The variety of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual therapies to be balanced with the Energetic Technique are
virtually endless. Personal experience has shown some of the various types of Energetic Intentional Healing to be
done for individuals:

* Physical:  Balance disease, injury, pain, birth traumas, eyesight, scars, tumors, shock or traumas from old injur-
ies or surgery, plus hearing, drug-alcohol dependency and missing or distorted limbs, fingers or toes.

Repair shocks to the body:  cuts, surgery, blows, electricity, drug or alcohol abuse__  all of which separate the
etheric  from the dense physical body.   When the flesh unites again after injury or surgery,  the etheric body incis-
ion often does not  completely close. In long term therapy,  it's not always reunited  when an addiction is released.
In the case of drug or alcohol  dependencies,  the etheric body is literally  "blown apart"  and scattered. Energetic
Intentional Healing can repair this.

The umbilicus cut at birth  is a traumatic shock  to the newborn. Everyone should have his umbilicus treated ener-
energetically.  Circumcision is also  a trauma to the body  and can be  cleared with the patient lying flat,  working
through his head-crown-pineal areas. Some types of disturbances which can arise from circumcision trauma, ev-
en years later, are scoliosis, prostate dysfunctions or abnormal stimulation or suppression of sexual activity.

* Emotional: Relationship difficulties, eating disorders, success-failure issues, trauma of separation, parenting,
anger, emotional insecurity, anxiety, depression, grief, fear or phobias, sense of abandonment or alienation and
opening of the heart.

* Mental:  Smoking, responsibility issues, enhancing learning skills,  developing talents, increasing sports skills,
finding one's natural field of service, decision-making, completing unfinished projects, activating intuition, finding
appropriate expression  for psychic abilities,  balancing extreme  introvert or  extrovert  tendencies,  left and right
brain imbalances, authority-control issues, enhancing communication skills, pleasure-seeking vs. work-a-holic is-
sues and procrastination.

* Spiritual : Finding one's  spiritual purpose,  developing  a personal  belief  system,  personal  relationship with
Spirit-Universal Forces,  Bonding with Earth and Nature,  connecting with Higher Self, opening to higher dimens-
ions, developing Unconditional Love,  opening to Unity Consciousness,  past-life recall,  connecting with spiritual
origins-roots of being, or balancing body, mind and spirit.

These are  by no means  the only types  of transformations  that can be  accomplished with  Intentional  Energetic
Healing. Over the twenty-seven years  since receiving certification in this new type of therapy from
Dr. Vogel,  I'm
convinced that  anything can be transformed or regenerated  with the  appropriate energetics,  provided the appli-
cant  truly desires to heal  and does his  inner work  (
Part II,  Basic  Multi-D Technologies),  the server is balanced
and centered and they follow the methods outlined in
Chapters 11-12.
"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                 By REV. DR. MARILYN LA CROIX