency very rapidly  if measured in  higher atmospheric levels.  By early
2003 it was already near 12 Hz and
still increasing.  Earth is vibrating faster and faster. She is expected to stop at 13 Hz.,  which would place us entirely in
a higher dimensional realm__ probably
4-D__ but may go even higher into 5-D

The  magnetic energy fields  of Earth are  dropping in strength;  each year shows  a greater reduction. As the magne-
tics approach zero,  electronic devices and most of our technology will break down,  man-made objects formed of me-
metal,  plastics or synthetics may fall apart
;  anything not made of natural materials  could turn to  gelatin-like blobs . If
we remain in 3-D,  we might have to  return to the life of pre-humanoids,  void of memories,  and perhaps return to the
stone age.  Or,  we could ascend  to higher dimensions  and live an entirely amazing life.  Time seems to speed up as
we approach zero point magnetics. A 24 hour day already seems like 8 hours or less

The rising vibratory frequency of Earth  and the lowering of her magnetic fields are the environmental conditions at sa-
cred sites such as the  Great Pyramids of Giza,  Stonehenge,  Machu Picchu and the  Idaho Stargate  that are neces-
sary for activating  spontaneous consciousness transformation.  Earth herself is becoming one huge temple enabling
all humans,  all life on the planet,  to soar far beyond their old consciousness reality. (See
Archives for more Cycles of

Alternative  healing modalities  have shown  a connection  between magnetics  and the  immune system,  which  also
would imply that  our immune systems  could very well be keyed into the magnetic fields of the earth. For the first time
in our history , the fate of our entire species  rests upon the choices  of a single generation.
 Our  physical bodies  are
changing,  as our
DNA is upgraded for a Light Body. This occurs along with increased intuition,  telepathy and preco-
gnition. Many sensitive lightworkers are experiencing a variety of physical ascension symptoms.

Cosmic Mothers
The Cosmic Seeds  were introduced in  Part I: The Creative Process.  Some First Wavers,  born between  1926 and
1945,  are also known as  "Cosmic Mothers". They were the  "different" children who came into our world to help pre-
pare it for  birthing a new human species. They braved  ridicule,  threats,  institutional confinement,  shock treatments,
abuse  and even death  using their special abilities  to prepare the culture to accept,  respect and even  admire those
who differed psychically from the norm. (See
Archives for details.)

The ET Factor
Scientists at the University of California at Berkeley, support the view that homo sapiens sapiens originated in Africa
about 200,000 years ago.  These researches are based on studies of  
mitochondria DNA,  inherited only through the
mother,  with a known rate of change,  allowing us to date its origins. This indicates no connection whatever has been
found to relate homo sapiens  to the previous apes and bipeds. Two major mutations appeared  about 200,000 years
ago in a gene  linked to language,  at about the same time that  culture first appeared on Earth,  according to new res-
research. This offers the most compelling hints to date  that this gene may have played a major role in developing mo-
dern humans' ability to speak.  The mutated gene blessed the ancestors of modern humans  with a much finer degree
of control over mouth and throat muscles, possibly giving our ancestors a rich new selection of sounds that could form
the foundation of language.

Some alien investigators have speculated t hat the aliens known as  'The Grays" may simply be
us__ Homo sapiens
__using time travel  to return from the future in an attempt to change our genetics. Pale gray, hairless, having
big eyes  and advanced in  technological abilities,  they may have been living  in low-light  underground bunkers  after
befouling their planet, or rather__ our planet. The Grays, whatever they may be,  although telepathic, cannot evolve to
higher dimensions  due to having lost their emotional subtle bodies.  Emotions and spiritual subtle bodies  are requir-
ed to  shift into  the higher dimensional reality.  Hence,  the abductions  and  genetic manipulations to  create a hybrid
gray-human race that could survive the Shift.

Coming Home Again
In an old journal,  I came across meditation notes from 1989  in which the  Arcturians referred to themselves as "The
Sowers of the Seed
s", and stated that humans are "Coming Home Again". The meditation continued:

"Mankind is  evolving a new species  of itself.  Evolution starts at the grassroots  and spreads  by personal contact.
The earlier mutated humans  will have fully developed,  special gifts  and serve as  educators or guides  to  evolve
those  still asleep,  but will avoid appearing  as leaders  or holding  high positions.  Many will work  from behind the
scenes with manifesting and telepathic activities. Each being will be considered equal to all others and will be valu-
ed because of  his/her personal gifts or skills,  which can be  a true blessing  to their group.  Each being chooses to
bear equal responsibility for the welfare and advancement of
the Whole."

Exceptional Human Experiences, (EHE)__ such as  UFO encounters or abductions__ the experiencer is sym-
bolically shown something about  his/her past or future. "Real" or not,  most of these events occur in  
low-alpha, or so-
theta brain wave states.  If a critical mass of people have these experiences,  believe in them,  desire them,
in time  they will manifest  into our physical reality.  The current UFO stories  are as  "real"  as we  choose to  energize
them by accepting them as part of our global reality or belief system.

The Nature Conservancy recently found  a new species of orchid growing wild near the headwaters of the Big Lost Ri-
ver and the Mt .Borah  epi-center of the
1983, 7.3 Idaho earthquake,  despite the fact that winters there often reach 50
degrees below zero F.. New and unusual plants and fruits are appearing,  as well as new animal species  with greater
intelligence than in the past. Some show signs of higher emotional development.

As the new humans  live in peace and harmony  with each other  and the planet,  less food  will be  ingested. The new
species' breathing apparatus will enable less oxygen to be needed by the body. Those of the advanced race will have
an evolved metabolism  nourishing the body  mostly with sunlight and cosmic energy. Excess ultra-violet rays will be a
'"food" of the new race and will have healing capabilities when carefully controlled.

The New Children
A major purpose of the Higher Creative Forces has been to evolve humans into creator-gods. A new species of hum-
an is  emerging among us. The August,  
1997 issue of  Science News  reported on research carried out by the Aaron
Diamond AIDS Research Cente
r in New York. About 1% of the population tested had genetic mutations making them
resistant to HIV infection. That was 15-16 years  ago!  (More in  
Archives .)

Into the Future
As we set our time machine to "Forward" and examine the progress of the Great Experiment on planet Earth, we find
the present situation truly extraordinary.  We have been evolving upon the most powerful frontier of all__  human con-
sciousness__  moving forward  at tremendous speed.
The Great Experiment  is succeeding  in all ways  and at a rate
completely unknown in the history of the galaxy. The entire universe will be altered  by what we achieve here now,  as
Humans__  except for Yeshua,  The Christ__ have never before,  in the entire history of the galaxy,  achieved asc-
ension while still in physical bodies.

We have long  blocked ourselves from  Creative Force,  but as we  connect with our personal creative forces,  we can
draw energy from Gaia/Nature and the hyper-dimensional Creative Force, no longer needing to control others or drain
their energy.  In fact, insecurity and violence end when we maintain our inner connections to both Earth and Spirit. We
have explored  human  creative potentials  and  discovered  
Multi-Dimensional  Higher  Creativity.  Now  we are  living
through a period  characterized by waves of  uncertainty,  triggering intense acceleration of personal and global evolu-
tion. It's time to address the issues of
What It Means To Be Truly Human and what sort of reality we want for our very
near future.

The reality shift  will first occur  at a grassroots level
;  government,  corporations or organized religions will never emb-
race it. Being Human means to transmute,  transmit and  handle energy.
Humans are  the link  between  Spirit and E-
. We have discovered  another path  leading us back to health,  peace and joy__ Creating From Within Ourselves.
We are innovating a new way of living  and eventually,  a New Reality  for all who choose to participate. We now know
how to
Create From the Future, how to shift into multiple dimensions  or parallel timelines,  how to re-create ourselves
and our world in any moment of existence.  We are
 inter-dimensional gypsies__  Starseeds__ whose mission is the
discovery and manifestation of a
New, Higher Dimensional World. Life will be lived as an artistic expression.

To be ever aware of our  personal and collective issues,  we need to  stay clear on  
what we are creating  in each,mo-
,  steering those issues toward  Unity Consciousness and  Unconditional Love.  No one is born  a murderer or a
terrorist.  We need to learn how to  eliminate the circumstances and misconceptions that nurture those beings, not just
eliminate the monsters. Justice should mean reformation, not revenge.

As Unity Consciousness expands,  we regain our telepathic skills  to think and feel as One. Our feminine,  spiritual na-
tures hold the holistic intuitive guidance of the gentle,  mystical Lemurians in our hearts,  sensing the highest choice in
each moment,  while our masculine,  assertive logical natures  enable us to  brilliantly and  appropriately  express that
choice onto the  mental and physical planes of Earth  as did the mighty  Atlanteans__  but without Lemurian Compas-
sion, Oneness and Attunement to Spirit they had forgotten. The Evolution itself is changing, as
we now direct our own
evolution ourselves.

We are moving away from  the old mindset based on a parent-child relationship between Spirit & Human__  between
husband and wife,  teacher and student,  employer and employee,  political servant and citizen. Acceptance, equality,
and teams or groups of  independent,  individualized thinkers and co-creators,  operating in harmonic resonance with
each other and with The Creative Force,  are the greater future for mankind. We are invited to perceive ourselves and
our world differently  and to stand free of  mainstream society and controlling systems.  We are privileged to live life at
the cutting edge of  time,  space and  multi-dimensionality,  to be continually reborn  into exciting,  abundant and pass-
ionate new lives at each moment.

New Reality Living
We're successfully completing  the Great Free Will Experiment,  The Shift is occurring Now, and we're jumping out ah-
ead of Time. Moving to a new level of  awareness and existence  is not necessarily a  religious or spiritual change, al-
though  it has long been foretold  by all major religions of Earth.  In fact,  it is more like  a
merging of  science,  art and
spirituality. The original plan for the return of humanity's consciousness to higher levels was that
Religion would manif-
est it, but this has not come about
; in fact, most organized religions of the world have actually prevented humans from
gaining direct,  personal communication  with Spirit.  Recently,  the  
Ascended Masters of Earth created a new appro-
ach to  Unity Consciousness  in hopes that  
Economics would succeed where  Religion has failed.  So far, 12-2014__
this has not occurred.

The human race is becoming  
One Global Tribe,  thinking and feeling as  one great Planetary Mind. Yet we will each
still  sense ourself  as a  unique personality  with a specific role to perform  within the whole of the race.  Because the
Quantum Hologram links us
, April, 2011 is be the time when our earliest,  loving special kids  with mutated genes re-
ach their first  Saturn Return,  and this should affect  the entire world's awakening and well-being  as they ground their
special abilities into Earth's physical plane.

In the
New Earth Paradigm we will be engaged in Planetary Arts. Consciousness will be our new medium and Gaia
will be the artist with whom we  "paint or sculpt with Light". She will be recognized,  cherished and glorified as a living,
conscious being,  and  all humans  will understand  that no one  or nothing  can survive  unless man,  Creator Source,
Gaia and all lifeforms work together to sustain each other. (See "Future Art" in

We first obtain permission from Greater Self, making sure that what we intend to change is in keeping with Universal
Purpose and for the highest good of all concerned. And then,  as an evolved race with multi-dimensional talents, wor-
king as groups,  we instantly create  new collective  realities.  We use  only the energies  of mind,  emotion,  intention,
Earth and Creative Force to meet our needs__ the tools for Creating From Within Self that enable us to eliminate ne-
gativity from Earth.

The EME Waveform
Meditation: August 4, 1993: "The waveform of EME suggests that it alternates male-neutral-female-neutral con-
tinually,  like a binary series in the computer__ on, off; on, off. This is
memory. Electromagnetic energy holds me-
mory. If you slide up the
EM Spectrum past cosmic rays,  you can access all space and all time,  and access  me-
beyond space and time,  beyond entropy. (i.e., become Continually Conscious: with Immortality.)"

We can heal ourselves and others with Intentional Energetic Healing. We can change our human DNA to activate lat-
ent inner skills
;  heat or cool ourselves and our dwellings without fossil fuels,  material devices such as heaters, furna-
ces or  air conditioners
;  transport ourselves  and objects without use of  fossil-based fuels;  manifest  physical  body
needs such as food,  shelter, light,  clothing__ that is__ if we will even
need them anymore. We can alter weather and
climate and  communicate telepathically.  We can  transport  material objects  through  space and time,  including our
physical bodies. We can communicate with our space brothers and sisters__ We will go to the stars.

Second Wave Starseeds,  the Pluto in Leo generation__ born from January, 1939  to  June, 1938  & beyond,
are the last humans  that have to grow old.  They may never need  health insurance or  social security,  for they'll have
the option of changing their DNA, regenerating body organs and limbs through
cloning, stem cell use, nano-techno-
logy or Intentional-Energetic Healing. Old age, infirmity or even death could be inconceivable to them.

Drunvalo believes that our relationship with silicon is really important, too. Organic structures are merging with comp-
uters. Carbon and silicon are blending together. Silicon enables carbon  to move at a much faster speed. One person
on a computer can do more  than about 10 people on typewriters. The whole entity of life  is moving in new ways. And
it's about to  move in a brand new way,  as the Internet expands. The Internet is basically  a global brain that is chang-
ing things forever on this planet.  We think it has kind of reached where it's going.  But it's still in the first ten weeks of
conception,  if it were a human being. And the next big steps have emerged
:  search engines are now able to look at
the entire Internet in one package,  and are reaching even into data banks. As all that opens up, we'll be able to know
any information about anything or what anybody's thinking on the whole planet from our computers. And that's all here
now. But it's emerging as even more incredible. In
2008, Google  began putting all the major books of the world's libr-
aries on their internet website__ free.

We will learn anything and everything through our Higher Selves, eliminate hunger and poverty, avoid or lessen cat-
astrophic events such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, hurricanes & tornadoes using group Intentions. Mo-
ney,  social institutions, health care and hospitals,  insurances, corporations and formal governments will be irrelevant.
Groups of us will neutralize toxic pollutants in an environment without using chemicals or machinery. Temperature, wi-
nd and moisture  within a specific natural environment will be controlled by  specialized groups,  allowing people,  ani-
mals and plants to dwell comfortably within that space. Lumber,  nails,  concrete__  all building materials will be unne-
cessary.  Moving to new locations will require no moving van or house sale__ one can live anywhere,  any time__ the
North or South Poles,  the Sahara Desert,  under the oceans,  Mars,  the Moon,  or in outer space.  In fact, the African
Bushmen and Australian Aborigines, descendants of the Lemurians, knew how to live this way, and a few still do.

Humans will contrive amazing wonders  through new ideas about our universe that are now being developed by gifted
and dedicated scientists and inventors.  By
2002,  there was enough windmill generated power  to equal the output of
all our nuclear plants.  
Scottish Power,  a UK energy corporation, (Acquired by Iberdrola, Spain in 2007). is now using
windmills,  solar power and ocean tides  to generate electricity around the  Atlantic coasts.  The new concepts  of free
energy,  space energy or  zero-point energy  allow scientists to innovate  physical machines  and electronic devices to
tap into the energy of space and use it for safer,  non-polluting technologies.  Eventually we'll learn  that we don't really
need the machines and devices__ we will craft what we need with mind,  heart and intention__ as Spirit does__ from
the Creative Energy Field of space__ the Ethers__alone.

We will know that
To Be Human means having no limits; the very idea of limitation negates creating Heaven on Earth.
Creative processes eventually lead to social creativity,  for no one can create with  Expanded Multi-Dimensional Tech-
nologies without  consensus with their contacts.  We are developing the traits and virtues required for positive,  benefi-
cial cultures of the future. Many of the Cosmic Seeds and New Kids inherently know how to do this.

We are learning the patterns that connect all as we overcome the fear of change and co-create new perceptions of re-
ality.  We need to build  a community of people  going through the process of questioning everything in their past as to
what's valid for the present and future. By releasing some of our history, we're facing a kind of "death".

This author's identity crisis occurred  when health issues  ended her painting  professionally:  "
If I'm not a painter any-
more,  then who am I
?" That's threatening because up to now, the Past has defined What it Means to be Human. But
now we can  
BE Truly Human  by reaching to the Future to  re-create ourselves  as the need arises.  We need comm-
unication with people who have done this before and who can support others and help them go through it more easily.

Online communities sharing common goals  have already developed  through the Internet.  There are world-wide mar-
kets for  multimedia information or entertainment,  and global groups  
Intending peace,  health, environmental clearing
or security,  and immortality. Many artists,  writers and philosophers enjoy the Net as their most  ecstatic place to play,
think,  create and communicate.
Facebook, Twitter__ These "imaginary communities" are real,  and are related to re-
al world situations.  They came about by  achieving identity over distances,  while allowing for internal diversity.  When
people share  a group identity,  whether by  electronic devices  or by  geographical location,  they create a  nationalist
state through their common language and communication.

On his website,,  Drunvalo Melchizedek gives us his thoughts on what the future world might
be like.  Our military forces,  after the Iraq & Afghanistan Wars,  will gradually begin  turning their focus away from war
and instead,  defend homelands or manage physical resources  or markets  to aid and  rebuild after  catastrophes. A
new kind of "war" is now taking place through cyberspace, remote viewing, group intentions and time travel.

Social systems  no longer supporting the physics of the New Paradigm will fall apart,  and others will take their places.
Businesses engaged in treating soil with chemicals  will eventually become counseling services  for farmers who wish
to farm organically  in cooperation with  Earth and nature spirits. They will purify  
Geomagnetic  Stress and  Hartmann
,  operate Agrucultural and Environmental Harmonizers, Storm Chasers and co-ordinate beautiful collective gar-
dens  and orchards,  communities and countrysides  as sacred landscape designers  and  
Earth Keepers.  Seawater
will be de-salinzed__ made drinkable  and agriculturally available,  and deserts will be  green and lush,  growing food
for all.

Jobs will be lost,  but new kinds of jobs will arise  that foster an appreciation of  safety and well-being for Gaia/Mother
Earth and  Her life-forms. The stock market will cease to be run as a casino and instead,  the market will be based on
each company's records and credentials for benefiting humanity and the planet. The world economy stabilizes when it
no longer needs to judge itself by how "big", "powerful"  or "wealthy" it is.

The nefarious activities of the Dark Hat World Control Team are directly related to the degree to which we do not trust
ourselves to be creative. Governments will no longer operate  as national or state centers. Every community or region
will have a governing body  in which ordinary citizens will serve for a period of one or more years. A drawing or lottery
will decide who serves on the governing body  as when calling up a panel  for jury duty. Every person will have a cha-
nce to govern. World problems such as  environment,  trade,  human rights or transportation  will be resolved  through
these mini-centers and  activated by groups of individuals chosen from within the current mini-centers. With telepathy
and the Internet connecting all minds and hearts,  everyone can now be an "expert"
;  the necessary information is ins-
tantly available to anyone at all times.

Intolerance will no longer be part of the New Reality experience and this will extend outwardly towards the stars as we
become more aware,  trusting and accepting of off-world and other-dimensional intelligences. We will understand sol-
ar systemic, galactic and even universal plans and purpose, and think, feel and act in accordance with them.

Religious changes in the United States show that  although more people than ever before  believe in  Spirit-Supreme
Intelligence,  the membership of most denominations is declining.  People.. "
don"t want to go to a place where some-
body tells them 'truth
.  They want to sit down and talk about it.  They've been raised in a culture that causes you to get
involved with your world.  They are going within and sharing with each other  to find answers  to life's major questions.
We are making choices as to whether we go in the direction of "things that divide us", or in the direction of  "what has
the potential to unite us",  and to  "celebrate our diversity."  People want to know about  the lessons of the entire race
they want to be Truly Human.

We are releasing from old myths concerning God-Spirit. In "
Conversations With God, Book I,"  Neale Donald Walsh
explains how
: "obedience is not creation, and thus can never produce godliness. Obedience is a response__ while
creation is pure choice, undictated, unrequired"
... "The function of  Higher Self is to indicate its desire, not to impo-
"...  "The function of Mind is to choose from its alternatives"...  "The function of Body is to act out that choice."  We
want to be co-creative partners with all Beings,  all Dimensions,  Nature and Spirit.  We can be either creator-gods or
boot-lickers__ as we choose.

Education in the New Reality needs educators with clear understandings of the difference between evoking spirit-
uality  and teaching  religion or Scripture.  Creative imagination  cannot thrive  in regimented  authoritarian  systems.  
Creative imagination is too threatening because it asks why, and why not. Individual programming is the one path to
success in educating Intuitives.

Teachers in the New Reality will be recruited based on qualities of mind and spirit, not just on the possession of meth-
ods courses from an education factory. The role of the teacher changes dramatically from information giver to prepra-
er of learning experiences.  Group learning has become  an important tool providing stimulation, teaching relationship
skills and  modeling the value of  interdependence and shared responsibility.  No longer are  formal teachers seen as
the only ones from whom a person can learn.

New teaching methods have already arisen through "special education" for physically, emotionally or mentally challen-
ged students,  in which every child  is considered a unique individual and taught accordingly. And as a part of training
for a degree in Principalship,  sensing a students'  feelings and energetically  "reading"  what is going on in the class-
room now has equal validity alongside visual and audio sensing.

Being fully aware of the  Oneness of  Humanity and Earth,  the new version of social studies teaches fewer facts,  and
instead,  focuses on training world citizens for conflict resolution. History and Geography are now taught as integrated
forces, evolving into a history of ideas,  achievements and likenesses. International understanding and knowledge are
based on the understanding of culture and language. Knowing that  
To Be Human is To Be One Global Tribe, the new
education  trains world citizens through  "Exploratory" classes  which reinforce our common bonds  and honor  cultural
differences.  We are now moving beyond recorded and ancient teachings
.;  intelligently designing  new teachings that
form telepathic foundations for a wisdom immediately accessible to every individual who seeks its guidance with a lo-
ving heart.

Higher Creativity  may one day be the medium through which all future education occurs.  Art is a healing force, stren-
gthening our communities,  beautifying our cities, promoting tolerance and understanding and healing mind and spirit
in both artist and viewer. Artists working through higher dimensions  coax physical matter to  share in its own develop-
ment and self-organization. The materials themselves inform the energy artist  of the possibilities inherent within them.
All matter holds Spirit-Within, and will create itself with results far surpassing anything we might have intended.

Passion is our most precious asset. Being Truly Human means to have strong emotions, to allow ourselves to feel, to
acknowledge that feeling,  to use it as deeply and fully as possible and to Create From Within Self__ Love, Gratitude,
Truth or Peace__ one always produces the others. In
Sam Reifler's "I Ching: A New Interpretation For Modern Tim-
" "Hexagram #33", he states: "There is only one path, and you can never choose it__ you can only follow it. We
do not 'progress' on this path,  neither do we move in a  'direction'  or achieve a   'goal'"...."There is only the  inevit-
able,  eternal and  constant  movement of  "Now".
  Part I: The Creative Process  listed the Seven Stages of Consci-
ousness  Evolution
,  from the  Sleeper Stage to  Self-Realization.  But we do not  progress  through these stages in a
sequential fashion
;  we are, actually,  working on all seven of them simultaneously,  with one dominant. Eventually, as
we master earlier stages, we absorb them and dwell within the others until we are left with
Total Self-Realization.

Creative activities are a  never-ending journey of  
Self-Discovery,  and now  we know  our point of  departure, and we
know our destination__ and both are Unconditional Love and Oneness.  At those times in life when everything  we've
ever cherished or possessed is lost, including mental and  physical capabilities, we find only one thing left__
Love for All Life Everywhere.  That's all there really is in the universe.  It
is the  Higher Creative Force.  It is both "glue"
and "I
ntention" for the projection and balancing  of all energies.  Heart  and Intellect are but instruments for the establ-
ishment,  maintenance and eventual dissolution of that Loving Energy. And wherever, whenever,  Heart or Intellect fail
to function from a foundation of Love,  the two work against each other  to bring about eventual dissolution, that anoth-
er more appropriate experiment be forged to project Love into ever-expanding creativity and experience.

Love is the Path. If we would have Love,  we must Be Love.  If we would have Joy,  we must Be Joy. If we
would have Truth, we must
Be Truth. If we would have Appreciation,  we must  Be Appreciation. If we would have Re-
spect,  we must  
Be Respect;  if we would have Peace on Earth we must  Be Peace,  Be Abundance,  Be Wellness,
Be Integrity.

For the final step of  Higher Creativity  is to  
Know What it Means to be Truly Human:__ that each of us is  one particle
of the  Intelligent,  Loving,  Self-Organizing,  Purposeful  Creative  Force
;  the  Greater Self,  Spirit,  Creator,  Universe
God,  Allah. And together, WE will Make It through the End Times__ by
Co-Creating From the Future.with Multi-Dime-
nsional Technologies.

It has become evident that  humans & other lifeforms of Earth are not  only on a path that evolves species, but also, on
one that
evolves consciousness.  H.S: "If thought, feelings and intention cause manifestations of situations and ma-
terial things,  then the collectivity of all human thoughts, feelings, actions and intentions may actually
be the Loving,
Intelligent,  Self-Organizing Creative Force  that creates both  the physical universe  and the  evolution of  life forms
To Be Human, then, is to be one, loving, purposeful, intelligent, self-organizing and co-creating suconsci--
ous unit in that  Greater Consciousness  formed of  All Life Everywhere__  which we call Creator,  God , Allah  or Great
Spirit__ i. e

Once we were  
Warriors__ then we became  Adventurers,  and now we're Spiritual Alchemists with  Multi-Dimensional
Time__ Self-Realizing that we, collectively, are
The Ultimate  Work of Art.  Having come this far, now comes the mom-
ent for each of us to choose whether to "Move The Pebble"__ to step into the unknown future__ or not__ &  face either
challenge with Love, Peace, Gratitude and Oneness, Shining Our Light into the darkness.

                     "You have been engaged in creative activities other than the arts.
                              It has been a growing time, a learning time.
                             The world is in need of Multi-density creativity..
                       Look deep into the heart of your inspirations and expressions and portray this simplicity &
                       beauty through higher mediums as in application to the Future that you see for people and.
                                       Bring the peace, serenity, truth and simplicity of Creator Source to Man."

                                                                              The End.

"Creating with Multi-DensityTechnologies"