In the PeriodicTable of Elements, the Transition Group includes gold and the heavy platinums.
They can allow their energetic levels  to change to a  
monoatomic white powder state,  known
to the  Egyptians as
mfkzt, and believed to have magical powers.

Sir Laurence Gardner was a  Fellow of the  Society of Antiquaries, an historian,  lecturer and
broadcaster. Distinguished as the
Chevalier de St. Germain,  he was attached to the  Europe-
an Council of Princes
as the Jacobite Historiographer Royal. A truly remarkable man who left
this earth in early
2011. The following paragraphs are from his recent book"Lost Secrets of the
Sacred Ark"
(Harper). (187)

"The monoatomic state occurs when"... electrons correlate around the nucleus of a substance
so that its individual atoms  cannot bind together as a solid"... "it becomes a powder of single
atoms".... "the atoms lose their chemical reactivity,  changing  the configuration of their nuclei  
to an elongated shape which is called "
asymmetrical high spin."

At Egypt's temple of Karnak "mfkzt" is mentioned in a bas-relief treasure of the  Pharaoh Thut-
mosis III
,  father of  Pharaoh  Akhnaton  (Chapter 11).  At this temple,  Thutmosis  III  set up a  
High Council of 39 Master Craftsmen__
The Great White  Brotherhood.  This name came from  
the conical objects  in the metals section of the Pharaoh's treasures,  said to be  made of gold,  
but also referred to as  'white bread'. This powder of projection was made of gold and eaten by
some pharaohs to heighten their awareness, intuition and longevity.

During the
Exodus,  Moses used fire  to turn  the golden calf into this powder which the Israel-
ites drank in water.  Normally,  heated gold turns to molten gold rather than a powder.  But this
white powder has also been known to be produced  through electronic arcing  and other meth-
ods.  Taken  into the body,  high energy state  platinum and  gold metals  affect the  endocrine
glands, causing super-consciousness and higher perception.

Scientists in Arizona in the
1980's tried experiments in which  they took a  high-spin sample of
this powder  and alternately  heated and cooled it  in inert gases.  During the  cooling portions,  
the sample rose to 400 % of its original weight.  However, once reheated, it weighed far below
zero__ less than nothing at all. When the powder was removed from the pan, researchers dis-
covered  the pan actually  weighed
more  than it had  with the powder in it.  The pan was also

Gravity is considered  to determine space-time.  Experimenters believed the powder was "ex-
otic matter
",  capable of bending space-time,  causing the powder to resonate in a different di-
mension. Under these conditions it should become invisible, and as their weights disappeared,
the samples did vanish from sight.

Later experiments  attempted  to mix and  pry up the material with spatulas while in its invisible
state,  hoping it would  lie in a different position  after becoming  visible again.  However, when
the substance regained visibility, it was
not in the same shape and position as before,  proving
that the material had not just been made invisible..."it was literally transported to an alternative
parallel place __
a hyper-dimensional space-time."

"Manipulation of space-time"...(led)..."to an astonishing
May, 1994, announcement in the jour-
nal, "
Classical and Quantum Gravity."  Written by the  Mexican scientist,  Miguel  Alcubierre
for the University of Wales, it states
:  "It is now known that it is possible to modify space-time  
in a way that allows a spaceship  to travel at arbitrarily large speeds by a purely local expan-
sion of the  space-time  behind the spaceship  and an  opposite  contraction  in front of it__ a
motion faster than the speed of light, reminiscent of the warp drive of science fiction

Ohio Aerospace Institute defines that the concept"...(faster-than-light travel)..."relies on a
premise that  space is not empty,  but has  a shape that can be  distorted by matter.  Starships
would simply  rest in
warp bubbles  between space-time distortions;  so on that basis__  what-
ever the distance theoretically traversed__ the passage of time would be the same."

4-29-11:  Michael Tellinger's  latest book:  "Temples of the African Gods: Revealing the An-
cient Hidden Ruins of Southern Africa
"  presents information on White Powder Gold  that may
have been used by the  ETs in these vast  South African settlements  over 200,000 years ago.
The structures clearly show that they must have been used to process metal ore. South Africa
is famous for its gold mines. This could explain where "King Solomon's Mines" really existed.

"Leading scientific laboratories  have done extensive  research into"... White Powder of Gold...
"and presented astonishing  new scientific information that  shatters all our former perceptions
regarding  Life itself."... "The white,  fluffy powder substance,  or manna from heaven,  has the
following proper ties
:  When exposed to a very small electrical charge it absorbs the energy &
stores it.  It behaves like  a capacitor  and energy storing device__  not  a conductor  as some
may think. It does however, behave as a superconductor, conducting information instantly be-
tween one end and the other".

When various European scientists  experimented with the affects of white powder gold on hu-
man DNA, it... "responded to  tiny amounts of energy  in a way that when it is exposed to min-
ute amounts of energy,  it floats and  defies the  laws  of gravity"...  
David Hudson... reported
that in the lab, when he  "brought his hand up below the flask",  the low levels of energy in his
hand caused the powder inside the flask  to lift up and float.  Furthermore, the energized pow-
der... "gave off  bright white light previously not seen by humans." But not the light that breaks
up through a prism into the primary colors of the rainbow. This could explain why the ancients
were able to move around stones weighing many tons like tinker toys. Many also suggest that  
the Ark of the Covenant contained large quantities of white powder gold.

This powder has "mysterious" healing abilities..."The presence of the white light seems to rep-
air all genetic defects  in our DNA, and it heals human cells from any disease they may exhibit.
This is most likely what
Royal Rife discovered in 1931. A banquet was held in his honor in P-
asadena, CA USA, 11-31  where 44 leading medical experts announced "'
the end to all disea-
.  Sadly, this discovery was  very quickly covered up by the  pharmaceutical fraternity when
they realized its was a real discovery that would undoubtedly cause their demise. Rife is repor-
ted to have used a range of vibrational frequencies of
Sound & a specific frequency of 'White
t' to cure cancerous cells at will in his laboratory. (187) Gardner, Sir Laurence. "The Po-
wer of Projection
: 21st Century Science Casts New Light on an Ancient Mystery." Atlantis Ri-
. # 40. July/August 2003.  Pg. 39.  P.O. Box 441, Livingston, MT 59047.
"Creating with Multi-Dimensional Technologies"
                                       By MARILYN LA CROIX