SHAMAN'S MANDALA; 13" watercolor mandala
                By the Author
In the Observer Stage we crafted ourselves into human master-
pieces,  shattered old patterns and belief systems,  and shooed
out  sacred cows  from the  pastures  of our psyches  with Basic
Inter-Dinmensional Technologies. We wonder__ besides making
life more satisfying and  uncovering  spiritual principles and tal-
ents, just what do we do with this new self now?
   Every Transformation, whether on inner or outer levels, follows FIVE STEPS:

A concept, issue or situation arises.
2. A new concept in opposition, in contrast or as a challenge to #1 appears.
3. To balance #1 and #2, we must find a common bond or purpose held as important by both
perspectives. This is the Turning Point of the Transformation.
4. One or more Techniques are developed that will evolve #3, the common bond or purpose, into
5. The last step is to become fully Self-Realized and apply the techniques to manifest the new

Part I: The Creative Process, we explored the Creative Process Concept as viewed from the
perspective of creators, innovators and artists.

Part II: The Basic  Multi-Density  Technologies  introduced a  new concept  of working with  The
Creative Force Field to craft ourselves into human masterpieces, re-structuring ourselves and our
lives in order to consciously create from  higher density levels. To do so__ to e mpower ourselves  
with higher creativity__  we learn to control our actions, thoughts and feelings, allowing us to asc-
end with Earth into a new existence in a New Density Reality.

The next Four Chapters__
Part III__ represent # 3: The Turning Point of every creative process in
which common bonds  or purposes are presented  that can merge  
#1 with  #2.  It is a__"Twilight
__ between the  First Enlightenment Evolutionary Stage and the True Enlightenment Evol-
utionary Stage
that lies ahead.

4.  Part IV:  The  Expanded Multi-Density Technologies, will reveal the Techniques necessary to
evolve our consciousness to an even broader degree by
Creating Tomorrow From the Future with
our Energetic Intentions__ and finally

. Part V: Self-Realization:  indicating  Who We Really Are,  What It Means to be Truly Human__
and how to  
Enter the Fifth Density  where we delineate and help to create a probable, higher-
New Earth Reality.

In this Twilight Time Stage__  the Turning Point__  your third eye,  your personal Stargate Portal
opens. You may become "Psychic"__ and it's often the most difficult and perilous level of all.

What is "Psychic"?
Our higher creativity energy begins when our pineal gland looks through our pituitary gland, form-
ing the  "t
hird eye".  The pineal gland is  the magic link to  all  psychic energy.  What is meant  by  
'"psychic",  is simply  perceptions  coming  strictly from within  that are relatively  free of culturally-
conditioned concepts and beliefs.  Anyone who is truly healthy  is  automatically psychic. Psychic
phenomena doesn't mean wisdom
;  it only means mental understanding of the relationship of the
outer world to the inner. So we can
Be a Psychic, and still not be a very nice person.  This last is
evidenced  n  
Chapter 7 : ("Dragon Taming") by Rusty's relationship with the controlling shaman.

In the Twilight Time Stage's  "
psychism",  we sense emotions , thoughts or energies caught up in
an individual's  personal energy fields. These are not necessarily true,  and may not i ndicate the
basic essence  of that  person.  "
Intuition",  on the other hand,  is a spiritual perception,  a simple  
"knowingness"__  a recognition of the true essence of the soul or spirit inhabiting the body.

We may enjoy psychic powers for awhile, but if the energy behind it comes only from mental work,  
the energy is soon depleted and creative powers wane. What we want to do, is hook up Uncondi-
tional Love and Oneness  with the  spiritual generators
:__  Gaia/Earth  and  The Creative Force.
There must be higher intentions behind what we attempt
; i.e.; it is not done for self-benefit alone.

Magic" is simply manifestation on the physical plane of connectedness with the universal pattern
that guides the flow of creativity for artists, musicians, innovators, spiritual healers, manifestors or
channelers. "
Synchronicities"__ amazing coincidences__ indicate when we're  in touch  with coll-
ective, planetary, galactic or universal agendas. The purpose of these "
signals"  from the collect-
ive is to  inform us in advance  of the direction  in which the  Group Mind  is
"traveling"  and what
might evolve from it. When we experience synchronicities we know we are , in that moment, both
treading  our  intended  personal  paths,  and  connecting with  Humanity,  Earth  and  Higher Int-

We can
deliberately invoke synchronicities by focusing on universal-spiritual intentions or on the
collective consciousness while in Zero Point. Remember__ miracles occur from Expanded Creat-
ive Realms__ the hyperdensity states__ where our free will allows anything to happen.

Many of us get "stuck" in the Twilight Phase, so enamored of our new-found psychic abilities, we
think we've  already arrived  at the peak of our spiritual journey__ we haven't. Psychic manifesta-
tion is only a brief stop  along the way toward something much,  much greater.  It's only  one step
in a longer process.  In fact__  we may have to  make a conscious effort to  
give up lower psychic
gifts, if we are to reach
True Enlightenment.

At this point in our consciousness evolution we may need outside help. A spiritual mentor, school,
or discipline, for there is little information available about this level of awareness. There may well
be those  who are convinced we have  schizophrenia , ADHD,  or are Bi-Polar__  or other serious
mental problems.

Even to ourselves,  the first intense shock  when we're introduced to  Infinite Energy  through our
heart and  throat centers,  pulling up  intense emotions,  other-worldly  thoughts  and  The Power
Within,  can overwhelm us.  And if one uses these Powers in negative ways,  there can be an er-
uption of energy so overwhelming,  that one's consciousness  plummets down into the blackness
of First Density numbness.  We need true guidance, o r a lot of luck.
Re-affirming one' s Connec-
tions with Earth and Higher Self will restore that guidance.

The Fourth Dimension  is about our collective learned beliefs,  such as  Myths and A rchetypes
that we still hold valid for imitating or striving toward. For example, the 4-D beliefs that we are only
"successful" if we hold important jobs, are very wealthy,  "keep up with the Joneses" with material
belongings, or have a physical appearance like a movie star. It's not wrong to have some of these
ideas manifesting in our lives, but if we place the attainment of them ahead of the evolution of our
consciousness, then it's time to make some major changes in our attitudes, beliefs and goals.

4-D is really only a Passageway between various dimensional states and we should not remain in
it any longer than about 2 years. The global elite  now controlling the world  (for a short time)  use
secret mythical and archetypal symbols, ancient rituals, "sacrifices" and  black magic to help them
stay in power.
Vertitas Radio: Guest "FREEMAN",  gave a good description of  how the  Illuminati
operate in 4-D, ( it's not very "nice"). Click "Radio" and then "Past Shows".

Beyond Twilight
If the evolving human energy artist uses the  Basic Multi-Density Technologies well,  he makes a
quantum leap,  entirely skipping over  Stage Five:  "Twilight Time",  to arrive at Stage Six: "True
,  ready to co-create with  Expanded Multi-D. Technologies.  Most of us,  however,  
stumble through the Twilight Zone on our own, reaching True Enlightenment by gradually discov-
ering the even grander spiritual potentials lying within.

When we do enter
Fifth Density, we will find ourselves in an entirely new environment. It may not
"look" like a higher density__ it will be somewhat like the environment we just left. However, things
will work differently. We will have different people around us, engage in different activities than pre-
viously and even find ourselves becoming bored or even disgusted with 3-D types of people, things,
events and activities, "letting go" of them easily.

       But first, we must navigate The Turning Point__
FOURTH DENSITY: "Twilight Time".